tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAndie Pays Her Debts

Andie Pays Her Debts


By her junior year in College, Andie Baker was living off campus. She was so broke but she was incredibly brilliant, and was accepted to almost every grant possible. Andie had rented out a room, that was a little run down but she knew she'd only use her room for sleeping. She had rented the room from a family called the Baileys. Bill the man of the house, had a substantial beer gut that hung over the waistband. He was very loud and boisterous and he was always holding a can of beer. Lillian the woman of the house was soft spoken and a petite woman. They had two children, Robert a 15 year old small chubby replica of his father, and Sloan a 17 year old teenager with a busty chest and a thick butt that Andie was sure many guys admired. Andie rarely saw the family, and when she did she usually hung out with Lillian and Sloan. Andie usually left the house at 7:30 and arrived back at 10:30. During the second week of December, she got sick with the flue and had to rest, and doing so she had to cut down on the time from her two jobs. Before winter break the fever began to kick in, she realized she needed new books, everyone was antsy, break was almost here so then it was then that Andie realized she wouldn't have enough money for books and rent, and the student loan people wouldn't give her a break because she was on practically every loan they offered.

Andie decided she needed an advance from her job. Lolita from the clothes store wouldn't give her a advance because she was jus a frigid bitch, and Lee from the restaurant wasn't allowed to give advances, Andie decided to ask Bill for an extension on her rent. When she arrived at the house Bill was sitting in the living room drinking a beer. "figures," she thought to herself. After Bill was filled in on her dilemma he was quiet for a moment, and when Andie thought he was sympathetic to her woes, he turned around and said he needed compensation. After an offer of manual labor had been brought up he declined because his wife did all the work. Andie was sure he was hinting at something but she couldn't put her finger on it because she was a very naive young woman at the time.

Andie remained silent, so Bill stood up and marched to her room, he opened her closet and began emptying her clothes into her two suitcases. In total desperation Andie said she would do anything not to get kicked out on the street, she only had about $5 in cash and she couldn't stay at anyone's house. With a crooked smile, bill turned around and asked "anything?" The way he was looking at her, gave her the shivers. "A pretty girl like yourself, I'm sure we could come up with something," he said. Andie's breath caught in her throat she knew what he wanted, and she really didn't have any choice.

"I don't have any choice," she thought to herself. "what about your family," she asked out of nervousness. He closed her door and locked it, explaining as long as she didn't yell they should be fine. His family was asleep on the other side of the house.

Taking a deep breath, she asked "If I do this, this months rent is paid off right?" He nodded eagerly, and she thought one night of unpleasantness was better then freezing maybe to death on the street. Andie knew she didn't have any other way out, she slowly nodded yes. He sat down on her bed and ordered her to take of her clothes. Andie slowly removed her maroon sweater and unzipping her jeans. He grew angry and said she was taking to long and he just wanted to see her breasts. Taking a deep Andie removed her shirt and bra. A slow low whistle escaped his lips and he said, "I knew you have big tits but these are gorgeous." He felt her tits, squeezing them here and there. He tweaked her nipples and no matter how disgusted she was at what she was doing they had a mind of their own and responded to Bill's administrations, and they hardened. He put her left nipple in his mouth and sucked. He bit down and she pulled back surprised at his audacity. He fondled her tits for a few more minutes and stuck his head in between them murmuring how a guy could get lost in her cleavage, to which Andie rolled her eyes. He at back and ordered her to finish stripping. After she finished he whistled again and made the unpleasant comment that, "you sure are a piece of work."

He beckoned to her and she walked up closer to him. He reached around and grabbed both of her butt cheeks while staring at her neatly trimmed pussy. He inserted two fingers into her pussy, and said it was nice. He patted the bed, beckoning for her to sit down next to him, as he removed his clothing. His beer gut was hairy and disgusted her to no end, and his dick was laughable, she really almost laughed out loud; it was 5 inches fully erect and was thin. He looked at Andie with contempt in his eyes and she asked her to kiss it. Anide realized it wasn't a suggestion but an order. Andie who was never adept with oral bent low and found her head being pushed onto his small excuse for man hood, and he began to literally jerk himself off with her head and she suddenly stopped and jerked a few times and she filled her mouth with his bitter spunk.

"Drink it all up like a good girl," he cooed. Andie felt the sudden urge to bite of his dick, when he was done raping her mouth, she finally thought it was over, but she was wrong. Taking his half erect dick he inserted it into her half lubricated pussy, no foreplay nothing to lubricate her more, not that she needed it. The intrusion it self didn't hurt at all, and he whispered "Hang on and enjoy the ride." Disgusted she turned her head, but her grabbed her roughly, turned her head and stuck his tongue into her mouth. He began to thrust in and out. And she wondered if it would ever end. Looking in her eyes with a leer, he said, "Lil only lets me do it one way, I want to feel them tits, lets do it like the dogs."

Obediently she turned over and he entered her from behind thrusting his tiny prick into her as he kneaded her tits. He thrust his small dick a few more times then pulled out and came all over her back. He said, "maybe you should consider paying a few more months rent like this." Then he was gone. Andie lay there in her shame, and slowly dragged herself to the bathroom, where she turned the shower on to hot, and she scrubbed her skin till it turned pink.

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