tagLoving WivesAnd on the Seventh Day God Rested

And on the Seventh Day God Rested


This is another cheating wife story. I try to get into the emotions and the thought processes behind the affair in this story. Yes, the BTB does occur but like in real life sometimes justice comes with a heavy price and the good guy still loses. There are always consequences.


And on the seventh day God rested and said, "It is good." Bob, call him anything except Robert, Carlson stretched in his easy chair and thought, "I am certainly not God but my life is good." And, indeed, he should be able to feel that way. He was almost fifty years of age and in good shape as well as good health. His hair had disappeared early but his bald head was shapely and his wife, Charley, loved to rub it, especially when they were making love together. She said it stimulated her to feel his smooth pate.

He was 6 foot tall and only 10 lbs heavier than when he graduated high school at 190 lbs. He was muscular without the usual "keg" around his waist instead of a six pack. He was the project manager for a large construction firm and in the final phase of a multistory bank building before starting the next project across town.

Bobby had met Charley Rivers in college. At that time she was pursuing a liberal arts degree and had no real goal in life. She was a typical girl next door type with her shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, 5 foot 6 inches in height and weighing 120 lbs then. Her breasts were a solid "B" cup then. With each pregnancy she gained a little in the bust size until she was now a solid "C" cup. Yes, her breasts sagged some but her nipples were large and sensitive and she loved to have her breasts played with when they made love together. Yes, typical girl next door type and someone Bobby might not have noticed until she smiled. Her smile lit up the room and made everyone, without exception, smile in return. The whole place just warmed up when Charley smiled. It was the first thing that attracted Bobby to her. He just couldn't get enough of that smile and would do anything to make it happen.

Now she weighed 130 lbs and carried it well. Both Bobby and Charley liked to walk, hike, jog, and do aerobic exercises together as much as possible. Some of their most important decisions had been made while they worked out and conversed together.

Ten years earlier Bobby had put Charley through nursing school and she was now working in the maternity ward of their local hospital where Charley claimed to be totally fulfilled helping new moms and babies. She worked the day shift so that the couple could be together each night.

From their union came three children. Bobby smiled to himself as he thought about the 'children'. Ted was now 23 years old and had graduated from college with a teaching degree a year ago. He was now working as a high school teacher in a tough school, trying to make a difference and was probably succeeding more than he was failing.

Greg was 21 and still in school. He had an aptitude for mechanical drawing and was looking forward to a career in design work. Both young men were built like their dad, tall and muscular without bulk. They had been active in sports in high school and intramural sports in college to keep in shape. Neither had been in any trouble at any time as they grew.

Rounding out the Carlson clan was 18 year old Chelsea. She was the spitting image of her mother at that age. Girl next door looks with the same brown hair and brown eyes. She was just graduated from high school and looking forward to nursing school. She was determined to follow in her mother's footsteps and be the next Carlson to help new moms and babies succeed.

Yes, Bobby was happy. Their house was paid for. Their last car was bought with cash. They had a boat and a camper so they could spend weekends on the lake. While Charley didn't like to fish the whole family loved to water ski and wake board as much as possible.

They had money in a savings account for emergencies and solid savings in their respective 401K plans that would allow them to retire in a few years.

And to top it all off, this month was their 25th anniversary. The kids were planning a party for the couple with all of their friends and extended family. Bobby could only wish that his parents had been able to see how his kids had matured and become great adults but they had been tragically killed in a car accident 15 years ago.

Bobby was trying to decide what to give his wife for their silver anniversary. Jokingly he had told her that he would buy her a silver spoon so that she could act as though she was born with it in her mouth. She had laughed and said that she would like a picture with the spoon in her mouth just for him. He was seriously trying to decide which silver coffee or tea set would be best for her. She loved to host small parties of her best friends and a silver set would make her day.

Bobby was also debating taking some time off and scheduling a second honeymoon. It seemed that Charley was becoming a little distant n the bedroom department in the past few months. Bobby chalked it up to her work and maybe a little menopause setting in but they had not bounced on the bed in sexual bliss for almost two months and had been sporadic before that.

This was not normal for the couple. They had given each other their virginities and had spent many a pleasurable hour exploring their sexuality. Their trust in each other served them well as they explored. They had tried pretty much everything under the sun. Some sexual activities were only tried once. Golden showers, as an example, didn't turn them on so it was off the list. Oral and anal sex were greatly enjoyed by both parties. This included Charley fingering and even using a dildo on Bobby on a regular basis. They had even discussed the possibility of a strap-on in Bobby's future. Bobby had a stray thought; maybe their dry spell was a buildup to a fantastic anniversary night of nasty but glorious sex.

He could only hope that was the case.

He got up from his recliner. It was a Saturday afternoon and Charley had to work this weekend. Staffing had been short recently so she had been picking up extra shifts, including some night shifts in the middle of her days off. It was the only time they had never slept in the same bed at the same time. It was hard but he understood her dedication to her patients and her co-workers.

He decided to head down to the pub so he could have a beer with a couple of friends. Troy Davies and Spence Sadler had been friends of Bobby's for many years. There wasn't much they couldn't talk about but Bobby wasn't ready to discuss his lack of sex with Charley quite yet. A beer would taste good on a warm summer afternoon.

As he entered the pub he saw his friends along with a couple of other men occupying a booth in the back. One of the strangers seemed to be holding court and had everyone in thrall with his tale. As Bobby approached the booth he overheard the stranger describing an identifying mark on his latest conquest. He stopped in amazement at the comment.

"Look, guys, this little bitch is a great fuck. I just set her up with my tale of incurable cancer and she couldn't fuck me fast enough. She isn't a knockout in the classical sense but she knows how to fuck and I like to lick her little birthmark that looks like Lincoln in profile, you know, like on the penny, just above her pubic bone. She jumps and squeals every time I do that."

Bobby couldn't believe his ears. This jerk was describing Charley's birthmark. What the fuck was going on? He was so dumbfounded that he couldn't even speak.

One of the others asked about how the stranger got so lucky with women. He called him Ron and seemed to be a casual friend.

Ron waxed on and on about his technique. "It all started about five years ago. My wife, Terry, started to tell me about a guy at work who was single and had cancer. She felt so sorry for him being alone with his chemo and his radiation treatments that she started to take him soup and such each night. After about a month I asked her when she would be home to be with me and she told me I was a bastard and only cared for myself. I finally figured out that she was fucking him. It was all part of her comforting ways. It took about three years for him to die. By that time she was living with him and never even called me once to find out how I was doing. After he died she suddenly decided that she could come home. I let the bitch do so but I was fucking a couple of neighbor women so I didn't need her except to clean the house. She then found another poor sucker and moved in with him."

He continued. "I figured out that women are suckers for a hard luck story. I go into a bar and sit and nurse a single drink while looking as sad as I can. It may take a while but someone will finally ask me what's wrong. Then I pretend to not want to talk about it. Of course, this drives women crazy as they want to help. She will keep working me until I tell her that I am alone, with no family, and only have a few weeks to live because of an incurable cancer. The woman will usually fall over herself to make me feel better. Sometimes it takes a couple of nights, like my latest fuckface, but they will always get into my bed if it makes me feel better. I even get them to quit fucking their significant other while tending to my needs. It makes them feel like they are really helping me and then when I die they can go back to their boyfriend or husband and give him all the attention again."

He leaned back with a self-satisfied smile. "It hasn't failed me yet."

Spence asked to obvious question. "What happens when they figure out that you are playing them?"

Ron had a smug look on his face that made Bob want to punch him even more than before. "If they figure it out they usually blow up at me and storm out. But, I have already had a lot of sex from each before that. If they don't figure it out and start to make noises about how they need to get close to their significant others again I agree and push them out and home again. Only a couple have slapped my face and called me out. No one has ever told her significant other what has been going on. I think they are feeling too guilty at being played."

He took a deep breath. "Usually the whole thing is finished before the husband figures it out. Even if he did he doesn't know me and I'm sure any woman who falls for this line of crap is too embarrassed to out me."

Bob was seething inside. Was this why Charley was picking up hours recently? Hell, on the nights that she was supposedly working she might be sleeping overnight with this asshole. He could almost understand how she could be bamboozled by a four-flusher like this. Her whole life was built on helping people. But she worked in a maternity ward, how could she have met him?

Troy must have been reading his mind even though he had not turned or acknowledged Bob. "How did you meet this latest conquest?"

Ron grinned. "Why right here in this pub. When I came in there were four or five nurses, still in their scrubs, having an after work drink. I just sat at a table and put on my sad face and within 15 minutes had them all asking about my feelings. Then it was a matter of sorting them out. I chose my newest prey based on her age, she's middle-aged, and her smile. I swear she would make a real sick person feel well again with that smile. I just had to have her."

He ordered another drink before going on. Bob managed to snag a chair and sit down at the edge of the group. It was either sit down or fall down. He managed to wave a barmaid over and ordered a scotch neat. A beer wouldn't cut it today. She soon returned with his drink and he took a good sized drink and felt the burn as the alcohol made its way down. Bobby expected it to make his stomach rebel but the anger he was starting to feel made his stomach like an iron tank. He slowly sipped his drink while listening and starting a plan to make Mr. Ron very sorry for what he was doing to Bob and other men.

Ron was clueless and basking in the limelight of his celebrity status. Other men in the group were contemplating doing what he was doing to get laid. He now expounded on his conquest. "She is such a giving person that I can get her to let me in her ass as well as face fuck her. Her nipples are just begging to be tortured. I can't get over how responsive she is. Her husband must be going out of his mind with lust since I told her to deny him any sex for the near future. She keeps it all for me. As a matter of fact we are meeting in a half hour and I will be sending her home with a pussy and maybe an ass full of sperm."

He stood. "I hate to leave you guys but I have to get home and get prepared. I usually come to the door in pajamas as I am too weak to get out much. You know, that incurable cancer thing."

He didn't even look at Bob as he left. Of course he wouldn't, how would he know how Bobby looked like anyway? Bobby looked at his buddies and nodded his head and then followed Ron out of the pub. He tried to not look interested in his prey but Ron was so confident in himself that he never looked left or right, let alone behind him, and ambled down the street to a small apartment house before going into apartment 4.

Bobby found an out-of-the way doorway that gave him cover but allowed him to see the door of Ron's apartment. Later, after Charley arrived (if she was the guilty one), he would ask his buds Ron's last name.

Just before Charley walked up to the apartment door Bobby remembered the camera function on his phone. He snapped a couple of good photos of Ron greeting Charley in his loose sweats while trying to look sick for her. One of the shots had them embracing and then kissing before going inside. Bobby was left outside bewildered. The whole time he was hoping and praying that his love would never do this to them and their family and their marriage. Now he was faced with the fact of a cheating wife, for whatever her justification, right on the eve of their silver anniversary.

As he stood there and watched the apartment he tried to think of something silver, other than a tea or coffee service, that he could give to his cheating wife. He wanted something so that she would immediately understand what she did to him. Since he had nothing but time he considered and rejected many ideas. Finally he decided on something straight out of western lore. Yes this would let her know exactly how he felt. Bobby kept track of the time. If she was going to get home in time to keep him from questioning her she had better hurry.

As if she could hear his thoughts the door opened and Bobby got a couple more shots of the loving couple as they embraced and Ron clutched at Charley's bounteous ass before they parted company and Charley headed for her car.

Bobby dejectedly headed back to the pub. It was too hard to contemplate that earlier he had been so satisfied with his life that he compared it to God resting on the seventh day. No wonder pride was one of the deadly sins.

When he got to the pub Troy and Spence were still sitting in the same booth. Each had a beer in front of them. "Hey, Bobby, where did you go?" asked Spence.

Bobby decided to take the close friends into his confidence. "When I overheard your friend Ron describe his latest lover I was completely taken by surprise. He described Charley down to her birthmark. I couldn't believe it. You don't know how hard it was to keep from jumping his lying ass and beat him senseless."

Both Troy and Spence were openmouthed. "Not Charley, surely you are wrong," sputtered Troy. Spence nodded his agreement. "Charley would never do something like that. She would never cheat on you."

Bobby shook his head. "I know, that's what I kept telling myself. Then I followed Ron to his apartment and watched Charley waltz right up to his door and give him a kiss when he opened it. They were in there a long time and when she left he grabbed her ass."

He took a moment to get his emotions under control. "Besides that, something I haven't told you, is that she and I haven't had any sex for two months now. I thought she was just overtired and maybe becoming menopausal but now I know it's because that asshole asked her to not fuck with me."

The two friends bought a round of beer and they all put their heads together and plotted and planned a suitable retribution from Ron. The first thing they decided that they needed was more proof of what Ron bragged about.

Spence could help with that. He owned a small electronic shop and had access to all the camera's, recorders, and GPS devices that they would need to catch Ron with whomever he was fucking around with. Spence even knew of someone who could break into Ron's apartment and set up the cameras and recording system and Ron wouldn't even know that he was the star of a video.

After an hour or so they decided to meet again the next day even though it was a Sunday. Charley was scheduled to work so Bobby wouldn't have to have an excuse to leave the house. Spence's wife was out of town this weekend and Troy was currently unattached. His marriage had failed a number of years ago and between alimony and child support he felt he didn't have enough scratch to date a woman. He hated to admit it but Ron's scheme had its appeal but Troy didn't want to do to another man as his wife had done to him.

They finished their beers and headed to their respective domiciles. Bobby had the hardest job to do. He had to act as though he had no idea what Charley might be up to behind his back. Bobby had never had to act in his life and he didn't know how he could pull this off. As he walked up to his door he suddenly had an inspiration. Instead of trying to act normal why not be sad and depressed? He let his body relax and opened the door. His face must have appeared properly sad as Charley picked up on it immediately.

"What's wrong, Dear? You look like you just lost your best friend."

Bobby stopped and looked at his wife of almost 25 years. He suddenly doubted that there would be a 26th year in their future. It made him even more sad.

It was time for his dissembling. "I was down at the pub with Troy and Spence. A friend of ours, someone I don't believe you know, just got some terrible news. He has terminal cancer and isn't expected to last the rest of the month. He is already on hospice care and is in considerable pain."

Charley came and hugged her husband. Bobby made himself relax into her embrace instead of tightening up as he wanted to do. He started to cry a little at the seeming death of his marriage. It helped him keep from strangling his wayward wife.

Charley bought the entire story. She didn't even begin to think that Bobby was using Ron's diagnosis. She had no clue.

Finally they parted and then sat down to supper. Chelsea was absent this weekend on a college tour with a friend and her family so they were alone.

Bobby ate a little but found his stomach was upset now and he had no real appetite. After pushing his food around the plate for a long while he finally gave up and excused himself from the table and carried his plate and utensils out to the kitchen and cleaned them and placed them all into the dishwasher. He then told Charley that he had something to take care of in their small office and disappeared into the room and closed the door.

He sat and stared at the corner of the wall where a spider was valiantly trying to build a web. Every night Bobby tore the web down. Every day the spider made a new one. It was a battle of wills that the spider might just win. Bobby was too depressed to tear down the web tonight. After all, the spider was just doing what it was preprogrammed to do.

What was he going to do? He and Charley had almost 25 years invested in their relationship. He believed that Charley still loved him. While he was saddened and disgusted with her extracurricular activities he still loved her. The whole idea that she was cheating on him was still making his mind reel. The fundamental question always was why. Why was she doing this? Couldn't she see that she was ruining their life together?

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