tagIncest/TabooAnd Mother Makes Four Revisited Ch. 01

And Mother Makes Four Revisited Ch. 01


This story series will link some of the characters of two previous series together. The most recent series Son Controls His Mother will be united with some of the characters from And Mother Makes Four. For those that do not wish to go back and any chapters from those stories I will briefly describe the characters as they are re-introduced in each of the following chapters of this story. My thinking for these chapters, certainly subject to change, is as follows:

Chapter 1 -- Marla's family meets Monarch Academy's new teachers.

Chapter 2 -- Meet the Monarch Senior Girls along with New Students

Chapter 3 -- Meet the Monarch Senior Boys and Football Coaches

Chapter 4 -- Helen learns more about the Mathews Twins and Mother

Chapter 5 -- Susan tests the water with Maria and Betty discovers the Boys

Chapter 6 -- Joannie takes Amelie shopping and Paul becomes Paula

Chapter 7 -- Carrie introduces Joey, Ellie and Ally to Marla's Family

Chapter 8 -- Marla decides its time for another big party

In Chapter 1 Marla and her family pick up where they left off in the story, And Mother Makes Four. Marla's son Jerry, Jerry's wife Joannie and their best friend Biff are as sexually active as ever. Marla's family vacationed in France where they hooked up with some former neighbors and met some new adventurous people. They have some interesting stories about their vacation. Marla's new house staff Sondra and her brothers Ivan and Boris are just as active with the family as they are with each other. The new teachers Carrie, (Son Controls His Mother) and Amelie get closer with the family and the house staff. Biff hires a new hostess for the restaurant after testing her sexual abilities. The Monarch Academy Principal Helen Eisenhower (And Mother Makes Four) conducts a meeting with her female faculty and staff to discuss the upcoming year and the prospective senior class.

As Carrie Foster was returning home with the three students that had accompanied her to her former place of residence, she thought about her meeting with Joey and his mother Ellie. They had had some great sex together and Carrie was totally turned on by Joey's incestuous relationship with his mother. Carrie closed her eyes and thought back to the one scene when Ellie was eating Carrie's pussy and Joey was fucking his mother in the ass. Carrie was reminded of the first time she had witnessed incest in a family.

Carrie had been invited to join Helen and Susan for a party at Marla's house. It was there that she met Marla, Marla's son Jerry, Jerry's wife Joannie and their best friend Biff. Marla also had three people on her house staff that were related two brothers Boris and Ivan and their sister Sondra. Carrie thought back to the most erotic incestuous scene that she had ever witnessed.

Carrie was on all fours as Biff fucked her ass with his huge cock. Carrie always thought that Joey was big but she had never had anything in her bottom like Biff's ass buster. Joannie the scrumptious blonde was on her back as her mother-in-law Marla ate her pussy. Jerry had knelt behind his mother and was butt fucking her as his mother ate his wife's pussy. In another grouping Ivan and Boris were double fucking their sister Sondra. The three of them were on their sides with Ivan in Sondra's pussy and Boris in her ass. Helen and Susan also watched the action as Helen fucked Susan in the ass with a strap-on cock.

Carrie was lost in her thoughts as she recalled the events of that party and her hands subconsciously slipped inside her panties and rubbed her pussy. One the three boys sat in the back seat with Carrie and he noticed that she was playing with herself. He reached over and replaced her hand with his own. He slipped his middle finger into her sopping wet pussy and diddled her clit.

"I'll do that for you Carrie," the boy said.

Carrie opened her eyes and smiled at the young stud and replied, "Thank you Bill I would like that."

Chet was driving Carrie's car and the other boy Cliff was seated in the front passenger seat. The two boys looked at each other and smiled as they knew that they would get some more action before they arrived home. Carrie just seemed to be insatiable around young cocks.

Bill removed his former teacher's panties and pushed her halter top up over her bare tits. He then leaned in and sucked on Carrie's tits as he fingered her pussy under her mini skirt. Carrie leaned back and closed her eyes as Bill fingered her pussy. Bill then removed his moistened middle finger from her pussy and slipped it into her warm asshole. Carrie shifted to give him better access to her ass. Bill then pushed his thumb from the same hand into Carrie's pussy. He knew that Carrie liked the double penetration and she referred to it as the bowling grip.

Carrie reached over and fished Bill's cock out of his pants and jerked him off as he continued to finger fuck her ass and pussy. Carrie had a mild orgasm and Bill could feel her increased wetness on his hand. Carrie spit on her hand and then stroked Bill toward his orgasm.

"I'm going to cum Carrie," Bill warned her.

Carrie leaned over and took the young hard cock in her mouth. It only took a few sucks from Carrie before Bill ejaculated in her mouth. Carrie sucked him dry before she released the cock from her mouth. Chet pulled the car over to a rest area and then Cliff got in the back seat with Carrie and Bill rode up front. The scene was repeated with Cliff and then he too came in Carrie's mouth. Next it was Chet's turn and Bill took over the driving.

By the time they arrived at Carrie's place she had sucked off each of the boys. However they were all still horny and Carrie had them come into her condo for some more sex. Carrie wanted to be triple fucked by these boys at least one more time before they left her condo. After several hours of intense sex the three boys dressed and left for home. Carrie would miss these three boys when they went off to college but she would be forever grateful to her Principal at Monarch Academy, Helen Eisenhower, for introducing them to her. As Carrie lay naked in her bed with cum oozing from her pussy and her ass, she wondered what the coming school year would yield in terms of new adventures.


Sex was always the first agenda item of the day at Marla's house. This morning Marla and Joannie were locked in a 69 position as Jerry fucked his mother's ass and Biff fucked Joannie's ass. Marla and Joannie had a string of orgasms before the two young men finally flooded the women's rectums with their seed. Joannie and Marla loved the feel of the semen entering their assholes as they were cumming.

Over in the garage apartment, Boris and Ivan were fucking their sister Sondra in the shower. They were holding her up between them as Sondra wrapped her legs around her brother Boris. Boris had his cock buried in his sister's pussy as Ivan fucked her in the ass. Sondra was moaning over and over as her brothers pounded her holes. Sondra had already cum twice and she was pleading with her brothers to fill her holes with their spunk. Finally Boris came first followed by Ivan and Sondra felt the surge of semen shoot into her rectum and pussy. The three of them held to each other until the brother's cocks softened and slipped from Sondra's holes. Then they set her gently down in the shower. Sondra had to steady herself briefly before they could let her go. The three of them then finished their shower together.

Jerry was in the mood for some cock so he decided to pay Boris and Ivan a visit.

"Send Sondra over here when you get to their room," Marla told her son.

Jerry arrived at the garage apartment just as Sondra was leaving. She smiled at Jerry and told him that her brothers were still in bed naked. Jerry snickered and then entered the apartment. On his way in he told Sondra that his wife and mother were expecting her. Sondra knew what that meant and she rubbed her pussy in anticipation.

Jerry entered the apartment and just as Sondra had said, Boris and Ivan were naked in the same bed. Their cocks still had telltale signs of semen leaking from their pee holes from their morning session with Sondra. Jerry kicked off his shorts and crawled in bed with the naked brothers. Boris and Ivan smiled at him as he took both cocks in his hands and alternated sucking them. Before long Boris and Ivan were hard and Jerry took both cocks at once. Boris fucked Jerry in the ass and Ivan filled Jerry's mouth with cock. Both brothers worked their cocks in Jerry's holes and Jerry used his talented mouth and anal muscles to milk both cocks. Before long the two brother's cocks were spurting in Jerry's mouth and ass. Jerry sucked Ivan dry and used his anal muscles to massage every drop of cum from Boris.

Jerry was hard again after the great sex with Boris and Ivan so he had both of them kneel on the bed with their shapely asses in the air. Jerry went from one brother to the other licking and kissing their bums. Then Jerry lubed up each asshole and took his time playing with them. Satisfied that they were well greased Jerry slipped his cock into Boris for a few strokes and then moved to Ivan. Jerry continued to fuck both brothers moving his cock from one ass to the other. Jerry felt his orgasm building in his balls and just before he ejaculated, he pulled out of Ivan's ass and sprayed both asses with his cum. Jerry aimed his cock at Ivan first and then hit Boris with the second rope of semen. He alternated between the two brothers until he was finished cumming and then he leaned over Ivan's body. The three of them then flopped on the bed next to each other.

In Marla's bedroom a different scene was about to take place. Sondra had entered the bedroom and Marla told her to take off her clothes and join them in bed. Sondra did as she was told and when she got in bed she melted into the arms of Marla and Joannie. The three beauties stroked each other for several minutes caressing each other's tits, buttocks and vulvas.

Marla then spoke, "Sondra dear, Joannie bought these new strap-on dildos and we have been dying to try them out."

Joannie got the dildos and Sondra noticed that each one looked like it had three cocks attached to the harness. Joannie explained how they worked. The woman wearing the strap-on would put the two smaller ends in her pussy and ass and then she would fuck her partner with the remaining larger end. Sondra was told to get between Joannie and Marla as they would fuck her ass and pussy while the dildo plugs filled their own pussies and assholes.

Both Joannie and her mother-in-law put on the harnesses with the fake cocks. Joannie lay on her back and Sondra straddled her lowering her trimmed pussy onto the fake cock. Marla moved in behind her Sondra and squirted an ample amount of lube directly into Sondra's asshole. Then Marla pushed it in deeper with her finger and massaged her employee's asshole with her finger. Sondra crooned as the lube entered her rectum and she felt her boss' welcome finger in her ass. Marla then put and ample amount of lube on the fake cock and eased it into Sondra's ass. Sondra loved to be double penetrated more than anything and she thought that less than two hours ago she had her brother's cocks in both holes and now she had two fake cocks in her holes.

Marla fucked her ass as Sondra rode the fake cock in her pussy. Sondra was out of control and she was bucking frantically with the intensity of her orgasm. Joannie reached up and pinched Sondra's firm tits and hard nipples as Sondra cried out in climax.

"That's it my dear cum for us, cum for us," Marla urged as her Sondra surged out of control and collapsed on Joannie.

Joannie cradled the trembling girl in her arms as her mother-in-law eased the rubber cock out of Sondra's asshole. Sondra felt the cool air tickle her dilated anus as the cock was removed from her butt. Sondra rolled off of Joannie and lay next to her on the bed. She was only allowed to rest for a few minutes and then Sondra put on the strap-on that Joannie had used on her pussy. Both of the dildo plugs filled Sondra's asshole and pussy. Sondra now knew why Joannie had selected these new toys. Joannie was next and she straddled Sondra and lowered her pussy onto the fake cock. Then her mother-in-law lubed her asshole and filled it with the other fake cock just as she had done to Sondra. Joannie soon felt the surge run through her body and she drenched the rubber cock in her pussy. Joannie gushed in orgasm as the two fake cocks worked her holes.

Finally it was Marla's turn to be double fucked. She liked to lie on her side with the two girls fucking her. Joannie pressed into her mother-in-law and their tits rubbed together and the sensitive nipples hardened immediately. Sondra pushed the other dildo into Marla's ass and then she established a rhythm with Joannie as they fucked Marla's brains out. Marla loved to be fucked by Sondra and Joannie more than any women and she was so glad that Joannie had introduced her into the world of lesbianism. Sondra and Joannie fucked Marla with a passion and when Marla pleaded with them to stop they ignored her and continued fucking her. The girls knew that Marla had at least one more orgasm in her and they were determined to bring her to another climax. The final orgasm hit Marla hard and her entire body shook and trembled as she screamed in passion. She felt as if she was close to passing out as her orgasm was that intense.

"Oh this is a big one, oh my God, oh my God, I'm cummmming!" Marla cried out.

"That's it Marla cum for us just as we came for you," the girls urged her.

"Oh please stop now, I can't take anymore. You must stop, please," Marla begged them.

The two blondes stopped their movements but left the fake cocks in Marla's holes and the three of them remained motionless for several minutes. Sondra and Joannie savored the feeling of the dildo Plugs in their own holes. Sondra moved first and slid the rubber dick out of Marla's ass. Then Joannie pulled out of her mother-in-law's pussy and Marla rolled over on her back. Joannie and Sondra took off the strap-on dildos and removed the three pronged cocks from the harnesses. Then Joannie took the cocks and put them in the bathroom sink to be cleaned. Joannie then went back to the bed. Marla was too exhausted to even move off the bed and she just laid there as Joannie and Sondra took turns eating each other's pussy. Sondra and Joannie loved to eat each other and cum in each other's mouth.

While the three women and the three men were having sex upstairs, Biff was getting breakfast ready downstairs. He knew that they would all be drained and ready to relax with a cup of coffee once they made it downstairs. Normally Biff would have been right in the thick of things but today he decided to save himself for later in the day. Biff had an appointment that afternoon and he wanted to have plenty of energy in case things worked out favorably for him. Everyone eventually made it down for breakfast and afterward they relaxed with a cup of coffee before they started with the day's planned activities.


Helen had invited Susan, Lorraine, Carrie, Betty and the new French teacher Amelie over to her condo to discuss the upcoming school year. The principal and faculty discussed the previous year's activities for Amelie's benefit. Amelie was not shocked at the faculty's behavior but she was surprised by the number of students that had been involved in the prior year's sexual activities.

They discussed the new crop of seniors for the coming year and Helen had only listed the 18 year old students for the purpose of discussion. Both boys and girls were discussed as likely candidates to succumb to the faculty's seductive tactics. There was one new girl who was very pretty named Maria. She was only 5'3" but she was built like the proverbial brick shit house. Maria had large tits probably at least a 38" bust but she had a tiny waist, shapely legs and a beautiful round ass. She had dark brown hair, brown eyes and that very mysterious Mediterranean appearance.

Helen felt a little sorry for Maria as she guessed that all the boys dated her so they could get their hands on her big tits. Unfortunately for Maria she had blossomed early and by the time she got to college she could very well be a cow if she didn't watch her weight. The women agreed she was a potential target and Susan volunteered to explore Maria's potential further. Helen had a different thought as she visualized Biff's big cock sliding between Maria's big tits and shooting his load all over the young girl's chest.

They discussed many of the boys particularly those that were rumored to be very well endowed. Nurse Betty would do her best to verify their suspicions and report back to Helen. Helen still remembered the time she caught Nurse Betty with all her holes stuffed with the cocks of Bill, Chet and Cliff.

Other senior girls were discussed but the ones who generated the most discussion were the twin sisters, Ingrid and Annika Mathews. Helen had long suspected that these sisters preferred girls to boys and after meeting their mother Elke, Helen was convinced that the mother was a lesbian. Helen wondered if there was an incestuous lesbian relationship going on with that family.

The women talked about some other administrative duties and then called their business meeting to a close. Helen would have to brief the male faculty on the meeting since she decided not to invite them to today's session. Helen had decided that she wanted to kick off the year with the female bodies.

"Well we have finished our business for the evening, should we have some fun now?" Helen asked. The women looked at Helen as they thought they knew what was on her mind but nobody moved.

Susan spoke up, "Sure, why not there aren't any secrets here?"

All six of the women undressed as if it was the most natural thing to do and then stood naked looking at each other and taking in each other's beauty and unique attributes. Helen and Lorraine approached Betty and told her not to be shy as she was still adjusting to a bi-sexual life. Susan and Carrie led Amelie over to one of the sofas and sat down on the edge of it on either side of Amelie. Helen and Lorraine led Betty over to the other sofa and they sat facing Carrie, Amelie and Susan. Helen and Lorraine sat close to Betty so that their bodies were touching. Susan and Carrie did the same with Amelie.

"This is so hot," said Carrie as she and Susan moved their hands over Amelie's body.

"So have you experimented with any new toys or dildos yet?" asked Helen. Then she and Lorraine moved even closer to Betty and began to move their hands over her breasts and thighs.

"Not since you introduced me to a strap-on cock," Betty replied nervously but turned on by the caressing of her body.

"Well we have some surprises for you later but first things first," said Helen as she and Lorraine gently pushed Betty back on the sofa.

Carrie and Susan also pushed Amelie back on the other sofa and Carrie got between Amelie's legs as Susan mounted Amelie's face. Carrie wasted no time in cupping Amelie's hot ass and as she plunged her tongue deep into the French teacher's pussy.

Then on the opposite sofa Lorraine straddled Betty's face just as Helen slid between Betty's legs and began to eat her cunt. Helen probed Betty's pussy with her fingers and sucked on her clit. Betty's legs were then lifted on her shoulders exposing her ass and her little aperture. Helen then began to lick Betty's bung hole and tickled it with her tongue. Helen had a long thin tongue that probed deeply into Betty's ass as she continued to finger fuck her pussy. Betty knew she was going to cum soon so she picked up the pace eating Lorraine's pussy. Lorraine held herself open for Betty and she went wild as Betty nibbled on her clit.

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