tagIncest/TabooAnd Mother Makes Four Ch. 20

And Mother Makes Four Ch. 20



This chapter is the 20th chapter of the series, "And Mother Makes Four." I had continued to write this story because of all the positive feedback up to now that I have received from many readers and the encouragement to continue with this theme and family characters. Chapter 18 was not as well received as the past chapters and I attribute that to one of two things. First maybe some readers are tiring of the theme and characters. Also based on the comments and feedback some writers just don't care for the sexual variations. I don't know why they bother to read the story and then comment negatively on it when they know in advance what it contains. I will decide if this is the last chapter based on the reaction to Chapter 19. Thank you all who have commented and have encouraged me to keep writing. I have written this story so that it could end with any chapter and at the same time I have left it somewhat open for a continuance. Based on the reader feedback I receive I will know what to do. It is up to you the readers.


Monday morning started off very much like any other morning at Marla's house with the four of them in bed. Marla was on all fours sucking Biff's cock while her son Jerry fucked her in the ass. Joannie had her head under Marla's pussy and was licking her mother-in-law's cunt and her husband's balls. Joannie loved eating Marla's pussy it excited her the way it puffed up when Marla was excited. Joannie also loved nibbling and sucking on her engorged clit as it got so big it was like sucking a tiny dick. The best of all though was when Marla came. She was a real squirter and sprayed her juice all over her daughter-in-law's face.

Marla tensed when she felt her son shoot his load deep into her rectum. The feeling of the warm fluid filling her anal passage sent her over the edge and she squirted her juice into Joannie's mouth. Joannie sucked up all of her mother-in-law's juice and nibbled on her swollen clit sending Marla into convulsions. Marla moaned onto Biff's cock with the intensity of her orgasm. She relaxed her mouth briefly but she was quickly brought back to reality when Biff's first stream bounced off the back of her throat. Marla recovered rapidly and gulped down Biff's cum as stream after stream shot into her mouth. Marla was continually amazed at the amount of cum that Biff could produce particularly with his first load of the day.

"Good morning mother," her son Jerry said teasingly.

Jerry and Biff withdrew their softening cocks and headed for the shower. Marla rolled over on her back and welcomed her daughter-in-law as Joannie straddled her face and lowered her pussy to Marla's awaiting mouth. Marla ate Joannie through a series of orgasms before Joannie smiled, patted her on the head and moved off of Marla's face.

"Thank you mother that was wonderful as usual," Joannie said as she removed her crotch from Marla's face.

"I can't imagine life without you three," sighed Marla.

"Well it's time to get up and get ready we have an interview this morning with Boris, Ivan and Sondra," Joannie reminded her.

"I hope that they will work out. I don't feel like interviewing a lot of people for the positions," Marla replied.

"Well if their work ethic is anything like their good looks, we will be very satisfied," Joannie answered.

The two women showered, dressed and then joined Biff and Jerry downstairs. The four of them had breakfast and then relaxed in the family room awaiting the arrival of the Czech family.

Across town Bruce and Colin were preparing to leave the hotel with Amanda and Chloe. The four of them would be conducting training sessions for the next two weeks for the restaurant staff. Earlier that morning Bruce had awaken with a morning hard-on and he had rolled on his side toward Colin. Bruce eased his long hard cock into Colin's ass and then reached around to find his lover's erection. Bruce fucked Colin slowly as he jerked him off.

As Bruce fucked him Colin thought of the previous evening. Andrew had agreed to come back to the hotel with them and the three of them had wonderful sex until it was time for Andrew to go home. Colin had Andrew suck his cock as Bruce fucked him in the ass. Then Bruce fucked Andrew as Colin sucked the teenager's cock. Colin got to fuck Andrew's ass as he sucked on Bruce's cock and then Colin let Andrew fuck his ass. It was incredible and Andrew loved every minute of it. Andrew left but only after they all agreed to spend more time together. Colin was thrilled to have an ass to fuck.

Colin's dreams were interrupted when he felt Bruce shoot his load into his ass. Then his own orgasm followed as he shot his cum across the bed sheets. The two of them then hustled to shower and dress and meet the girls in the hotel lobby. The four of them then went off to the restaurant to begin the training sessions.


Boris, Ivan and Sondra arrived at 11:00 AM as expected and they were shown into the family room and introduced to everyone. Biff could not keep his eyes off of Sondra and likewise she kept stealing glances at him. Boris and Ivan were equally fascinated with the beautiful Joannie. Sondra was about 5'6", 110 pounds with shoulder length blonde hair. She had medium sized firm tits, shapely legs and a magnificent ass. Her ass was the kind one always wanted to reach out and touch when she was close to you. Biff with his one track mind wondered to himself if she liked to be fucked in the ass.

Boris and Ivan were only two years apart and they could pass for twins. They were built similar and stood at about 6'1" tall and weighed roughly 170 pounds. Both young men 27 and 25 were blondes as well. Sondra was 23 years old and she was clearly their younger sister. The three of them were excited about the possibility of working for Marla and her family.

The interviews went well and Marla was convinced that they were capable, ambitious young people who needed a good start in the states. They agreed that they could start work immediately and they were thrilled that they would be able to live on the property above the garage. Boris, Ivan and Sondra were currently staying with friends and they had very little of their own so they were ecstatic to be able to use the furnished apartment above the garage. It was decided that they could start work on Tuesday and that they could move in later today.

Boris, Ivan and Sandra rushed back to their friend's place to gather up their belongings and then returned to Marla's home. Marla and Joannie helped them get settled in the apartment above the garage and provided them with bed linens, towels, and other personal need items. Marla advanced them their pay so that they could go shopping the next day. That evening they were invited to join the family for dinner and afterwards they returned to the apartment.

Boris, Ivan and Sondra were tired from the day's excitement and activities but not too tired to enjoy a little brotherly sisterly love. The three of them got undressed and they all got in the same bed. Sondra took her brother's cocks one in each hand and went back and forth between them licking their dick heads. Sondra loved her brother's uncut cocks as she peeled back the foreskin and unveiled the smooth cock heads. Sondra ran her tongue over the sensitive skin of Ivan's cock head and then did the same to Boris. The two brothers loved the way that Sondra handled their cocks and played with them. They were both very turned on and they knew they would cum quickly.

Boris reached for Sondra's head and held her gently but firmly as he shot his wad into her mouth as she continued to stroke Ivan's cock. Sondra sucked Boris clean and then turned her attention to Ivan who came as soon as she popped his cock back in her mouth. She sucked Ivan dry as well and then she French kissed both of her brothers allowing them to taste their own seed.

Sondra rolled over on her back and stretched out on the bed. She parted her legs baring her pussy with its light blonde fuzz and waited for one of her brothers to eat her. Boris slide between her legs and buried his face in his sister's cunt. He began lapping at her pussy and nibbling on her clit. Ivan meanwhile moved up to his sister and began playing with her tits, kissing them, fondling them and tweaking her rock hard nipples. They soon had Sondra in quite a state and she was very close to her first orgasm.

Sondra gasped aloud and threw her hips up into her brother's face. Boris grabbed a hold of her buttocks and held her tightly to his mouth as he drank in every drop of her nectar. Boris kept eating her pussy through multiple orgasms as his brother worked over her tits. Sondra was drained from the intensity of her orgasm and she tried to break free from Boris but he held her tight and kept chewing lightly on her clit. Sondra cried out in ecstasy and then pleaded for Boris to let up on her. He let her go and she collapsed on the bed. Boris and Ivan lay next to her and stroked her firm tits as Sondra breathed heavily between them.

Boris and Ivan were hard again and they each took a turn fucking their sister in the missionary position. Sondra wrapped her legs around Boris as he pounded her hot pussy until he shot his second load into her. Then Ivan replaced Boris and fucked his sister until he too had cum a second time. The three of them then relaxed in the same bed and gradually fell asleep holding to each other.

Over at the main house Marla and Joannie enjoyed a 69 while they were both butt fucked, Joannie by Biff and Marla by her son Jerry. Then they went back to their own bedrooms and slept until morning.


The next morning after a round of sex the family had gathered in the kitchen for breakfast when Marla thought of her new hires. "Why don't we invite Sondra and her brothers over for breakfast? I am sure that they must be hungry and they don't have any food in the apartment yet."

"Great idea, I'll go and tell them," replied Joannie.

Joannie walked over to the apartment wearing her shorts with no panties and a tee shirt with no bra. Her firm tits were prominently outlined in the tee shirt and her nipples poked through the material. Her shorts were snug and the outline of her labia showed through the material. As Joannie went to knock on the apartment door she heard the distinct sound of someone moaning inside. Joannie's curiosity got the best of her and she just had to see what was going on. She tried the handle of the door and it opened easily. She pushed the door open slowly and stepped into the apartment. The moaning was coming from the bedroom and then Joannie heard Sondra.

"Oh yes fuck me my brothers. Fuck me good, it feels so wonderful to have your cocks in me," Sondra said unaware of anyone's presence.

Joannie peeked into the bedroom and there on the bed were the two brothers and sister engaged in three way sex. They all lay on their sides with Boris facing Sondra and Ivan behind her. Boris and Ivan had developed a rhythm and they were fucking Sondra in her pussy and her ass. They looked beautiful the three blondes did as they patiently fucked one another.

"A girl after my own heart," Joannie thought to herself as she watched Sondra take on the two cocks.

Joannie remained quiet and watched the three of them fuck each other. Sondra was going wild on her brother's cocks and all her uncontrolled movements were driving her brothers closer to their orgasm. Joannie saw Boris stiffen and then his body went slack as he emptied his balls into his sister's cunt. Ivan was right behind him and he held onto his sister's tits as he drove his cock to the hilt in her ass. Ivan stiffened and then shook as he unleashed his load into his sister's ass. Sondra had been shaking, writhing and moaning in climax as cum loads filled her holes. The three were so caught up in their orgasms that they never saw Joannie enter the room.

"Well it looks like you three are a very close family," Joannie said as she walked in the room and sat on the bed.

Boris and Ivan panicked and they pulled their cocks out of their sister and tried to cover themselves. They tried to grab the bedcovers and pull them up over their bodies but they couldn't move them from under the bodies on the bed.

Joannie laughed at their futile efforts and then she leaned over and grabbed the closet cock to her. "So this is what an uncut cock looks like," she said as she held Boris' cock in her hand.

Joannie pushed the skin back and watched as the sensitive head was uncovered. Joannie flicked her tongue over the skinned back cock and tickled Boris' pee hole with her tongue. Boris looked helplessly at his brother and sister as if to silently ask for help. Joannie engulfed the entire cock in her mouth and Boris trembled with desire. Joannie felt his cock hardening in her mouth and she cupped his swollen balls to excite him further. Boris couldn't control himself any longer and he warned Joannie that he was cumming. Joannie kept right on sucking his cock just as his sister would and let him cum in her mouth. Boris grunted, stiffened and then shot his load into the beautiful blonde's mouth.

"Oh God," Boris screamed as he filled Joannie's mouth with cum.

Joannie swallowed every drop and then she released Boris' deflating cock. Ivan was hard just from watching the action. Joannie looked over at him and smiled then she took his cock stroked it a few times and then took him in her mouth. Joannie sucked him for a few minutes and then she took his cock from her mouth.

"My pussy is dying for some cock," Joannie gasped.

She sat up and took off her tee shirt and shorts. The two brothers took in her body and marveled at the blonde beauty. They couldn't believe that she was naked in their bed along with their sister. Joannie lay back and spread her legs.

"Ivan give me your cock," Joannie directed.

Ivan got between her legs and slid his hard cock into her hot pussy. Joannie wrapped her legs around his torso and fucked her body up at Ivan. Joannie made sure that Ivan's cock remained in contact with her clit as she rubbed her quim up and down his shaft.

"Sondra come and sit on my face," Joannie told the girl.

"But I have never done that. I have never been with a girl," replied an astonished Sondra.

"Have you had your pussy eaten by your brothers?" Joannie asked.

"Yes," Sondra admitted shyly.

"Well then it's the same, come on I'll show you," Joannie urged her.

Shyly Sondra moved toward Joannie's face. Joannie guided the pretty girl and fitted the cute pussy to her mouth. Joannie went to work on Sondra's pussy and ate her like she had never been eaten before. Joannie knew what she was doing and she soon had the girl writhing in pleasure. Joannie flattened her tongue and pushed the hood away from Sondra's clit. Joannie ran her tongue all over the girl's pussy and clit and then she took Sondra's clit in her teeth and gently nibbled it. Sondra cried aloud in ecstasy and leaned forward to place her hands on the bed to steady herself. Joannie continued to work Sondra into a frenzy and she collapsed on the bed with Joannie still licking her pussy.

Ivan was right behind his sister as he was extremely turned on from watching Joannie eat Sondra's pussy as he was fucking the gorgeous blonde. Ivan felt his cum build in his balls and then travel the length of his scrotum until it shot out into Joannie's pussy. Ivan's body gyrated in orgasm as he pounded Joannie's pussy and filled it with his seed. Ivan collapsed on Joannie as she too was rocked with multiple orgasms. The three lay still for a few minutes and then Sondra and Ivan moved off of Joannie.

"Well the real reason I came up here was to invite you to breakfast. So we better get a move on before someone comes looking for us," Joannie said as she reached for her tee shirt and shorts.

The others dressed quickly and then they all went to the main house for breakfast. As they walked in Marla, Biff and Jerry were waiting patiently for them. Biff looked right at Joannie's crotch and noticed the wet spot between her legs.

"So what kept you?" Biff asked with a knowing look.

"It was hard to get them out of bed," Joannie quipped.

Biff thought to himself, "Probably hard to get them out of bed after you got them in it."

"You poor dears you must be starved. Well you are here now so let's eat," Marla offered.

"Let's I'm starved too I have only had liquids this morning," Joannie said and smiled at the blushing Czech family.

They all ate breakfast and then Marla and Joannie showed the Czech family around and explained all the duties. Marla showed them how to operate the pool and hot tub controls. Then Boris, Ivan and Sondra were allowed to go shopping for both families and Marla insisted on going with them to show them the store locations and help with the grocery selection.

Biff and Jerry sat around having coffee as the family was shown around the property when Biff spoke. "Your wife, that Joannie is something else. You just know that she has already fucked those guys," Biff said to Jerry.

"Really, why do you think that?" Jerry asked.

"Well her shorts had cum and pussy stains in them unless you think she pissed herself. And then that comment about only having liquids for breakfast gave it away particularly when the others turned beet red," Biff answered.

"She really is insatiable but I am so lucky to have her for a wife. I can't wait to hear about their cocks and if they are really uncut or not," Jerry said excitedly.

"Well, what are you two conniving about?" interrupted Joannie as she entered the room.

"Where are my mom and the others?" Jerry asked her.

"They went grocery shopping and to pick up a few other things. They will be back in a couple of hours," Joannie answered.

"Joannie I have to ask you, did you fuck those guys this morning," Jerry asked his wife.

"Absolutely, I sucked Boris' cock, fucked Ivan and ate Sondra's pussy but the best news of all is that I caught them fucking each other," Joannie answered proudly.

"They were fucking each other? Please tell me that she takes it in the ass!" Biff exclaimed.

"You got it. When I walked in on them Boris and Ivan were double fucking her ass and pussy at the same time. I don't think she is quite ready for your monster though at least not based on the size of her brother's cocks," Joannie replied.

"Tell me about their cocks, are they uncut?" Jerry asked.

"Yes they are both uncut and about the same size just a little bigger than yours. It was fun sucking my first uncut cock. I really enjoyed skinning it back and exposing the head. I drove Boris wild with my cock sucking and he shot in my mouth in no time," Joannie said proudly.

"Oh my God I can't wait to get at one of those cocks!" her husband exclaimed.

"Take it easy there, you don't even know yet if they will do guys," Joannie cautioned and then added, "But Sondra did her first girl, I ate her pussy as her brother Ivan fucked me and she loved it."

"All this talk is making me horny," Biff said as he had his cock out of his shorts and was stroking it.

Joannie smiled, stood up and stripped off her shorts and tee shirt again. She walked toward Biff and straddled his legs lowering her pussy onto his huge cock. In spite of how many times Joannie had his cock in her pussy they still had to go slow at first. Joannie sank down all the way on his cock and then she began to slowly move up and down on the big shaft.

"Oh man, wait until Sondra feels this in her cunt," Joannie exalted.

Not to be left out Jerry moved to his wife's side and offered his cock to her mouth. Joannie took her husband's cock in her mouth and swallowed him immediately. She reflected on the difference between the uncut cock and her husband's cock as she sucked on it. Joannie was beginning to juice on Biff's cock and now it slid in and out easily. Joannie felt the thick shaft rub along her clit and she knew she was close. She clasped her virginal muscles around Biff's big dick in an effort to get him off with her. Then Joannie lost control she stopped bobbing up and down and her vaginal muscles relaxed as she came all over Biff's cock. Biff kept pounding up at her pussy and drove her mad. Joannie spit out her husband's cock as she screamed in ecstasy as her body was rocked with her orgasms.

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