tagIncest/TabooAnd Mom Makes Three

And Mom Makes Three


Author's Note: Welcome to my latest little taboo tryst. Now for those who know me I usually try for something a little different or a challenge of sorts and this baby is no different. Ask yourself, why do you read these stories? What's the draw? Well because we're all into some mother son loving of course! So that is the focal point of the story. In this one though I set out to detract a little from that and see if I could bring in a character so hot that she would be as enjoyable to the readers as mom and her son themselves. But don't worry, plenty of taboo action here, except this time they have a little company in the form of the son's smoking hot girlfriend. Hope you enjoy the added element. Lovecraft68


I carefully moved the curtain and peered down into the backyard. Mom was still in the pool, but was no longer swimming. Instead, and much more to my liking, she was lying on the floating raft catching some sun. I wanted to move the curtain further to get a better look, but mom had put her sunglasses on. I would assume her eyes were closed, but didn't want to take a chance getting caught. After all it wasn't like there was anything else out there I could say I was staring at.

Nonetheless my limited vantage point provided me enough of a view to admire my mother's age defying body. At forty three, mom was as hot as any girl my age, maybe even hotter because she was older and still looked that good.

With that age would come the experience and confidence of a hot cougar, the kind I loved to watch suck and fuck on my favorite porn sites. In my mother's case something else that would go along with that age would be a lot of enthusiasm and pent up frustration.

I'd over heard her telling a friend over the phone that she hadn't gotten laid in six months. In one sense that was damn hard to believe considering how attractive she was.

On the other hand mom had been nothing short of a raging bitch the last few months, riding me about pretty much everything. I'd made that point to Erin a couple of days ago and she agreed; saying what my mother needed to help her chill out was good hard fucking.

My perpetually horny girlfriend had then gotten a good hard fucking from yours truly and despite how hot and kinky Erin was, I'd caught myself thinking about giving those long hard strokes to my mother.

I was sure there was no shortage of men that would be willing to give my mother what she needed so I had to assume it was her choice not to be getting any. Aside from being a little gun shy about getting close after my father had passed on three years ago I wasn't sure what her problem was, but it's not like I could ask her.

Below me, Mom raised her arms over her head and stretched lazily. I forgot everything else and stared when she arched her back, pushing her tits out. Mom was pretty ample on top and the white bikini -which few women her age would even think of wearing- did a damn good job of showing them off. The cups left a good portion of them exposed and the white material looked good on her tanned flesh.

Mom's stomach was still flat from the stomach crunches she did every morning. Those crunches not only served their purpose, but were something that lately I had been trying to make sure I happened to be around when she did them.

Mom's hips widened out just enough to give her a nice figure and her legs were long and kept in shape from her years as a dance instructor. After a quick trip down those long legs which included a lingering stare at her well toned inner thighs, my eyes sought out what was between those thighs.

The bottom of the suit was as revealing as the top and consisted of a thin strip of white material that didn't cover a lot more than what it absolutely needed to and was held together with strings tied at her hips. I rubbed my fingertips across my thumb imagining that string between them. I'd slowly pull it, untying it and watching it fall away to expose my mother's pussy.

My mother's pussy; there were a lot of things wrong with those three words used in that order, but I'd gotten to where I didn't really care. Fantasies were fantasies and there were enough mom son stories and videos all over the net to tell me it was more common than people would like to admit.

So when these sexual thoughts about my mother started a few months ago after stumbling onto a porn site featuring mother son scenes I didn't resist them, just kept them to myself. A guilty little pleasure or a dirty secret, whichever it was I was enjoying myself and it's not like mom knew.

Although I had to admit it would be even hotter if she did. To find out she wore those tiny bikinis to make me look and walked around in those little shorts and tight tops to tease her son. In fact that was one of my favorite fantasies, her coming to me and admitting she knew I looked and it got her hot and seeing we both wanted it, so why not have some fun?

My hand strayed to my crotch and began rubbing my cock through my shorts. Below, Mom lifted her leg and bending it, scratched the top of her foot. My eyes locked onto the thin strip of material between her thighs with the vision of lying between her legs and sliding it to the side.

I would gladly break all of society's rules and eagerly tongue her clit. Mom would rest her leg on my back and moan her son's name as if he were any other lover she'd had.

But I would be her best lover because the taboo of it would create a level of lust she could never match with any other man. The fact that we shouldn't would cause us to fuck like animals, to show we didn't care what the rules were.

Mom straightened her leg, then after a moment rolled over onto her stomach. I couldn't have asked for more and unzipping my shorts, removed my throbbing dick and began stroking it.

As good as Mom looked from the front, her ass was the feature that absolutely drove me wild. I teased myself by letting my eyes wander from top to bottom. Mom had her long dark hair up, exposing the smooth bronze skin of her back. My cock twitched in my hand at the thought of running my lips down her soft sun warmed skin; trailing my way down to that amazing ass.

The bikini bottom wasn't much more than a thong in the back, giving me a good view of her tight little heart shaped ass. Mom's ass showed off the effects of her years of dancing as well as her legs did. Not that I had ever had the chance to get my hands on it, but her ass looked firm enough to bounce a quarter off of. I could only imagine what it would be like to squeeze it and spread it open, so I could plunge my tongue into her ass, then her pussy.

Erin loved it when I tongued her ass and I wondered if Mom would have that same high pitched squeal as she did. A grin appeared on my face when I thought about the even higher pitched sound Erin emitted when I fucked her in her tight little ass.

That led to thinking of committing the ultimate taboo of giving my mother a little back door action. She would lift that ass in the air and after slamming her hot wet pussy and getting it nice and wet; I'd slide it up and push it into her undoubtedly tight little rosebud.

Mom had settled down on her stomach and as my hand continued to stroke my aching cock I focused completely on her ass. Picturing her rising up on her knees and inviting me to fuck her. She'd look back over her shoulder and tell me to fuck her harder. Even in the heat of my fantasy I could hear her doing what she had been doing a lot lately and telling me I wasn't listening to her.

"Christ, Sean can't you even fuck me right?"

I'd start fucking her harder and she would give me that trademark eye roll I'd been watching my entire life. "I said, fuck me! Do I have to do what you usually make me do and do everything myself? Should I get a dildo? It would fuck me better and at least not talk back! Now fuck me!"

I would deal a hard spank to her ass then another and another and she would cry out, "Oh it's about time you fucked your mother like a man, now slam that cock in deeper, come on Sean, be a good son and fuck your mommy!"

Even though her words were coming from my own mind, they caused me to moan softly and start to pound my cock even faster. My heart was starting to pound and I could feel my balls tighten as I prepared to blow a load that I would envision spraying across my mother's ass and lower back, but instead would end up on the floor where I would have to wipe it up. The thought of cleaning cum caused me to switch my fantasy up and instead of her ass I would come in my mother's face.

My cum would hit her cheeks and chin and ooze down to her big tits. She would open wide and take some into her mouth.

"That's right mom," I whispered, "You clean up my mess like you always complain about, you lick up every..." my breath caught as my cock twitched and I started heading for the finish line.

I was no more than few pumps away when Erin said from behind me.

"Oh my God, you really do want to fuck your mother!"


Releasing my cock, I quickly pulled my shorts up and turned around to see Erin standing there, grinning at me.

"W...what are you talking about?" I stammered.

"Sean, I came in the front door five minutes ago. I looked in the back and saw your mom in the pool and figured I would just head on up here." She pointed at the window, "There are woods on two sides of the yard and the next door neighbors are in their eighties. So unless you're whacking off to trees or you got a thing for old ladies in walkers, your mom is the only thing out there."

She folded her arms and cocked her head at me as if daring me to dispute it. Even as my mind raced for some type of explanation I couldn't help but look at Erin and consider myself a lucky guy.

Erin was on the cheerleading squad at URI and was totally a stereotype of one. She was tall, blonde, blue eyed with an athletic body that featured a set smallish, but perfectly shaped tits, and a pair of long legs that rivaled my mother's as the nicest I'd ever seen.

It dawned on me even as my eyes lingered on her perky little tits that things were starting to get out of hand when I was comparing my girlfriend's body with my mom's. Better even than Erin's pretty features and killer body was her sex drive.

Erin was a total freak, a girl who watched more porn than most guys and loved to play out everything she saw. Nothing was off limits for her oral, anal, toys, bondage, she loved it all and added extra thrills by introducing me to her favorite game; role playing.

Erin loved for us to play out porn videos or pretend to be different people and I pretty much had learned to love everything she did because it was always one hell of a good time. Even better was the fact Erin was as sweet as she could be slutty and I had no doubts she was my freak and I had no worries about her fooling around on me. She knew the same as I told her-and wasn't really kidding- that if nothing else I couldn't handle more than her.

All the stranger to keep having those maternal fantasies. It's not like I was going without in any way. Short of involving another person there was nothing Erin wouldn't do and even with that she had occasionally teased me with bringing another woman into the picture.

Erin had been with a couple of girls before we started dating last year, but I often wondered if it was a test and left her with "that's up to you" but would still get excited only to have her shrug and say it would have to be someone pretty memorable for her to share with me.

"Don't bother trying to deny it Sean." Her words pulled me from my admiration of her "I've been standing behind you and I heard what you said," She smirked, "You want your mommy to lick it all up for you!"

I knew I was caught and felt my cheeks turning hot with shame.

"I..." I shrugged, "Don't know what to say."

"Well it's not like I didn't already know." Erin told me as she walked over to the window.

"What do you mean?"

"Women know things Sean. Guys are pretty oblivious. Short of 'hey wanna fuck' you boys really don't pick up on much."

"I don't get it." I shook my head.

"No sweetie, you don't" Erin smiled and teased her long nails down my cheek, "But you're awfully good looking so you don't have to." She gave me a quick kiss and ran her fingers through my black hair, "I love those pretty green eyes of yours. You have your mom's eyes."

"Thanks, I guess."

"Well seeing you like how she looks, you should take that as a compliment" she laughed, then squeezed my arms. "Keep in shape like her too, I'm a lucky girl!"

"I'm a lucky guy" I told her, "I've got the hottest girl in school."

"And the hottest mom to jerk off too!" she added.

"Back to that." I told her, "So how long are you going to bust my balls about it?"

"I'm not. Like I said, I already knew."


"I can see it in the way you look at her." She sat on the edge of my desk and giggled, "When we all go swimming you spend as much time looking at her as you do me."

"I..." I put my head down.

"Hey it's okay, you know what it's like to fuck me and I'll show you anything you want." She pointed over at my lap top. "And the last three porn movies we watched? Two were step mom fantasies and the other was an older woman." She tapped her chin as if thinking "And I am pretty sure she had dark hair and green eyes."

"Okay, okay."

"Not to mention when we're out on the deck and she drops something you all but fall over to try to get a look at her ass when she does."

"I said okay." I put my hand up.

"And the final clue was when you bought that black wig at the costume shop and asked me to wear it." She sighed, "What's next, green contacts?"

"Enough." I snapped.

"Aww," she gave me her perfect little pout, "You mad at me, baby?"

"No. Just kind of embarrassed."

"Why?" She pointed to herself, "You forgetting who you're talking to? Last week I let you tie me face down on the bed, spank me raw and fuck me in the ass while I begged you not to." She laughed, "Nothing bothers me, honey."

"I know, but..."

"And before that you picked me up on the corner and I blew you right there in the CVS parking lot like I was a hooker."

"But this is...you know."

"I don't know."

"Sick." I sat down on the chair in front of the desk. "It really is Erin, I keep thinking about banging my mother."

"Can't bother you too much from what I saw."

"It really didn't, but hearing you say it makes me realize it is pretty sick to want to have sex with a parent."

"Not really." She grinned, "When I was younger I used to have fantasies about my dad having sex with me."

"You did?"

"I used to get off thinking about him punishing me for bad grades by getting on my knees and sucking his cock."

"So what happened?" I asked.

"Nothing." She shrugged. "After awhile the fantasies kind of went away. I never felt bad about them. You can't help what you think about."

"If your dad tried to, would you have let him?"

She flashed that wicked little smile that always caused my cock to respond. "Why, you want to pretend to be my daddy?"

"Nah, I'm not fat enough." I laughed.

"That's mean!" she slapped my arm, "But really, Sean, why do you think there's all those mommy and daddy stories and those movies where people are pretending to be step mom's or even real mom's? Someone has to be reading and watching them, it's just something people don't want to admit."

"So...you think it's healthy?"

"I don't know if that's the word, but I don't see any harm coming from it. Not unless you plan on it being your mom you tie up and fuck next."

"Tie up?" I blinked at the sudden visual of mom replacing Erin on my bed, her ankles and wrists tied with her stockings and her ass covered in red welts the shape of my hands and fingers. Her asshole oozing cum.

"Whoa, sorry for doing that to you." Erin said

"No, I wouldn't want to hurt her."

"You can hurt little old me though?" she pushed her lips back into the pout and the lower one began to tremble, "Please sir! I'll be good; please don't put that big cock in my little ass! Oh, Sean please stop it hurts!"

"Wow," I grinned, my cock swelling in my shorts. "We'll have to do that again some time."

"We'll see. It's more fun to come up with new games."

"So you're okay with knowing I...uh, spank it to my mom?"

"Yes and no."

"On the yes side," Standing up, Erin turned to the window and moved the curtain. "Your mother is fucking hot as hell!"

"You think?"

"Baby, I've been with a couple of girls, but they were girls, out there in that pool is all woman!" she sighed, "I would so love to lick your mom's pussy." She giggled, "I have actually, but in my head when I play with myself."

"You've gotten off to my mom?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Because," I gave a low whistle, "My girlfriend stroking her pussy thinking about my mother's pussy is pretty damn hot!"

"It is, why do think I never said anything about the step mom videos? The girlfriend always gets to play too!"

She gave me a wink and while I replayed her words in my mind and began to think of all the incredibly hot scenes that it created, Erin turned back to the window. She had the curtains moved away from the window and I shook off the images of my mother sucking Erin's pussy while I fucked her doggy style

"Hey get out of the window she'll see you!"

"So? You think she would know I'm picturing my tongue in her ass?"

"Damn, I love you!" I laughed.

"You just love me for my dirty mind." She sighed.

"No, I love you because you're beautiful and very sweet when you want to be."

"Aww," she gave me one of the cute little shy smiles I could occasionally coax from her, "I love you too baby!"

She let the curtain fall and reaching up, undid the clip from her hair and shook her head. I watched her long blonde hair cascade down her bare shoulders and my cock started throbbing at the memory of how that golden hair looked fanned out on my thighs while she worked me with her soft lips.

"But I have to say seeing you stroking it to your mommy doesn't have me in a sweet mood."

Grabbing her tank top she stripped it off and dropped it on the desk. Beneath it she was wearing a light blue lace bra and I could see her hard nipples poking through it. I glanced at her shirt and frowned when I saw the silver dollar I had drilled a hole into and ran a chain through.

"Hey we need to work on that psyche project."

"That lame hypnosis thing?" she rolled her eyes. "Tell you what, how about I hypnotize you with these?"

Rather than undo her bra, she yanked the cups down causing her tits to spring free. I licked my lips at the sight of her small, proud breasts as they popped out. Her tits were round, firm and her pink nipples were as hard as my cock.

"You are getting horny!" she said in a deep voice, "You want to suck on Erin's pretty titties, then lick her hot pussy!"

I laughed and opened my legs so she could step between them. She stood in front of me and grabbing my shirt gave it a tug. I pulled it off and tossing it back over my head said, "Hey you lock my door?"

"Why, your mom said its okay if we fool around as long as we stay in here and keep it quiet" she winked "At least while she's home, she'd kill us if she knew about the kitchen table."

"But it's locked? You said she didn't know you were here."

"It's locked, worry wart. Just suck on my tits will you?"

"Yes ma'am" I cupped her tits and leaned forward, eagerly prepared to suck on her swollen nipple.

"Yes Mom." She said, pulling her tit from me and taking a step back.


"Call me mom." She had that nasty smile back on her face. "That will be today's game. You're going to pretend I'm your hot little mommy that you want to do all kinds of naughty things to."

"I...I don't know."

"And I am going to be your hot and horny mom who secretly plays with her pussy thinking of her son's big dick. The one she saw when she watched him fuck his sexy and very beautiful," she laughed, "As well as sweet and intelligent girlfriend."

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