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Angel & Two More Men


The sex on Friday night and Saturday with Bob Marley Cliff was the best Angel had experienced up until that date, but it was only one of many fabulous carnal adventures in her life. Because of her beauty, her sexual prowess and her reputation as a woman who was free and open with her charms, she had no trouble finding partners among the men at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Association. In between her couplings with members from there, she sometimes spent a few extremely happy nights and mornings in bed with her neighbor, Harold Carpenter.

Among members of the GLBTA, Kenny was her most frequent partner, especially on Friday nights. In particular, she liked to go to his home after meetings on Fridays, because he always ate her pussy, and she could spend the night and Saturday morning frolicking in his queen-sized bed, followed by going out with him to a leisurely brunch at a pleasant restaurant near her flat. If Kenny didn't happen to be there, frequently another man and she would mutually catch each other's fancies, and they would leave for either her flat or whatever place, within reason that he wanted to go.

On the Friday night after her incredible sex with Bob, Kenny wasn't there, and Angel looked around at the men who were. After some very bad experiences with young men, she had certain preferences, and any man she chose to leave with had to meet at least some of them. A new man, quite handsome, was there that night, and he introduced himself as Augustus, to be greeted in the customary way by the other members of the group. He was a burly man, which Angel liked, and he looked to be at least in his late thirties. That was good too, because she preferred men who were much older than she, often even older than her own father.

As Augustus spoke, he informed everybody that he was straight, and that he was there in support of Luanne, his younger sister, who had been born his brother. He told how the young T-girl had been ostracized and reviled since beginning the process of gender change, and even suffered physical violence a few times. Angel could empathize with the sister, recalling the difficulties she had faced in the provincial city when she first started wearing girls' uniforms at the school she attended, and all during her process of feminization. She had never been actually assaulted, but she had narrowly escaped violence when she first arrived in London. Those frightening episodes had turned her against men her own age, even those at the GLBTA, whom she knew she had no particular reason to fear.

Besides size and age, being straight or bisexual was another requirement of Angel's because the gay men she had met would have wanted to treat her sexually as a man, including treating her clit as a cock. This was something she took pains to avoid, including with the bisexual men, such as Kenny. She was a WOMAN, and insisted in being treated as one in every way possible.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Augustus sought out Angel, thinking she might have some good advice for his sister. Besides being T-girls, both women were young and very attractive, and he believed that, having those qualities in common, Angel might have experiences she would be willing to share. He was absolutely right in that belief. Besides being attracted to the older brother, Angel had quite a few suggestions for his much younger sister, including many that she had learned from her own therapist and some that had come from her experiences. If Augustus had not sought her out, she would have approached him and, even if there had been no sexual attraction, she would have wanted to pass on advice for Luanne.

"Hi, Angel," he greeted her.

"Hi, Augustus."

"Why don't you call me Gus? It's shorter and easier. Anyhow, I was hoping you might have some advice for my sister."

"Okay, Gus it is, and, yes, I do have quite a bit of advice for her. But why don't we go sit in those chairs over there?" she asked, pointing to some wooden chairs against the wall.


Once they were seated, Angel began giving Gus a summary of what she had gone through on her arrival in London. She emphasized that Luanne, whenever a man expressed or showed interest in her, would have to immediately let him know her status as a T-girl. Even as she spoke, she shivered, remembering her own experiences with Brian and Mike when she first arrived in the city. The harsh words of the two young men had been bad enough but, if she hadn't been honest with them right away, those words would almost certainly have been accompanied by severe beatings. The fear of what might have happened was still very real, and even Gus could tell how serious Angel was about her dread of any repetition of those two frightening episodes, for her or any other T-girl.

The conversation continued for quite a while, and got more personal, as Angel talked about the sex acts that Luanne would probably be doing. She even referred to her clit and pussy which, physiologically speaking, were her penis and anus. Gus had gone to the meeting looking for advice he could pass along to his sister, and any insights as to what she would be going through. Sex had not been on his mind, but few straight men could be around Angel, especially when involved in such an intimate conversation, without thinking about it. This was doubly so as she leaned forward and rested her hand on his thigh. Besides the presence of the warm palm, he couldn't help noticing how her delightful breasts strained against the green knit dress she was wearing, as well as all the other aspects of her youthful beauty.

Angel was getting just as turned on as he was. The sexual details of her advice were a reminder, if she needed any, that she hadn't had a cock in her mouth or pussy since the previous Saturday morning, and that the man beside her could provide what she had been missing during that time. Besides providing advice for Luann, she learned that Gus was divorced and shared a flat with his sister. As Angel smiled at him and her hand tightened slightly on his leg, they were both having the same thoughts about a delightful way the evening might end.

For all the other members of the GLBTA, it had already ended. They had been so wrapped up in their discussion that Angel and Gus hadn't noticed that they were the last people remaining in the meeting room. Everybody else who had sat around the table, after hearing what Gus had to say, and seeing him and a T-girl in serious conversation, would never have considered interrupting their discussion. Instead, as was the usual custom, the other members had tidied up the room, and the last two persons would be able to get up and leave any time they felt like it, turning off the lights and pulling the door closed and locked behind themselves. They looked around and decided that time had arrived.

"I'm sorry, Angel. I didn't realize how late it was getting. Do you need a ride home?"

His thigh was getting warmer under her hand, and he could feel his cock stiffening. Gus looked again at the T-girl's lovely breasts and wondered if they were real. He was aware that his sister wore padded bras, but they didn't make her bosom appear to be nearly as big and shapely as Angel's. The thought occurred to him that it would be wonderful to find out, and perhaps learn, from first-hand, a bit more about the sex lives of T-girls. Just so he would have a better and more complete understanding of his sister's life, of course, he told himself, grinning inwardly over what he knew was a bit of harmless self-deception.

"I could use one." The questing hand briefly moved closer to where she could see Gus's cock starting to put a bulge along his pants leg. It was a good-sized one, just the kind she liked in her mouth or pussy.

As they left, Angel turned off the lights and set the lock so it caught when she closed the door after herself and Gus. The parking lot was empty except for his car and, as they walked in its direction, they were rather more close together than they really had to be. He opened the door for Angel and she got in and reached over to unlock the driver's door. As Gus sat behind the steering wheel, she remained as close to him as she could safely get, and her hand once again found the thigh that had been so fascinating before, except that this time, he knew for certain she was fondling him there.

The thought of sex had been creeping into his mind but, from the actions of Angel, it galloped the rest of the way in. Except for driving safely, it was the only thing he could think of as the beautiful T-girl whispered directions into his ear. Angel knew there was no need to whisper, but she was getting sexually excited by the presence of the large handsome man whose stiff cock she was starting to caress with her fingertips.

He stopped in front of the block of flats, and Angel whispered to him again, this time a very welcome invitation. "Why don't you park in one of the visitors' spaces and come up to my flat? We can talk about your sister, or whatever else comes up." As she said the last words, her hand moved to lightly squeeze his cock, which was something that was definitely coming up.

To Gus, that sounded like the most wonderful idea in the world, and he got out and opened and held Angel's door. Smiling, she thanked him and let her hand glide over the front of his pants, more and more liking the feel of the prodigious bulge there. Angel was not truly a size queen, but she did prefer long, thick cocks in her pussy, and what was covered by Gus's pants had felt much more than adequate to her. Holding hands, they walked to the front of the building and, this time, she unlocked and opened the door for him.

Eager to get to the privacy of Angel's flat, they hurried across the lobby to the lift, where they waited impatiently, although it was less than half a minute. Inside the lift car, Angel refrained from putting her hands where she actually wanted them, because she didn't care to put on a show for anybody in the building's security who might happen to see the videotape of the inside of the car. She was well aware that any such person, seeing her and Gus, would know where they were going and what they would be doing, but she didn't want to advertise it.

Once they were inside the kitchen of her small flat with the door locked, Angel slipped out of her pumps and suggested that Gus do the same with his shoes while she was hanging up their jackets on the hooks on the back of the door. He took her suggestion, going even further and peeling off his socks, and sat on one of the two chairs beside Angel's small table. She moved the other chair next to him and sat down, her hand quickly finding his thigh and creeping upward to his crotch, where she could again see the long bulge down one leg.

"Luanne will want to have as normal a life as she can, and that would almost certainly include a boy friend, and having sex with him," Angel said, continuing that topic of the conversation they had been having at the Club.

"I would expect that, but I don't know exactly what she would be doing with him. I don't think she's ever shared those kinds of details with me."

"Do you want to find out some of the ways?" Without waiting for an answer, Angel got up from her chair, knelt between Gus's legs and smiled at him, licking her lips as she did.

"Well, er, yeah. Sure." Gus knew what Angel was about to start doing, or thought he did, and was totally in favor of the idea. He had been sucked off a few times in his life, of course, but never by a woman as beautiful as the young blonde who was on her knees in front of him.

Not wanting Gus to change his mind, Angel reached out to unbuckle his belt and unbutton the waistband of his pants. He rose slightly in the chair, and she unzipped his fly and hooked her fingers around the waistband to start pulling off his pants. Eager to expedite matters, Gus rose from the chair enough that Angel was able to pull the garment around his ass, all the way down his legs and off. Smiling at the prominent swelling in his boxer shorts, she unsnapped the waistband and treated them the same way she had treated his pants. With Gus naked below the waist, Angel looked gleefully at the big, hard cock that was protruding from his crotch.

She did much more than look. Resting one forearm on his thigh and holding his shaft with the fingers of the other hand, Angel raised her head above what she admired so much. After looking up at Gus and smiling again, she lowered her face to start licking the head. As she always likes to do, Angel's tongue moved in concentric circles while she slowly brought her face closer to her goal, until the head was enveloped between her lips. Once again, her eyes smiled at Gus, and she winked and lowered her mouth all the way to his pubic hair, enveloping his entire cock, her avid tongue caressing his shaft as she did.

While the hair tickled her lips, Angel kept her mouth in place, letting her tongue lave the thick cylinder that filled it so well. After a few seconds, she slowly raised her head, keeping her tongue just as active. She stopped again when just the head was nestled between her lips, looked another time at Gus with her pretty blue eyes, and slowly lowered her face again, still licking, until the hair was tickling her lips again. Three times Angel's mouth slowly moved up and down, caressing Gus's cock and, after the fourth time, she held it in her fingers and raised her head to smile around it.

"That's one of the ways your sister will have sex, except she will usually go a lot further than I just did. Do you want to see another way?"

Augustus didn't say anything, just nodded his head while wishing the gorgeous blonde would take his cock back into her mouth and finish sucking him off.

"I can't show you here; you'll have to come into my bedroom." Angel smoothed down her dress and started for her bed-sitting room, confident that Gus would follow her.

Her confidence was not misplaced. He followed her, stopping two feet behind Angel when she paused next to her bed and reached down to remove the blankets and top sheet. As she did every Friday morning, she had changed the bed so she would have clean sheets if she brought a man back home with her. When she glanced back and saw Gus, Angel reached up and lifted her long blonde hair out of the way.

"Unzip my dress and unhook my bra," she instructed him.

With some fumbling, because he was not used to doing it, he eagerly complied, Angel peeled the sleeves off her arms while holding her bra cups in place. With her dress hanging loosely down from her hips, she turned to face Gus, her breasts still covered, and put on the little show she always enjoyed doing, especially with a new man. Angel spread her arms, one hand holding the bra, and put on display the treasures it had just been covering. Although she didn't say anything out loud, she thought "Ta Dahhh!" as she always did when completing this ritual.

Augustus just stared with astonishment. He had never seen his sister nude or even topless since she began the sex-change regimen, but he had seen her padded bras, and had halfway assumed all T-girls would wear the same kind of thing. As if to further prove how false this assumption was, Angel rolled her shoulders, making her lovely breasts bounce and sway in front of him, letting him know there was nothing the least bit artificial about them. Speechless, Gus continued to stare.

This slightly perturbed Angel. Until then, every person who had been treated to her little show had responded by reaching out, holding her breasts and licking them, and she very much wanted that tradition to continue. She reached out, took one of Gus's hands and placed it under one of the succulent globes he should already have been squeezing and stroking with his hands and tongue. Almost as a reflex, he bent down and started licking her nipple the way Angel wanted.

As if realizing what he had, and wanting more of it, Gus reached up his other hand and started fondling the other of the beautiful twins, and moving his face back and forth between them to caress both nipples with his tongue. The slight perturbation that Angel had been feeling ended, and her body squirmed in front of Gus, adding to the pleasure of both of them. Of course, this was just a preliminary, with much greater delights in store for both of them.

Smiling lewdly, Angel reached around and under Gus's arms and started unbuttoning his shirt. When she was done he, reluctantly, released the luscious globes his tongue and hands had been worshipping, turned around to let her remove the garment, followed by peeling his undershirt up and off, leaving him totally naked. After gently stroking Gus's stiff cock, Angel gave him further instructions.

"Now turn around because it's your turn to finish undressing me." When he was facing her again, she continued: "Put your hands on my hips and push my dress down the rest of the way."

Angel's dress puddled around her ankles, and she stepped out of it, bent over to pick it up and draped it over the chair where she had left his clothing. When she turned back to Gus, she noticed how he was staring at the way her clit strained against her French knickers, much the same as his cock had been bulging inside his underwear.

"Like I was telling you about before, this is my clit," she informed him while patting it for emphasis. Like all women, T-girls really love to have their clits played with while they're fucking or having any other kind of sex. When Luanne is with her boyfriend, she'll want him to do it too. I'll show you what I mean in a few minutes. Now, sit on the bed."

Hoping his cock would be back in the same warm, wet cavern of pleasure it had visited far too briefly, Augustus sat on the edge of the bed with his legs spread. His hopes soared when the beautiful T-girl knelt down in front of him and once again placed a forearm on his thigh while smiling and looking up at him. As she had before, Angel lowered her face while licking on the tip of the hard cock that was so eager to find its way into her mouth. Slowly, she engulfed the head, and continued to envelop the shaft, until her lips were once again being tickled by Gus's pubic hair. Equally slowly, she raised her face, her tongue still laving his stiff cock, until just the tip was held between her soft lips, while looking adoringly at Augustus with her pretty eyes.

Angel loved the way his cock filled her mouth so well, and she wanted and intended to suck him off later. However, there was another place that she wanted it to fill first. Once again, she took Gus's erection out of her mouth, licked the slit, and smiled at him.

"Don't worry. I'll suck you off and swallow your cum later, but there's something else I want to show you first."

Angel stood up, slid her stockings down her legs and kicked them off her feet. She turned away, and took a step toward the bureau where she kept condoms and Aqualube but, before going the rest of the way there, she looked provocatively back at Gus as he waited expectantly for her to share more pleasure with him. Still smiling, Angel hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers, pushed the garment down around her hips and bum and let it slide all the way to the floor. After stepping out of the wispy garment, she bent over and spread her cheeks, giving Gus a perfect look at where his cock would be in a matter of minutes.

With one more step, Angel was at the bureau. She opened the top drawer and withdrew the bottle of Aqualube and a plastic packet that contained a condom. Before returning, she twisted the packet open, took out the contents, and dropped the wrapper back into the drawer. Back beside the bed, she handed the bottle of lubricant to Gus and knelt in front of him again. This time, instead of licking his cock, she held the center of the latex disk against the tip and rolled the condom on all the way. With that done, Angel stood up and climbed onto the bed, piling up some pillows in the center and getting to her hands and knees over them.

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