tagGroup SexAnd the Lady takes Two

And the Lady takes Two


Heather looked quite lovely that evening. We were dining in one of our favourite restaurants. It was located in the hotel in which I stayed when in the city. Excellent food and service, subdued lighting and discreetly placed tables provided an elegant dining experience. A few couples danced to the soft ballads played by a trio set up beside a tiny dance floor on a balcony overlooking the bay.

Heather suddenly looked uncomfortable and shielded her face with one hand. "Oh goodness, do you see who's here?" she murmured, "don't look around too quickly."

I said, "Well tell me who it is so I don't have to gawk around too much," I smiled.

She said, "It's that fellow George. Did you know that he was coming here tonight?"

I looked around and spotted George sitting at a table with another guy, most likely a business client. He was sideways to us and did not appear to have noticed us.

I smiled, "No baby, I did not know he would be here. Did you?"

I could see that she was blushing despite the lighting and she replied, "Of course not, I had no idea. I have not even heard from him or seen him since that evening."

'That' evening had occurred about six months prior. But first, let me tell you about Heather and my relationship to her, and how 'that' evening had evolved.

Heather worked in the Head Office of the company for which I worked. I reported there seven or eight times a year. She was a divorced lady who shared a home with her mother following the split with her husband. Her marriage had apparently been an unhappy one and she was now enjoying the freedom of her divorce. As she told me at a later date, she went out with a lot of men, and some of them got lucky.

Circumstance led me to take her out for dinner on one occasion, all related to our business. We enjoyed each other's company very much that evening.

I was encouraged enough to invite her out again on my next trip to Head Office, and we had dined at this very restaurant. We enjoyed a great evening and following the dinner and wine Heather accepted my invitation to join me in my room. It was all very relaxed and erotic. She melded into my body readily and we made love and fucked as if we had been together for years. She did not stay with me that first night, but I hoped that would change on future visits.

My following trips to Head Office, which suddenly became more frequent, now centered on a dinner date with Heather. I was aware that I was not the only man in her life. She had refused dinner on a few occasions because of a prior 'date'. She never discussed them and I never asked about them. I was quite content with an occasional night of intimate and increasingly intense sex with her. She was open to, and encouraged, experimental sex beyond anything that I had tried.

Mind you, I was a pretty straight guy when it came to sex, largely due to my even straighter wife. Our sex, while very satisfying, was pretty much nipples and missionary position. I surprised her occasionally by going down on her, which did cause her to lose her inhibitions momentarily. But she would be on guard against it the next few times. She did not really ever want to just let it go and enjoy something new.

But Heather was a different story. We were both very discreet and business-like in the office. Her actions were quite proper while in the public eye at dinner or a show. But when the door to the hotel room closed behind us, a totally different woman appeared. She just loved to screw and the foreplay could go on for a long time and take many different forms.

She liked me to undress her slowly and in front of a mirror. She preferred that I undress myself after she was naked, while she watched and played with her nipples and pussy. She was quite artistic in the manner in which she trimmed her full bush. It could be V shaped, striped, or even circular and on occasion shaved bare. She obviously loved to see my appreciative eyes on her; posing and primping herself like a waitress with the dessert tray.

We engaged in oral sex each time before fucking, but only sufficient to arouse ourselves to a fever pitch. I had my first "titty-fuck", first doggy style and first bum fuck. Some evenings we played an erotic video during foreplay and then attempted to replicate the actions of the porn stars. We just wallowed in sex. It was all quite new to me and I became totally fascinated by this very different woman.

I particularly appreciated the fact that there were no demands made on me outside of our erotic meetings. She was perfectly content to leave matters in the bedroom when it was over. We seldom talked on the telephone when apart, other than for business reasons.

And then there was George, a salesman for a company that provided supplies for my operation. He was a very good-looking engaging guy, articulate and well travelled and full of entertaining stories.

On the night in question George had been at this same restaurant with a client. He stopped by our table on his way out and sat with us. I introduced him to Heather and we chatted amiably for some time. He bought another bottle of wine and by the time the place was emptying out, we were all pretty high. Someone suggested that George join us in my suite for a night cap.

We ordered another bottle of wine from Room Service, chatted and played soft music. I danced with Heather to a slow grinding dance and then George did the same. My mind was very fuzzy but I do remember his hands fondling her ass as they danced.

The rest of the evening is a kaleidoscope of picture and video clips in my memory. Heather was between us, her tits out and George and I were sucking nipples and fingering her. George pulled her skirt and panties down and then moved her legs up along the couch. Heather and I kissed voraciously, my head bobbing up and down between her nipples and mouth. George moved his head down between her outstretched legs and kissed his way up her inner thigh. Heather twisted around, her back against me and her mouth and tits jamming into my face.

I am sure if one of us had realized what was happening, a word would have stopped us, but there were no protests, just insatiable hunger to take what we could. Heather's hands clutched my head as we kissed passionately. She was writhing and twisting her body, my hard cock rubbing her back as George was lashing her pussy with his thick tongue.

Suddenly, George stood up and dropped his shorts and quickly grabbed Heather's legs and pulled her down the sofa and settling between her legs on his knees. I watched as he jammed his knob at her slit several times, finding the hole and fucking his way into her.

"Jim, Jim, what is, oh goodness," she cried out. But there was no stopping George and after a few seconds she reached up and grabbed his arms and pulled him to her. George eyes were shut and he was off in a short minute or so, suddenly stiffening and jerking as he blew his load. A few slow strokes and then he jumped up quickly, suddenly realizing what he had done and said, "Ah damn, sorry, sorry."

I was soon between Heather's legs, still a little confused from the wine, but turned on like I had never been turned on before. I sunk my cock into her to my balls. She was ready for it, joining me in a toe-curling fuck.

I barely recall hearing George say goodnight and the door closing behind him. Heather stayed the night with me. We showered later, fucked again and then slept soundly.

The next morning was a Saturday and there was no need to rush, so we had room service breakfast. We did not mention George at all. What the hell could a person say? It had been totally unplanned and I think Heather was as surprised as I had been. At one point I tried to apologize to her.

Smiling, she crawled up over me on the bed on her hands and knees, her slip open at the top revealing two dangling sweet tits and nipples and said, "I am okay, it's fine, forget it."

Well, I did not forget it and I doubt that she did either. The week following I had a phone call from George who apologized profusely. I told him that Heather had not expressed any anger over it and that the best thing was to forget it had happened.

He asked if I thought that he should call her and I suggested that he not. He sounded quite relieved and although I was a customer of his I believe that he truly felt badly about fucking my lady without invitation.

Heather and I resumed our occasional affair, and the sex only got better and wilder each time. This lady truly had a taste for the bizarre. She liked to role-play, bringing a white nurses outfit with her one time. She and was curious about restraints and control, suggesting that she would like to be tied up. She was my sex guru and I was ready for anything she wanted.

And now, we were back in the same restaurant with George across the floor and an encounter almost certain. I leaned in to Heather and said, "We can leave if you prefer, it is not too late to find another place, or have dinner delivered to my suite."

"Don't be silly," she replied, "I am fine, relax. I get excited when I recall what happened that night. Actually it had been a fantasy of mine to take on two men, but that night, my God, it was just such a surprise when he pulled me down and fucked me. Actually I was hoping that you would take me to the bed to share me with George. I knew I George was going to get me in some fashion anyway." This last statement made in a very matter of fact way.

So I relaxed and forgot about George. He spotted us as we danced and waved in our direction. We acted surprised and smiled back at him and returned to our table. We were both aroused by now, and ready to return to my suite for our night's entertainment.

Our knees rubbed under the table, and Heather's eyes showed that she was thinking about being naked soon. We were just finishing our wine when George approached me from behind and placed his hands on my shoulders. Heather looked up at him with a disarming smile.

"What a nice surprise," he said tentatively. "I did not see you until you were dancing." For once, George did not have a lot to say.

Heather said, "Hi George, sit down for a bit, it has been a while." I swear that she blushed although she later denied it.

George was a bit uneasy and said, "How about I buy you a bottle of wine while we chat."

I had no idea where Heather was going with this. I had assumed that she would not be comfortable with George and I was just about to decline the wine and tell him that we were leaving, when she spoke again.

"Why not join us in our room George, we can be more comfortable and get a bottle from Room Service."

I am sure that both George and I looked thunderstruck. If this was not an invitation for a threesome, I would have been very surprised. Heather smiled sweetly at the two of us, almost innocently. Except for her eyes that is, she was horny as hell.

We did not bother ordering wine in the room. George and I followed Heather into the bedroom. She stood there while we undressed her. We took turns kissing her and sucking her nipples and feeling her legs and ass as we stripped her naked. It was bare-pussy night, her prominent mound shaved clean and glistening. Heather was in her glory, and in control.

She sat on the edge of the bed as George and I stripped down. She motioned us to stand in front of her and took hold of our stiff cocks and rubbed them in her hair and on her face before licking each knob in turn. Her eyes were like burning embers as she looked up at the two of us, sliding her lips down one cock and then the other. She was in charge and we were both slaves to her needs. My cock throbbed in an agony of pleasure.

Heather then slid back on the bed to the pillow and beckoned us to follow her, one of us to each side. We lay on our sides and proceeded to feel and kiss. One to the tits, sucking and licking, while the other kissed and tongued her mouth and lips.

Her knees were up and spread wide with her feet flat on the bed. George and I put our hands to work, sliding up and down the soft inner thighs of her legs down to her pussy and back, finally each of us dipping a finger in her delicious wet slit.

George paid the first respects to her hot cunt, moving down between her legs and repeating his efforts of several months prior. I could hear his tongue lapping away, like a dog drinking water. I was feeling and sucking her nipples, my lips wandering up her neck and cheeks and eyes and then finding her lips and tongue. Heather was purring like a kitten.

"On your back Jim, I want to mount you," she groaned.

I did as told and pulled her on top of me. Her hand found my stiff cock and pulled it between her legs, rubbed the knob in the slit and then worked her pussy down on it. She leaned over me; her arms extended each side of my head and began to fuck me. George was busy behind her, feeling her ass and fingering her butt hole and the back of her pussy. I felt his finger slide in beside my cock.

He moved his wet finger back out of the pussy and found her butt hole and rimmed her with it. Heather leaned down on top of me; her tits crushed to my chest and groaned, "George, George, fuck me."

I froze, not knowing what to do, was he going to sink his cock in her pussy beside mine? Or was he going to bum fuck her with me still in her pussy? He didn't know either I guess, as I felt his cock rubbing on mine and then sliding back to her butt hole.

Heather solved the dilemma by using one hand to guide it to her ass hole. I remained frozen as I felt his knob penetrate it through the thin membrane. Both Heather and I remained still, my cock buried in her pussy as he worked his cock slowly into her.

When it felt as if most of his cock was in her, Heather groaned, "Fuck me now Jim, cum in me."

I began slow fucking her, what a strange feeling, my cock seemed to follow along George's, which remained stationary in her butt hole. We were all in new territory here, and the only sound was the breathing and grunts of the three of us.

My cock began to throb as I felt the pressure and build-up of cum. I started to fuck faster, began to lose it, just wanting to get off. Heather was so jacked up that she was almost crying, "Oh my God, what a feeling, keep fucking me baby, use it, don't stop."

About this time George lost his control as well and he began to slide his cock slowly back and forth in her butt, and when he felt me begin to cream her, his moves became more frantic. It was too tight a hole to be able to fuck like a pussy and he had to move it slowly. I knew that Heather was close, her pussy was constricting and releasing my shrinking cock, and when she popped my cock out, George switched gears and began really laying into her.

I lay under Heather as George began to pound her. He grabbed her hips and lifted her ass up to get a better fuck angle. Heather pushed herself up on her extended arms to meet him. She was totally unaware of me as she and George got off, George's big hands under her and grasping her swinging tits as he dumped his load.

The two of them collapsed down on top of me, all of us totally exhausted. George finally rolled off first and Heather pushed up off of me and looked down with a tired smile, "My fantasy, never believed that it could happen, I loved it."

It was the last time that we invited George to join us. Heather and I continued our occasional nights together. A movie, a nice dinner, wine and then spend the rest of the night fucking. So tell me a better way to live. I love that call to visit Head Office.

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