Andrea's Night of Ecstacy


"Aaaaaggghh!" she screamed again, as his cock sank deeper into her body, nearly splitting her in two. "Aaaaaggghh! You bastard! Ohhhh, uuhhh," she continued as his balls hit her arse cheeks, when the final inch of black cock filled her cavity. Trying to stifle the pain, she buried her face in the pillow, between the other man's legs.

As the black man began fucking her arse as fast as he'd fucked her pussy, the other man lifted her head up by the hair, "I'm not finished yet. Get to work!" He told her as he fed his cock into her mouth for the second time and began rubbing the shaft.

With her wrists still handcuffed to the bed she twisted her head until she was comfortable and began gobbling his cock, as he wanked into her mouth. The camera was only inches away from her smiling face as she enthusiastically sucked this stranger's cock while having her arsehole pounded. Then it followed the contours of her beautiful body, lingering on her erect nipples, until it panned onto that huge black cock, ramming in and out of her arse, 5 or 6 inches at a time. Stretching her sphincter with every stroke.

"I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING!" The ginger man shouted. The camera whisked back to my wife's face, as she sucked for all of her worth, desperate for him to cum in her mouth, "Yeeesss!" he groaned as his hips jerked, and his jism filled her mouth; the camera catching every last gulp as it slid down her throat.

"Me too!" The black man grunted, making the cameraman, swivel to get every last detail onto film. "Uuuuggghh" he groaned, as he sank every last inch into my wife's once tiny arsehole. "Oooohh, Yessss! That feels sooooo hot!" she moaned, as her arse was flooded with hot spunk.

His cock looked absolutely huge and shiny as it slid out, leaving her ring stretched beyond comprehension, oozing what seemed like gallons of milky white semen, onto the bed.

The tall man then unlocked her handcuffs, "I don't think that she's likely to run away now," he laughed, as she already had two stiff cocks in her mouth, that were on the verge of cumming.

A slim bald man replaced the black man, in her arse. He grabbed her hips and fucked her in a blur! His spunk must have joined the other man's in less than 20 seconds!

The two that she was sucking pulled out and wanked in unison, splattering her once innocent face with their sticky juice. Andrea hung her mouth open as if it was a target for them. As they moved off the bed, she slid around into a sitting position, "Can I cum now?" she asked the tall man.

"Of course you can, my dear!" he laughed, incredulously.

Andrea made herself comfortable, spread her legs for them all to see her well fucked holes and began rubbing her battered pussy with her fingers, smearing spunk all over the lips and folds.

First one well-manicured finger then a second slid into her gaping cunt. Her palm touched her clitoris, making her shiver. The men were silent as she built up a rhythm with her fingers and palm, groaning and sighing as she fingered herself to orgasm.

She was in such a sexual high, she looked like she wasn't going to cum, then the first of another stream of cum landed on her tits, as one after another they wanked over her.

" Aaaaaaagggghhhh, yeeesssss!" she screamed, arching her back, rubbing their stuff into her tits as she shoved another finger into her squelching cunt. An earth shattering orgasm tore through her body. "YYYEEEEESSSSSS, fucking YYYYEEEEESSSS!" Andrea hollered, as the tattooed man splattered her face with his cum.

With her eyes closed she lay shaking on the bed as the men passed around beers and cigarettes.

The camera once more moved slowly across her, spunk covered, body as she gulped down another bottle of water. As the camera reached her face, she blew a kiss into the lens. Her pupils were dilated and she was grinning like a maniac.

"Are you ready for some more?" the big black man asked her, as she shook his cock back to semi- hardness. With a big smile on her face, she nodded agreement.

They went on for hours, the men taking it in shifts to fuck her. By the end it was the early hours of the morning and she had sucked all 10 cocks and taken another 7 loads of spunk down her throat. Five men had taken her up the arse and she had even tried to take two cocks in her mouth, with two in her stretched cunt and one up her arse at one time. It didn't work, but she tried every which way to accommodate them!

Before this night she had never swallowed my spunk or had let me have anal sex; in fact I (her husband) was the only man she had properly slept with.

As Andrea lay on the bed exhausted, the cameraman told the men he was almost out of battery power, as he devoured every inch of her pale skin with his lens.

"Just one minute, then." A man said, "I've always wanted to do this." He then walked over to the bed.

Andrea was absolutely covered with spunk. It was coming out of every orifice and oozing from her fanny. As the young man lay next to her, Andrea opened her legs for him. Her cunt was so stretched he inserted two fingers, then three, with ease. Then all four fingers were inside her pussy, making her rotate her hips in rhythm.

"Oooohhhh, yyeeeesss, " Andrea told him, "Ohhhh, that feels good." She moaned, as he twisted and pushed harder until his complete hand was in her hole. With a grin on his face he fisted her well used cunt like it was the most normal thing in the world. "Yes, yes, yyeessss!" she screamed as her fingers played with her clit, while his fist pumped in and out of her once tight little hole. After a minute or two his wrist was so far inside my wife someone joked about him losing his watch. He was fist fucking her like a piston, until she screamed, "YYYEEESSS! Faster, faster……fucking faster, you bastard, YOU BASTARD!…….yes, yes, YYEEEESSSS!" As a second earth shattering orgasm overcame her.

As the cameraman told everyone the power was going off the man pulled his hand out. Andrea's cunt was still gapping open, spunk running out and into her stretched arsehole as the camera's power finally faded.

I hadn't slept for two days or nights with worry over my wife's disappearance. The police told me that they couldn't do anything as she was an adult, and her friends were as mystified as I was.

Then on the Saturday morning, I opened the curtains to see her car parked outside the house.

I ran to it, but she wasn't there. On the driver's seat was a Jiffy bag.

I opened it back in the living room. Inside, there was a letter, her purse, mobile phone and a videotape. Stunned I began reading the letter;

Dear Ron,

Your wife, Andrea, belongs to us now. The tape will help explain why she no longer wishes to live with you, and possibly why you wouldn't want her too.

We will look after her, clothe her and feed her. She will earn her keep, and enjoy doing so.

When she is of no more use to us, we will offer her back to you.

We will continue to keep in touch.

The Ecstasy Gang

Stunned I placed the tape in the VCR. The opening frames were obviously filmed on a hidden camera. I could just make her out, sitting in a pub at a table with her friend, and then she walked to the bar and bumped into the man with the hidden camera.

The rest of the film was as I've detailed above. At first I cried as I watched my beautiful wife being terrorised by these men, then, as the first black man fucked her on the lawn, I realised that my cock was as hard as it had ever been.

When the man came in her mouth, I spontaneously ejaculated in my pants. I couldn't take my eyes from the four hour tape; watching it a further twice before I fell asleep on the sofa, exhausted after masturbating six times.

Three weeks later, when I returned from work, I found a second package waiting for me. It was another four-hour tape. My wife being gang-banged by two different groups of men in the same Mansion House. The letter with it told me that the films were now being distributed around the world, and Andrea had taken very enthusiastically to her new life.

The gang sent me more tapes and photos every 4 or 5 weeks, each one edited and filmed very professionally.

My life was no longer on hold now. I began to enjoy work again, but was hooked on the tapes of my wife. If one hadn't arrived after 4 weeks, I became very agitated, then when it did arrive, I would masturbate for a whole weekend, watching my wife, over and over again, taking part in the most disgusting activities.

In one of the earlier tapes, she was a stripper at what appeared to be an 18th birthday party for about 12 young boys. I'll never forget the look on their faces as she sucked them all off, in a line up, then organised them for her gang-bang, letting the birthday boy fuck her arse.

As time went on, she never got fucked by less than four men, usually a lot more. Her arsehole and cunt had now lost most of their elasticity meaning that she could accommodate two cocks in either or both holes at once. In one film she was fucked and buggered by a group of leather clad dykes with huge strap-on dildoes. She didn't appear to enjoy that as much as when she was with men.

The worst thing she did was when she was led into a dark room, naked and on all fours, by a woman in long boots and PVC underwear, with a dog leash attached to a collar around Andrea's neck. In the room where 4 dirty, elderly Chinese men, drinking and smoking. She was made to parade around the room like a prize bitch. They would shout things at her, and when she didn't react, they would slap her tits or arse, like a naughty dog, making her 'yelp'. After twenty minutes of this behaviour the camera panned in between her legs to get a close up of her soaking wet, freshly shaved cunt. She was so turned on, at her humiliation; her juices clung to her thighs like a spider's web!

The oldest Chinese man shouted something at her, which I couldn't make out. Andrea smiled, and looked at the woman holding the leash. She nodded and tugged the chain. The camera moved in front of them as my wife squatted, with her arms out in front to steady herself. Then much to the delight of the four men she began pissing onto the concrete. She must have drunk a gallon of water, because it lasted forever.

The piss came out in a torrent, splashing back onto the insides of her thighs. As she finished, a man was standing over her with his cock hanging out. She looked up, closed her eyes and he began pissing onto her tits. Andrea was now kneeling, and rubbing his golden liquid into her skin. As he finished, the others followed, surrounding her and pissing onto her face, tits and into her hair. The camera even picked up the steam coming from her body, then zoomed between her legs where she was playing with herself as piss cascaded down her body.

As they finished, they moved back to the table, watching her and laughing, as Andrea kept frigging herself for their entertainment, finishing off by fisting herself to another screaming orgasm.

Still in her role as a dog, Andrea then had to crawl to them and suck them off, swallowing their Chinese spunk.

At Xmas the tape, I received, was of Andrea taking part in six different Bukakke parties, where large groups of men (over 30 on one!) would be sucked to the point of no return then one by one cum onto her face. She wasn't allowed to swallow until the last one was finished, then she would greedily shovel the spunk into her mouth. In the last two, I thought that my once petite wife was putting on a little bit of weight, her breasts certainly appeared much larger than I remembered, or even in the first party on the tape.

Then, 19 months after she disappeared from my life, I received a phone call telling me my wife was in a hospital in North London and to get there as soon as possible. The call ended abruptly and it did not leave its number.

I got in my car and within 35 minutes I was at the hospital A & E department. I went to the reception desk, "Hi I'm Ron Guthrie. You have my wife in here, Andrea Guthrie" They couldn't find a record of my wife initially, and then what the receptionist told me rocked my world, "Oh yes your wife is in the delivery room."

A nurse took me to the delivery room. She told me that there were some complications and I could only look through the glass window.

It was Andrea, my wife. The staff were taking her blouse off I could now see her massive stomach. They removed her trousers and knickers, exposing her bloated, shaven fanny, which was pierced with three silver rings. They then put her feet in stirrups. The nurse came out to me and told me it would be a while yet and advised me to go for a coffee and come back in a couple of hours. She now seemed like a stranger. I went to the staff restaurant; my head was spinning with what had happened to my wife. The time flew and before I knew it three hours had passed. I made my way back to the maternity unit.

At reception the same nurse spotted, "Ah Mr. Guthrie. Come with me please." The nurse said sheepishly. At the baby care unit, we went inside. The nurse looked a little embarrassed as she pointed to the cot that was ours.

I looked at the name above the cot; it said 'Andrea Guthrie' I looked down at twins….. Black twins!!!!


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