tagLesbian SexAndi's First

Andi's First


Ever since Nicki spent part of the summer with her, Andi found herself looking at things a little differently. Nicki had exposed Andi to the art of cunnilingus (and even analingus), and showed her that she shouldn't be afraid to use various dildos when the real thing was unavailable or not up to their standards.

Andi kept the pocket vibrator in her computer backpack, and found it to be her favorite as she could put it down the front of her pants without anyone knowing. She would regularly enjoy the incredible vibrations on the way to the grocery store, the mall, or even on her way home from church.

At night, after everyone was asleep in her parent's house, she'd pull out her Barbi Doll collection, and uncover the life-like ten-inch dildo that was modeled from an actual porn star. She'd take the large dildo into the bathroom, lock the door, and then stick it on the shower wall using its suction-cupped base. Andi would then pretend that she had met the man of her dreams and proceed to worship his cock with her hands and mouth.

She had never had a real cock in her mouth. She had no idea how good it felt to boys, but after having allowed herself to be taught to eat pussy, she figured it was only a matter of time before she'd taste semen for the first time.

Because of its size, she was hesitant to do anything else with the monster toy. On one particular night, however, Nicki decided it was time Andi learned the real purpose of the monster cock.

It was the last week home before leaving for her sophomore year of college. Nicki drove down from her parent's house and the two were going to ride to school together the following Saturday. Andi's parent's pulled out the aero-bed for Nicki, but Nicki opted to sleep in Andi's bed every night until they left.

Nicki and Andi shared a double-ended super-flexible dildo almost every night Nicki was there. Nicki showed Andi how to position her legs for the most enjoyment, and they each raced to see who could orgasm first.

On their last night at Andi's home, there was a violent storm and the power had gone out. Andi's parents were helping a neighbor find her cat, so the house was completely quiet and empty.

They had painted each other's toenails a few hours ago.

They had brushed each other's hair.

They had brought each other to orgasm in an hour-long sixty-nine session.

As they lay naked on Andi's bed, Nicki remembered their trip to the adult bookstore.

Ready to try something new with Andi, Nicki asked if Andi had tried fucking herself with the monster toy they acquired at the beginning of summer. Andi reluctantly admitted that she had not. The double-ended dildo was only about an inch and a half wide and seven usable inches long on each end and Andi found that to be very manageable. The monster toy, however, looked painful.

Andi pulled the monster toy from behind her Barbi Doll boxes and handed it to Nicki. She felt almost jealous as Nicki immediately rubbed the life-like cock on her face.

"Wow, it's bigger than I remembered!" Nicki said.

"I've only practiced blowing it. Pretty pathetic, huh?" Andi asked.

"You can blow this?" Nicki asked. "Show me."

Andi was about to attach the toy to the wall in the shower, but Nicki didn't let go of it.

Instead, Nicki stood up and held the base of the toy just above her bald pussy. The summer had been hot and sunny almost every day. With the power out and the house empty, they saw no reason to put their pajamas back on, as warm as it was. Both girls had deep, dark tans. Nicki's tan was more artificial as she visited the tanning booth to keep up with Andi. As a result, Nicki had no tan lines, which Andi found intriguing. Andi, however, maintained the same, small triangles of white over her nipples, above her pussy, and just above the crack of her ass. As Andi got older, though, the triangles seemed to be getting smaller. Nicki loved the contrast of milky white and bronzed tan in all the right places.

"Suck my cock, bitch." Nicki said with a giggle.

Andi stepped off the bed and knelt in front of Nicki. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and put the head of the toy inside.

Nicki grabbed Andi by the back of the head, trying to get more of the monster dildo down Andi's throat the way so many men had grabbed the back of her head to do the same.

Andi gagged hard, and then put her hands on Nicki's legs, pushing away.

"You can do better than that, can't you?" Nicki asked.

"It's too big. I can barely get my mouth on it!" Andi cried.

Nicki pulled Andi to her feet and handed her the monster dildo.

"Here, hold this." Nicki instructed.

Andi held the base of the toy just above her pussy as Nicki knelt in front of her.

"When you get good at this, you won't need to use your hands," Nicki said as she reached for Andi's ass cheeks.

Nicki leaned into the monster cock and let it hit her on the forehead, the cheeks, and her chin, before opening wide and placing the head in her mouth. She spit on the head several times, licked the shaft all the way around, then once again placed the head in her mouth.

She squeezed Andi's ass cheeks as she leaned forward and tilted her head to the left and right. Her lips were pulled back, showing her perfect teeth as she opened her mouth a little more.

Nicki leaned further toward Andi, her lips covering her teeth now, and took another inch past the head into her mouth. She gagged and paused for a moment, then pulled her head back slightly before leaning in again, this time taking almost six inches down her throat.

She pulled back again, and her eyes began to tear as she leaned forward taking the full length down her throat. Her nose touched Andi's hand as it held the toy, and her chin pressed firmly against the fake balls. She gagged again, and pulled back and let saliva drip from her mouth as she caught her breath.

"See, it can be done." Nicki said to Andi as she looked up with tears in her eyes and snot dripping from one nostril. She stood up and ran to the bathroom to clean her face, then hopped back into the bed.

"Ready to get my mom's money's worth with that thing?" Nicki asked.

Andi was hesitant. Other than the smooth, super-flexible double-dong that Nicki used on her, Andi was still technically a virgin.

"I've been fucked by bigger," Nicki admitted.

"This is a good size for you, though."

"I should hope it's big enough!" Andi exclaimed.

"Do you trust me?" Nicki asked.

"You know I do." Andi whispered and kissed Nicki softly on the mouth.

Nicki kissed Andi hard, and then pushed her back so she could get a good view of the demonstration.

Andi sat by the head of the bed, naked and cross-legged, while Nicki moved to the foot of the bed. Nicki turned so her feet were close to Andi's, and Andi had a clear view of Nicki's pussy.

Nicki rolled onto her back and raised her knees. She held the toy in one hand while spreading her pussy lips with the other.

Andi watched as Nicki rubbed the head of the toy up and down the slit of her pussy before pushing it in far enough to make the large head disappear. She gasped as Nicki pulled the toy from her pussy and making a popping sound.

"Does it hurt?" Andi asked.

"Oh, not at all," Nicki answered.

Nicki got up on her knees and positioned the toy behind her. She carefully lowered herself onto the toy. Andi watched as Nicki made all ten inches disappear.

"Come here and hold this for me," Nicki asked.

Andi sat behind Nicki and held the toy on the bed as Nicki raised and lowered herself on the monster toy. She quickened her pace so she was practically bouncing on the bed, impaling herself with the monster cock each time. The sound of Nicki making the bedsprings squeak seemed to fill the house. Andi's hand became soaked as Nicki shuddered with her first wave of orgasm. She leaned forward, letting the wet toy plop out of her stretched pussy, and rolled onto her back.

"Oh... You're gonna love that!" Nicki sighed.

Andi momentarily looked at the wet toy and her wet hand, and then leaned back with her legs stretched out in front of her. She spread her pussy lips with one hand, just as Nicki had done, and rubbed the toy along the slit of her pussy with the other. She was nervous, but she was also incredibly aroused.

Andi exhaled as she pushed the toy into her pussy. She seemed surprised as it slid in easily, and quickly. She began a slow, rhythmic motion with the toy, pushing it in further and further with each thrust. The girth was becoming acceptable, but the length was too long for her to take all of it in. She winced in pain as she hit bottom with only seven inches inside her.

Nicki leaned forward and kissed Andi deeply. She moved down Andi's neck to her small tits, down her belly and ended up with her mouth on Andi's clit. She sucked on Andi's clit while Andi continued to slide the monster toy in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Andi raised her ass and Nicki slid a hand under her.

Nicki squeezed Andi's ass cheeks gently, and then slid her index finger into Andi's asshole.

"Oh shit!" Andi exclaimed as she came instantly. Nicki's hand was drenched.

Suddenly, the lights came on in the house and the girls could hear the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. Andi quickly pulled the monster cock from her pussy as Nicki ran to the bathroom.

Andi had just enough time to pull the covers over her and the dildo when her mom opened the door to let her know the power was back on.

"Thanks," was about all Andi could say. The smell of sex filled the air and there was sweat on Andi's forehead.

"Are you feeling okay, sweetie?" Andi's mom asked. "You look like you have fever."

"No, I'm okay." Andi answered. "Thanks."

"Where's Nicki?" Andi's mom asked.

Seconds later, the toilet flushed in the connected bathroom.

"Okay then. We'll see you two in the morning." Andi's mom said.

"Goodnight, mom." Andi said, hoping her mom hadn't noticed the wet sheets.

When the door closed, Nicki stepped out wearing her pajamas and hopped into the bed.

"Well, what do you think?" Nicki asked.

"I think I'm going to need a lot of practice." Andi answered. "And I think it's still too big."

"You'll get used to it." Nicki assured her. "Most guys aren't nearly that big, but you might run into a few that are -- if not in length, definitely in girth. Guys like to fuck us in the ass, too, so you may want to see how far that thing will go up your butt. Better to stretch your pretty little asshole at your own pace, than let some eager college guy do it for you."

"No way. Not that thing," Andi cried. "Anything bigger than your finger is too big."

"We'll see." Nicki answered. "We'll see."

Andi took the toy to the bathroom and washed it before putting it back behind her Barbi Doll collection. She looked at the monster toy for a moment and tried to imagine something that big being stuck in her butt, and then squirmed at the thought of it.

She put on her pajamas and changed the sheets on the bed.

The two girls were asleep within minutes, but Andi woke up less than an hour later to bloody pajama bottoms. She was on the verge of going into shock, but Nicki assured her that she would be alright. Nicki walked Andi to the shower and the two hugged and kissed in the shower until there was no more hot water.

It suddenly dawned on Andi that she had just lost her virginity -- to another girl. She kissed Nicki deeply and passionately.

"What was that for?" Nicki asked.

"You're my first." Andi whispered sensually.

"Can I try something?" Andi asked.

"Sure. What do you have in mind?" Nicki asked with piqued curiosity.

Andi had Nicki stand in front of the bathroom sink. The steam from the shower left a layer of mist on the mirror. Andi stood behind Nicki and kissed her neck as her hand reached under Nicki's arms. Andi squeezed Nicki's breasts gently, then more firmly.

Nicki pushed her ass against Andi's pubic mound. Andi lowered her touch to Nicki's hips, legs, and pussy, and then she pulled Nicki back, causing her to bend over slightly. She spread Nicki's legs, and then pushed on her back so her ass cheeks spread slightly.

Andi squatted behind Nicki and took a deep breath. She had eaten Nicki's pussy over a dozen times in the past week, but she never got up the nerve to put her mouth on Nicki's asshole. Being her "first", and knowing Nicki would probably really get off on it, Andi decided it was time to French kiss Nicki's asshole.

Nicki had a good idea of what Andi was about to do, and decided to make it easy for her. She leaned forward even further, resting her arms on the vanity. She arched her back as low as it would go, and turned her toes inward, causing her cheeks to spread slightly.

Andi reached up and spread Nicki's ass cheeks further, then leaned into her ass crack with an outstretched tongue.

Andi's tongue dipped deep into Nicki's anus, and Andi pulled back as if sampling the taste. To her surprise, there wasn't one. She found herself dipping her tongue in Nicki's asshole again, and once again, waited for the feeling of revulsion. That feeling never came.

Instead, she found herself licking and lapping at Nicki's asshole, prompting Nicki to reach down and finger her pussy.

Nicki's legs shook as she orgasmed, and her anus tried to grip Andi's tongue.

Nicki turned around and kissed Andi hard on the mouth, their tongues entwined.

Nicki moved Andi in front of the sink, switching places with her.

Andi had been hesitant to let Nicki put anything more than her tongue or one finger in her little asshole, but in the heat of the moment, she reached back and guided two of Nicki's finger into her sphincter.

Nicki pumped her fingers in and out of Andi's asshole, licking around the anus, and spitting on her fingers, until Andi finally orgasmed.

"I came without you even touching my pussy!" Andi exclaimed.

"I really am envious," Nicki said. "You can come by getting fucked in either hole!"

Andi looked embarrassed.

Nicki kissed her lightly, then looked in the mirror, straightened her hair and brushed her teeth. Andi did the same, then watched as Nicki transformed into the innocent-looking college girl as she put on her pajamas.

They went back to bed, and held each other the rest of the night.

In the morning, they dressed and packed for the road trip, which would start Andi's second year of college.

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