tagMind ControlAndrew Tests His Teacher

Andrew Tests His Teacher


Dear readers,

I hope you enjoy this little morsel. All characters in this story are over 18. For my Sierra series readers, don't fret, I'm still working on it. Longer series chapters just take more distilling as there are more layers.


Andrew watched as his hot teacher stopped and faced the class a puzzled expression on her pretty face. Dr. Erinne Crabtree was a subject of lust to many of her students due to her nice figure, long perfect legs, pretty face, prim manners and seeming complete unawareness of just how fucking hot she was.

Andrew had spent many breaks between classes in the bathroom wanking to the remembrance of her simplest gestures and sexy missteps - a third button that came undone, a flash of her hot ass bending over in his favorite black pencil skirt, the slim manicured finger she tapped on her plump, bottom lip when she was thinking.

Andrew had known what he wanted the moment he sat down in class and surveyed Dr. Crabtree in his favorite tight, black skirt. Her pretty wide eyes had looked over the class, barely registering him before she began her lecture.

About half-way through the lesson, she now stood frozen in place, her soft brown eyes growing wide with panic behind her delicate eyeglasses. Andrew smiled as he knew what she was feeling before it even became evident to the class. She must already feel her breasts swelling, the nipples becoming impossibly hard, her pussy beginning to warm and lubricate.

Sure enough the buttons of Dr. Crabtree's blouse began to strain and the growing swell of her tits made the pale fabric grow taut. A girl student, Dalia Rogers seemed oblivious and broke Andrew's concentration as she asked, "Dr. Crabtree, are you okay?"

Dr. Crabtree turned horrified eyes towards the speaker and then closed her eyes and moaned as Andrew renewed his control over her sexy body. His teacher clasped her arms behind her back making her magically enlarging breasts stick out even further.

All the first year college students watched in shock as their mathematics professor's shirt burst open sending buttons flying everywhere. Her creamy jugs were straining against the plain, white satin bra that barely contained them. As her breasts continued to swell in size and to plump out from her chest like the nice, gravity-defying melons she deserved, they could see the pretty pinkbrown of her aerolas begin to peak over the now ridiculously small bra cups.

From her student desk, Dalia Rogers swirled her gaze around the room and saw only gaping students. She had caught the humiliation in her favorite teacher's eyes when she'd asked if something was wrong. Dalia felt she had no choice but to run up and stand protectively in front of Dr. Crabtree and tell everyone to leave.

As Dalia nearly reached Dr. Crabtree, an odd thing happened and she felt frozen to the spot. Dalia felt a strange irresistible urge to undress. It was like everyone in the room had disappeared and all she could focus on was how scratchy and overwarm her stylish t shirt and jeans were. The feel of her clothes was intolerable against her skin. So uncomfortable, she thought.

Andrew enjoyed looking at Dr. Crabtree's breasts straining against the white bra, but thought he should help her out a bit. His teacher hadn't been flat-chested by any means, but DDs would be a nice addition.

The class saw Dr. Crabtree's arms raise behind her slightly to unhook the straining clasps and then the bra popped off and down revealing the most luscious, creamy tits with puckered reddish brown nipples standing full at attention. The professor stood topless in front of the class, her light blouse hanging tattered and open, her berry lips parted and her eyes closed. Her delicate glasses had slid down her cute nose a bit making the glasses look more like a naughty prop in a "sex with teacher" video.

She began to play with her newly enlarged, naked breasts, putting on a nice show for her young audience, shaking her torso to make the massive titties jiggle, rubbing her pretty, manicured hands over them and teasing the already rock hard nipples. Dr. Crabtree's hips slowly began to gyrate and she thrust her sexy body in rhythm to some unheard animalistic beat.

Groans and whistles were heard from male college students who watched their teacher with rapt attention. Andrew smiled noticing a few of the guys sitting next to him were stroking their cock through their jeans and some had their pants unbuttoned discretely jacking themselves.

There were girls in the class, but they weren't saying anything just watching in varying degrees of interest and surprise at the show Andrew was orchestrating for his classmates. Wait, one, chubby, but likeable, first year girl seemed to be turned on as she was trying to discretely rub her own naturally heavy breasts while she took in her sexy professor's predicament.

Andrew didn't forget about the busybody Delia. The freshman wasn't bad looking, but she was an insufferable teacher's pet, always raising her hand with the answer and showing everybody up. Delia began to pull her designer t shirt over her head. Her bra was lavender lace. Andrew decided for the sake of comparison to leave Delia's perky B cup tit's size intact. They looked sweetly sexy as did her smooth stomach. However, the best part of Delia that he had noticed even before today was her tight, shapely ass.

Andrew had Delia turn away slightly showing her back and pert backside as she unbuttoned her jeans. Delia drew his full attention as she slowly tugged the tight jeans over the perfect globes of her peachy ass. Andrew groaned as he saw the black boyshort panties which hugged the young college girl's fit body. He decided to leave her underwear on for a moment, but had Delia dutifully unclasp her lacey purple bra revealing sweet handfuls and pink puffy titted nipples. He had Delia silently cup them and hold them up as if she were offering them to the class.

Andrew had the sumptuous Dr. Crabtree take her curly blond hair out of its professional low ponytail. She shook out her golden mop of curls making her large breasts bounce then sway as she continued to seductively move her hips and lick her pouty lips.

Despite his love of this particular skirt, he still had the professor reach behind, undo the back buttons and slowly pull the black fabric down revealing a silky short, white slip beneath. Andrew commanded his teacher with his mind to sit on the desk behind her and pull the slip up revealing the sheer black nylons to be thigh highs topped in a band of black lack while her white underwear was clearly damp along her slit with arousal. She graciously spread her legs, holding them apart with her slender hands and cocked her pretty head to the side awaiting instruction.

There was a collective gasp from the class as the horny, controlled, young professor pulled the white strip of her panties aside and began playing with her wet pussy with her graceful fingers.

"Oh yeah," one of Andrew's fellow male students moaned. "That's right Dr. C cum for us."

His teacher moaned and her curvy body began to shake, her fingers became more frantic and her panting became more ragged. Soon the professor let out a straggled cry of frustration and wailed pulling out her naughty fingers and looking at them like they were defective tools. Without knowing why, the gorgeous blond brought her pussy wet fingers to her lips and began to lick and suck her own juices off of them as if that would help her fingers perform better.

"I'll help you out Mrs. Crabtree," a guy in the middle row offered. Several male students joined in with "yeahs" and suggested all sorts of ways they could help their horny teacher cum.

"I'll help!" shouted a topless Delia over the voices. Her outburst silenced the room except for a few masculine cheers. She was still standing showing off her pretty little titties and fabulous, tight sculpted body in her sporty underwear. All watched expectantly as Delia strutted sexily, if a little stiltedly, up to the sexy, desperate figure of Dr. Crabtree. The professor was still sitting topless with legs spread wide on her desk while she sucked and finger-fucked her pouty mouth.

"Help me," breathed the aroused, humiliated, fat tittied teacher.

Delia nodded, but the kind of help she gave was to put her hands on her teacher's creamy thighs and close them so Delia could hook her fingers in the elastic of the white panties and work them down. Andrew commanded Dr. Crabtree to lift up her ass when necessary so Delia could pull the damp panties off. When they slipped over Dr. Crabtree's black high heels, several guys in the class cheered.

Delia twirled the pussy wet panties around her head briefly and then rubbed the damp fabric over her own naked, perky tits. Delia then tossed the white fabric aside and nerdy Paul in the front row stooped to pick them up and breathe in their musky scent before opening his pants and rubbing them along his sweaty erection.

When Delia turned back to her teacher, Dr. Crabtree's was holding her thighs spread even wider than before displaying her naked sopping cunt for all to see, her now ample breasts heaving and her nipples so hard and tight they must be throbbing.

Delia was sure there was nothing in the world she wanted more than to bury her face into the hot pussy of her favorite professor. As Delia knelt down in front of the desk and put her small hands on the beautiful, soft spread thighs of Dr. Crabtree, the young student nearly swooned at the amazing, heady tart scent of her teacher's cunny.

Dr. Crabtree moaned and tangled her delicate hands in Delia's dark hair as the sweet, feminine mouth latched on and began licking and swabbing her swollen, lips and clit. Delia's nose and chin were wet with her teacher's arousal, but she loved it so much. Delia could feel her teacher's hands on her head pushing her down harder into the sopping pussy. Delia obeyed by trusting her pink tongue in and out of the hungry cunt.

Several students in the audience were achieving their own climaxes watching the astonishing scene. The chubby, stacked girl in the back of class moaned like a banshee when she came. As for the guys, cum dripped onto the tiled, school floor and left many wet splashes on khakis and jeans. More girls in the audience were breathing heavily and reaching down to rub and fondle themselves.

Andrew was having a difficult time maintaining concentration to manipulate his sexy puppets and also keep his hand steady as he filmed the entire scene with his phone. The video would be shaky in parts, but he knew his cock wouldn't care. He eyed the clock and noticed the bell was going to ring in a matter of minutes. He inwardly sighed. He should've started earlier.

He allowed his prized, fuckpet teacher to cum, and she moaned loudly raising her beautiful, big titties up as she arched her back. Delia got a faceful of her teacher's pussy juice and the cute, freshman attempted to lap up every bit of it, a stupid happy grin on her dripping face.

Before he released his hold, Delia rose up and passionately kissed Dr. Crabtree. His normally demure teacher returned the tonguing kiss and rubbed her impressive mounds on her student's smaller, puffy, pert tits. Mmm, they swooned and the wet kiss went on and on, their hands snaking up to pinch and play with each other's aroused nipples. Delia motorboated his teacher's fat breasts while Dr. Crabtree petted her studen'ts dark hair and smiled blissfully ahead into nothingness.

Andrew sighed regretfully. He had the two stars of today's exhibition stop their erotic groping and begin dressing themselves as far as they could; Dr. Crabree's blouse was still in ruins. Andrew decided he'd best shrink his professor's tits back to their perky C cup size for now. They were still lovely, just not as magnificent. He had his teacher sit calmly behind her desk with her blouse gaping, but her bra not secured and her hands clasped in front of her as if nothing had happened. Andrew blurred the memory of the sexy events for all the students in the room.

The human mind was expert as creating explanations for slips of thought and images that didn't fit with one's perception of normal life and reality. Most students would believe they had fallen asleep during class and dreamed the whole thing. Some less vulnerable to suggestion would still not believe their own mind as the day went on and the memories faded.

When the bell rang, Delia, now fully clothed, grabbed her bookbag and left with sticky pussy juice still glistening on her chin, but none the wiser. Andrew made sure to cloud her mind particularly well. He figured with her smarts, she'd be especially suspicious of any deviations in her memory.

For his lovely teacher he left little snippets of the fun buzzing in her mind unattached to any sense of time or space. He wanted her to be able to remember when he showed her the video at a later date.

He'd clicked off his phone's recording app and slid it back in his pocket, but after his fellow students had left, Andrew couldn't help copping a feel of the still entranced professor's soft tits between the silky fabric of her now firmly fitting white bra.

Andrew surveyed the clock again and smiled. She'd have time to run to her office between classes and try to fix her blouse if she hurried. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "until tomorrow, you slut." He felt her nipples stiffen against his hands at the sound of his voice and his words. He left the classroom and waited a beat until releasing her from his influence. He grinned to hear her startled shriek come from the classroom door as he walked away.


"Did it help with your math test today," his gran asked sweetly. "Your granddad always said it always gave him good luck and helped him study."

Andrew turned the old coin over in his hand and quirked a little smile, "Yeah, gran, I think it did help. Do you mind if I keep it for a while? I know it's silly, but I feel a bit more confident having it."

His gran answered as she lay a tin of sweet homemade brownies before him on the table, "Of course Andy, you just keep it. That little coin was his most prized possession. He never left without it. He was so full of wild ideas. He really thought everything he had came from that trinket. But, you listen to your gran, there's nothing more important than hard work. Work hard and good things will come to you."

Andrew took a bite of the sugary chocolate before swallowing and answering, "Don't worry gran. Grandad's lucky coin has inspired me. I intend to become a very busy man."

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Wow!!! What a clever ending to a spellbing story. B

What a clever ending to a spellbing story. I guess you don't want to mess with Andy when he has his grandad's magic coin with him!

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