And Soon My Evil Plan... Ch. 02


Our sex life took an immediate definite hit downwards, and then began a slow death spiral to the bottom. It was no one's fault – we both wanted it to work... but sex with a super-powered partner was wasn't very ergonomic, and we mostly quit trying after my second hospitalization for internal bruising and a few odd broken bones.

This was going to be tragic, but our relationship just wasn't going to work without some sort of minor leveling of the playing field. I toyed with the idea of giving myself super-powers, but then decided that I wasn't quite cut out for the job, and should just stick to what I do best. Invent. So I did.

It took awhile, but when I next invited BetaGirl over for dinner I had a slight surprise for her... a sealed bedroom in the heart of a complex magnetic inhibiter field that 'temporally' muted her powers down to a safe enough level for us to enjoy sex together without frying my own body. It worked to perfection, and saved our sex life and relationship from oblivion. Mona has a place to come out and be herself again, even for just a few hours. B&D has certainly become much more interesting for her when she can't instantly break out of tied knots and can actually feel a good spanking on her ass.

Next, Mona wants me to build the new Turkish island vacation home with an even larger field that would encompass the entire house, so she could enjoy being 'normal' for up to several days at a time, but be able to run outside and immediately regain her powers and fly off in the event of an emergency. This would give us the best of both worlds, and if this experiment succeeds, during our first candle lit dinner in our new home, I'll ask Mona to become my wife... and I think she'll accept!

As for the issue of her possible immortality, that's my current major research project and already I've made several breakthroughs studying how Mona's cells self-regenerate themselves. I think in another year or two, I'll be able to alter mine to do the exact same. I can think of a lot of government assholes who won't like this idea much either, or will want it for themselves, but I won't tell if it you won't.



Author's Afterward:

Thank to my usual crew of editors and advance readers! I've always wanted to write a superhero story. This is a fairly silly one, but I enjoyed writing it. Later, I'll give a try and doing a more serious one, but let me know if this amused you :)

I have nearly fifty published stories so far and I am slowly getting them re-edited and posted here.

I enjoy receiving and replying to reader emails and my Blog can be read by clicking on my Bio or my Name just below, then clicking the Contact tab and then Webpage.

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