tagBDSMA Spanking: My Favorite Punishment

A Spanking: My Favorite Punishment


My heart starts to pound as I hear the front door slam.

All day I've been on the edge of excitement, thinking about you, making my plans, but when I hear the sound of you coming home, everything clicks into place and I cant stop the shudder of anticipation.

I hear you walking through the house, putting away your jacket, calling my name, wondering where I am. My mouth is dry and my hands shake slightly, making me clench them into tight fists. I don't even notice the bite of my nails into my skin, just waiting, impatiently waiting, for you to wander your way into the bedroom. The anticipation settles on me almost physically, a burning, stinging, razor-wire feeling. For just a moment I tip my head back and close my eyes, savoring the multitude of feelings assaulting me.

Finally, finally (has it only been a few minutes? It seems like years), the door opens. I can see the question that dies on your lips as you take in the sight before you .. me, sitting in a high-backed chair in the middle of the room, hands gripping the back of the chair, thighs spread wide with my ankles hooked behind the chair legs, completely naked. Your eyes linger on my breasts, nipples hard and tight, light glittering on the small hoops that pierce them as my chest rises and falls in excitement I can't hide. Your eyes flick towards the table a few feet away where I've laid out the toys I think you may wish to use.

You're silent as you cross to the table, the edge of a smile teasing your mouth. Your fingers trail down the bottle of lubrication, and then back up the thick purple plug. An eyebrow arches in question at the restraints and blindfold also laid out neatly, and then you're standing before me, one hand tangling in my hair as you tip my head back. I catch my breath sharply at the flick of pain, and suppress a moan. Your fingers are tight in my hair, holding my head still as you lean down and whisper into my ear, "You're so wet I can smell you. Bad girl. What have you been doing?"

This time the moan escapes and you let go of my hair as you turn away from me to remove your clothing. I stare down, my spine stick-straight, posture perfect. I clench my hands harder around the wood, loving the edge of anticipation, wondering what you're going to do. I can feel you looking at me, and I want to shift on the chair, press my thighs together, anything to ease the ache .. but manage to restrain myself. Finally you're back in front of me, and I wet my lips as I stare down. The sight of the gold ball ring that pierces the underside of your cock always makes me feel wicked and hungry at the same time.

I start to lean forward, almost unconsciously, and both of your hands slide into my hair, jerking my head up. I can see the pulse pounding at the base of your throat, but your eyes are cool, seemingly unconcerned. You remind me I don't get to touch you until you say, how you say.

"Have you touched yourself today?" you ask.

I nod slightly, as best I can with your hands tight in my hair.

"Did I tell you anything before I left today?"

Another nod.

"What did I say?"

I lick my lips, eyes dropping to to that gold ball. "You said not to come."

"And did you come when you were touching yourself?"

I can't help; a smile sneaks out. "Yes."

You jerk my hair again so my eyes return to yours. "What did you use?"

"Just my fingers. Only on my clit."

"No dildo? You didn't put even one finger in your pussy?"

I shake my head and your grip eases a tiny bit.

"You're still in trouble. You can start making up for it now. Open your mouth."

The words are barely out before your cock is at my lips and I open eagerly, sucking and licking then flattening my tongue and opening wider as you continue feeding me your cock. You know I cant take you so deeply without some warm up but when you're in a sadistic mood, you don't care and I struggle not to choke when you bottom out in my throat. You pull back and give me bare moments to suck in a breath before you're thrusting back in again, controlling my movements with the clenched grip on my hair. I close my eyes and do my best to keep up.

I expect (and anticipate) that you'll fuck my mouth til you come but you surprise me and jerk my mouth off you after only a few short minutes. Hands still in my hair you urge me to stand (and maybe I make you try a little harder than necessary, those sharp tugs on my hair causing spasms .. in lower places) and then move around behind me as I do, nudging me away from the chair. My thighs are wet with my own juices and there's a dark spot on the chair as testament to how you make me feel. I stop when I bump against the bed, and you take the opportunity to wrap your arms around my waist, over my arms, surrounding me, crowding me, your breath hot on my ear and neck before you finally give me what I'm begging wordlessly for, and touch your mouth to my flesh. At first just the barest flick of your tongue over my neck, then another down a few inches almost to my shoulder, and then you bite me hard, without warning. My head tips to the side to give you better access, anything I can do to help, and the breathy little moan becomes a desperate plea, to no avail. More quick licks, bites, kisses, and sucks cover my neck, and I know tomorrow I'll bear your marks for everyone to see. And then you stop, arms still around me.

I'm leaning back against you, giving you an unfair share of my weight, but my legs are trembling and I need the assistance. The adrenaline added to the anticipation leaves me shaking and shivering. Arms around me, you rock back and forth slowly and talk quietly, explicitly, telling me what you want to do to me. The soothing actions contrasting with the harsh words have me begging for anything, everything, whatever you want, whatever you like. I'm sure you must be laughing or at least smiling because we both know.. anything, everything, whatever you want.. its a given.

You press me forward a bit, bending at the waist, and I feel your cock pressing insistently against my ass. You allow me to press back and grind my hips against you for a moment, then when a muttered curse you push me on to the bed. I climb up eagerly, thankfully, but the moment I'm (barely!) on, you grab my ankle and pull me back. You arrange me how you want me, knees and elbows, ass in the air, at the very edge of the bed. Everything is mixed up inside me, excitement, fear, anticipation, lust. This is how it always is for me when I'm with you.

My breathing is harsh and the way I'm positioned my nipples rub against the blanket with every breath. The air is cold against my sweaty body and I shiver, or maybe it's just sheer excitement as I hear a drawer open and close. For a few seconds I play a game and try to guess what you're getting, how you're going to punish me but that brief distraction fades as your footsteps come back. You smooth warm fingers across the cheeks of my ass, lightly drawing them down and into the crevice. I tremble as you slide two wicked fingers across my anus and into the slick depths of my pussy. It's a slow thrust, too slow, a long pause at the depths, and then withdrawal. I whimper and clench my muscles tightly, trying to keep your fingers inside me, but it slides out and drifts across my clit, teasing me with a few light flicks before you completely withdraw. You pat my ass, slowly pausing to smooth your hand over the curve before patting again.

The pats continue, sometimes teasingly slipping down to brush over my dripping pussy as they get harder. My ass is warm and I try so hard to stay still and take my spanking, but every time your hand slips lower and slaps my pussy I cant help but moan and writhe. I can hear you above me, breathing heavy, watching the blush you're created. Without warning, your finger slides down to graze my clit, and at the same time you bring the paddle in your other hand down, hard.

I shriek and twist instinctively away, but the action is expected and easily controlled. Another hard, stinging slap falls in answer to my movement. You circle my clit with your finger, in contrast to the paddle falling, and its only moments before I'm writhing as I come on your hand. The paddle falls away but your hand continues to rise and fall as your finger keeps rubbing firmly until I cant do anything but jerk and whimper.

I'm on my side now, laying with my back to your chest (when did you get on the bed?), one leg pulled up and over your thigh so I'm spread wide with your hand still between my legs. I'm limp, pliable, so when you sit up and push me slightly more over on my stomach, I don't even open my eyes. And then I feel the slick, cool end of the thick-based toy I laid out earlier. My eyes snap open and I stare up at you, watching my already abused ass take the lubricated plug. You work it in with deep careful strokes, carefully preparing me until the plug is seated, the narrow portion of the base keeping it inside me.

Just like that, I'm back to the edge, shaking and trembling, pain and pleasure combining again in that potent combination while I struggle to accustom myself to the sudden fullness. I stare up at you, burning for more, ready and willing to *plead* for more if only I could find the air to breathe. Your expression is fierce, eyes blazing with lust and lips pressed into an almost colorless line. You pull me back up to my side and press my head down until it rests on the arm you stretched under and up around my neck. You pull my thigh up and over your leg, and as I feel the thick head of your cock start to part me, I dig my nails hard into your forearm.

The sound of my pleading voice is familiar to my ears, and I can tell it excites you as your arm tightens around my neck, and your hips flex. I can feel the ball ring sliding over my flesh with a wicked rasp, the short, heavy thrusts that force your cock into my pussy and jostles the plug in my ass. The fit is so tight between the two that I can feel every beat of your heart through the hard length inside me, and I know you feel every ripple when I clench down. With a final hard push, you seat yourself completely inside me, so deep I cant figure out where I stop and you begin. You hold still for a moment, breathing heavily in my ear as I milk your cock rhythmically and rock slightly against you.

It feels like every nerve ending in my body has rushed to my pussy and ass. The spanking has sensitized me to a point at every brush, every touch is a sizzle of pleasure/pain spiking through me. The two are completely twisted inside me and the heights to which you're taking me would be frightening if I didn't trust you the way I do. I can feel every thick vein of your erection inside me, from the drag of the golden ring with it's center ball, to the wet tip as you pull almost out and then the hard length as you thrust all the way back in.

Everything inside me is tightening and building. Your thrusts are hard and fast as you whisper for me to scream, over and over, scream for you and as I go up in flames I give you what you need. Dimly, I feel your cock pulse and throb, hot cum filling me and our juices dripping down over my thigh.

Being bad was the best fucking idea I had all day.

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