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Andrea's Guinea Pig


My name is John and I suppose I've lived a fairly quiet life, a few wild experiences when I was young but nothing too exciting ever happens to me nowadays, until recently that is. I'm in my late 50's and moved to the valley three years ago with my wife Rosa, an attractive lady in her early 50's standing at 5 feet 2 inches with big tits 40D they were the first thing I ever noticed about her. Trouble is in recent years she has lost all interest in sex, always has a good excuse to say no and has let herself go a bit, putting on a bit of weight and letting her belly get a bit flabby. I sometimes think she let herself go deliberately to make herself less attractive. The kids had grown up and settled down and I thought we were set up for a quiet rural retirement.

It wasn't long after we moved that it became clear that Rosa had developed an intense dislike for our next door neighbour Andrea, I had seen Rosa take similar dislikes in the past, normally the target of her hatred was an attractive woman with a reputation for liking other women's husbands and it has to be said Andrea has a body most women half her age would die for. She is late 40's and has a very tight body which looks great in her riding outfit, skin-tight jodhpurs and close fitting white shirt. She is about 5 feet 3 inches and around 8 stones her legs and ass are perfectly formed and clearly displayed in her jodhpurs and I would guess her tits measure in at around 36C and always look to stand very proud.

Once I noticed Rosa's dislike for Andrea I decided it may be entertaining to keep an eye on what was happening and whenever we went to the local pub I would discretely listen in to the local ladies gossiping, talk about catty! Andrea was always the main topic of conversation, it transpired that she had always been single but never went short of some male company and the women of the valley were all frightened she would tempt their husbands. It appeared Andrea worked for herself as she was often around during the day and as I work shifts I often saw her and we would speak politely but never got into deep conversation.

This went on for about 2 years and it looked as though our quiet life was here to stay, Rosa annoyed me with her constant bitchy comments about out neighbour and I started to challenge her, asking what she had done to deserve such animosity, Rosa's response was always to say she has affairs with married men but didn't know the names of any. One day I was so sick of hearing these comments I told her I thought it was time she backed off, she had no evidence to support her allegations, only the valley gossip. She turned angrily and asked why I was defending her and asked if I was having an affair with her, this developed into a full blown row and ended with me storming out, slamming the door and going to the pub where I definitely had too much to drink. I got home late and Rosa was asleep, rather than risk another row by waking her I went in the spare room.

I woke next morning with a stinking hangover, my first in years which probably made it seam worse, Rosa had gone to work and I had a day off so I grabbed a coffee and sat in the garden hoping a little fresh air would help. I had not been there long when Andrea peaked over the fence and asked if I was OK, I said "what do you mean?" she said she heard the row last night and thought I looked a bit rough. I said "I feel rough, I have a stinking hangover." Andrea said she had a good hangover cure and invited me in for a sample. I thanked her and went into her house for the first time, it was very modern, bright and airy, she looked stunning in a mini skirt that would certainly have upset the local ladies, and a tight fitting shirt that made it obvious she was not wearing a bra, and it was obvious she didn't need one.

Andrea brought me an ice cold shot glass filled with some dark liquid, I asked "what is it?" "Jagermeister" she answered "it's a great hangover cure, just knock it back." I drank it and Andrea made coffee, we sat and chatted for some time. After about 20 minutes I started to feel much better I was fascinated to discover that she was a designer of furniture and visited peoples homes to design bespoke items which she the commissioned from a local craftsman. In her spare time she liked to ride and had her own stallion stabled nearby. I asked if I could see some of her designs and she happily brought out some of her design books, the furniture was all ultra modern, clean lines and bright colours, she told me that all the furniture in her own home was of her own design. I was lazily thumbing through the designs when I came across what looked like a coffin she saw the shocked look on my face and looked at the page, "oh! I didn't realise that was in there that's part of a special order I'm working on" she said. I asked her who would have her design a coffin she told me she had recently met some people who were planning to open a BDSM club in the nearby town and they asked her if she could design some special furniture and equipment to fit the place out.

She said it was actually quite good fun to think that her furniture could be used to restrain people and all in the pursuit of pleasure, she said the biggest problem was she couldn't get her usual craftsman to make the equipment as he was married to a local minister and would not approve so she was going to have a go at making it herself. She told me she had done a lot of construction when she was at college, she has a gym in the basement and keeps very fit so was confident she could cope. We chatted a while longer and she showed me the gym and invited me to come over for a workout any-time.

A few days later I saw Andrea again and she said she had started constructing the equipment for the club and asked if I could give her a helping hand, I went with her and she took me into the workshop she had created in the unused part of the basement. Standing against one wall was a padded X shaped cross with a hole in the end of each spar, she said she had never designed anything like this before and wanted to make sure it worked. I asked what she wanted me to do, she said "stand against the cross and let me tie you to it" I must have looked worried as she quickly said "don't worry I'm not going to torture you". With some trepidation I stood with my back to the cross and she pulled down two padded leather bracelets that fastened easily around my wrists with Velcro, the bracelets were attached to ropes which went through holes at the top of the cross. She then fastened similar attachments to my ankles and pulled the ropes through pulling my legs uncomfortably apart, I tried to resist without success, then my arms were similarly stretched.

I was spread-eagled and unable to move, Andrea had a broad smile on her face "can you move" she asked.

"That's a stupid question" I retorted "how did you manage to do this so easily, I was trying to resist."

"I know, my contraption really works doesn't it"

"How did you do it?"

"A simple system of pulleys and I used a rock climbing aide to lock the rope automatically, do you think the club members will like it?"

"How would I know? I've never been in such a place and why would anyone want to be secured like this?"

"Well, just think of what I could do to you now, I could do anything I wanted" she said whilst moving her perfect body against me, "what would you like me to do?"

"I don't want you to do anything to me I'm married."

"OK I'll believe you" she laughed "are the cuffs painful?"


"Is the cross comfortable against your back?"

"That's not how I would describe it, I'm bloody uncomfortable, my arms and legs are stretched to their limits."

"But is it painful?"

"Not quite."

"Great, that's exactly what I wanted."

"So when are you going to release me?"

"When you ask nicely."

"OK, please let me down Andrea."

Then with four quick movements the ropes came lose and Andrea swiftly released the Velcro fastenings and I was free in seconds. She looked very pleased with herself and asked me to stay for coffee, I said I could do with something stronger after that experience, "whisky?" she asked "that will do nicely" I said.

We than sat and talked over a couple of drinks whilst she interrogated me about my experience on the cross. She was obviously delighted with the success of her design and it's efficiency and then said she needed to run one more test before she could take it to the club, she needed to try it on someone naked so she could ensure there was no chaffing.

"No way I said standing to leave."

"Oh, go on, be a sport."

"No way."

"How about just bearing you wrists and ankles?" she said "so I can ensure the cuffs are OK, I promise not to pull them too tight."

Reluctantly I agreed, removed my shoes and socks and rolled my shirtsleeves up.

"Stand facing the cross" she said "I want to make sure it works both ways."

Once again the four cuffs were attached to me and the ropes quickly pulled through until I was stretched to my limit. Again Andrea stood very close to me and spoke quietly into my ear "do the cuffs hurt?"

"No" I said "but I'm bloody uncomfortable"

"Your supposed to be" stroking my stretched ass cheeks she whispered "anything you fancy me doing?"

"Let me go"

"OK" she said and released me as easily as before. "Thanks for your help and sorry if you felt threatened but I had to know my design works, once my clients see this I hope I will get the contract for the rest of the kit, it should be worth a tidy sum."

"Good luck" I said as I left trying to hide a raging hard-on.

I spent the next few days struggling to get my session with Andrea out of my mind and kept imagining myself naked, being tied up by her as she tormented me with her perfect body. It had been years since I'd had so many hard ons or wanked so much.

About a week later, just as I was starting to get these thoughts out of my mind she knocked the door and asked if I could help her test some more equipment, she said she could trust me not to tell others what she was doing and didn't want to involve anyone else. Despite my reservations I agreed and went with her to her workshop, in the middle of the floor was a padded contraption on two levels, I asked "what is that?" "a bondage stool" she said "go kneel on it."

Reluctantly I knelt on the lower level, she told me to lay over the top and fastened a strap across my back then two around my thighs, she pulled out two supports and secured me just below the knees and at the ankles. She then secured my arms and asked my to try to move, I was trapped, the only thing I could move was my head. I watched her move around the room like a predator circling her prey, I watched open mouthed as she removed her jacket revealing her skin-tight white shirt with enough buttons undone to show a wonderful cleavage. She crouched down in front of me, her magnificent tits just inches from my face and whispered "see anything you want? Shame you're all tied up and unable to touch, I bet you have a hard-on" she laughed. "Good, that works well" she said as she quickly released me, "fancy a scotch."

!I think I need one" I said.

We went to the lounge and chatted as we drank her whisky, I was beginning to feel very comfortable in her presence until she brought up Rosa and asked what she would think of me helping her experiments.

"Please don't tell her, she wouldn't understand."

"Don't worry, I know that most of the women around here think I want to fuck their husbands. How wrong they are but why should I worry, I get my kicks from my work, keeping fit and riding my wonderful stallion, I love the lustful looks I get from those useless wankers and the looks of envy from their inadequate wives. I find it quite a laugh."

For the next few weeks I had regular visits from Andrea asking me to test equipment with her, some were more unpleasant than others but all were extremely well made and appeared to be very safe, I was becoming more and more comfortable in Andrea's company and found myself fantasizing about bondage and being dominated by a beautiful woman. I was regularly secured to various devices and she always teased me and I always ended up with a rampant hard-on but she never exposed more than some cleavage she never touched my genitals, though she went very close at times.

Last week my wife had to go away overnight on business, so I took an early shower, slipped on a pair of shorts and a towelling robe and settled down with a beer to watch TV. Andrea chose that evening to ask for my help again. She came around in her riding gear, skin-tight jodhpurs, white shirt and long hacking jacket. She said she had invented an exciting new device and was eager to try it out, I said I would get dressed and follow in a few minutes. She said she needed to test this item with me naked, I said "No way" she said I could keep my shorts on but it would not be possible to do the tests with me fully dressed. It took her about 10 minutes to persuade me but eventually I agreed and followed her to her workshop. What I saw surprised me, it looked like a padded cross (Christian shaped), parallel to the floor on a wide metal frame. The "vertical" was about 6 inches wide with a circular extension on the top and the cross piece about 3 inches wide, there were various leather straps hanging below.

I was feeling very apprehensive as Andrea invited me to remove my robe and slippers and lay on the cross resting my head in the padded circle, she asked me again if I was prepared to go naked, I said "no".

"OK, no problem" she said laughing and started to secure me to the cross. First she brought padded leather straps up and fastened them around my chest and waist with her usual quick release Velcro fastenings, then she secured my arms in a similar way around top, elbows and wrists so my arms were at right angles to my torso and my hands palm up. She then pulled a lever and the "bottom end" split so that she could secure my legs, two straps on my thighs one below the knees and on around the ankles.

She then stood back to admire her handiwork, you see why I needed you without clothes, I couldn't judge the effectiveness of the straps if there was clothing in the way. She then moved forward and put a strap across my forehead securing my head. I started to get a bit worried as I had never been so immobilized before. I got much more worried when she went to my feet and appeared to press a lever under the cross and I felt my legs being pulled uncomfortably wide apart as the cross was obviously hinged in some way.

She now stepped in between my legs she looked down at me and smiled, "Try to move" she said. I struggled to move but could only move my hands and feet, I tried to rock from side to side, but it was no good, it was obvious she had thought of everything, the device was completely solid, it didn't move even a fraction and the bindings had me completely immobile. "OK" I said "you have excelled yourself with this, I can't move a muscle so now you can let me go".

"Not so quick, I have a lot more experiences lined up for you tonight, don't you think it's getting warm in here" she said as she removed her jacket, I couldn't believe what I saw, her shirt was shaped under her tits which were supported by a quarter cup bra. Her magnificent breasts stood proud and her nipples looked huge and both had rings in them, I'd never seen anyone with pierced nipples before. My cock sprang to attention at this wonderful sight, she produced a sharp knife and swiftly cut down both sides of my shorts then pulled them away leaving totally naked with my cock standing to attention. "He looks nice" she said whilst gently stroking my cock, "I think I will have some fun with him tonight."

"I said I wasn't going naked" I said.

"Too late now" she said "I'm in charge now and you will do with you as I wish".

The next thing I was aware of was something warm and wet on my cock and balls, Andrea was lathering me up for shaving and now produced a cut-throat razor, I fought desperately to escape but there was no chance, she told me it would be safer to keep completely still and started to shave me. My cock rapidly started to droop as this gorgeous woman used this lethal looking weapon. She carefully removed all the hair above then grabbed my balls to stretch the skin for shaving. Suddenly my cock felt very warm as she took me into her mouth to get me erect again so she could effectively remove all my pubic hair. Once she was satisfied that I was completely bald she slapped a hot wet towel on the remove all traces of shaving soap.

"That looks better" she said "I like my men clean shaven"

"I'm not your man" I said

"You are whatever I say you are" she said and slapped a load of ice on my cock. I cried out in pain at this she said "don't worry, I need you flaccid for a while" My cock shrank rapidly then she put a leather strap around the base of my cock and then brought it around my balls with a small strap splitting my balls and took me back into her mouth to make me hard again. This time my erection was painful, the leather was tightening around my cock and balls and my cock was beginning to feel as though it would explode, "that's better" she said.

"Better for who?" I asked

Time to shut you up she said and walked around to my head. She straddled my face and I saw her jodhpurs were completely open at the crotch and her clean shaven pussy was in full view. "Put your tongue out" she said "I need some attention and you'd better be a good pussy eater" and immediately lowered herself onto my face. She worked her pussy into my face, her juices were flowing and tasted sweet, I had a wonderful view of her tits as she looked me directly in the eyes. "Have you ever eaten pussy before" she asked. Unable to answer I tried to shake my head, she smiled and said "well whether you have or not it doesn't matter, you are going to learn to be good."

I was beginning to struggle to breath but she appeared to know just when to stand up and let me breathe, she moved back to my throbbing cock and gently stroked it then produced her riding crop. Smiling she waved the crop in front of my face turned around and I cried out as I felt a sharp pain in my groin, she struck each of my taught balls with a vicious blow.

"I think you're ready now" she said and immediately straddled my pelvis and lowered herself onto my throbbing cock taking me in to the hilt in one steady movement. She then started to slowly rock back and forth, riding my cock as she fondled her own tits and asked me if I would like to lick them. Before I could answer she took hold of the rings in her nipples and pulled them gently, she said "do you like my nipple rings" I said I thought they looked nice. "I'm so pleased" she said "because next time I see you I'm going to have yours done, they're so useful for restraining slaves."

"What makes you think I will let you and I'm not a slave" I said.

"That's exactly what you are and by the time I'm finished with you tonight you will agree to anything I say. You are my slave and you will do whatever I want, or you will learn what pain means." With this she sat up and reached round with both hands taking my balls between her thumbs and fingers, she looked me in the eyes and suddenly squeezed hard, and I mean hard. The pain was intense and I felt my eyes would explode, I begged her to stop she just looked me in the eye and said "are you my slave?"

"Yes" I cried and she released my balls. "Never forget that" she said and started to pinch my nipples with her finger nails "it will be so nice to have these pierced, I could have so much fun with them."

She then started to move a little quicker on my cock, "nearly time for you to cum" she said and speeded up again "this is going to be such a treat for you and a great initiation before you come to the club."

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