Andrea Maclean


Andrea Maclean laid on her back with her legs wide apart, the cock inside her felt so good.. The GMTV weathergirl had not had sex since the break up of her marriage and although this wasn't the biggest cock in the world it still felt good inside her.

She raised her hips and started to fuck back and her tempo increased as he thrust into her, she could feel he was near to cumming and although she wasn't, she wanted to feel him cum inside her. She wasn't disappointed as seconds later with a grunt he exploded inside her. They kissed and cuddled for a few minutes and then fell asleep in each others arms. When she woke next morning he was gone, she smiled to herself, god she hadn't even got his name and she wondered if he knew who she was.

Her thoughts drifted back to the night before, she was on her way home and had stopped off at a cosy wine bar near to where she lived and been hit upon by this guy. Normally she would have ignored him but there was a gnawing at the pit of her stomach and she knew she was feeling horny for the first time in months. One thing had led to another and she found herself inviting this guy home for coffee and letting him fuck her. And now he was gone again!!

But she suddenly realised what she had been missing and wanted some more. She ran her hands over her nipples and slowly down her body, her cunt was still damp from last night and she gently tweaked her clit a few times, as she did so her body arched spasmodically and she thrust two fingers inside herself and quickly brought herself to the orgasm she was deprived of the night before.

When she had recovered, Andrea threw back the duvet and headed for the shower. The needles felt good on her skin as the hot water cascaded down and she soaped herself clean. She washed her breasts and was amazed to find her nipples had hardened again, she smiled, her craving for sex was returning. She ran her hands down her body and started to finger herself again, but she wanted something bigger than her finger this time and looking round the bathroom she found the perfect solution. A conditioner bottle about 6 inches tall and an inch and a half thick was stood on the end of the bath and Andrea reached out and took the bottle and inserted it into her cunt. God it felt good and within seconds she was fucking herself vigorously with it pushing the full length of the bottle inside her. Her breathing soon picked up pace and she was groaning with pleasure as her orgasm grew and she came with the conditioner bottle deep inside her and collapsed on the shower floor with the water still cascading down on her.

Ten Minutes later Andrea was dressing in front of her mirror and could not believe the transformation in herself. Twelve hours ago she hadn't had sex for months, now she had been fucked last night and had masturbated twice within forty five minutes of being awake this morning.

She was glad it was Saturday and there was no work until Monday, so she checked her diary for any engagements and was pleased to see she had none. At that moment Andrea decided that one way or another she was going to spend the whole weekend having sex. She laughed out loud to herself and casually threw her handbag over her shoulder as she left her flat and headed for London for a couple of hours shopping.

On the short drive into London, Andrea wondered how she would carry out her planned weekend. Although she wasn't a major star by any means she had done television for a few years now and had appeared in quite a few of the thousands of glossy magazines that tended to dominate the newsagents these days. Still not everyone knew her and chances are if she got into conversation with anyone they would probably let on they knew who she was anyway. Twenty minutes later Andrea was parked and heading for the centre of London. Then the idea hit her....Glory Holes....she had heard of such places but of course never been to such a place, but of course she might be recognised and her career would be over.

Not to be put off, Andrea walked into a nearby department store where she purchased a pair of dark sunglasses and a headscarf. Perfect she thought, now no-one will recognise me. She made her way to the ladies room and there she put her two new purchases before leaving and quickly mingling with the growing crowds in the busy cosmopolitan city.

She took a tube to Leicester Square where she left the train and was pleased that not a single person had recognised her, usually if she was on the tube at least one person would let on who she was. She made the short walk to Soho and casually started to survey the situation. There were many sex shops but she was not sure if they all or indeed any had what she was looking for. Andrea surveyed the situation for about fifteen minutes and picked out which were the busier of the shops. Casually she made her way towards one and entered just like any normal customer trying to remain as calm as possible.

Once inside she started to browse the shelves and instantly found herself becoming horny with all the sexy images on display. There were one or two other women in the shop and then she spotted a door opening at the back and a very attractive young black girl came out, quickly looked round and hurriedly left the shop.

A couple of minutes later one of the other women entered the same door and Andrea quickly realised there was more going on on that side of the door than this. She waited about another five minutes and in that time four men and one woman came out of the door and left the shop. Now was the time to move she thought to herself and although she had massive butterflies in her stomach she headed towards the door.

Once on the other side Andrea found herself in a passageway that seemed to stretch for ever and every few yards there were doors on both the left and right hand side. She walked about halfway down the corridor and picked a door on the left hand side. Locking the door behind her she let out a big sigh of relief. She could not believe she had come this far but now she had the thought turned her on immensely.

She surveyed the small booth and was surprised it actually looked quite clean. There was a TV screen and a slot machine which took pound coins to watch the movies. Also she mused to herself there was a box of tissues on the shelf below the TV screen. Also she noticed that there were indeed glory holes, one on each side and were big enough to get a decent size cock through but that was all.

She removed the dark glasses and the scarf and now she was Andrea Maclean TV weathergirl again and realising what she was doing made her feel horny as fuck.

Andrea looked in her purse and saw that she had about eleven pound coins so that she could watch a movie if nothing else happened but curiosity got the better of her and she bent down and peered into one of the glory holes. The booth on the left was empty so she switched to the other. What she saw made her gasp, there was a girl she had seen earlier in the shop knelt down and sucking a cock while fingering her own cunt.

Andrea nearly came on the spot, it looked so horny and she unconsciously started to rub her own cunt through her skirt. The action went on for a further five minutes when the girl seemed to suck even harder and it was obvious the guy was cumming in her mouth. She seemed to swallow every drop and the girl at last released it and it disappeared back through the hole. The girl then sat back and put a pound coin in the screen and started to finger herself to orgasm before tidying herself up and leaving the booth. So now the booths on both sides were empty and Andrea felt a little disappointed and she was just contemplating leaving when she heard the booth on the left hand side being locked.

Her stomach fluttered in anticipation and she slowly bent down and peered through the hole again. This time it was a man in the other booth, he was about fifty years old and quite stocky but she thought what the heck. The guy took off his jacket and leant forward and put a couple of coins in the slot and sat back to watch the action on the screen in front of him.

After just a few seconds he undid his trousers and dropped them a little and pulled out his cock. Andrea was impressed, it was about seven inches long and remarkably thick. He started to wank it and she felt slightly disappointed that he hadn't yet looked to see if anyone was in the booths either side of him. She thought to herself that maybe this was all he wanted and smiled to herself. All of a sudden a black cock appeared through the hole on the other side of him, it was every bit as big as the one she had just seen but she could not believe what she was watching.

Of course Andrea had no personal experience before of this type of place but would guys really come here and have sex with other guys? Her question was soon answered. The stocky guy leant forward and took the black cock deep into his mouth and hungrily started to suck it off. It didn't last long and soon with an audible grunt the black guy emptied his seed into the stocky man's mouth.

Andrea was so turned on, so much so in fact she didn't realise she had been masturbating whilst watching the whole performance. Suddenly her whole body convulsed and she released a wonderful orgasm. Then she realised her booth had been so quiet and as she came she gasped and the stocky guy quickly leant down and peered into her booth.

Andrea jumped back but quickly realised he could only peer through the hole and relaxed a little. She saw his eye up against the hole and it struck her that this was her moment of truth. She sat back on the settee and opened her legs as wide as she could. The guy on the other side of the wall could not believe his luck. All he ever got here normally was a blow job from a guy or a cock to suck but he could see enough through the hole to see that this was a gorgeous girl offering herself to him.

Andrea could see him watching her and with her legs so far apart her skirt had ridden high on her thighs and her white thong panties were fully exposed. They were also soaking wet. She pulled them two one side and eagerly pushed two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. The guy was by now wanking furiously and hoped this gorgeous creature would give him the blow job he so desired. He stood up and pushed his by now rock hard cock through the hole.

Andrea saw it appear and greedily leant forward and took the whole length in her mouth. Never in her whole life had she been so turned on and she started to suck like a greedy cum slut which for now anyway is exactly what she wanted to be. She sucked hungrily for about two or three minutes, furiously fingering herself the whole time and then she could feel him tighten and sucked even harder when all at once he emptied him cum into her keen and waiting mouth.

She climaxed at exactly the same time and wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. She felt his cock go limp in her mouth and reluctantly she released it and saw it disappear through the hole. She could hear him dressing himself and in just a few moments he had left. She thought it was all a bit clinical but then thought what else could she expect from a place like this and again laughed to herself. His cum was still tasting strong in her mouth and she was contemplating leaving again when the door on her right hand side was being locked as someone else entered the booth.

All told over a period of two hours Andrea sucked on four cocks and brought herself to three shattering orgasms on her fingers, but glancing at her watch she realised it was mid afternoon and she felt hungry but more importantly she needed something more than her fingers inside her cunt. She put the scarf and sunglasses back on and left the booth pleased with her mornings work. It was two forty five p.m.

Twenty minutes later Andrea was sitting in a trendy wine bar contemplating the second part of her weekend. Who knows what might happen she thought to herself and laughed out loud.

To Be Continued...

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