tagNon-EroticAnd So It Begins

And So It Begins


Just something I whipped up. It's non erotic since it deals with pre-coming of age. It's basically the premise for more post coming of age. Call it a background or prologue. Yes. Prologue will do. Imagine that. A prologue that was actually written prior to a story beginning.

Being a fan of quite a few types of Literotica stories and authors and being creative myself I whipped this up in about an hour. I'm no J.K.R. where some voices in my head sit me down for a session and it all flows through me or stuff like that but hey, I think I'm pretty darn good. So. I'm stepping up and posting a story here. All those that like it. Great. Enjoy. All those that don't. Well I really don't care. However, if you have any constructive (yes that's a key word) criticism, I might not be happy to hear it but at least I'll give it a read.


Damn. Where do I begin? High School? Well just a little bit before actually but that would only cover half the story that lead to where I'm at now.

I guess an introduction would be in order. My name is Brian, or at least it used to be. I'm in my mid forties, again, at least I used to be. A number of years have passed since the party. Aaron, a friend of mine who at the time was a chemist, alright as he'd put it, biological chemical engineer was having a weekend party. One of those 'remember old times' type parties mid forties guys have in an attempt to relive glory days.

I can remember it clearly, but then again, I've always been known to be able to remember any and everything. 80's music was droning along and all our high school buddies that were still in contact with each other were hanging around the rather lavish house. Just goes to show, the geeks with all the letters behind their names did rather well. Aaron's wife, a self proclaimed Wiccan was 10 years younger than the average age. The prime trophy wife as he'd say under his breath only when she'd not be within earshot. I'd always suggested he should be careful, lest she turn him into a frog or some such.

Needless to say, Anne and I didn't entirely get along very well. Sure we'd be civil to each other for Aaron's sake, but neither of us would pass up an opportunity to take some form of verbal pot shot at each other. Considering my gift for sarcasm, it'd usually see her on the more wounded side and playing up the part to Aaron. Unfortunately for her, he'd most often play the mediator taking my side in the end.

In school I wasn't a jock, nor was I one of the geeks. It was more like I had a foot in several of the teen angst worlds. Jock, geek gothish loner. Call me a paradoxical introverted extrovert if you will. In any case I think I scared Aaron in school so he'd buddy buddy up to me and save himself grief from being picked on by the other high school social classes.

When I first started high school I was already larger than most of the seniors. At well over 6 feet and 200 plus pounds in grade 9 I was pretty much left all by my onesies. My long hair gave people the mistake I was a rocker dude. Being a history buff, I kept my hair long to state my Celtic ancestry, and since most of the other kids were of Italian or Hispanic back ground it was pretty much like old Rome all over again. There I'd be, between classes. One giant Celt standing out in a sea of 5 foot 1ish heads. Needless to say, in school, my circle of friends and I were pretty much left alone from bullies.

But I digress. I'm spewing details of a life that seems like a life time ago. Back to the party. At around 5 am the party was well on it's way to having died down. Most of the re-unionists, if you should put a name to them, had already left, and the remaining ones were making their goodbyes. Yes, yes. Long gone were the days of our 20s where we could party all night, stay awake all day and party again the next night. Age. They say it'll do it to you every time.

Being that late Aaron had already crashed. Around 3:30 in fact. He never could hold his booze. This left Anne and myself all alone. Now don't get any wrong ideas, I didn't have an available ten foot pole to touch her with. Not that I'd betray my friend Aaron like that anyway. Just that any thought of her and I just creeps me the hell out. She wasn't ugly or anything. As I mentioned, she's a bit of a trophy wife. It's her personality, if you could call it that.

While still standing at the open door expectantly, the airhead decided to get a bit snippy with me. "Are you going to call a cab or try your hand at driving drunk?" I have this air of calm about me. My facial expression accentuates a certain deliberation in my already deep voice. "Neither." I responded in an almost monotone state. "Excuse me?" Came her reply. For Aaron's sake, since she'd probably wake and badger him I decided to try and take the static down a notch.

A sigh and a change of my expression in an attempt to lighten the situation, I told her. "I arranged with Aaron to crash on the couch." Which is what I'd done. Blame him for not clearing it with 'his boss' Living on the other side of town, I wasn't about to make the trip in my own car let alone wait for a cab. I wasn't drunk but I wouldn't sit behind the wheel of a car. Trying to add to lightening the situation up I told her in an almost cheery manner. "After I sleep this off, I'll be out of your hair early in the AM" After which I gave an open handed palms up gesture with a halfhearted smile.

Anne, gave a scowl and a snort almost slamming the door, before storming past me on her way upstairs. "I suppose you'll want a pillow and a blanket." She spat over her shoulder.

In a return to my monotone almost mechanical voice I replied. "If it's no inconvenience." Like I mentioned. She's get this personality thing. It just generally conflicts with my good nature, or something like that.

With a disgusted tsk of her tongue, Anne paused on the stairs giving me a snarled expression. I chuckled to myself as I shook my head. Pointing to the kitchen I said to the general air. "I think I'll have one more drink." Then accentuated a happy march towards the kitchen.

"Serfo Con Razo Neroxat" Anne spat in my direction as she turned to proceed up the stairs.

"Excuse me?" I said in a quizzical manner. "You ok?"

Anne paused once again and gave me a genuine smile. "I will be." She said in a sickeningly sincere sweet tone before continuing upstairs. "The pillow and blanket are in the hall closet, goodnight." Then I heard the master bedroom door close.

"Yeah that was weird." I said to myself out loud then shook my head and headed to the kitchen. Checking the fridge, I noticed there was no more domestic beer so I decided to grab the last bottle of what looked like some imported cooler.

Crack. Tsssst. And a quick whiff. I couldn't place whether it was berry fruit or lemony citrus. "Skoal" I chuckled as I raised the glass in Anne's general direction. A toast if you will to once again getting my points. Oh sure I knew it was childish, but you know those types of people you just don't want to get along with.

I chugged a mouthful as I headed to retrieve a pillow and blanket from the closet and made my way to the sofa. Sitting down rather than laying I remembered to set my alarm cell phone to wake me. 9 AM. Should be enough time to clear out before Either Anne woke up or worse yet. Their snotty nose son returned from relative visiting. Yeah. I didn't like the prodigy of the wicked witchy poo. At 12 I found him to be a sniveling annoyance at best. Always whining to get his own way and most often even over riding my connection with Aaron. And rightly so, it was his son too but with the mother and son around, I usually tended to make myself scarce.

The next morning was the kicker. I slept in. You can't really blame me with the amount of drinks I had but that damn hang over felt heavier than normal hangovers. "Rise and shine sunshine!" Came the cheery voice.

"Ahh fuck." I muttered to myself as I grabbed my cell phone and checked the time. Noon thirty. Well that's a day shot to hell. Stretching and sitting up I got extra dizzy. Something didn't feel right. In fact everything around me seemed proportionately larger. Not taking much note of it since my priority was to empty my bladder, I staggered up and headed for the washroom.

The next thing I heard was some girl shrieking as warm liquid seem to make it's way down my inner legs.

Cursing every profanity I could think of and some new ones I created in some unknown made up language set just for such an occasion, I realized that scream was me. I must have blacked out, because the next thing I remember I was back on the couch laying down with a cold compress on my head.

"I've always liked the name Deidre." Came a familiar woman's voice. It was Anne's voice. She was arguing with Aaron and he was seriously dishing out some major chastising towards witchy poo. "The man has a spine after all." I thought to myself. Attempting to speak and finding only a squeak forthcoming compared to the bass I'm used to caused me to clear my throat a few times before venturing explode with. "WHATTHEFUCKJUSTHAPPENED?"

The sudden exclamation caused both Arron and Anne to abruptly turn their attention to me in silence. For several minutes the only thing that could be heard was the snickering of a young lad. Slowly in a menacing manner I turned my attention towards Richard.

"Mind your fucken manners kid or I'll make you wish your parents correct and punish you." Although my voice was a squeak of it's normal state, it had the desired effect. For several minutes not a sound was heard until Anne piped in and say. "You mind your tongue young lady or I'll wash it out with soap." Again with the snickering and I had to do everything possible within my self control not to launch myself at the boy and pull his bottom lip over his head in some form of facial wedgie.

That was almost five years ago. That wasn't a cooler I drank as you all might have gathered. That was some funky concoction Anne had made up in an attempt to try her hand at her husband's profession. Nor was what she uttered on the stairs an actual spell of sorts. Yeah Like she'd be a real Wiccan or some such. She had just recited some mispronounced words she'd misread in one of her grimoires.

The whole change thing was some universal fluke with none of the singular events being the individual catalyst that caused it all. Aaron and his work was an advantage as he calculated that I ended up being just younger then Richard..It took me a while to get used to what I call 'my condition'. The body functions as far as balance and such being a major point. Also having to sit while I take a wizz. Sorry, I mean 'go pee' Pfft.

Well arrangements were made that while 'my condition' was in place, that Aaron and Anne would adopt me. Aaron continued his tests for a while as I became a human pin cushion. After acquiring enough sample material he set to work on something of a proverbial cure, which he still works on when time allows.

Having refused completely to prance around in pretty dresses and skirts I ended up getting Richard's hand me downs. Yeah that makes me a tomboy according to the others around 'my age'. I had to toughen myself up majorly as I wasn't intending being in my condition even for as long as I have been.

Punchball hurt like hell at first. That's where you take a basketball and instead of throwing around to each other you punch it. Designed to toughing up the fist, elbow, head, knee or what ever else you decide to hit the ball with and to be able to maneuver. Great practice should an actual fight break out.

And they did.

Several dozen in fact. Although I basically was acing school, having done it all before, it seemed like I was spending a lot of time in the office.

"Wanna play spin the bottle?"

"Wanna punch in the head?"

Sure I spent time at other kids houses that I'd formed a friendship with but I'd most often be on the sidelines during those types of games. Once around was enough and on the other side thank you very much. Some thought I was a developing lesbian which I also shrugged off and declined with breaking heads.

Although I was extremely rough and tumble, even when I was beating the crap out of 'one of the guys', I'd never kick them in the nuts. It's just a cheap shot done by girls who have no alternative. Besides. I know how it feels. As nasty of a feeling as that is, I still say guy's have it lucky. Especially when it comes to having one's period. Hell's Bells That ain't fun. The first few times I had mine it felt like it was a roller coaster that I wanted to stop and get off of even though I knew where it headed.

Anne and I had by that time made a basic truce. As much as I would hate to give her credit, she ended up being quite good with her mothering skills. The hormonal emotions fluctuating all over the place I ended up dropping a tear or ten for absolutely zero logical reason. She just let me cry and consoled me, mentioning nothing of it afterward.

Ahh shaddap reader. It's a fricken chemical thing. Don't look at me like that. Piss-ant.


Then came developing a more adult physical appearance. No. Now I definitely wanted to get off this roller coaster. Which brings us up to speed basically where I'm at now. It's Thursday. The day before my supposed 18th based on the occurrence of my condition. Having Adapted the name Deidre when Aaron and Anne adopted me, I ended up with the nickname 'Double D'

This nick name thing doesn't sit well with me. I still don't have the hang of shoving my arms half way up my back to do up any bra clasps let alone getting them undone. It's a male thing damn it. Besides, I don't wear them damn frilly things anyway. Sports bra. So I cheat. Blah. At least I can still punch the crap out of people if I need to. Or run for a Frisbee without giving myself a black eye.

Richard turned out to be a kind of cool step brother. Not the wimpy geeky nerd I suspected he would be. He's already 18 and he'll run a defensive for me if I need it to keep the guys from asking for a date, kiss or other such crap. And no. I ain't into Richard that way. That's just ew. Yes I said 'ew' It's girly. So what. Doesn't mean nothin, I used ew even in my prior condition.

At a month away from the end of high school, again damn it, and one day away from my 18th I've developed a close circle of friends. Different then the type of friends I had before. My height and gender and I guess disposition would be contributing factors.

My circle of friends includes Todd. A former Junior High bully that I beat the crap out of. He ended up being a high school football jock. Go figure. Jackson, or Jack for short seems to try to be the tough guy, bad boy. He's always chasing some skirt or other. I said skirt. I don't wear em, piss off with that thought. Tanner is the quiet one. Philosophical and pseudo Emo. He's got the looks that Jack thinks he has but doesn't have the motivation. Steve, Sam, and Donny are all on the basketball team and I always shoot hoops or play two on two with them.

Those are the guys. The girls of the group are Amy. She's basically the slut. Even Richard had a go at her for a couple of weeks. They'd dated about a month after his birthday till she got bored. Then there's Sara. Miss High and mighty holier than thou. Karen, the head cheerleader. Yea we got all kinds in our group. Karen is a tease that's for sure. It's her job I guess as head cheerleader. Karen managed to get Amy and Sara signed up as cheerleaders for senior year. She tried to get me in on it to but I wasn't having any of that noise. Besides. I'd rather play sports than watch or cheer for them on the side lines, although they wouldn't let me on the football team, I'm still sure I can beat the crap out of any one of them.

Finalizing the circle of friends is Amber. The fat chick. Sorry. I mean 'girl with the gland problem' Yea. It's her glands that make her eat 3 Big Macs for lunch. Sure I used to be able to, but that's when I was a giant and needed that amount of food to maintain. Although I wouldn't put one of those things in my mouth. I mean seriously. Have you seen what's in them. They're nothing like the picture in the commercials. Again. Ew!

So you're basically up to the point where I'm at in life. Second time around and all that jazz. My plans for tomorrow. A birthday dinner with 'mom' and 'dad' and Richard, then the circle of friends are going to the beach. Yea 'Ooo Aaah'. Alcohol, my 18th birthday and we're all going to 'experiment' with it. Yea. I thought that was laughable the first time I was 18. Experiment with alcohol. Come to think of it. My actual last experimentation with alcohol is what got me into this mess. I might just take a pass on the booze. In any case. I'll let you all know how the beach party went.

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