I worked at a manufacturing plant as a CAD designer in the city. My name is Don, I am 56, 6' tall about 280 pounds. I have a 9" cock that is approximately 2" around, my balls are large and when I cum, I cum hard and long.

We have a new office assistant; her name is Andrea, (Andy for short). She is a light skinned African American, about 5'4" tall and weighs about 110 pounds. Her measurements are approximately 34b x 22 x 36. Andy is friendly and I like her – a lot! We tease each other and flirt with each other. I have never had some brown sugar and was going to find a way to give her my 9" cock.

We were alone late one afternoon and had been flirting back and forth all day, this was the day. After the last of the office staff left I walked over and locked the door. I walked into Andy's office and quietly walked up behind her. She was typing something as I came up to her and put my arms around her, holding her tightly so that she couldn't move. I picked her up from her chair; she protested trying to scream out. I tightly placed my hand over her mouth, pulled her over to the table that we used for meetings, picked her up and laid her down on the table. I grabbed her blouse and pulled it open, ripping the buttons off. I pulled it from her body; she had a light yellow satin bra covering her luscious tits. Andy tried to cry out, I slapped her face and told her to relax, not to call out and that I would make her feel good. I told her that if she didn't cooperate I would hurt her and produced my knife. She saw it and calmed down. I asked her if she was ready to cooperate and she nodded that she was.

I then slowly took the blade and placed it under the front of her bra between her tits. I pulled up and the razor sharp blade sliced through the bras material like butter. Her beautiful tits were now mine to have. Her nipples became hard as I reached up and softly squeezed her tits. Her skin was soft to the touch. Her breathing was fast. I bent over and took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. It rose and stood up about ½" as I suckled on it. I massaged her right breast as I sucked the left. I then moved up and placed my lips over hers and softly kissed her. She resisted and I held her head still and kissed her again. I ran my tongue over her soft, smooth lips and tried to move it into her mouth. She kept her mouth closed, I told her that was all right, and that she would soon take it.

I slowly kissed down her beautiful neck down to the soft valley between her lovely breasts. I again kissed, sucked and caressed her tits, showering them with kisses back and forth for 10 minutes or so. While doing so I moved a hand down and unfastened her slacks. I pulled the zipper down and as I kissed downwards from her breasts, pulled her slacks from her luscious hips. I continued kissing down towards her mound running my tongue over her taught skin, kissing and sucking my way to her treasure. I pushed the slacks down and off her legs and continued to kiss and suck my way down her thighs. I kissed all the way down to her feet and started back up again. I slowly kissed my way towards her inner thighs. I spread them slowly as I got nearer to her hot pussy. I then took a hold of her matching panties and ripped them from her body. I could now see her lips as I got closer and smell her sex as I neared. Andy tried to keep her legs together but I bit down hard into her flesh, reminding her of what could happen and she stopped. I spread her legs apart as far as I could and moved upwards to her pussy. I spread her lips and found them to be wet. "You're getting turned on by this, your pussy is getting wet, you're a little slut for this aren't you," I asked her? "No, she told me, please stop Don, don't do this to me, please, no, no don't, I'm a virgin," she cried out.

I stopped for a moment at that and smiled. I hadn't had a virgin for quite a long time and my first black woman was a virgin. I told her that I would be gentle, to relax and enjoy what I was going to do to her. I then moved my mouth over her wet cunt. I took my tongue and bathed her lips with it. Moving it from her asshole to her clit. I found her delicious nectar a treat and started to suck on her pussy softly. I slowly and again, softly, stroked her lips with my tongue spreading her juices over them. She moaned out a little as I ate her cunt. I sucked her and then slid my tongue into her dripping hole. She cried out a little as I started to tongue fuck her virgin pussy. Her juices were now flowing from her body, over her ass and onto the table. I took a finger and slid it slowly into her hot body until I found what I was looking for, her hymen, still intact. She was a virgin as she said. I now knew that I had to be careful with her. I slid two fingers into her dripping, hot cunt and took her hard clit into my mouth and sucked it hard. She started to buck her hips as I sucked on her clit and fucked her with my fingers. Andy raised her hips against my face, sighed deeply and cried out, "OH MY GOD, I'M CUMMING DON, OH YESSSSS, IT'S GOOD, IT'S SOOOOO GOOD!! OH, OH, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUMMMMM!!!" Her juices flowed from her dripping, hot, quivering pussy as I continued to eat her. I sucked her pussy for all I was worth.

My 9" steel hard cock was begging to be let free. I reached down and pulled my pants and underwear from my body. My man meat was free, dripping pre-cum like a hose and hard as a steel bar. Andy would soon feel it filling her hot little body, deep in her hot, wet, dripping pussy. I moved up and kissed her again. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, this time she took it and sucked on it like it was a dick. I swirled it around hers as I kissed her. I moved up and between her thighs so my cock was against her dripping pussy. She felt it and cried out, "NO DON, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME! PLEASEEE NOOOO!!"

I placed my mouth over hers again and took hold of my hard dick and rubbed it up and down against her dripping pussy. I pulled her legs up and over my shoulders and slowly started to slide my cock into her body. I pushed forward until I felt the resistance of her virgin sheath. I pulled back and thrust forward impaling her with my 9" of rock solid cock. Andy cried out, "NOOOOO, OHHH GOD NOOOOO!!!!"

I held it in her tight virgin pussy letting her get used to my huge cock as I softly kissed her, telling her, "Don't cry Andy, it will be all right. It will feel good in a couple of minutes. You will love my cock in your pussy. It was meant for my cock, SHHHH, don't cry." I kissed her lips as my pulsating meat filled her hot pussy. After a minute or so I slowly pulled it back until just the bulbous head was in her. I then slowly pushed back forward into her dripping, hot cunt until I bottomed out against her cervix. I still had about 1 ½ inches of hard cock to fill her with. I decided to take it slow and when she was getting into my cock filling her; I would give it all to her.

Andy was crying, "No, oh god, please no. I'm a virgin, no Don, please stop this. Don't do this to me!" I continued to slowly fuck my cock in and out of her dripping pussy. "You're not a virgin anymore baby, you're a whole woman now. You've got my big, hard, throbbing cock in your pussy. Feel it, feel it in your body Andy. Let it take you to new heights as I slide it in and out of you," I told her. I slowly started to speed up my movements into and out of her hot pussy. Her muscles were starting to grab my cock as I fucked her with it. I knew that soon I would thrust it all into her accepting, hot, dripping cunt. It was made for it, made to take all of a man's hard cock. She was starting to breathe heavier, her hips started to slowly move against me, fucking me back.

I moved my hands under her tight ass and pulled her up a little as I pushed forward into her hot hole. She started to shake, her breathing heavy, she was nearing an orgasm on my cock. I told her, "Let it go little one, take my cock, feel my cock, and love my cock with your hot pussy." As I sped up I moved up a little more getting ready to thrust the rest of my 9" hot, dripping, hard cock up into her cervix. Andy was starting to cum, she called out, "Oh Don, I'm going to cum again, it's, it's good, ohhh it's soooo good!!" I grabbed a hold of her hips, pulled my cock almost all of the way from her hot pussy and thrust back into her body. I split her cervix, my cock entered her up to my balls and I fucked her hard and fast. She cried out, "OHHHH MYYYY GODDDDDD!!! I'M CUMMINGGGG, I, I, I'MMMM CUMMINGGGGG!!! FUCKKKK MEEEE!!! GIVE IT TO ME DON, OHHHH YESSSSS, YES, YES, OHHHH YESSSSSS, FUCKKKK MEEEEE!!!"

I continued to give her my hard steel, 9", dripping, hot cock. I fucked her hard and fast. Andy panted, calling out to fuck her. I thrust my cock in and out of her dripping, pulsating pussy. I fucked her for another 5 minutes and she came again, crying out, "OHHHHHH DONNNN, I'MMMM CUMMINGGGG!!!!" Andy was meeting me stroke for stroke now, her body in a continuous orgasm as I fucked her. My cum was building up in my balls and I was getting ready to fill her body with my hot, sticky sperm. I fucked her body hard, pummeling her with my cock. My cum boiled out of my balls, "HERE IT CUMS ANDY, MY CUM IS SHOOTING INTO YOUR PUSSY BABY!! FEEL IT, FEEL MY COCK SHOOT INTO YOU, FEEL MY HOT, STICKY, THICK CUM FILLING YOUR HOT, DRIPPING PUSSY!!" I shot load after load after load of my cum. I came so much that it filled her pussy and ran out and over her ass hole. I continued to fuck her until my cum stopped shooting out. I pulled my cock from her hot, dripping cunt, my cum flowing from her hole. Andy was breathing hot and heavy. My cock was still hard as I turned her over onto her stomach and pulled her to the edge of the table.

"No more Don, I can't, I'm tired, you wore me out," Andy pleaded. As I spread her luscious thighs again and came up between them I took my cock in hand and placed it to her dripping pussy. "I'm not done with you baby; I'm going to fuck you until you can't take it anymore." "My cock is still hard and wants more of your sweet pussy and I'm going to feed it to him" I told her! I then thrust my cock back into her hot, dripping pussy until my balls slapped against her perfect ass. Andy cried out as my cock filled her body. I started to slowly fuck my 9" hard, hot cock into her hot pussy, giving her every inch, filling her pussy up to and into her cervix. I grabbed her legs and put her up onto the table on her knees. I pulled her back against me as I fucked her. Her breathing again getting fast and heavy. As I gave her all of my cock I took a finger and placed it against her last virgin hole, her perfect asshole!! I slowly slid it in until it was fully lodged into her tight virgin ass. I pulled it back out and then started to fuck her tight ass with it as I fucked her tight pussy. I pushed a second finger in her ass and then a third fucking her with them.

"OH FUCK, OH, OH, FUCK ME DON, GIVE IT TO ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, IT'S GOOD, YOUR COCK, IT, IT'S FILLING MY PUSSY!! OHHHH YESSSSS, YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM AGAIN, OHHHHH DONNNN, FUCKKK MEEE," she called out!!! I pulled my fingers from her ass, as my cock came out of her pussy I placed it to her enlarged asshole and pushed it forward. The head popped in, she cried out, "NO DON, NOT THERE, IT HURTS TOO MUCH!! NOOOOO, PLEASEEEE NOT MY ASSSSSSS!!!!"

I held onto her hips and thrust forward, impaling her hot, tight ass on all 9" of my throbbing, dripping, hot, hard cock. I held her tight as she tried to get away, my cock deeply impaled into her virgin ass. I told her, "I am taking your ass also baby, and just like your pussy, relax and it will be all right!!" I slowly pulled my cock almost all of the way out and slowly pushed it back in, just as I did to her previously virgin pussy. I intended to make her cum on my cock as I fucked her ass. I slowly started to quicken my pace as her breathing got faster and heavier. I continued to fuck her ass as she started shaking. I reached around and found her hard clit and pinched it then stroked it like a little dick.

Andy almost immediately started to cum and cried out, "OH DON, WHAT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MEEEE!!! I'M CUMMING, OHHHH YOU BASTARD, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS WITH THAT BEAUTIFUL COCK!! OHHHHH YESSSS I'MMM CUMMINGGGGG!!!!" Her body shook in orgasm as I fucked her hot ass. My cock looked good as it slipped in and out of her previous virgin ass. It felt so good to be in her I couldn't stop fucking her. My cock had a mind of its own as I thrust it in and out of her hot body.

I kept fucking her ass hard and fast. She came again and again on my cock as I fucked her and stroked her pussy. She was fucking back against my cock. I felt my cum once again building up in my balls and I knew that I would soon be shooting it into her hot, tight ass. I told her, "I'M GOING TO CUM ANDY, I'M GOING TO FILL YOUR HOT ASS WITH MY THICK CUM!!" I grabbed her hips, pulled her back against me pushing my cock deeper into her tight, hot ass. My cum came boiling out of my balls, through my hard cock and shot into her bowels. I called out to her, "OHHHH FUCK YESSSSS!!! I'M CUMMING MY LITTLE CUM SLUT!! OHHHH YESSSS, FUCK IT'S GOOD, YOUR ASS IS SOOO GOODDDD!!! YESSS, HERE IT IS BABY, MY GOT, STICKY, THICK CUM!! FEEL IT, FEEL IT SHOOTING INTO YOUR ASS, OHHHHH FUCKKKKK MEEEE YOU'REEE HOTTTTT!! UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH, FUCKKKK!!!!!!"

My cum shot out filling her hot, tight, beautiful ass and ran out around my cock and down into her pussy. I continued to stroke in and out of her body until I was getting soft. I pulled out of her ass, stood up, pulled her up and around and took Andy into my arms. I held her close, my dripping cock against her thighs. She reached down and stroked my softening cock, getting all of my cum from it. Andy then brought her hand up and sucked the cum from her hand and fingers.

I picked her up and placed her down on her knees. I didn't have to say a word; she looked me in the eyes, took my cock in her soft hands and brought it to her mouth. She then licked and sucked it clean, getting all of my cum and her juices from it. I pulled her up, held her tight and kissed her softly. She kissed me back, our tongues meeting again, dancing against each other. I moved my hands over her body, caressing her. My cock slowly started to get hard again. I sat down in her chair and pulled her to me and as she straddled me my cock slid right into her pussy. I pushed up against her, she pushed down and we slowly made love to each other again until we both came together. Our cum joining together, coating my cock and our thighs.

After we finished we went back into the locker room and took a shower together. We cleaned each other, dried each other off and got dressed. I then took her to her car and we parted for the night. We since meet together in the office as much as we can. Our sex together is wonderful now, since I took her that first time, she is a willing and very capable lover. She gives great hand jobs, blow jobs, will take my cum anywhere I want to give it to her, her mouth, face, breasts, pussy and her ass. We will continue to enjoy each other as long as we can.

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