Andy Ch. 03


*Author's note: This is Chapter 3. You should read at least Chapter 2 for some backstory.

Fun fact: I've received many comments saying my story is not realistic, fair enough, but I actually take inspiration from real life events that me and my friends have experienced*


"I'm pregnant." she said.

Andy didn't know what to say, and he didn't have time to say anything because she kept talking.

"I found out almost four months ago. For the longest time I didn't know if I should tell you or not.

My mother hates me, she doesn't know it's yours and that we had sex while we were together.

She didn't even ask if it's yours, because she knows you're a good guy, so she assumes I was a whore and that's why you left me. And I know I had sex with you when you told me we shouldn't, so I can't blame you or her for thinking that.

This is my punishment. I deserve it...

I don't know if you wanna be a part of our baby's life, but now you know."

She said all this almost without breathing, while tears ran down her face. She was glad he couldn't see her. She was shaking and waiting for him to say something.

Finally, he spoke.

"Wow. I don't know if I wanted to know or not, but I guess you were honest, so you did the right thing.

It's true you didn't cheat, but that doesn't make you any less of a whore.

We weren't married or even engaged, and you knew how I felt about pre-marital sex.

You literally had sex with me while I was asleep. That was fucked up.

I hope you aren't telling me this in hope that we will get back together, because it's not gonna happen.

I do want to be part of the baby's life, I'll send you money to support it, but I don't know if I want him or her to know I'm their father, because I might have a real family one day and I don't think it would be fair on them."

"I understand" she said, still crying.

"Are you sure it's mine anyway?" he asked.

"Yes Andy, I wouldn't be calling you if I wasn't sure. You're the only one I've had sex with. And no, I didn't call you because I want to get back together, but I'm still in love with you."

Andy didn't know what to say back.

Deep down he wished he still cared about Laura, because after all she was carrying his child, but he just didn't feel the same anymore.

He wasn't going to start a family with a woman he didn't love or respect, so he just apologised for not returning her feelings, wished her good luck and told her she could call him whenever she needed money or anything for the baby, which she really appreciated.

When he walked back downstairs, most of his co-workers had left the party. Jenny smiled and winked at him but he didn't really pay attention to her. He was still thinking about the conversation he just had.

It was just sinking in that he was going to become a father, and the poor child would be a bastard. He cursed his ex for what she did to him, and he was also starting to regret what he did with Jenny.

She had tempted him into having meaningless sex.

He kept worrying that even though he didn't cum inside her and she was on the pill, she might still get pregnant, and he would have to deal with another child, from a different woman when he hadn't even turned twenty-five or earned enough to support them.

He couldn't think about all that.

He decided he wouldn't worry about Jenny for now, since the chances of her being pregnant by him were very slim, but he decided he would never sleep with her again.

When Andy left the party he barely looked at Jenny while he said goodbye.

She could tell he was being cold, and something must have happened, she wondered what his ex wanted from him, and the mere thought of them getting back together made her feel jealous. She could still feel his dry cum on her chest and belly and that made her feel both embarassed and upset.

She couldn't believe this guy.

Only a few minutes before he was fucking her, she even let him fuck her in the ass, and now he barely looked at her, all because of one call.

She needed to know what they talked about, but she didn't want to be nosey, so she figured she would just ask him when the time felt right.

She thought about him the whole ride home and when she got there she masturbated thinking about earlier, looking at her cum covered tits in the mirror while she did it.

After finally cumming she felt kinda slutty, and kinda sad, but she also couldn't help but feel a deep admiration for Andy.

She thought that maybe she didn't really deserve him as a boyfriend, that she had been a slut to him and tempted him into having sex with her and now that he had had her he probably wouldn't have any interest in dating her, especially considering his views, and she didn't blame him.

Maybe he would still fuck her from time to time, (since she was pretty sure she had given him the best orgasms of his life) but there was nothing else she could offer him.


For over two weeks, Andy and Jenny didn't really talk at work (or outside of work), they would just greet each other if they saw each other and that was it.

Andy had so many thoughts and worries that he decided he didn't need more drama in his life. Plus he was still kinda angry at Jenny for tempting him into having sex with her.

He focused on work and barely even went on dates anymore.

This other co-worker, Amanda, had been trying to catch his attention lately, but he barely noticed.

Jenny was obviously heart-broken by this situation, but she wasn't surprised. She really wanted to know what Andy's ex had told him though, so she resolved she would ask him, one way or another, but it was really hard since he wouldn't give her a chance to talk to him.

She had only told about their "encounter" to one of their co-workers, Amanda, who was also her friend. She knew she could trust her to keep the secret and she noticed something was wrong and that her and Andy weren't talking anymore, so she basically forced it out of her.

She was ashamed of telling anybody else, especially her best friend, since she'd always talked badly about him to her, so she felt like she would judge her.

Amanda, her friend/co-worker, asked her a lot of questions about Andy, how he was in the sack, if he was rough or gentle, if he called her names, stuff like that.

Jenny wasn't ashamed to talk about sex; she told her he was really good and had one of the best dicks she'd ever seen, but that he didn't make her cum, although she was pretty close a couple times.

She even confessed letting him fuck her in the ass.

Amanda wasn't someone who judged, but she was quite surprised by that. She couldn't even believe she had sex with him, since she was such a feminist and he was a pretty traditional, old fashioned guy.

"Wow. I've actually never enjoyed anal sex, it feels wrong for me." she told her friend.

"Yeah, I know, I prefer regular sex, but I honestly really enjoyed anal with him. It's like I was so horny and desperate for him to fuck me that it felt great, even if it hurt a little at first." she replied blushing, then added "Also, it was the first time I offered to do anal. Usually it's always guys who push for it, and I just sometimes go with it.

Andy was different. He even hesitated a little before doing it."

"He does seem like the guy who would hesitate, he probably thinks anal sex is so scandalous." Amanda said laughing.

"Oh, he but enjoyed it alright!" said Jenny and they both laughed.

"Anyway, why him? I'm not judging or anything, but I thought you pretty much hated him." asked Amanda.

"Actually, I never hated him. I hated his views, but thinking about it I realised they are way better than most guys' anyway.

At least he respects women.

I also realise that I tempted him into having sex with me and that if I hadn't been so pushy, he would have never had sex with me.

He really is different than most guys and I respect him for it."

said Jenny.

Amanda noticed she was getting sad, so she tried to comfort her "Hey, look, I'm sure he has his reasons for not talking to you, but I'm sure he likes you. As you said he respects women, he wouldn't ignore you if there wasn't something serious behind this. Or maybe he's just really busy with work. You know how hard he works..."

"Yeah, I know..." she replied, not convinced that she was being totally honest, but glad she was trying to be a good friend.

Amanda kept thinking about what Jenny told her about Andy all day.

She would have never thought he was that good in bed, or that he could get a hot woman like Jenny in the first place.

She thought he was all talk, that the way he talked about "rejecting easy women" only stemmed from him not getting any, but now she was starting to change her mind.

She had never really been that much into guys. She identified as bisexual but she rarely enjoyed sex with men, or better, with the one man she had been with.

She loved guys romantically, but most of them were jerks, so she preferred dating women.

For the biggest time she actually had a crush on Jenny, but she never told her, because they were good friends, and she knew she was straight.

When Jenny talked about sex with Andy, she didn't know if she was jealous of him, or her. She even wondered if they would have a threesome with her for a second, but then put that thought away.

Later that night, her ex, Bruce, kept texting her. He obviously was just lonely and wanted to hook up with her, but he was trying to convince her he had changed and wanted to try to be together again. He was moving to the city she lived in now, and he really wanted to see her to "talk".

She had dated him four years before, for almost a whole year, their last year at college.

She was really in love with him at the time, then she caught him cheating on her with her roommate; that broke her heart, so she dumped him. Later she forgave him and they got back together.

When college was over, he broke up with her, saying it was because they were going to live too far away and he couldn't do long distance relationships, so he broke her heart a second time.

She later found out that he had actually cheated on her for almost the entirety of their relationship, with several girls.

From that moment on, she never dated guys again. She had never really enjoyed sex with Bruce anyway, so she figured she'd be better off dating women.

Later of course she realised women weren't that much better.

Her last ex-girlfriend had cheated on her with a guy and left her for him. He got her pregnant the only time they slept together while they were still dating (or at least that's what she told her).

They later got married and apparently were really happy together and she recently saw on Facebook that she was pregnant again.

Anyway that night, Bruce kept texting her and wouldn't take a hint. She tried explaining to him calmy (since she wasn't angry at him anymore) that she didn't love him anymore and she didn't believe he was ever going to change, since he completely manipulated her when they were together.

To that he just replied that he wanted to buy her dinner once and that if she never wanted to see him after that he would accept her decision.

It took her a minute but she finally accepted, thinking that way he'd finally stop texting her, plus she'd get a free meal out of it.

She texted "Okay, just one dinner", hit send and turned off her phone.


On Friday, Jenny and Amanda were eating lunch together. Jenny asked Amanda if she could try to get some information out of Andy. Obviously he wasn't going to talk to her.

She wanted to find out about what his ex told him and she knew Amanda was good at making people comfortable.

"I'll see what I can do, but we're not exactly close, we're just regular co-workers." said Amanda, before taking a bite of her chicken.

"Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, Amanda. I know you're not that close, but you're good at making people talk." said Jenny.

"Besides, me and Andy weren't exactly close only a few weeks ago and look what happened." she added with a wink and they both laughed.

Andy spent all week-end working from home, without ever leaving his apartment.

On Sunday night, he got a text from a girl he went on a date with one time, Beatrice.

She asked him if she wanted to see her again. He usually didn't appreciate women being so forward, but the girl had specified in her text that she didn't usually do this and that she waited over a week for him to text her but he didn't, so she wondered if he lost her number or something, since she thought they got along.

He just replied he had been busy, but he wouldn't mind going on a second date.

He remembered this girl pretty well; she had actually impressed him on their date. She was fairly attractive and very petite. She spoke softly, dressed quite modestly and when they talked about interests and hobbies she told him she loved cooking and baking.

When she texted back and asked him where they should go next, he proposed she cooked a meal at her place for the both of them, since he remembered her telling him she was a good cook. She said she liked the idea and that she was happy he remembered that. He asked her if Saturday was okay for her, and once again she said yes and texted him her address.

On Monday at work Andy noticed Amanda staring at him from time to time. He had the impression she was trying to get his attention.

During lunch break she actually asked him if he wanted to eat something together. He said yes so they headed to the café where he usually went when he didn't bring a sandwhich from home.

While they ate she started talking about the weather to break the ice, but he knew she wanted something from him, since it was the first time they got lunch together or talked for over five minutes.

"I've noticed you staring at me a few times today. And even before today it seemed like you were trying to get my attention, but maybe that's just me." he said, interrupting her.

She decided she would be bold. "Maybe I was." she replied, winking at him, taking some of her curly hair in her hand and swirling it around her fingers.

"Are you single, Andy?" she asked him, while looking him straight in the eye.

"Yep." he replied, then asked "Why? Are you?"

"Kinda. I haven't been in a serious relationship in years, but I'm seeing people." she replied, then added "So... when was your last relationship?"

"You tell me first." he said looking at her. He was still trying to figure out if she was flirting or if she was just being extremely nosey.

"Well... my last relationship with a guy was like four years ago, didn't end well. Since then I only dated girls." she replied.

"Oh, interesting." was all he said.

"Your turn to answer my question." she insisted.

"Oh yeah. My last relationship ended half a year ago." he replied.

He started to realise that this girl probably wasn't interested in him at all, but he couldn't be sure, so he just plainly asked her "Why? Do you like me? Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?"

Amanda blushed, even though she wasn't sure why. Up until that point she had only been trying to get information for her friend, but now that he asked if she liked him, she thought he might actually be interested in her. Finally a faithful, respectful guy might have liked her.

She realised that he was right when he said that before that day she had maybe subconsciously tried to get his attention. Ever since Jenny told her about them having sex she had started thinking about him more often.

"I don't have a girlfriend, not really. I'm just dating, but nothing serious." she said, trying not to show any emotion.

"You didn't answer my question... do you like me?" he asked once again, now getting more confident.

"Maybe." was all she said.

"It's late. We should head back to work." he suddenly said, looking at his watch.

"No, wait, there's one thing I want to tell you before we go back to work." she said, getting closer to him.

"You know I told you about my ex boyfriend... I never actually had sex with him. I've never had sex." she lied.

She knew the only way to have Andy was to be a virgin, and she wouldn't fuck up her chance to find love for having had sex she didn't even enjoy with a jerk who cheated on her.

Andy looked really surprised "That's good for you, and impressive. There's not many girls like you nowadays." he said with a smile, then he quickly added "Can we go back to work now?"


Later that day Amanda was at home doing the laundry and was really tempted to call Andy. She was conflicted, because she really thought that she was over guys. She liked girls, but if she was honest, now that she had Andy stuck on her mind, she couldn't even remember the name of the last girl she slept with.

Her infatuation with girls were different than the ones with guys. Although she had learned that she couldn't trust women or men, she still felt like women were more loving in general, that they cared about her pleasure, whilst men only cared about sticking their dicks inside her, and didn't care about her feelings. Maybe that's what put her off guys.

She hadn't even thought about having sex in so long, and now she was wondering if she would enjoy sex with Andy; she had a feeling she would. Then she realised she wasn't even sure if he liked her or not.

Just while she was thinking that, she got a text from Andy, asking her how she was doing. She hadn't felt so happy in a very long time.

On Saturday, Andy was getting ready for his date with Beatrice. He had been talking to Amanda all week non-stop, and he thought she was really a nice girl and maybe she was actually girlfriend material, but he didn't want to cancel his other date, plus he hadn't had a good home cooked meal in too long.

Dinner with Beatrice was lovely, the food was as good as the company. They had fish based dishes and drank white wine.

"You're an eccellent cook." he complimented her.

She blushed and said "Thanks. My mother taught me and my sisters to cook since we were little, it's a family tradition."

They also had been talking about their past relationships and she told him she'd only had one boyfriend but they never had sex. She said she was saving herself for the right guy and he complimented her on her choice.

By the end of the night they were kissing on her sofa, but Andy stopped when he felt that things were getting too heated.

"Why did you stop? What's wrong?" she asked him.

"Nothing is wrong, I just want us to take things slow" he replied.

She smiled at him and replied "I agree." and kissed him on the cheek.

They watched a movie and cuddled on the sofa for a while, until she started massaging his thighs. Quickly he got hard. He started squeezing her breasts and kissing her neck and she started moaning.

"We won't have sex, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves." she said, and with that she took her shirt off, kneeled in front of him, unzipped his jeans and started sucking his dick. He let out a loud groan.

She was bobbing her head up and down and using her hand too, but she was a little clumsy and he could tell she wasn't experienced.

It still felt really good though and he was going to cum soon.

He suddenly grabbed the back of her head and pushed his dick all the way down her throat, catching her by surprise. She choked a little and that squeezed his dick in a way that made him cum immediately down her throat.

He pulled out and she started coughing and spitting some of his cum out, barely breathing. "What the hell!" she said, when she was finally able to speak.

"I'm sorry... I couldn't help myself... did that hurt?" he said, mortified.

"I almost choked! You could have warned me." she said, standing up and walking away.

"I'm sorry, I didn't have time to tell you. I wasn't thinking." he said, starting to feel a little bad for her.

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