tagIllustratedAndi's Rush

Andi's Rush


Being a sophomore at her college, Andi was no longer required to live in the dorms. Nicki had researched an apartment near campus that offered a lot of space for the price, but they still needed two other girls to move in. One of Nicki's friends named Janis was the first join them, followed by a girl named Natalie. Nat was a catcher on the girl's softball team, but made a point of letting the other girls know she wasn't a dyke. Nicki let her know she didn't care if she was, as long as she paid her share of the rent. Except for Andi and Nicki, the girls mostly kept to themselves.

Janis' boyfriend would drive down from her hometown almost every other weekend to fuck the shit out of her every Friday and Saturday night. Nat went home on the weekends. Andi went with Nicki to whatever parties were worth attending. Some weekends, they'd just stay in the apartment -- especially if the other girls were out.

A few of Andi's other classmates talked about joining a sorority, and explained the benefits of belonging to this group or that group. Andi really liked what she had at her apartment, but thought about being in the "In Crowd" as she was in high school. Her friends explained the practice of Rush Week, and that it would be her opportunity to get noticed.

Nicki initially tried to talk Andi out of the sorority idea, but finally conceded and decided to join her on her quest. Nicki signed up for the same events and parties as Andi. The thought that they might not be accepted into the same sororities crossed Nicki's mind, but she didn't want to ruin the moment for Andi.

The first few days of events and parties seemed pretty lame to Nicki, but Andi took it all seriously. By Thursday night, though, neither had any signs of being accepted.

They were invited by one sorority to attend a frat brother's party. They showed up with six other girls - including their roommate Janis - and were required to wear little nametag stickers that said, "Hello, my name is _______."

They wrote in their names and waited for someone to tell them what to do next.

They didn't have to wait long as one of the frat brothers gathered the girls together and led them to another large room of the frat house mansion.

They had hoped to see most of the girls from the sorority that invited them there, but only two or three other girls were in sight. There must have been at least twenty guys, though, ranging from sophomores to seniors to guys that could have still been in high school.

One of the sorority sisters pulled them aside and told them they were about to play a little game -- a little test -- to get the evening started. Each girl would find a guy they found reasonably attractive, and then study his face. The guys would then stand in a line and each girl would have to guess which guy was the one she picked out -- blindfolded.

What the sorority sister didn't tell the girls was that at least one guy would be standing on his hands with his pants off. That was the joke, apparently.

After several beers, the girls were taken to another room and blindfolded, each waiting their turn.

Andi was the first to go, and was escorted to the next room where the line of frat guys waited.

They stood her in front of the first guy and she gently ran her hands over his face. Not the one she picked out. She stepped to the right and did the same to the second guy. Close, but not the one, either. She stepped to the right again, and leaned close to where the guy was standing. She recognized the cologne and knew it was him, but went through the motions of feeling his face.

"This is the guy I picked!" Andi said, and took off her blindfold. The crowd booed.

The very next guy was standing on his hands with his dick dangling where his face would be if he were standing normally. She tried to warn the other girls but was told that if she said a word, she would be out.

Janis was led out next. She was pretty, but slightly disproportionate. She was short, with a tiny waist, wide hips, round ass, and tiny feet. She was lucky if she could fill a B cup, but with her small frame, her tits still looked sexy. Her hair was long, blonde, and curly. Nicki had seen her step out of the bathroom several times and noticed that Janis always wore matching skimpy underwear. They were practically bikinis, but sexier, and she wore them even during the week, when nobody was around to see her in them.

The guy that Janis picked stood on his hands as she was led to the first guy in line. She felt his face rather roughly, and then stepped to her right. The sorority sister said that she had been too rough with her hands on the last guy, and would not be able to use her hands for the rest of the contest. Janis leaned forward, expecting to run her lips on a cheek, chin, or nose. Instead, her nose bumped into a half-erect cock. She was put off at first, but heard stuff like this went on at frat parties. She really wanted to be in this sorority, so if a show was what they wanted, a show was what she would give.

Janis bent slightly until her mouth found the tip of his cock, and opened wide as she let half his length down her throat. The crowd cheered. She kept her hands behind her back as she licked all around his shaft and balls. Her mouth found the tip of his cock again, and she took the entire length down her throat. Andi thought she had it easy, as this guy's cock was only six inches long and about two inches wide. Forgetting where she was, Janis let him come in her mouth, but quickly spit it out. She removed her blindfold, and was relieved to see it was the guy she had picked earlier. A few of the guys ushered her away, and had her sit with Andi.

One by one, the other girls were brought before the line of guys. Some played along to a point, opting to rub their noses in the guy's scrotums, but a few were disgusted and ran out after taking off their blindfolds.

Nicki, turned the tables on them, though. She waited to go last, and the crowd was going wild. Four of the six guys were standing on their hands with a little help from their friends.

Nicki stepped up to the first guy and gently touched his face. It was the one she picked, but she didn't take off her blindfold. She stepped to the right and recognized the musty smell of cock. She immediately engulfed his cock and sucked him hard. The crowd went wild. The other guys with dangling dicks became aroused at the sight, and their dicks were jutting out in front of them.

Before he had a chance to come, she stepped to the right and took the next guy's dick in her mouth. She wasn't quick enough to get out of the way of his orgasm and he came on her mouth and chin. Without skipping a beat, she stepped right again, and sucked on the next frat boy's cock. The crowd was going insane. She had already been come on once, so this time she made a point of letting him come in her mouth. She spit out his come directly into his face. The guy was pissed, but the crowd wouldn't let him touch her.

She stepped back to the left until she was sure she was standing in front of the guy she picked. Before he had a chance to move out of the way, she grabbed him and pulled him close. She looked like she was going to head-butt him, but instead, she smashed her mouth onto his, forcing his mouth open with her tongue.

He pushed her away, disgusted. She took off her blindfold. "That's the one." Nicki said.

"What's the matter?" Nicki asked the frat boy. "Don't tell me that was the first time you tasted your frat brother's come."

The frat boy was furious. One of the senior frat brothers intervened, and had a few of the other frat brother hold him back while Nicki was escorted to another room. The five remaining girls followed.

In the next room, about twenty sorority sisters sat, waiting patiently. Some were drinking beer, some drank wine, but the one thing they had in common was that they were all beautiful.

One of the sorority sisters, named Susie, stood up and addressed Andi and the other girls.

"Nice job, ladies." Susie said. "I'm glad you're not afraid of cock. You'll get plenty of it in this sorority."

Andi looked at Nicki. Her eyes asked if this was the right party. They thought they were going to one of the most well respected, most elite sororities on campus.

"You have to understand that we have to maintain certain standards," Susie added. "What we're going to do next is take a closer look at you. If you have potential, we'll point out your flaws and you'll have two weeks to work on them. If you don't have potential, you can leave. Now, get undressed."

Janis was the first to undress. To Andi and Nicki, Janis was very attractive and could see why her boyfriend wanted to fuck the shit out of her every time he visited.

Her body was lightly tanned, and her pubic hair was neatly trimmed, but it didn't match the blonde hair on her head.

Susie took a magic marker and drew a circle around her pubic mound.

"Dye one or the other to match, or remove his hair." Susie instructed, as she walked behind Janis. She drew two more circles on Janis' thighs.

"Cellulite. I'm not sure if you'll be able to do anything about that in two weeks. Good luck."

Susie walked back in front of Janis and eyed her breasts.

"Are you on the pill?" Susie asked.

"No, my boyfriend and I use condoms." Janis replied.

"Go on the pill. It'll make your tits bigger." Susie instructed. "As for your boyfriend, he'll come second to us -- if you make it."

Susie had Janis get dressed and moved on to Andi.

Andi was slow to take off her clothes, as she didn't like the idea of being drawn on with permanent black marker.

Susie took off the cap to her marker as she circled Andi, but then snapped the cap back on.

"Have you ever had long hair?" Susie asked.

"Not since I was a little kid." Andi answered.

"Let it grow out. Our frat brothers like something to hold onto." Susie instructed.

Andi didn't say anything, but she would not be told how to wear her hair.

"Very pretty, Andi. Very pretty. You can plan on being very popular." Susie added.

Susie motioned for Andi to get dressed, then stood before Nicki.

Nicki undressed before Susie had finished with Andi, and sat like a debutant with her legs crossed, and her hands folded on her knee.

"Ah, yes. The troublemaker." Susie said as she looked over Nicki's toned body.

"Your hair is perfect. Your tits are beautiful. Stand up, please." Susie asked.

Nicki stood and walked to the center of the room. All of the girls couldn't help but admire her compact frame with tits that were not quite D cups, a small waist, round ass, and well-toned thighs, calves, and abs. She worked out, swam, and fucked regularly. The other girls could see the envy in Susie's face.

"The problem with you isn't your looks. It's your mouth." Susie said.

"Oh? I think you'll find my mouth quite satisfying." Nicki smiled.

"Really? Are you offering a demonstration?" Susie asked.

"Whatever it takes." Nicki answered.

"Girls, I think Nicki is offering to perform oral sex on me." Susie announced. "Would anyone else like a demonstration of Nicki's talents, just to be sure?"

Several of the sorority sisters raised their hands, then stepped closer to Nicki and Susie.

Susie stepped out of her shorts, and the other girls stepped out of their jeans, skirts, and short dresses. Andi was amazed at how perfect their bodies looked. They looked like every man's wet dream, and could have been any of the girls she had seen in the quality porn magazines.

"If you're mouth is not up to the task, your friends will have to take over for you." Susie said as she sat in a large chair and looked at Andi and Janis. She spread her legs wide, exposing a glistening wet hairless pussy.

"Um, no hands, please. Just your mouth." Susie added.

Within minutes of Nicki licking Susie's pussy, Susie let out a shriek as she orgasmed.

"Well, someone was turned on, huh?" Nicki said to Susie.

"You don't know when to shut up, do you?" Susie said angrily. She stood up from the chair, and another girl took her place. Within an hour, Nicki had managed to bring seventeen girls to orgasm, some coming back for seconds. Nicki showed no sign of tiring.

Susie had disappeared shortly after her orgasm, but picked this time to reappear, leading a long line of frat brothers.

The seventeen naked or bottomless girls jumped on the first seventeen guys in line, and quickly helped them out of their clothes and went to work. The remaining thirteen guys took off their clothes and waited patiently for their turn.

Susie directed them to Nicki, bragging about Nicki's oral talents.

"I wonder if Nicki has any other hidden talents, boys" Susie said as she pointed to Nicki's ass and pussy."

Nicki was still going down on one of the beautiful sorority sisters when the first guy moved in behind her. She could see the guys gathering around her, and her pussy became sopping wet at the sight of so many young, attractive cocks bobbing in front of their owners.

Susie had a party bag full of KY jelly, condoms, and French ticklers, and made sure there was plenty to go around. If the new girls worked out, she didn't need them to get pregnant. All of the other sorority sisters were on the pill, but only the sober ones insisted on condoms.

The sorority girl being licked by Nicki quickly came and was replaced by a frat brother. The girl got up only to be laid down on a couch seconds later. A frat brother was quickly inside her, pumping furiously.

No sooner did Nicki have a dick in her mouth than another was sliding in her pussy. Two others moved alongside Nicki and started masturbating feverishly.

Susie looked at them and the ten or so other frat brothers and said, "We can't have that, can we? Surely, some of the new girls will offer to help Nicki satisfy these boys, right?"

Janis took off her clothes and stepped forward. The frat guys that weren't too busy fucking looked at her and laughed. She had forgotten about the black marker all over her body. One of the frat boys didn't mind, though, and quickly pulled on a condom and laid her on a couch. Another one followed and pushed his cock in her mouth. It must have been bigger than her boyfriend's, as she gagged repeatedly.

Two other girls were hesitant to take off their clothes, but immediately dropped to their knees and blew whatever cocks came their way. They managed one dick in their mouth and one in their hands, alternating effectively.

Andi watched as the frat guys working on Nicki rotated positions. Susie pulled the last frat guy next to Andi.

"Don't you want to help you're friend with this one?" Susie asked.

Andi watched as the frat boys taking turns with Nicki now had her on her back with one guy underneath her and the other on top of her. The one underneath pulled her legs back so Andi could see his cock buried deep in Nicki's ass. The one on top looked like he was stabbing her pussy with his nine-inch dick. He squeezed her tits so tightly, Andi was sure he was going to bruise her.

Andi looked at the last frat boy carefully. He was older -- maybe a senior -- but still had a boyish look. His cock was not quite fully erect, but looked thicker than any of the other cocks in the room. It was probably six inches long, but the girth of his thick shaft made it look shorter. All of the other girls had made at least one frat boy come, apparently including Susie, who had a small amount of come in her hair.

Andi took off her clothes and tucked them behind a cushion on the couch.

"Well, what do you want to do?" Andi asked. "Blow job?"

"How about everything?" the frat guy asked.

"I'm not into pain, so if it hurts, you're going to have to be happy with a blow job, okay?" Andi asked.

"Whatever you say, sweetheart." The frat boy said with a grin.

Andi dropped to her knees and took the guys fat cock in her hand. It was heavier than she expected, and thicker than anything she had experienced. She reached between his legs to caress his balls and ass and found him to be completely shaved. His hair didn't look dyed, she thought.

He lifted his cock and Andi thought he wanted her to lick his balls. As she leaned in further, he let his cock drop and hit her in the face.

It hurt, but Andi didn't protest.

Instead, she grabbed the shaft of his dick and squeezed while putting the head of his dick in her mouth. The tip of his cock was no bigger than anyone else's, but the shaft quickly ballooned to the size of her forearm.

She sucked hard, but he pulled away and had her stand near one of the many couches in the room. He lay on his back, and then pulled her on top, in a sixty-nine. He wasn't bad at eating pussy, but he was nowhere near as good as Nicki.

Andi found his lack of pubic hair interesting, and figured he did it to make his cock look longer.

She wasn't able to get much more than the head of his dick in her mouth, so she knew he'd probably want to fuck her. The thought of such a fat dick entering her pussy worried her, but also excited her. She thought that if she took it slow, she might be able to ride his cock and still be able to walk in the morning.

Suddenly, Andi felt a dick slide in her pussy. Another guy had been walking by and the guy she was blowing spread her legs and ass cheeks. The dick was skinny, but long, and the strange dick was hitting bottom with each thrust. Seconds later, she could feel him spurting his warm come inside her. She was relieved to see the stranger pull out and pull off a full condom before working his way to another girl.

The guy underneath her was now finger-fucking her while he licked her pussy. He let his pinky slide into her asshole and Andi involuntarily began bucking her hips on his hand.

Her ass cheeks shuddered as she orgasmed, but her frat boy's cock only grew thicker.

He slid out from under her, and had Andi lay on her side. He lifted one of her legs to his shoulder, and then stepped in with his fat cock.

The head slid into Andi's tight pussy easily. She was very wet from his saliva as well as her own juices. But when he tried to push more of his fat meat inside her, his efforts were met with tight resistance.

He squeezed one of her tits and pulled her toward him, inching a little more of his fat cock inside her. Andi put her hand on his leg to push him back, but he was determined to fuck her. She remembered how Nicki had sat on the monster cock dildo in her bedroom during the summer, and asked the frat boy if he'd mind if she got on top.

He sat on the couch and she straddled him, facing him. She lifted one leg and guided the small tip of his large cock to her pussy. Once it was in place, she put her knees on the edge of the couch and lowered herself onto him.

She began to bounce up and down, with only two inches of his cock entering her. After a few minutes, her pussy began to stretch and was able to accept almost four inches of his cock.

The position was working perfectly for Andi, and she shuddered again as she brought herself to orgasm on his thick member. She arched her back and pushed her tits in his face, hoping the act would help him to come, soon.

Instead, he grabbed her hips and began raising and lowering her to a rhythm of his choice. Each time he lowered her, he seemed to push just a little more of his thick cock inside, until he buried his entire cock in Andi's pussy.

She buried her face in his shoulder and he bounced her on his cock for almost five minutes.

Suddenly, he stopped, and spread her ass cheeks wide. She thought he was close to coming, and kissed him all over his face and neck, hoping to turn him on and finish the deal.

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