tagErotic CouplingsAnd The Band Played On

And The Band Played On


Lana is an outstanding singer, but her talents do not end there. She is 5' 6" tall with an hourglass figure. Her cute face attracts men like flies. Her jutting ass globes punctuate her slim, but well proportioned body. Her tits are not gigantic but well formed and firm with nipple that project from the globes when she is excited sexually.

She has sung with the band for several years, becoming a star in the local area. She enjoys singing the oldies but goodies. Until recently she was the only vocalist of the band.

This story starts when the band began to become more and more in demand. Their gigs were normally within a few miles of the city. Now they seemed to be drawn further and further away, with the monetary receipts becoming larger and larger.

The demands for the band were not only for the upbeat band but also for Lana's ability to draw crowds wherever she sang.

She was becoming more and more daring in her songs and began to sing more of the torchy type songs, which always brought the house down.

The band leader, wanting to draw a wider variety of clientele, especially the ladies, decided to find a male singer that would compliment Lana.

The band had auditioned several male singers, but none seemed to be a fit for their style, until Wally Stanton happened to "just walk in."

Lana knew him from her high school days and was pleasantly surprised how his voice had matured and matched hers perfectly. She was also quite taken by the whole person. He was handsome and masculine. His attractive face melted hearts of the ladies in the audience, not to mention Lana's.

I did not take long for Lana and Wally to begin to sing love songs to each other even though they were happily married to others, or seemed to be.

The band began to get gigs in places that were several miles from the city. They played several nights in one place, often staying overnight. This caused Lana and Wally to stay in lonely motel rooms, at least for a few times.

The band was scheduled to play Friday and Saturday night at a nightclub several miles away. During the warm up, Wally suggested to Lana that they share a room, "just to save money."

Lana smiled brightly. "Just to save money," she echoed. She was more than a little excited.

The Friday night gig seemed to drag on and on. The audience clapped them back time after time until it was near closing time.

Lana and Wally's love songs seem to be the main attraction. They seemed to be really singing sincerely. The crowd whooped and hollered with each song.

After the final song, Wally kissed her long and hard. It brought a thunderous applause.

The club closed for the night.

Lana and Wally could hardly wait. They hurried across the parking lot to the motel.

Wally slammed the door shut with his foot as he took Lana into his arms.

The kiss was more ardent and hot, if that is possible, than the one at the club.

Lana felt his tongue probing deep inside her mouth.

Wally held her tight against him, allowing his cock to press against her stomach.

Lana sighed deeply when they separated. "My god, you are so wonderful," she said against his lips. "Please be gentle!"

Wally smiled. He began to slowly undress, letting his pants slide to the floor. His manhood stood hard and stiff from his groin.

Lana quickly divested herself of her clothing, kicking them unceremoniously aside. She shoved Wally onto the bed. Taking his stiff rod in her mouth, she began to suck his cock, running her tongue over the tender helmet.

Without warning, Wally spewed a huge load of cum into her mouth.

Lana grinned, his cum leaking out of the corner of her mouth. She licked at the drops and tried to catch all of the sweet nectar.

She pulled his mouth to hers, transferring some of the cum to his tongue. "Isn't that delicious?" she asked as his eyes widened.

Wally picked her up, and laid her onto the bed, his cock aimed for her pussy. "I'll show you what is fascinating!" he exclaimed as he pressed his hard man meat into her hot cunt.

Lana growled in delight. She felt his cock squirt a small amount of cum into her, lubricating her velvet cunt. She began to tremble in excitement when he began to fuck her fast and furious. She shouted her delight, her words echoing in the small room. "OH YES! Fuck me deep and fast. Make me cum. Fill me with that beautiful cock!"

Wally began to drive his cock into the soft inner folds of her pussy with hard thrusts which caused the bed to creak and groan from the furor. The headboard of the bed banged loudly against the wall.

Lana shrieked her orgasm.

Her voice reverberating off the walls drove Wally to deeper and harder thrusts.

Wally shouted his orgasm. The bed rocked when he pummeled into her furiously. He filled her pussy with his huge orgasm. His cum exploded around his rod onto the bed in torrents.

Lana trembled her orgasm at the same instant. She screamed in delight when she felt the mixed cum run down the crack of her ass, wetting the bed with the hot, sticky liquid.

She rolled from him and pushed him down on his back. She moved over him, their mingled cum fell on his belly. Suddenly she sat down on his stiff member, letting it slide deep inside her hot pussy, her cute ass grinding against his depleted balls.

She rode him like a woman possessed, shouting her delight with each deep entrenchment.

His balls began to fill again. With a groan of delight, he shot his sperm into her clasping cunt time and time again.

Lana's head rocked back and forth in total fulfillment. She gasped for air as she continued to fuck up and down on the lovely rod, her desire heightening when he spewed deep inside her hot cavern. She could feel his hot cum spewing deep inside of her velvet confines.

She continued to ride him until they both shuddered a tremendous, simultaneous orgasm. Cum gushed from between them, drenching the bed on which they fucked, covering their naked bodies with the sticky fluid.

Lana rolled off of his deflating cock.

Wally's eyes were rolled up in his head, his naked body wet with sweat and cum.

Lana was panting heavily. "What a fuck!" she gasped loudly.

Wally blinked his eyes when she took his deflated cock into her mouth and sucked it clean.

"My god!" he groaned. "You are insatiable."

Lana laughed. "You seem to hold your own, too," she said.

She planted a sticky cum laden kiss on his lips.

He ran his tongue over his lips and smiled. "Let's get into the other bed and I will put my cock in you spoon fashion. We can sleep with my cock plugged into you marvelous pussy. Tomorrow I promise you another great fuck!" he said brashly.

Lana laughed. "That sounds wonderfully fantastic to me. I truly enjoyed that fuck and I am excited to see if you can do it again. You are one great fuck," she exclaimed loudly. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, his cock firmly entrenched in her pussy.

The movement awakened her.

Wally was fucking her pussy spoon fashion. She delighted in the fact that he woke her with his fucking strokes.

His cock seemed longer and harder than the night before. She relished in the fact that he promised her a good morning fuck and smiled when he greeted her with a long, hard fuck from behind, driving his cock deep inside her until she gasped for air when he continued to ravish her, driving her to a pleasure she experienced like never before.

Wally was decidedly larger than her husband. She could feel the tip entering her where no other man had gone before.

She tried to move back and forth with his motion but found it difficult to move plugged in as they were.

Lana felt his cock pulse deep inside her. The hot juice filled her. She sighed deeply when he popped from her hot pussy.

"Fuck me missionary style!" she said. "Put that beautiful cock into me while I can see your face," she insisted, as she turned over, facing him.

He smiled his agreement. He pushed his monster cock into her quickly, withdrawing very slowly.

"Oh my god!" she whimpered at the sensation. "That is soooooo good!"

He smiled at her. Another huge orgasm spewed into her, the sticky cum flowing from her pussy with each withdrawal.

Lana tried to keep pace with his deep thrusts and slow withdrawal. Soon she was moving in frenzy, desirous of feeling his cock deep inside and moaned softly when he slowly withdrew, pulling her cunt walls out with the slow, enormous cock slipping from her nether regions. Her groans only inspired Wally to drive his cock deeper into her hot love box. His balls slapped viciously against her bare ass globes, only to ignite a fire in her that the filling of her pussy with cum could not put out.

They moved from the bed. Lana bent down, her elbows on the bed, her ass tilted up for him to admire.

Wally rubbed his cock head over her ass.

"NO! Put your cock back into my cunt doggy style," she admonished.

Wally sighed his disappointment. He had hoped to fuck her in the ass but soon was delighted to find he could fuck her deeper and faster in that position.

Lana shouted her pleasure at the top of her voice. She could feel his cock unbelievably immersed in her pussy. She experienced one orgasm after the other; his thick helmet sending cravings that she never knew could exist.

She felt completely consumed by the magnificent fucking she was receiving. Her desire rose as he fucked her. She wanted the feelings to never stop. She was in sublime, sensual yearning by the wondrous sensation she was feeling.

They continued to experience the wonders of complete sexual satisfaction. It was nearly noon when they stopped long enough to find nourishment at a little café down the street.

They were late to the early practice that the bandleader had called. The owner of the nightclub was waiting for them to arrive. "I have a proposition for you both," the owner said. "It is apparent that you both are a great drawing card for the club. If you will consent to doing a semi-strip routine, I will give you a percentage of the drink take in.

Wally and Lana looked at each other in surprise.

Wally began to chuckle. "You want us to take off our clothes?" he asked.

The owner nodded. "Not totally nude but a little risqué!" he said. "The patrons have asked for either or both of you to give them a little show." He smiled at Wally. "The ladies seem to want to see more of you." He turned toward Lana. "The men most definitely want to see much more of you. It is up to you on how much you show. The law does not permit complete nudity, but that is your call," he informed them.

Lana gasped softly. Wally chuckled aloud. He glanced at Lana.

She was silent for quite some time.

"I am willing if Lana is," Wally said emphatically.

Lana began to smile. "I guess I would be willing if I do not have to strip completely," she replied.

It was settled. Wally would strip first." Lana would be the instigator and unfasten his clothing.

Wally agreed. "Only if I get to help her strip," he asserted.

The owner agreed to have plenty of bouncers handy in case of any problems.

Lana and Wally began to discuss just how far they would go. Lana suggested that Wally should go down to his briefs.

Wally laughed. "That is OK if you agree to do the same."

Lana frowned. "The only panties I have with me are bikini style."

Wally smiled. "Perfect!" he commented.

"But I do have a shelf bra in the suit case, but that allows a lot of my breasts to show." She added.

Wally chucked softly. "We can make it quick and you can cover up with your blouse quickly."

Lana thought about the situation. After a long pause, she agreed only if Wally is sure to cover her up quickly.

The show was on. The stage was set. Wally and Lana were to do their strip act during the last song.

Both were nervous as the show progressed. The announcer kept leading up to the act and as the time neared, the audience began to sense the excitement

Wally could see the women begin to watch him more closely.

The men were getting more and more restless.

The final number was announced.

Wally began to gyrate as he sang. Lana unfastened his belt and whirled it over her head.

The ladies in the audience began to clap and chant.

His shirt was next. He flexed his muscles and the audience whooped and shouted for more.

Lana unfastened his pants and jerked them to the floor. By accident, his shorts went with them, leaving him naked.

He quickly pulled his briefs back up, but not until the women in the audience stood and clapped and shouted.

"I am sorry," Lana whispered. "I didn't mean to go that far."

Wally seemed to be enjoying the applause and shouts.

The band played on.

It was Lana's turn. Wally quickly unfastened her blouse. She shrugged out of it easily. Only the half bra covered her tits and her nipples were barely covered by the material.

The club patrons went wild. They began to chant, "take it off, take it all off!"

The audience mesmerized Lana. She sang and danced around the stage.

Wally slipped up behind her and unfastened her skirt. It fell to the floor at her feet. She was naked except for the bikini and half bra. Her round, firm ass globes were bare. She could barely hear the band as the audience shouted and whistled.

The song ended abruptly. She bent to pick up her clothes. Her bare globes displayed by her action. A roar arose from the audience. Lana quickly covered herself with her blouse and skirt. She backed off the stage, bowing, which showed even more of her lovely tits. She and Wally were ecstatic. "What a way to end the show," Wally said excitedly.

Lana began to laugh. "That was really exciting," she admitted. They were laughing and giggling during the time that the band was tearing down.

Wally backed the van up to the stage door and they began to load their instruments.

When the last of the instruments were loaded, the band members lingered in the club while the leader collected their pay.

Lana stepped out into the darkened parking lot.

Seemingly from nowhere, two men appeared.

"Come here, gal!" one ordered.

Lana started for the door, but the other man caught her by the arm.

"I want to see more," he said drunkenly.

Lana tried to scream but his hand on her mouth kept her silent.

They began to tear her clothes from her.

Lana writhed in pain as one grabbed her tit and held her while the other ripped her bikini panties from her.

Just then, the drummer appeared in the door.

He used his drumsticks to ward off the attackers.

The commotion drew the attention of the rest of the band and they began to fight the attackers.

Wally caught one in the head with the heavy mike stand. The attacker went down like a sack of rocks.

The other escaped into the darkness.

The manager of the club had summoned the bouncers.

"Get out of here!" he instructed the band. We will take care of this!"

Lana stumbled into the van, nearly naked, her clothing ripped from her body.

When they were safely on the road, she quieted down. "You guys were great," she exclaimed.

She suddenly became aware that she was nearly naked. She slowly began to grin. "You guys have now seen me naked, the next time it is your turn."

The band members began to laugh and joke. "After big dick Wally, I don't think I can compare," the drummer joked.

Lana began to laugh. She was not hurt physically and she began to enjoy their banter.

When they arrived home, Lana promised she would get even for their gallantry. "Maybe we can all get the same room next time," she suggested as she bolted toward her own van.

And, as the song goes, "The Band Played On".

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