Andrea's Guinea Pig


"What makes you think I want to go to that club?" I asked.

"Well, you have been my guinea pig during the development of my equipment so it will only be fair for me to use you as my slave on my opening night next week, you will have such a good time with all the members being able to use you as they wish."

"What do you mean YOUR opening night?"

"Sorry about that little deception, the club is mine, I have always been a dominatrix and have wanted my own club for a long time and now I have a partner I have been able to fulfil my ambition. My partner will be coming round a little later so you can meet her, I'm sure you're going to absolutely love her."

"I won't be able to meet her, you need to let me go before Rosa gets home" I said.

"No you don't, I saw her drive off with a suitcase earlier so I know she's away for the night"

My heart sank, this beautiful woman had me exactly where she wanted me and I was helpless. She started to move quickly and put her hands back on my balls, gently massaging them to make me cum. I could feel my orgasm coming for what seamed an eternity before I exploded, my cock was pulsing wildly and my balls felt as though they were being pulled back into me.

When I finally stopped cumming Andrea smiled and said "I love a man who gives me plenty of spunk, especially when he's going to eat it. Open your mouth wide now so you can clean me out."

"No way" I said and immediately felt my balls being squeezed again.

"You want more of this?" she smiled "open your mouth now or I will squeeze harder"

I had no choice I opened my mouth and she carefully got off my cock slipping her hand over her pussy to hold my spunk in place. She straddled my head facing my feet and lowered herself over my open mouth slipping her hand away at the last moment. For the first time in my life I tasted spunk, it was a bit peppery but not as bad as I feared "use your tongue to clean me" she said.

I felt totally degraded being forced to eat my own cum then I felt her tits resting on my belly and she started to fondle my cock again. "When was the last time you came twice in one night I wonder" she said and I the felt my cock slipping into her mouth. She started to suck vigorously and it was obvious she meant to have me cum again, she let my cock go for a moment and told me to work on her clit, she said if I came before she did she would crush my balls. I started licking around where I though I should and she took me back in her mouth. I began to feel confident that I was doing well when I heard her moaning and felt a vibration on my cock as if she was humming, to my amazement I started to feel the beginnings of another orgasm.

Suddenly I felt someone touching my right hand, this couldn't be Andrea, she was holding my balls, there was someone else in the room. My heart started pounding, I tried to speak but all I could do was grunt, "don't stop licking" said Andrea and went back to work on my cock.

The newcomer gently moulded my hand so that my first two fingers were sticking up, then I felt something warm wrapping around them, my fingers were being swallowed by a shaven pussy, my thumb was pulled into place at the front and a strangely familiar voice said "use those fingers and thumb and make me cum". I was certain I knew the voice but couldn't place it, this made me even more nervous. Then Andrea started to cum, she was rubbing her pussy vigorously on my face, her sweet juices were flooding my mouth and her humming on my cock was bringing me to the brink again. Just when I thought I could hold out no longer she popped the studs on the leather cock harness and I exploded into her mouth, She continued to suck for a short while to make sure I was drained then stood up and went round to the other woman, she kissed her deeply, then I saw their tongues sharing my spunk. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was Rosa, my own wife, kissing another woman and sharing my spunk. My previously very conservative wife was dressed in a black lace-up, quarter cup bask with black stocking and suspenders. Her 40D tits looked amazing and she looked much trimmer than I remembered.

"What the hell is going on here" I shouted

"Have you met my new business partner" Andrea asked "I told you that you would love her, What do you think?"

"That's my wife" I said "she doesn't like sex. She hasn't let me touch her in over a year, what have you done to her? She hates you"

"Would you like to tell him Mistress Rosa?"

"I would be delighted Mistress Andrea" said Rosa, "You will notice that Andrea called me mistress and that is what you will call me in future whenever there are no outsiders with us, you will also call Andrea Mistress. Is that clear?"

"Yes" I said and felt Andreas riding crop strike my balls "Yes Mistress" said Andrea,

"OK" I said and felt another painful blow on my balls "OK Mistress" said Rosa "I told you he's a slow learner"

"OK Mistress" I said

"That's better" said Rosa. "You remember the night you picked a fight with me and stormed out to the pub?"

"I didn't pick a fight with you, you were being unreasonable" I said and immediately regretted it as Andrea again used her crop on my abused balls "Never argue with your Mistress" she said.

Rosa continued "well when you slammed the door and went out Mistress Andrea came round to see if I was OK. She had heard you shouting at me, heard the door slam and seen you walking away. I was a bit taken aback at first as I didn't trust her after what the other women had told me but she seamed genuinely concerned about me so I invited her in. I opened a bottle of wine and we chatted, I told her what I had been told about her and she told me she had never had an affair with any of the local men as she was more into the BDSM scene as a dominatrix and would rather whip them than fuck them. I found this both amusing and embarrassing. Mistress Andrea noticed my embarrassment and asked me if I knew anything about BDSM, I said no. And you slave have stopped pleasuring me, move your fingers NOW."

I felt another sharp blow on my balls and heard Andreas voice "Never stop pleasuring your mistress until she gives you permission".

"Thank you Mistress Andrea" said Rosa "I told Mistress Andrea that I knew absolutely nothing about BDSM and had never met anyone who did. She told me she thought I would like it and started to tell me a little, she said she had some DVD's if I fancied seeing some. We took our wine to her place and watched some BDSM scenes, I found myself more turned on than I could ever remember and told her so. We talked about what fun it would be to use you as a slave and I was getting randier and randier. Mistress Andrea asked me when I last had sex and I told her I couldn't remember so she offered to let me use her fucking machine, I must admit I took some convincing but once she got me in position and started the machine I was hooked, before I could cum she stopped the machine, and told me she had a surprise for me, she tied me down saying I would enjoy it more if I felt I couldn't resist and then changed the dildo from a 6" white one to a 10" black one. I pleaded with her to let me go because I thought it would tear me apart but she ignored my pleas and set the machine to work. It was a little painful at first but once my pussy adjusted I loved it and started to fuck back at the machine, Mistress Andrea slowly increased the speed and depth until I was taking the lot and screaming for more. I came more time that night than I had in 10 years and enjoyed Mistress Andrea kissing me as I came over and over again.

"Mistress Andrea told me about her dream of opening a BDSM Club and told me she had premises in mind but she needed a partner to share the costs and work alongside her as a mistress. I was hooked and said I wanted in, despite my lack of experience we decided there and then to go ahead and I told her you would feel bad the next morning after a night at the pub and would be a great guinea pig if she could somehow tempt you. She said that wouldn't be a problem and it appears she was right, she told me after your first session that you were a born slave and knew you were hooked when she noticed your hard-on the first time she tied you to the cross"

"Since then Mistress Andrea has kept me informed about your progress and I have trained regularly with her in her gym. Do you like my new trimmer body?" she said stroking her hands up from her hips until she cupped her breasts.

"Yes" I said "Yes Mistress" but just too late as Andrea had already hit my balls again with the riding crop.

Rosa started to cum on my fingers, "keep that thumb moving" she screamed as she pulled her nipples and rocked violently back and forth covering my hand in her juices as Andrea again kissed her passionately. As she calmed down she said "the look on your face when Mistress Andrea hits your balls really turns me on, I wish I had known the pleasure of pain years ago, and kissing another woman really turns me on as well." She reached down and gently fondled my balls saying "are these hurting you my sweet?"

"Yes Mistress" I answered

She suddenly painfully squeezed my balls "serves you right, YOU should have been giving me the sort of pleasure I've had this past few weeks." Releasing my balls she smiled sweetly and said "Now, where was I?"

I said "you and Mistress Andrea have been training together"

"Mistress" said Andrea as she hit my balls harder than ever.

"Yes I have been working out, getting fit and trim, I have a flat belly again for the first time in years. I have had total body waxing, not a hair on my body, except my head and I'm having my nipples pierced tomorrow" she said as she tweaked her large nipples, "yours will be done soon as well"

"I don't want my nipples piercing mistress" I said

"What you want matters not to me, or Mistress Andrea, you will do as we say from now on and you will be our star attraction on the opening night at our club next week."

Andrea now completely removed the harness from my cock and balls and replaced it with a metal cage like contraption that fit around the base of my cock and encased it and my balls and fitted a small padlock.

Rosa said "Now that my sweet is a chastity device, it will allow you to pee but make sure you don't start to get an erection as it will be very painful"

They now swiftly released me from my restraints and told me to stand. "Now, on your knees and kiss my pussy and thank me for your evenings education" said Andrea brandishing her riding crop.

Not wanting to feel that again tonight I did as ordered. She immediately told me to do the same to "Mistress Rosa". Taking the hint I turned to my wife, kissed her pussy and said "Thank you for my education Mistress Rosa"

"Very good" said Andrea. "Now put on your robe and go home, make sure you get a good nights sleep, I want you back here in the morning 9:30 on the dot wearing nothing but your robe, ready to continue your training. Mistress Rosa will stay here tonight and you may well hear us pleasuring each other. I do hope that doesn't give you an erection as it would be very painful. One last thing" she said offering me a small blue diamond shaped tablet. "Make sure you take this pill just before you leave home in the morning, and I will know if you fail to take it so don't risk the consequences.

With that I put on my robe and Rosa led me to the door "see you in the morning slave" she said and shut the door behind me.

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