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Andre Becomes Andrea


I was in my first year of college. I was having second thoughts about the major I had declared: Psychology. I figured I was probably going to have to change it to something else. I went to a local University and was living in my brother's basement. I was not into the party scene, and having just turned 19, I was still too young for the campus bars. I had dated a girl during the first month or so of school, but she started to act a bit unstable. She blamed her erratic behavior on the stress of college. She had come from a small town and was having trouble adjusting. We had awkward sex and promised to never see each other again. We nearly embraced in agreement. There was one person from high school that I stayed in touch with, my friend, Andre. He had decided to take a year off from school before deciding what to do with his life. He claimed he was working at a clothing store and was teaching himself about web design. I would go to his parent's house on weekends, and we would sit around like familiar friends and talk about the people in high school that we had hated: the popular kids. We wished that they were no longer popular.

"That fucker should have a taste of his own medicine. Making people think they are worthless." Andre said.

"What fucker?" I asked.

"All those fuckers." He giggled.

I had never heard that giggle from him. He smiled strangely.

Andre had a thin build and pale skin. He appeared to have lost a little weight. His face was more angular and his cheekbones were more prominent than ever. He was my height: 5' 11". He was wearing his brown hair very short. His jeans fit him baggy and he had started to wear oversized shirts. I reasoned he was trying to find a new look for himself and was trapped somewhere before he actually did acquire a new look. His bedroom was no longer decorated with the posters of bands that had covered the walls. It seemed sparser than before, but there was a new trunk at the foot of his bed.

I was looking through a web design book that he had left on his nightstand. Andre had gone to the kitchen to get something to drink for us. As I flipped through the pages, not really interested in reading anything, a picture of a girl fell out. I had never seen her before. As if coming with the picture, there was a smell of perfume in the air. She looked as though she could have been the sister he never had, or a cousin I had never met. The girl had dark hair and was nicely made up. The picture was only from the waist up, but I could tell she had small, perky boobs. I found her very attractive and wondered where he was hiding her.

Andre came back into the room and placed the drinks on the computer desk.

"Who is this?" I asked.

"Who?" He said.

"This." I showed him the picture of the girl.

"Nobody." He answered.

"Really. Who is this?" I said.

I needed to know who she was.

"Are you getting some, Andre? This girl is way hot." I said.

"I wish she was... getting some." He said.

What did he mean by that? I decided not to press it. For now she would remain his secret. He would introduce me to her when he was ready. I was tired from studying and my mind felt as though it had been fried. I was looking forward to spring break, not that I had made any plans to go anywhere, but I wanted to, I needed to just do nothing. We talked a little bit longer before I decided to go. He told me he had some things to do on the computer and was probably going to go to sleep early.

"It's later then." I said.

"All right." He said.


I usually called or texted Andre to let him know that I was coming over, but he was not responding to either of them. I was feeling a little bored and needed to just be around a familiar face. His mother answered the door and was her usual gracious self with me. She asked me how my parents were doing and asked me about school. I could tell she was more than annoyed with Andre for taking the year off, but she understood that he needed to sort things out before making a commitment. Andre, once making up his mind, was a very dedicated person. She knew he would eventually get on track.

"Go on up to the room." She said.

"Thank you."

I was about to climb the stairs, but she started speaking again.

"Rob, has he mentioned... making any type of decision yet?" She asked.

"He has some web design books laying around. Maybe something to do with computers?" I said.

She nodded her head and gestured for me to go on up.

There was music playing inside of his room. I knocked on the door. I heard an unfamiliar voice coming from inside Andre's room. It was a girl's voice. Was it the sexy girl from the picture? The music stopped playing and I could here Andre moving a few things around.

"Andre! It's me, Rob." I said.

"Just a minute." Andre said.

Since I figured that he had a girl in his room, and needed his privacy, I was going to leave, but the door opened. The girl from the photo was standing there now. She had come to life. Our eyes were locked in on each other. I was certainly entranced by her. There was also something too familiar about her.

"Hi. You must be Robert." She said, in a sweet melodic voice. No one called me Robert. She was wearing a short black skirt with ruffles, and had on a white top. Her boobs were small and I don't think she was wearing a bra. She was wearing strapped heels and had on an ankle bracelet. Her feet had a pedicure.

"Yes." I said. "Where is Andre?"

"He's around." She said.

"I thought I heard his voice. Are you two dating?"

"No." She said, in a guy's voice.

I was a little confused, but instantly understood what was going on, and was putting it together. Andre was hiding somewhere under the persona of a girl. I walked over to him/her and looked into his/her face. I placed my hands on his/her shoulders and tried to find Andre. The scent of perfume gave the room a fruity smell. Andre, or some new form of Andre, giggled.

"I'm Andrea. Andre has told me so much about you. I know that the two of you are great friends, and in being a great friend to him, you would never turn your back on him." She said.

"That's true." I said.

I was not sure what I was agreeing to. I decided to play along.

"So, tell me about yourself, Andrea." I said.

"Andrea is very creative. She has her own website. She is very liberated. She comes and goes as she pleases." Andrea said. "Andrea is very willing to see things through."

My first impulse was too burst out laughing, but this scene was too real, too emotional, to take lightly. I sensed that my entire friendship with Andre could end if the wrong thing was said. I had no real reason to end things. I cared about my friend. I had known him since elementary school. We chatted for about an hour. No word of Andre was made. Andrea owned the room now, and she moved about it as an individual who was girly and into fashion. Her long hair and bouncy skirt were suddenly appealing to me. I was starting a friendship with Andrea. I had accepted her, but I had to get out of the room to gather my thoughts. I told her that I had something to do for my brother and started to excuse myself. In her heels, she was taller than me. She leaned into me and initiated a kiss on the cheek. I accepted her kiss and did the same to her.

"I am glad to have met you, Andrea." I said.

"Likewise." She said.

Andrea brushed her hand across my arm. I turned to leave, unsure at this point if I would ever see Andre again. Nonetheless, I left with a hard on. I was playing her voice over and over in my head as I went down the stairs. His mother sat quietly in the living room and did not say goodbye to me.


Professors would be speaking, and everything they said could have well been in another language. I was clueless. All I could do was think about Andre and how he was becoming someone else. In the cafeteria, I just sat there with an empty tray. People usually said hello to me, but they must have sensed I was processing something, because no one approached me. How could he make himself into a desirable girl? Was he growing breasts? My best friend had titties? I was starting to have fantasies involving Andrea. I felt that I was comfortable in my masculinity, and was still hopelessly attracted to girls, but Andre/Andrea was something special. Andrea was a girl. Wasn't she? I thought to myself.

The door that my friend was hiding behind was one that I had to go through to find him, or to still have a connection with him. The secret he was keeping, was now part of my life. I felt myself being pushed, by my own hand, to confront these feelings.

I called Andre, but he would not answer my calls. I texted him and tried to make my words sound accepting of his new lifestyle. I wanted to see Andrea again. I wanted to tell Andre that he was my friend no matter what. Finally, after about a week, I got a call from a number I did not recognize.

"Hello?" I said, thinking it was a wrong number.

"Hello. Is Robert There?" The voice said.

"This is Robert."

"Hi, Robert. This is Andrea."

My breathing started to increase. My heart rate was moving quickly now. I was excited. I was happy she was calling me. We talked for about an hour. Not once did we mention Andre. She told me, in a bitchy voice, about how her boss was an incompetent and how she was looking for a new job. She talked about how her website was doing. There were many like-mined people such as her. She was grateful for that. We agreed to meet for an early lunch the next day. I had a class but was going to miss it. I needed to see her.

The next morning I showered, shaved, and prepared myself as though I had a date. This was a date. I brushed my teeth a couple of times and used mouthwash. I sprayed some cologne and headed out to meet her.

The mall was mostly empty. It was still early. There were a few senior citizens finishing up their morning walks. There were a few mothers with young children in strollers. Normally, I would be ogling any milf in my field of vision, but this day I was too excited and only thinking of one thing. I found Andrea in the mostly empty food court. She waved to me as though I didn't recognize her. Her hair was a different color. She was sitting at a table. Her legs crossed and foot dangling in flip-flops. She was wearing black spandex pants and had on a white blouse. Her waist cinched by a gold belt. Andrea was wearing a couple of noisy bracelets on both arms. She had on a pair of shades. Today her hair was blonde and shoulder length. It was as though I was seeing her for the first time.

"Hey." I said, bending down to kiss her on the cheek.

Her perfume was more flowery this day.

"Hello." She said. "Do you like Andrea's new hair color?"

"Yes." I said.

We looked at each other, searching out what to talk about. She was constantly moving her left foot, as if in rhythm with some song playing in her head. Her feet were so feminine, and I rarely spent much time on feet. That might have to change. She was drinking a bottle of water, using a straw. She handed me the bottle without asking me if I wanted any. I had a split second to think about what I was going to do next. Was I drinking through a straw used by Andre, or was I actually drinking from Andrea's lips? I looked at her blonde hair, and at the way she smiled at me. I accepted the bottle and the straw. I drank, even though I was not thirsty. I wanted to use her straw.

Andrea had asked me to meet her at the mall because she wanted my opinion on picking out a dress. I was more than eager to help her, to see her come out of a fitting room wearing an outfit I helped her pick out.

"I don't know what to get. I mean my boobs are barely there, but I want to make them look bigger without padding. I don't want to use padding. I don't think my boobies would like it if I wasn't natural."

"Do you think I could see them?" I said.

"Robert, you don't say that to a girl you just met. Is that how you see me? I am not happy with that remark at all." She said in a pissed-off tone.

I was quiet. I really had wanted to see them at some point that day.

"I am sorry, Andrea. You are right." I said.

We didn't get anything to eat. She was ready to go shopping. Andrea stood up to put her empty tray away. I immediately stood up to take it from her.

"Let me do that." I said.

I looked into her eyes. Today we were the same height. I was so close to her. I could feel her breathing. She wore just a light cover of makeup and had on very little lipstick.

"Thank you." She whispered as she handed me her tray.

As I was putting the tray away, I noticed that she was adjusting her belt and straightening out her pants. She acted so girly. Her butt was shapely. I had never looked at it in that manner. In that moment, I had no doubt that she could pass easily, even if the mall had been full of people and there was more eye contact and scrutiny. She would not have to fool anyone. She was Andrea. I was suddenly on the track where sex with Andrea was a goal. She was an ultimate goal.

The first time she came out of the dressing room, she did not look happy and stomped her right foot. She looked in the mirror and shook her head. The white dress fitted too tightly on top.

"See what I mean?" She said. "They look too small."

"We have time to try on as many as you want." I said.

I hated shopping, but was starting to like how she would come out of the fitting room and twirl for me. She tried on skirts, dresses and a few pair of pants, before finally finding something that flattered her perfectly: She wore a dress that was beige and that hugged her body, but didn't not make her breasts disappear. The dress had thin straps and was a good two inches above her knees. She was braless and they looked very promising. She was wearing her flip-flops, so I imagined that with high heels she would look very impressive.

"I like it." I said, without having been asked.

"How does my butt look?" She asked softly.

"Amazing." I said.

The sales people went about their business, not interested in the two of us.

She turned her back to the mirror and looked back to see her ass.

"I'll look better with he right shoes."

"I am not sure I will be able to keep my hands off you if we were alone right now." I said, nervously laughing.

She looked at me rather wistfully. I sensed that Andrea was happy to hear that.

As we were leaving the store, we started to hold hands. I was carrying her dress with my free hand. We were just speaking, not talking about anything in particular. I told her that I wanted to see her try on some high heel shoes. She said that she knew of just the pair at another store.

"Maybe we can do that tomorrow?" I said.

"Maybe." She giggled. "Do you think I have nice feet?"

"Yes." I said.

A guy that Andre and I had gone to High School with was walking towards us. He appeared distracted by something and I hoped he remained that way. I wanted to be strong for Andrea, and tried to act as calm as possible. I did feel her hand squeeze mine a little tighter. He noticed me. We were only a hundred or so feet from the exit. I waved hello to Jason. He gave Andrea a quick glance. He did not question that I was holding hands with a girl. He then turned his attention to me. Andre never liked this guy. He was always dismissive of him.

"Rob. What's going on man?"

"Not much." I said. "You?"

"Just in school. Never thought I'd recover after a tough first semester. Doing better now." Jason said.

"Andrea, this is Jason. We went to high school together. Jason, this is Andrea." I said.

Jason nodded. Andrea remained cool. She did look sexy with her shades and blonde hair.

"I actually have a job interview today. Here at the mall." He said.

"That's fine, maybe we can catch up some other day." I said.

We made the usual promise to get together the first chance we had. We said goodbye. Andrea's grip on my hand has lessened a bit. I looked back to see where Jason was. I had a slight nervous feeling during the short conversation. I had been holding hands with my best friend from high school who was now dressed and acting like a girl. In Andre's new role, we were surely sharing something special. Andrea hugged my arm as I walked her to her car. She hugged me and gave me a wet kiss on my cheek. My hand was on her waist and I could feel her boobs against my chest. My hand drifted down to her butt. I did my best to keep a light touch on her. She did not seem offended by my touch. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She looked surprised but didn't say anything.


I was getting very busy with school, but at the same time was going crazy thinking about Andrea. We did not get together the previous weekend. I tried to contact her, and left a message about shopping for shoes, but she never got back to me. I didn't even think about contacting Andre. I wanted to just associate with Andrea. A few days after my last text message to her, I received a phone call from him. Andre seemed annoyed and wanted to meet me right away at the same mall where I had gone shopping with Andrea. I agreed to meet him.

When I got to the food court, I had to look around for him. He was sitting at a booth alongside the outer edge of the food court. He had on a pair of earphones and seemed lost in whatever music he was listening to. There were people mingling about at the different restaurants and children had filled up the play area. He had on a blue jacket and was wearing blue jeans. His hair looked even shorter than before, and his face seemed thinner.

"Hello." I said. I remembered leaning down to kiss Andrea. That seemed impossible at the moment.

Andre removed his earphones, but didn't say a word.

"I said hello." I said.

He still did not say anything. I could tell he was angry about something and was going to either take it out on me or let me know about it.

"Andrea wanted me to talk to you." He said, bluntly.

I started to think to myself: O.K. I'll play along.

"How is Andrea?" I said. I was trying to sound concerned for her.

"Get that smirk off your face. This is serious." He said. I had rarely seen him angry. "She wants to know what it is you really feel for her. You have been nice to her, but she say's she thinks you only want to fuck her and you don't really care about her."

"I care about her a lot." I defended myself.

"She says you constantly look at her boobs and stare at her ass. Even though she can't see you doing it, she feels your stare. Andrea says that you asked to see her tits and that you patted her on her butt. This happened the last time you saw her. She may not want to see you again."

"I did do that." I admitted. "But I was just saying goodbye and my hand... I didn't mean anything by it. Nothing bad. She was dressed so sexy. She is sexy."

I could see him taking everything in. He still seemed angry.

"But," I continued, "I care about her. Can't everything... can't both things exist?"

"What both things?" He asked.

"The liking her and the friendship?"

He folded his arms and gave me a cold look.

"Look, Rob. Andrea is a special girl. You aren't going to play with her."

"I'm not." I said.

"She and I agreed on something. It is the only way to proceed. It sort of lays things out." He said.

"Yes?" I said.

"You have to go through me to get to her. Let me rephrase that. I have to go through you to allow you access to Andrea. She is a virgin. And that means something to her."

"What?" I said. I knew exactly what he was talking about, but it all seemed like a sudden shock.

He stood up now. His face had stayed impassive the whole time.

"I have to go now. Think about what I said."

Andre turned to leave. Then just before he walked away, he touched my bare arm with his hand. It was as though he let Andrea out for a moment and she was showing compassion for me. I watched him leave and wondered about his boobs and the fact that his ass did not seem so shapely in loose jeans. I was seriously starting to prefer the company of Andrea, not so much because I was the man and she was girl, but because Andre didn't seem capable of compromising.

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