tagIncest/TabooAnd Mother Makes Four Ch. 15

And Mother Makes Four Ch. 15



This is the 15th chapter of the series, "And Mother Makes Four". Chapter 14 covered the continued expansion of all the family's sexual activities. Karen was reluctantly introduced to anal sex and Helen and Susan made some new discoveries about some of the faculty and students. In this chapter the families, Helen and Susan come together for an interesting get together. Nicky learns a lot about her mother Karen. George and Rita are in for some surprises.

I have continued to write this story because of all the positive feedback that I have received from many readers and the encouragement to continue with this theme and family characters. I have listened to your suggestions and I try to incorporate them into the writings. Thank you all who have commented and have encouraged me to keep writing.

I recently received a request to write about an English girl who lives with her step-father and his lover and three of them have sex together all the time. I will try to write that story as I am working on Chapter 16 of this series.


Penny, Marla and Nicky were in the car on the way to the massage parlor. Nicky still didn't know why she had to meet her mother on a Saturday morning at her massage parlor. Nicky knew that her mother had a regular appointment for a massage each Saturday but she had no idea what really went on behind closed doors. Today she would find out.

When Penny, Marla and Nicky arrived they were shown into the viewing room. Nicky had borrowed a tube top and a pair of shorts from Debbie and the shorts were extremely tight showing off her big round curvy ass. All of the massage attendants did a double take when they saw her hot ass. Some of the students wished that she was here for a massage too. No one at the parlor except Antonio knew that Nicky was Karen's daughter.

Nicky was surprised to see her mother in the massage room totally naked and she then realized just how attractive her mother really was. Antonio had entered the room dressed in a white tee shirt and his white panama pants as always. Karen smiled at him as he entered the room.

"Why don't you get undressed too before you start the massage?" Karen asked him.

"Of course, why not it will only happen anyway," replied Antonio.

He took off his clothes displaying his muscular body and his impressive cock which had started to harden. Nicky was stunned by the blatant display of nudity in the massage room and she would her never guessed that her mother would be part of it. Antonio began to massage Karen's body covering with body oil and then he worked his fingers into Karen's pussy and asshole. Karen moaned in delight as she had now come to expect the finger probing in her ass and she had actually looked forward to it today. Again Nicky was surprised by her mother's sexuality.

Antonio moved around to the front and Karen reached for his erect cock. Karen guided the thick muscle into her mouth and began to suck his cock and nibble on his cock head. Within a week Karen had become an accomplished cock sucker. Antonio massaged Karen's tits and tweaked her nipples as she sucked him deep into her throat. Antonio lifted Karen's head up and told her to let him underneath her. Karen lifted her body up and allowed Antonio to slide under her. Karen then lowered her hot wet pussy down on his cock and it slid all the way in as her cunt swallowed the entire dick. Karen groaned with pleasure and began riding his cock sensing her first orgasm. Karen tensed and then bucked as she came allover his cock. Antonio kept pushing his hips up into her pussy and Karen was soon moving her body again. Antonio was fucking her hard now and Karen was pre-occupied with reaching her second orgasm when two naked students walked in. Karen recognized Joey and she took his cock into her mouth having become accustomed to sucking cock while she was being fucked. She felt the presence of the other boy behind her and she knew that her ass was his target. Karen tried to totally relax her body in preparation for the inevitable anal invasion.

The young student had oiled his cock thoroughly and it slid in Karen's ass with ease a stark contrast from Thursday when she lost her anal cherry. Karen actually cooed as the cock penetrated her ass and nestled in her rectum. The three men now had all her holes filled and they worked to achieve and maintain a steady rhythm. Nicky watched in awe as her mother took on the three cocks at the same time. Nicky remembered how she felt when she had Biff, Jerry and Steve in her three holes at the same time. She could only imagine the ecstasy that her mother felt at this time.

Marla and Penny had all they could do to keep their clothes on as they watched their new found friend get triple fucked. They did however maintain their discipline in anticipation of the afternoon's planned activities. Nicky however was not able to control her emotions and she had pushed her shorts and panties down to her knees and she was frantically rubbing her clit as she watched her mother get pummeled with the three cocks.

Penny saw her daughter's friend lose control and she motioned to Sandy to help Nicky out. Sandy smiled and she shed her clothes quickly and moved over with Nicky. Sandy pulled Nicky's shorts and panties down and off her legs and then stroked the girl's shapely legs as she approached her pussy. Sandy reached behind Nicky and cupped her curvy ass cheeks and pulled the girl toward her face. Sandy licked at the teenager's moist pussy and tickled Nicky's clit with the tip of her tongue. Then Sandy began to suck on Nicky's clit driving the teenager mad with desire. Nicky pulled her top over her head baring her small tits. When Penny and Marla saw her hard nipples standing straight out from her chest they had the urge to suck on them but again they resisted knowing that once they started there would be no quitting.

In the massage room three more naked young men had entered the room and they were stroking their erect cocks as they waited for one of Karen's holes to free up. As it turned out Antonio, Joey and Paul all came about the same time shooting cum into Karen's ass, mouth and pussy. Karen also had another intense orgasm as the male seed flowed into her body. Paul and Joey remained in the room after they disengaged with Karen and they stood there stroking their cocks in anticipation of fucking Karen again. The other three young men took up positions with Karen and once again she had three lovely cocks in her holes. Antonio left the room and headed toward the viewing room to check on Marla and Penny. As he left he heard Karen cooing and moaning the three cocks worked her over.

Antonio worked into the viewing room and was surprised to find Marla and Penny still dressed. Penny saw his surprised look and she moved her head in the direction of Sandy and Nicky. Sandy was still naked on her knees eating Nicky's pussy as Nicky watched her mother get fucked in all her holes for a second time. Antonio uttered a slight gasp when he saw Nicky's ass. He had never seen such an ass it was magnificent. This was the type of ass that one only saw in cartoon drawings. He felt his loins stir immediately as he took in the teenager's beauty and scrumptious buttocks. Antonio only hoped that Nicky like her mother liked to be butt fucked. He had no idea that a cock bigger than his had already been in her fantastic ass or how much Nicky loved it in the ass. Antonio approached the lovely girl who was still focused on her mother's performance and who was enjoying Sandy's skilled tongue. Antonio put his hands on the flawless globes of Nicky's ass and massaged them lovingly and tenderly. Nicky moaned and smiled at Antonio as he molded the young girl's ass flesh in his hands.

Antonio took her smile and moans as a signal to continue. He put a generous amount of massage oil on his hands and rubbed into Nicky's ass. He ran his finger between the cheeks of her ass and tickled her anus. Nicky responded by wiggling her shapely ass and leaning over slightly encouraging Antonio to continue with his ministrations. Antonio took it to the next level and he began to finger Nicky's asshole. His oily finger slid easily in and out of the young girl's shapely ass. Nicky leaned over even more grabbing onto the ledge of the two way mirror.

Nicky looked at Antonio with sexy eyes and said, "Please fuck me in my ass. I want your cock in my ass."

Antonio almost had to pinch himself to be sure that this was not a dream. This teenager with the most magnificent ass that he had ever seen was asking him, Antonio, to fuck her in the ass. Antonio's cock was rock hard and he was more turned on then he had been in some time. He stepped behind the girl and he lined up his big thick cock with her asshole. He pressed forward and his oily cock slid right into the teenager's warm chute. Nicky moaned and Antonio sighed as his cock filled the girl's rectum.

Antonio began to fuck Karen's daughter with long deliberate strokes as he wanted this to last as long as possible. He watched as his thick cock slid between the curvy round cheeks and deep into her ass. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of Nicky's ass just leaving the head in her anus and then pushed back in. He loved the way her ass just swallowed his cock and massaged it when it was imbedded in her rectum. Antonio felt that he could fuck this girl's marvelous ass forever but in reality he knew that was impossible. Still he planned to enjoy this as long as he could.

Karen had still had three cocks in her in the massage room. She was enjoying all the attention that she was receiving from the young men. Karen had definitely turned the corner sexually considering that just a few days ago she was a reluctant participant in oral and anal sex. Now she was enjoying the feeling of two cocks in her pussy and ass while she enthusiastically sucked a third one. The young men had great recuperative powers and she knew she would have at least five loads of cum in her mouth, ass and pussy before the morning was over. As the three men fucked her holes, two others stood by stroking their cocks waiting for an opening.

Nicky unbeknown to her mother was enjoying the scene before her as she was ass fucked and had her pussy licked. Nicky had already had cum twice on Sandy's face but Sandy stayed on her pussy and seemed intent on giving Nicky as many orgasms as she could produce. Nicky felt Antonio's cock swell in her rectum and then he plunged it all the way in her ass. Antonio stiffened as he felt a massive load travel from his balls through his scrotum and release its fury into Nicky's asshole. He seemed to cum and cum endlessly as his body shook with tremors with the intensity of his ejaculation. Antonio felt his cock immersed his own cum sheathed in Nicky's anal channel. Nicky felt the wads of cum blast her ass and coat her rectal passage. She loved the feel of warm cum filling her ass and the more the better. Nicky orgasmed again on Sandy's face when she felt Antonio's load fill her channel. Nicky used her anal muscles to massage Antonio's cock milking it and draining it of any remaining cum. Antonio was so enamored with Nicky's beautiful ass that he stayed hard and began to slowly stroke his cock in and out again. Antonio was thrilled that he could recuperate so quickly and that he was able to stay hard in her ass.

Antonio fucked Nicky's ass for a second time and it seemed like hours before he came again. This time he nearly collapsed with orgasmic exhaustion. Antonio had fucked his dream ass and he knew that in his life time he would probably never see an ass such as this much less fuck one like it. He would have to have her again and he would not share this teenager with his staff, they could fuck Karen, Marla and Penny all they wanted but Nicky would be his.

Karen and the boys had finished in the other room and she was guided into the shower area as cum oozed from her ass and pussy. Karen knew that she had received over fifteen loads today and she amazed herself with her own endurance and capacity for sex. As Karen moved to the shower Sandy was sucking Antonio's cum from Nicky's asshole. Nicky was moaning and groaning with pleasure as Sandy tongued her asshole. Sandy finished drinking Antonio's cum from Nicky's ass and she stood up and hugged the teenager reaching around to tweak her eraser hard nipples. Sandy then went to the shower to see to Karen.

Marla and Penny were incredibly turned on but they were pleased with their discipline and knew they would be charged for the afternoon. Nicky got dressed and the three of them left the parlor and the six drained men. They drove back to Marla's house recounting the morning's events.

"God I couldn't believe that was my mother in the other room. I never knew she was that hot," Nicky gasped as she spoke.

"Yes she is quite something and in due time we will introduce her to our little circle. She has come a long way in a short time and we want to ease her into our group," confirmed Penny.

"It will be a surprise to her also when she finds out how sexually charged her daughter is. We will have to pick the right moment for her to find out about you," Marla said.

"I know you are right but it would be hot to see her with Biff, Jerry and Steve. Then it would be fun if I walked in on them and surprised her," laughed Nicky.

"How did you two ever keep your clothes on today? I would have never been able to do that with all that fucking going on," Nicky asked.

"I noticed that you didn't keep your pants very long. As for me it was probably the most disciplined and difficult thing I have ever done," Penny replied.

"Me too, I almost lost it twice but I managed to keep my panties on, although they are soaked," Marla admitted. They reached Marla's house and they pulled into the driveway. Penny and Nicky went back to Penny's house where they would await Marla's call later for Penny, Debbie, Steve and Nicky to join the anticipated orgy. Marla told them that if Susan and Helen didn't workout that they would have their own orgy anyway.

Karen had cleaned up, dressed and she was on her way back home. On her way home she noticed the adult novelty store that she had always been curious about but too nervous to ever check it out. She decided today was the day to do just that. Karen parked her car and walked into the store. She looked around and saw books, magazines and videos as well as sexual toys and stimulants. She was particularly taken with one contraption that looked like a three way dildo. She picked it up and looked it over and she was intrigued with it. Obviously two cocks on one end were for a pussy and asshole and the single cock on the other end could be used in either a pussy or asshole. She thought that the single cock made a good handle if one wanted to fuck their own pussy and asshole simultaneously. Karen decided to buy it.

When Karen checked out the girl behind the desk told her that her selection was a good choice. Then she wrote her phone number on the receipt and told Karen that if she ever needed help with her new toy that she would be willing to help her out. Karen was lost for words and she took her package and left the store. The nerve of that girl she thought but then she smiled to herself and tucked the receipt into her purse. As she drove home she thought of the possibilities with Penny and Marla with this dildo. Karen was now anxious to get home and try out her new toy. George wouldn't be home for awhile so she had plenty of time.


Helen and Susan arrived at Marla's home and they were both very taken with the house. "Can you believe this place?" gasped Susan.

"It is beautiful and Joannie did tell us they have a pool as well," remarked Helen.

Helen and Susan were greeted by Marla at the front door. Marla was dressed in beautiful silk robe and Helen wondered if she was naked under it. Marla introduced herself to the women and then invited them inside. Marla led them to the sunroom where Joannie was sitting. She was also wearing a silk robe.

"Of course you have already met Joannie," Marla said with a smile and then "My son Jerry and our friend Biff will join us shortly, please have a seat and make yourself comfortable."

Marla offered them both a glass of wine which they accepted and the four of them toasted each other. Marla sat down and the four women sipped their wine and got better acquainted. Helen and Susan learned about Marla, Joannie, Biff and Jerry's sexual arrangement. Marla explained how she had been brought into the fold and joined them on their honeymoon. Since then they were very comfortable with their sexual activities. Helen talked about her experiences at her prior school and Susan also shared her stories about her prior school as well. They learned that Helen liked cocks as much as females and that Susan only liked a cock in her ass once in awhile.

"Well ladies it is a nice day and Joannie and I usually hangout by the pool. Would you like to join us or would you prefer that all remain inside?" Marla asked.

"The pool would be wonderful," replied Helen.

"Just one thing we always sunbathe in the nude. I know that you have already seen Joannie naked, but is that okay with you?" Marla asked again.

"I feel that we are going to be naked sooner or later today so we may as start now," Helen replied and Susan nodded her approval.

As Helen and Susan stood to remove their clothes, Marla and Joannie stood and let their silk robes slide off their nude bodies. They were naked underneath the robes just as Helen had suspected. Helen and Susan folded their clothes and left them in the sun room as the four women moved to the pool deck. The four of them pulled lounge chairs around in a circle so that could see each other as they continued their conversation. Helen and Susan had a hard time not staring at Joannie and they could both feel their pussies getting wetter as they took in her beauty and remembered eating her delicious pussy.

Biff and Jerry walked out onto the pool deck naked and Helen gasped when she saw Biff's meat swinging between his legs. Helen couldn't wait to see Biff hard and experience that cock in her pussy. Susan tried to imagine what his cock would feel like in her ass as she was eating pussy. Marla introduced the men to Susan and Helen and then the guys pulled up chairs next to the women.

"You know Helen and Susan we had better put some sun block on your tits and pubes or you will regret it tomorrow," Joannie said.

"Yes you're right we certainly don't want to be sunburned, particularly in those areas," Helen agreed laughingly.

Joannie and Jerry went over to Susan and began to apply lotion to her body. Jerry covered her tits and Joannie worked her pubes. The same scene was repeated by Biff and Marla as the attended to Helen. Susan preferred to have a woman handle her tits but she went along with this arrangement. Joannie smiled at her and then she slipped an oily finger into Susan's pussy. Susan gasped and then she opened her legs a little wider. Joannie dropped to her knees and began to kiss Susan's inner thighs working her way up to her pussy. Joannie reached her target and then plunged her tongue deep into Susan's twat. Susan couldn't believe her good fortune to have someone as beautiful as Joannie eat her pussy. Susan came quickly and muffled her cries with her own hand.

Susan looked over at Helen and saw that Marla was between her legs. Biff was rubbing Helen's tits and Helen was sucking on Biff's huge cock. Helen also came quickly and coated Marla's mouth with her juices.

"Okay time to do the other side. We don't want those pretty buns to get burned either," Joannie announced.

Helen and Susan were turned over and their buttocks were covered with lotion by four sets of hands. Biff and Marla worked Helen's ass and Jerry and Joannie worked Susan's ass. The ass cheeks were massaged and fingers were dipped into their assholes. Helen and Susan were beside themselves with lust. Biff continued to work Helen's ass and he had one thick finger sawing in and out of her ass as he massaged the lotion into her generous globes. Jerry was doing the same to Susan fingering her asshole and applying the lotion to her buns.

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