tagIncest/TabooAnd Mother Makes Four Revisited Ch. 13

And Mother Makes Four Revisited Ch. 13


This is the last chapter of this series. The story series has linked some of the characters from two previous series together. The most recent series Son Controls His Mother characters united with some of the characters in the "And Mother Makes Four" series. Reading Chapter 1 of this series will help with the orientation of some of the characters for those who do not wish to read the other two series. All characters in the story are at least 18 years of age. For some reason Chapter 11 & 12 were posted as the same story and I apologize for that but this is the final chapter.

I received a request to write about a football team that was rewarded by the coach for their effort. That he would volunteer his wife to satisfy the team's sexual urges if they performed well in the championship game. I have included that theme in this final chapter.

I was going to stop writing after my 100th submission to Literotica but I received many requests to keep writing so I will honor those requests. I also received a number of suggestions for topics in future stories and I will try to accommodate those requests as well. I am working on a story will recount personal experiences of my life although I have folded many of those into previous stories that I have already written. I will write the story as a novel / novella as it may be much longer than the chapters that I normally write. However I will continue to write shorter stories and submit them as I work on the novel. Thanks to all who read my stories and have provided feedback and encouragement over the years. Thanks to all who have voted for my stories which resulted in one contest winner.



The Monarch Academy football team completed the rest of their games undefeated and finished the season with an 8-1 record. Along the way Queen of Peace had upset St. Peter's so all three teams finished the season with an 8-1 record. The final rankings had Queen of Peace ranked number one, Monarch ranked number two and St. Peter's ranked number three in the polls. Monarch would have to beat both of those teams in the sectionals to advance to the state championship game.

While the football season was reaching its conclusion there was no shortage of sexual activity among students, teachers, families and co-workers. There always seemed to be a party going on at someone's house. One set of parents were always out on a Friday or Saturday night. The players and cheerleaders didn't even show up with dates to the party anymore. Everyone just came single since everyone was now fucking everyone. Maria and Marilyn were now accepted into the circle of players and cheerleaders and they were included in all the parties. The guys were thrilled to be able to fuck Maria and play with her hot body and big tits. Marilyn was popular because she loved taking three cocks at the same time. Also Maria and Marilyn had no problem eating pussy so they were readily accepted by the cheerleaders.

Maria still had her regular visits to the principal's office where she would meet with Helen and Susan. Maria would strip of her school uniform and let Helen and Susan have their way with her. Maria loved the way they sucked her tits and ate her pussy. She would cum several times before it was her turn to reciprocate. Helen and Susan would raise their skirts and Maria would remove their panties. Then Maria would eat both pussies until the women orgasmed. Maria loved making the two high school authorities squirm under her tongue as she brought them both to a satisfying climax.

Marilyn met regularly with Dick Peterson, Rob Elgin and Lorraine Basso at the school. Marilyn would be totally naked as she took one cock in her mouth and the other in her ass while Lorraine ate Marilyn's pussy. Marilyn would also get to eat Lorraine's pussy while Rob and Dick DP'ed her. Marilyn loved spending her free period with the horny teachers.

Nurse Betty of course had her regular visits from the athletes and she took care of a lot of strained muscles. The strained muscles would find their way into her mouth, pussy and ass and she loved feeling the vibrant cocks cum in her holes. Betty loved having three cocks in her at the same time particularly when they all came in her about the same time.

Amelie still had visits from Jake and Marcia in her classroom in addition to her lesbian sessions with her co-worker Carrie. Amelie would remove her bra and pantyhose in preparation for the after school visits from her two favorite students. Jake would lay her back on her desk and push up her sweater baring her cute tits. Then he would kiss her tits as he reached under her skirt and fingered her pussy. Jake next would work his way down to her pussy and eat Amelie until she climaxed. Then he dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles and slipped his big dick into her. Jake fucked Amelie through a number of orgasms before he came. Amelie did not want Jake to cum in her pussy as he came in buckets and it would be messy to clean up so she dropped to her knees and took his big cock in her mouth. Jake held the French teacher's head lightly as he came in her mouth. Amelie swallowed every drop of his massive load.

Amelie and Jake had also engaged in anal sex and Jake loved fucking his French teacher in the ass. Amelie would be bent over her desk with her skirt thrown up over her back as Jake pummeled her shapely ass. The same rule applied to her ass as her pussy so when Jake was about to cum he warned Amelie. She would get off the desk and drop to her knees and take his cock in her mouth. Amelie would always suck Jake dry and she loved the way his body trembled when she nibbled on the mushroom head of his cock.

Amelie's visits from Marcia proved to be a pleasant change from Jake's big cock and volcanic orgasms. Marcia and Amelie would kiss tenderly and feel each other up before any skin was touched but then they moved quickly. Marcia's blouse would be pulled from her skirt and her bra would be unhooked and pushed up over her pert titties. Amelie would pull her own sweater up over her tits and the two of them would kiss. Fingers made their way under the skirts and panties were pulled to the side baring their pussies. Amelie and Marcia would finger each other's pussy as they kissed with their naked breasts crushed together. They kept this up until they just couldn't wait any longer to get at each other's pussy. They then moved to the floor, removed each other's panties and moved into a 69 position. Amelie and Marcia would eat each other through multiple orgasms as they fingered each other's asshole. Amelie loved the time she spent with Jake and Marcia and she told no one else about their encounters.

Elke and her twin daughters continued to entertain both students and teachers at their home. They loved sucking and fucking their guests as well as each other. Maria had been a recent guest and the mother and daughter went gaga over the pretty Maria's hot body. They just could not get enough of her fantastic tits. Marilyn had also been a guest at the Mathewson's and she was overcome with desire as the three of them worked her over. Marilyn also like the fact that she got to use a strap-on cock and that she got to fuck the twins and their mother. Marilyn and Maria were both invited to an all girl's party and they left totally drained after hours of fucking and sucking. The lesbian cheerleaders were also there and they enjoyed themselves with Maria and Marilyn.

Joyce and Barbara continued their torrid affair with each other and their boss Lenny. Lenny and Barbara also continued their sessions with Joyce's daughter Marilyn unbeknown to Joyce and her husband Bruce. However Bruce and Marilyn also continued their incestuous relationship and fucked whenever Joyce was out of the house. Marilyn was one very busy young woman as it seemed a day didn't go by that she didn't have a cock in her.

Loren continued his affairs with Nick and Jimmy as well as his friends Paul, Carl and Renee. His Uncle Mike continued to train Loren as a lady boy and dressed him as a girl more and more frequently. Loren's mouth and asshole were visited by his uncle's cock almost every night. Loren was told that an old military buddy and his wife would be visiting his uncle and that they would be staying for a few days.


Jack Connors and his wife Pia arrived at Uncle Mike's house for the weekend. Pia was from Paris, France and she and Jack had gotten married after Connors was discharged from active duty. Everyone called Jack Connors by his last name instead of his first. Uncle Mike had Loren dress up as a girl and told Loren that he would be Lori for the entire time that Connors and Pia were staying with them. Loren was really nervous. It was one thing to dress up but to be in the company of another couple and pass himself off as Uncle Mike's niece would be a challenge.

Loren was already dressed as Lori when Connors and his wife arrived on Saturday. Connors was a strapping man of 6'4" and 200 pounds. His brown hair was cut short and he was very muscular. Pia was just the opposite as she was a very pretty slender French woman. Her features were delicate, sharp and articulate. Loren guessed her to be about 5'5' with a shapely figure. Her breasts were medium sized and she had shapely legs but her best feature was her ass as it seemed to reach out from her body and beg to be touched. Loren found himself wondering if Connors fucked his wife in the ass. He also wondered how big Connors cock was.

That evening they went out to dinner and Loren was really nervous that he would be detected. However Pia was a charming woman and made Loren feel at ease. Loren actually felt more like Lori as the evening went on. Loren caught himself staring at Pia at times taking in her beauty and actually wondering what it would be like to make love with her. Loren had never looked at another girl or woman in that way before. The dinner was delicious and the conversation flowed smoothly. Loren as Lori was completely at ease.

Pia excused herself to go to the ladies room and as women often did she invited Lori to join her. At first Loren panicked but then he knew that he should join her. So as Lori he smiled and accompanied Pia to the ladies room. The thought of being with her in the ladies room got him excited and he felt his cock harden in his silk panties. Loren as Lori followed Pia into the ladies room and all the while his eyes were glued to Pia's ass. Loren wondered what it might be like to fuck Pia in the ass.

They entered the ladies room and Pia looked around to assure that they were alone and then she spoke to Loren, "Lori, I understand that you like to suck cock and get fucked in the ass."

"What?" Loren stammered, "Did Uncle Mike tell you that?"

"Yes he told Connors but relax I like to do that too," Pia replied.

The image of Connors fucking his petite wife in her fantastic ass crept into Loren's mind and his cock hardened in his panties again. Pia took his hand and pulled him into one of the stalls.

"I want to see your pussy," Pia whispered as she closed the door to the stall and locked it.

Loren panicked again but surprisingly his cock remained hard. When Pia's hand went under his skirt and stroked his panties Loren thought he would die from embarrassment.

"What do we have here?" Pia said as she lifted Loren's skirt and stroked his cock through his panties.

"Look how hard and big your clit is," Pia whispered excitedly as she then pulled Loren's panties down far enough to free his erect cock.

Pia sat on the toilet seat and pulled Loren to her. Her mouth enveloped Loren's cock and he let out an audible gasp.

"Oh my God!" he gasped in a softened voice as Pia deep throated his cock.

Loren couldn't believe it that he was getting his first blow job from a woman and he loved it. Pia was good as good as anyone who had sucked his cock and she soon had him on the verge of a massive orgasm. A few more sucks and Loren blew his load right into Pia's mouth. Pia sucked every drop of cum from Loren's cock and continued to suck until Loren pushed her head away. Loren's body tingled from his head to his toes as Pia drained his cock. Pia looked up and smiled at Loren then she stood up and had Loren sit on the toilet seat.

"My turn now," Pia said with a look of intense desire in her eyes.

Loren again panicked he had never even seen a pussy much less touched one or eaten one. He started to protest weakly as Pia lifted her mini skirt. Loren spotted the bulge in Pia's panties and then her cock popped out as she pulled her panties down.

"You see Lori I'm a ladyboy just like you," Pia said as she stroked her cock.

Pia pulled Loren gently by his head toward her cock and Loren took her cock in his mouth. Pia's cock was probably no longer than 5" and fit nicely in Loren's mouth. Loren sucked on Pia's cock and took it all the way into his mouth. He then got bold and placed a finger near Pia's asshole.

"Wet it and put it in my ass," Pia whispered excitedly.

Loren wet his finger with saliva and slipped it into Pia's asshole. That seemed to do it for Pia as she came soon after that. Pia's body stiffened and she shot a good sized load into Loren's mouth. Loren sucked down every drop and he had Pia trembling before Pia pushed his head away.

They both rearranged their clothes and exited the bathroom stall. If anyone had come into the ladies room they hadn't noticed. They looked in the mirror and they indeed looked like a couple of pretty women as they tidied themselves up.

"Let's get back to the boys as they will be wondering what happened to us," Pia said.

Again Lori walked behind Pia and watched his ass. Loren more then ever now wanted to fuck Pia in the ass and he felt his cock harden again in his panties. When they reached the table Pia gave Connors a knowing look and Connors smiled knowing what happened in the ladies room. Pia and Lori sat down as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The four of them finished off the meal with dessert and coffee and then it was time to leave.

"Lori and I will ride in the back together if that is okay," Pia announced.

"Fine with me," Connors replied.

"Have fun!" teased Mike.

Lori got in the back seat with Pia and Pia immediately took off his panties and told Lori to do the same. Lori stripped off his panties as he was told and his cock was erect by the time the panties cleared his ankles. Pia turned toward Lori and kissed him deeply. Pia reached for Lori's cock and stroked it as they kissed. In return Lori took hold of Pia's cock and stroked it. The two of them kissed like teenagers and stroked each other's cock all the way back to Uncle Mike's house. They were both extremely turned on and ready to blow their loads by the time they arrived at the house.

Lori was anxious to get his cock into Pia's ass but he would have to wait because his uncle and Connors called the shots. As soon as they were in the house Uncle Mike took Pia's ass in the family room. Pia was on the floor on all fours as Mike greased up the ladyboy's asshole. Mike dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles and eased his cock into Pia's asshole. Mike slid in easily as Pia was well stretched from all the fucking she had received from Connors over the years.

Lori was placed on the sofa and had his head face down on the cushions as Connors played with his ass. Connors took his time with Lori fingering his asshole and putting plenty of lubricant in it. Connors then dropped his pants and underwear and Lori saw the biggest cock he had ever seen in his life. Connors had to be at least 10" long and 6" around. Lori tensed as he feared for his ass. How could he ever take a cock like that in his ass?

Despite Connors physical presence and muscular body he was very gentle with Lori. He slowly pressed his cock into Lori's ass and let the head of his cock push through the sphincter. Connors then held his cock still and let Lori adjust to the thickness. Lori's asshole began to relax and Connors fed Lori more of his cock. For what seemed to take an hour, Connors fed his big cock to Lori a little at a time often adding more lube along the way. Then Lori felt Connors pubic hair touch his ass cheeks and he knew that Connors was all the way in.

Connors began a slow steady fucking motion and Lori felt his ass relax and accommodate the large cock. Connors then picked up the pace and soon his muscular body was drilling Lori's ass with powerful thrusts. Lori felt Connor's muscular thighs slap against his ass cheeks as Connor's cock filled Lori's asshole. Lori had never been fucked like that before and he grunted each time Connor's cock thrust forward and hit bottom. Lori's own cock was rock hard and he was tempted to jerk himself off but he wanted to save himself for Pia.

Lori looked over for the first time at his Uncle and Pia on the floor. Uncle Mike was drilling Pia's ass and he was close to cumming. His uncle stiffened and Lori knew that Pia's ass was being filled with Uncle Mike's cum. Pia rotated his ass and squeezed his ass cheeks together driving Uncle Mike over the edge. Mike then collapsed over Pia's body as he ejaculated the remaining drops of cum into Pia's ass.

Lori had gotten caught up in the moment watching Pia but he was brought back to reality when Connors really picked up the pace and began pounding Lori's ass with quick powerful thrusts. Connors then stiffened as he plunged his cock balls deep into Lori's ass and unleashed a torrent of cum into Lori's rectum. Lori felt stream after stream of warm cum fill his ass as Connors seemed to have an endless supply of it. Finally Connors gave a couple of hard quick thrusts and emptied his balls in Lori's ass.

After that the four of them went up to the bedroom and stripped off all their clothes. Lori was still anxious to get into Pia's ass but once again he would have to wait. Pia and Lori were placed in a 69 position on their sides so that they could suck each other's cock. Connors got behind Lori to fuck his ass again and Uncle Mike got behind Pia to do the same. It took Mike and Connors longer to cum this time and Lori and Pia both came in each other's mouth as they were being fucked. Eventually Mike and Connors came again and filled Pia's and Lori's asses with cum for a second time.

Mike and Connors then left the two ladyboys alone in bed and went downstairs to have a couple of drinks and get caught up on times past. Lori looked at Pia's beautiful body and his cock responded to it. Pia smiled at Lori and stroked his cock.

"Would you like to fuck me now?" Pia asked.

"Oh my God yes!" exclaimed Lori.

Pia moved to all fours and ran his hands over his shapely ass offering it to Lori. Lori pushed his erect cock into Pia's asshole and not surprisingly it slid in easily. Lori was happy that he had cum twice already as he would last longer in Pia's beautiful ass. Lori slowly fucked Pia as he relished every second that Pia was impaled on his cock. Lori removed his cock from Pia's asshole and let it slide up and down between Pia's ass cheeks then he put it back in. Lori did this several times as there was something very erotic about watching his cock slide between Pia's beautiful buttocks.

"Do you want to cum in me or on me?" Pia asked.

"I don't know, maybe on you," Lori answered as he had never done that before.

"Cum on me and then put it back in so I can milk your cock dry," Pia told him.

Lori fucked Pia with a few more strokes and then he felt his orgasm building in his testicles. Lori fucked Pia as long as he could before he finally pulled out of Pia's ass and placed his cock between Pia's buttocks. Lori watched as his cock throbbed, pulsed and spewed cum onto Pia's body. Then Lori eased his cock back into Pia's ass and Pia used his talented anal muscles to drain Lori's cock of every drop of cum. Totally drained, Lori pulled out and flopped on the bed along side of Pia.

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