And Then He Kissed Me


I eventually agreed to meet him after work 'for a drink'. I rang my mum to say I would be late home by a couple of hours and could she keep the kids until Nigel came home.

Sean was waiting in his BMW when I left the office; as I slipped into the passenger seat he immediately lifted the hem of my dress to see my stocking tops to again.

"Stop that!" I laughed and playfully pushed his hand away, "Someone might see us."

"The way you've got me...I don't care!" he chuckled as he sped out of the car park with his hand still up my dress stroking my red lace stocking top.

As we walked into the foyer of the hotel Sean asked if I still wanted a drink.

"Not really," I anxiously whispered.

Sean signed into the hotel and took his room key from a receptionist that kept smiling at me.

Once inside the room Sean threw his bag into a wardrobe and turned to face me.

With longing in his eyes and an ever increasing bulge in his pants Sean asked, "Are you sure about this?"

"About what?" I taunted him.

He swiftly moved towards me and took me into his arms and kissed me; the most powerful kiss I'd ever had. His lips and tongue nearly sucked the life out of me. I melted into his arms as Sean pulled the zip down on the back of my dress. It took some clever manoeuvring but we managed to get it off without breaking our kiss. Sean's hands seemed to be everywhere as he stroked my legs, caressed my tits and squeezed my arse as I fondled his hard cock through his trousers.

He even managed to unhook my bra quicker and more deftly than I could manage myself. With my tits hanging free he finally broke off our kiss and bent down to suckle and lick my quivering mounds and nipples. Our breathing was now so loud and deep I'm sure everyone in the hotel could guess what we were up to.

"Sit on the bed," he panted as he tore off his tie and shirt and pushed me backwards.

As I made myself comfortable Sean stripped out of his trousers until he stood in front of me wearing just a tight pair of white Lycra boxers...which his cock was obviously straining to get out of.

My chest was heaving and my stomach tied up in knots as Sean dropped to his knees and slowly pulled my legs apart, feasting his big brown eyes on my pussy which my baggy knickers wasn't covering very well. With his shoulders under my thighs my legs swayed in the air as Sean began kissing my stocking covered legs working his way into the middle where he began showering my hot pussy with a thousand tiny butterfly kisses. Just as I began sighing he used his nose to push my knickers to one side then buried his face into my dripping gash. His tongue and lips sucked and licked my pussy as he drank my oozing juices. My head was rolling from side to side in exact time with my hips which were grinding my pussy against his face.

There was a large mirror running along the side of the room that I couldn't take my eyes off as the vision of this handsome black man's head between my stocking-covered legs held me transfixed. When I watched him slide his fingers into my twat for the second time today I let out a little squeal of delight.

"Ugh...ugh...ugh!" I grunted as he pumped his fingers into my hole and flicked his tongue across my aching clitoris. "Aiiiiyyyyyeeeee!" I impulsively screamed when his finger touched something deep inside and made me cum as hard as I would ever cum in my life.

The next I knew was Sean peeling my knickers off and lifting my legs onto his shoulders as he pressed his knob against my pussy entrance. "Are you sure that you want me to do this?" Sean enquired as his cock easily parted my lips.

"Oh God...yes!" I moaned; still basking in the afterglow of my orgasm.

We stared at each for an eternity; Sean wallowing in my nakedness and me admiring his gorgeous black body. I have to admit to being a tiny bit disappointed at the size of his cock; as it stood proud and firm. I'd always been led to believe that all black men had huge dicks – 'twice the size of white men' – according to Layla in the office canteen when she was making fun of me. Sean's cock did look magnificent; darker than the rest of his skin and as smooth as a baby's bottom but roughly the same length and girth as my husband's which wasn't going to be a problem.

My boss's cock soon slid in and swelled even fatter inside my hot hole. "Oh God...Oh God!" I gasped as he slowly withdrew then plunged his cock back inside forcing my knees back until they rested on my chest.

My eyes were nearly popping out of my head because his cock was going do far inside my pussy but I knew that I couldn't take his weight for very long so contrived to get my legs from under him.

I'd never felt this horny in my life as I wrapped them around his waist and he fucked me senseless for nearly 10 minutes. I couldn't speak as I clung onto the bed and stared vacantly into the mirror watching Sean's tight arse banging his glorious cock into my pussy as he mangled and grabbed my tits as they wobbled with the severity of his fucking. The contrast of our colours – his chocolate brown and my English white; really excited me.

"Turn over for me," Sean moaned as he pulled his cock out, "let's do it doggy style now."

"Okay," I wheezed, and crawled onto my hands and knees with my married arse sexily facing my new lover.

As I shuffled back until my knees where on the edge of the bed Sean stroked my stockings and ran his hand between my legs.

"He, he,'re really enjoying this aren't you?" He laughed as he scooped a load of goo out of my pussy.

"Yes...yes...yes," I gasped, "its fu...fantastic."

He pulled my bum cheeks apart and nudged his cock against my floppy pussy lips. His cock felt huge as he slowly edged it deep into my pussy. I let out a huge sigh when it finally stopped and his balls slapped against my pubes. "Are you ready??" Sean asked as he grabbed my hips.

"Yeesssss!" I gasped, "Oh yeesssss!"

He moved his hips and his cock moved back a couple of inches making me moan with pleasure.

"How do you want it?" He panted as he thrust forward nearly knocking me flat. "Yes...yes...just like that." I gasped as he suddenly thrust in and out another three times, "Hard...harder...harder!" .

I had to cling onto the bed again as Sean began hammering his cock deep and hard into my sloppy cunt; each thrust thumping his knob against my cervix. My face was now buried into the quilt as I bit it to stop myself screaming with delight as he fucked me as if it was our Wedding night!

"Huh...huh... I'm cumming," Sean grunted like a bear, "are you...on the pill?"

"Yes...but..." I whimpered but it was too late. Sean froze with his cock buried deep in my stomach and my pussy soon became very warm.

"Ooooowwwwww!" Sean wheezed, "That was soooooo....goooooooood!" Then his whole body went limp and he flopped on top of me forcing me flat onto the bed. It felt wonderful as he lightly moaned in my ear and he gasped for air to fill his depleted lungs while still gently gliding his slowly shrinking cock along my slippery love-tube.

A few moments later he gently kissed my neck and rolled off me; leaving his excess spunk to dribble out of my well fucked hole onto the bedclothes.

I rolled onto my side to look at him, making sure that my tits gently touched his sweaty chest.

I couldn't stop myself fixing my eyes on his cock. It was no longer hard and stiff but it still looked bloated as it swayed between his legs.

Tingling with excitement I gently stroked the hair on his tummy until I plucked up the courage to run my fingers through his tight curly pubes until my fingers hovered over the base of his lovely smooth black dick.

Sean lazily opened his eyes and kissed me on the tip of my nose as if to encourage me to 'go further'.

Not knowing if this was to be my one and only fuck with a black man I decided that I had nothing more to lose and ran my red fingernail along his soft shaft.

"MMMmmm," Sean purred, "I thought that you would want to run away as soon as we'd finished."

"Who said I was finished?" I smiled and wrapped my fingers around his twitching cock as I swivelled my body until my face was only six inches away from the black cock that had just been inside my white pussy. I was so close to it I could smell the love-juices that were making it glisten in the half-light.

His ebony cock looked beautiful as I slid his fore-skin backwards and forwards; exposing then hiding his purple cockhead. Just as I opened my mouth to suck his sweaty, spunky cock I felt a guilty pang as a shaft of sunlight caught my white gold wedding and engagement rings; making the diamond twinkle on the third finger of my left hand. It was too late though...I had to taste his magnificent penis.

His cock felt like steel covered in a velvet cloak and tasted salty and bitter as I took two or three fat inches into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the tip and his prominent veins.

Sean let out a low groan and began stroking my stockings and arse as I sucked and blew my first ever black cock. It only took a few seconds for it to twitch and fill with blood as I gobbled as much cock as I could fit into my oral cavity and I stroked, squeezed and tugged at his massive bald ball-sack.

"God Amanda;" he chuckled as his fingers played with my dripping pussy, "I haven't seen a muff as hairy as this for years."

I stopped sucking him and looked inquisitively over my shoulder without letting go of his cock with my hand.

"I thought everybody shaved these days." He grinned as he playfully pulled a handful of my blonde pubic hairs.

"I've never thought about it." I smiled, "Is it a problem?"

Sean made a funny face as if the question was too deep for him, "I prefer a shaven haven...I like to see what I'm doing and...the bald ones are smoother on my face!"

Obviously I wasn't his first lover and probably wouldn't be his last!

"I'll have to see what I can do about that then!" I giggled as I returned to sucking his stiffening black cock as he stroked my legs with one hand and lazily fingered me with the other. We stayed joined like this for nearly 10 minutes until I noticed the clock on the TV.

I kissed the tip of his dick and rolled off the bed telling Sean that I had to go home. He lounged on the bed naughtily tugging at his long black penis as I left the bathroom door open as I brushed my hair and washed my face and breasts; I then sexily floated around the room picking up my discarded clothing and got dressed.

"Well?" I asked him.

"What?" Sean replied.

"How am I getting home?" I smiled with a 'little girl lost' pout.

"Shit!" he laughed, "I got carried away with the floorshow!"

He then pulled on a pair of jogging pants from his bag and a t-shirt.

Twenty minutes later he pulled up at the bottom of my drive.

"Do I get a kiss goodbye?" Sean cheekily asked as he leant forward. "No!" I hissed as I sharply pulled away and punched him in the side.

At that moment I looked up to see Nigel waving from the kitchen window; I waved back as Sean asked, "Can I have your knickers as a keepsake then?"

"My knickers?" I looked puzzled, "what do you want them for? dirty bugger!" I giggled.

"Can I have them?" He grinned and lifted the front of my dress.

I quickly looked around to make sure the street was empty then wriggled out of my pants and pressed them into his hand.

I jumped out of the car and ran knickerless up the drive towards my door. With a yard to go I turned for one last look at my lover. He was pretending to wipe his nose with a handkerchief but was actually sniffing the gusset of my bright pink knickers like a pervert. I was so excited as I put my key in the lock I could feel Sean's cum leaking from my pussy and running down my thighs into my stockings. Feeling very naughty; I swiftly lifted the back of my dress to give him one last flash of my naked arse and stocking tops.

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