Angel Ch. 03


Chapter 3: T-girl at Work

On Monday morning, Angel Jones reported for her first day of work at the main office of the big London Bank. As she sat on a chair in the anteroom of the personnel office, she thought about what she would be doing there. It was almost a certainty that nobody in the bank knew she was a T-girl, because George Parker would not have told them, and it had not been known by anybody else at the branch in her home town. She had long ago decided that, although she would not deny it if asked, she would also not volunteer the information. Although born a boy, she had started changing her gender almost three years earlier, and that fact and details of the change were nobody's business, unless she allowed it to be their business.

To her knowledge, only three people in the entire city of London knew she was a T-girl. Two of them, Brian and Mike, would keep it to themselves, for fear of the ridicule of their mates. The third was Lionel, a maintenance man at the block of flats where she was living. The previous Thursday, after being abusively rejected by Brian on Tuesday and Mike on Wednesday evening, Angel was having doubts about her own femaleness. Lionel, however, proved to her that she truly was a beautiful and highly desirable woman, when he shared with her a morning of incredibly pleasurable sex. She enjoyed two tremendous climaxes, and all doubts were removed, probably forever. Angel celebrated, that afternoon and the following day, by shopping for new clothing to replace those things that her sexy and very feminine body had outgrown.

On Saturday morning, with her shopping completed, Angel called on Lionel in the tiny cubicle he used as an office. After closing and locking the door behind herself, she approached him where he was sitting in his wooden swivel chair.

"Good morning, Lionel. How are you today?"

"I'm fine, Angel, thank you. You certainly look pretty this morning."

That was undeniably the truth. She was wearing a new pair of shorts, and they displayed her long, beautiful legs. Under them, Angel was wearing aqua French knickers, which matched her lacy, new bra. Lionel was looking at her from in front, and admired her luscious breasts in the new polo shirt too but, if he had been behind her, he would have seen how the snug fit of the shorts also showed off her gorgeous ass.

The shorts had been something of a compromise. During her shopping spree, Angel tried on hot pants and loved the way they molded themselves to her hips and ass, but they were too tight in front. She was enjoying the shopping trip, although she wasn't finding it to be at all sexually arousing, and her clit was flaccid. However, when she looked in the mirror, it was clearly outlined under the hot pants. Angel always enjoyed showing off her femininity and sex appeal, and she wouldn't want people looking at her obvious femaleness and wondering what they could be seeing under her clothing. She ended up settling for shorts that were snug enough in the back, but fairly loose in front. As for what Lionel thought of her, even before seeing her in her new garments, he already knew, more than any other person in the entire city of London, just how beautiful and sexy a woman Angel Jones was.

Smiling, she approached him, and put her hand on his shoulder. "Lionel, I can never thank you enough for what you did for me on Thursday. I was doubting myself, and you proved I had no reason for doing that."

"Well, Angel, you don't really need to thank me. I had a great time too."

"Maybe so, but I want to thank you again." She got to her knees and reached out to begin unfastening his belt and pants.

Realizing what she had in mind, or thinking he did, Lionel looked around the tiny space that was available. "Angel, I don't think there's enough room in here."

"There's enough right here in your chair. Just lean back and relax."

He did what she asked, except that, after she had his pants unfastened and was starting to pull them down, he raised his ass off the chair to help her. Angel pulled them down to his ankles and removed his shoes so she could take his pants all the way off. With those things out of the way, she put her fingers into the waistband of his Y-fronts, and started to pull them down. She didn't have the same problem as she did two days earlier, because Lionel's cock was just starting to become erect.

That wasn't the only thing becoming erect. In anticipation of the pleasure she was about to provide for her friend, and for herself as well, Angel's clit was also starting to stiffen. She reached one hand through the waistbands of her shorts and knickers and adjusted her clit so it was sticking up. If she decided to stroke herself and cum while sucking off her friend, she would have no difficulty doing so. With that need taken care of, both of her hands returned to Lionel's waistband.

He raised his ass from his chair again, and Angel pulled his shorts off the same way as she had with his pants, and tossed them onto the same pile. When he sat back down, he was on the edge of the chair. Lionel lifted his shirt out of the way and leaned back, giving the beautiful T-girl room to do what it was obvious she wanted to do. Angel smiled and moved in closer between his knees and, resting her elbows on his thighs, lowered her lovely face to his lap.

Lionel's cock was not fully hard yet, so Angel engulfed almost the entire thing in her mouth, nearly brushing his pubic hair with her lips and nose. As she played with it, rolling it around with her tongue and pressing it against the insides of her cheeks, his cock became harder and bigger, filling her mouth to overflowing. This was a new sensation to Angel, and one she very much enjoyed. It gave her a certain sense of empowerment to feel Lionel's cock becoming ready in her mouth, besides her liking the fact that she was giving pleasure to a friend. And, of course, as it continued growing bigger and stiffer, she reveled in how the hard shaft felt between her lips. She also happily noted that, in the few seconds, the head pressed against the back of her throat, it didn't even coming close to setting off her gag reflex.

Lionel's cock was fully erect by the time Angel took it out of her mouth and held it in front of her face, while looking up at him and smiling. She licked the length of the shaft and, raising her face above it, the slit and under the ridge. The best texture, as it had been two days earlier, was the head, which felt like warm velvet against her tongue, and she immensely enjoyed the sensation, as her tongue fondled it again and again. By that time, Lionel's cock was as hard as the wooden arm on his chair, and he was breathing deeply and rapidly. Angel wanted to move on to the activities that she knew would be even more fun for both of them.

Angel's clit was keeping up with Lionel's cock, and it was just as hard, and just as needful of her attentions. She reached under her knickers again to hold it with her fingers and stroke herself a few times. The sensation was even better than when she had adjusted its position a few minutes earlier, and she decided she would masturbate while sucking off Lionel. She also wanted to try to bring herself to an orgasm at the same time as he ejaculated into her mouth.

Slowly, she lowered her head, letting his erect cock glide between her lips. As she had before, Angel relished the sensation of the hard, thick shaft entering her mouth and filling it so well. Her tongue wetly caressed the bottom, and as far down the sides as it could reach. It seemed to Angel that her tongue was extending farther than it had before, and she very much hoped it was. The skin of Lionel's shaft, stretched tightly around the hardness felt good to her, and she wanted to lick his entire length and girth.

Cautiously, she took it in as deeply as she had two days earlier. Once again, there was no reaction at all when the tip pressed lightly against the back of her mouth, except for a pleasantly erotic feeling. Even more carefully, Angel lowered her face farther, letting the head of his cock slide toward the entrance to her throat, until she felt a slight stirring. She was elated at being able to envelop almost a whole inch more of his erection than she had before. She really was getting better at sucking a cock, and Angel felt good and womanly and confident about that. It was so much more fun for her to take his shaft deeply into her mouth, and she also took great pleasure in knowing that it was far better for him.

There was no need just then for Angel to use her hands to hold Lionel's cock, while it was deep within her mouth. She placed her thumbs in the elastic waistbands of her shorts and her knickers and started to push both garments down. Holding her clit out of the way with one hand at a time, Angel was able to use the other hand to work both elastic waistbands down to around her thighs. With her clothing out of the way, Angel released her clit, letting it spring free and bounce up and down in front of her. Slowly, she started stroking it with her right hand.

She raised her head again, letting her lips squeeze the shaft as it left her mouth, with her tongue caressing everything remaining inside. When just the head was held between her lips, she licked the slit and the velvety tip again, before lowering her face for another slow stroke, laving as much of the shaft as she could reach with her tongue. The tip of Lionel's cock pressed against the same place as before, right at the entrance to Angel's throat, before she stopped, paused, and raised her head, squeezing his shaft between her lips. Once more she stopped with the head of Lionel's cock between her lips, and caressed it with her tongue, before letting her face sink slowly toward his lap, engulfing as much of the hard shaft as she could.

Lionel received tremendous pleasure from the way Angel demonstrated her gratitude. The delicate movements of her lips and tongue as her mouth fondled his cock sent waves of joy crashing through his body. Besides the strictly carnal delights, being sucked off by Angel was a treat for his eyes. Her lovely face, framed by long, shiny blonde hair, bobbed up and down over his lap, repeatedly taking his cock in and out between her lips. Especially erotic was the way her beautiful blue eyes looked up at him, almost adoringly, as she raised and lowered her mouth. Although they hadn't known each other very long, he was extremely fond of Angel, and thought of her as being an unusually sweet and charming young woman, besides being so beautiful. However, he also immensely enjoyed sex with her, and hoped they would continue sharing it indefinitely.

He watched, as the beautiful T-girl continued sucking his cock in and out of her mouth. Lionel knew he would cum soon, and wondered if she would let him ejaculate into her mouth, and if she would swallow it. He hoped so, but he would warn her before that happened, in case she had some objection. Until then, he totally gave himself over to enjoying everything about what she was doing.

Everything about sucking this nice man's cock brought happiness to Angel. He had been her second sex partner, and his was the second cock to be inside her mouth, although she had practiced on cooked sausages. This would be the first time she would actually suck a man off but, it was so much fun, Angel hoped to do it with many more men. She also hoped he would be willing to cum into her mouth, and didn't see any reason why he might not. Even while wondering how it would taste, Angel never even considered the possibility of not swallowing his semen, if she had a chance. As she continued, she felt his cock start throbbing inside her mouth. Although it was a new experience, she realized it must mean that Lionel was on the verge of cumming.

"I'm going to cum, Angel. Do you want me to cum in your mouth?"

Not wanting to interrupt her extreme pleasure and his, she didn't reply out loud, but answered by sucking his cock faster and not taking it as far into her mouth. Angel also tightened her lips, because she didn't want any of his semen leaking out. Although not yet knowing what it would be like, she didn't want to waste any if she enjoyed the flavor as much as she thought she might. Her right hand started stroking her clit faster also, matching the pace of the up and down movements of her head, and sending even more pleasure swirling through her body from there, added to the delightful sensations her mouth was receiving from Lionel's cock.

Faster and faster, Angel sucked with her mouth and stroked with her hand. Lionel trembled, and his body writhed in his chair, as the pleasure he was getting from the T-girl's mouth drove him over the edge. Reflexively, as a great burst of ecstasy welled up inside him, he thrust his cock up into Angel's mouth. A big gob of his semen spurted out, landing on her tongue. Angel liked the taste immediately, and swirled it around in her mouth, relishing the texture as well, while her lips continued stroking Lionel's cock. He pumped in another blob of cum, followed by another, giving her even more pleasure. From the delicious treat her friend had given her, combined with everything else, Angel's clit was throbbing in her hand, and she knew she was on the verge of cumming too.

She continued sucking his cock, while keeping his semen in her mouth, wanting to get as much flavor and other sensations as possible from it. When his shaft started to soften, and it became apparent that she would get no more, she took it out of her mouth and licked the shaft, all around the ridge and, especially, the head and slit. The tremendous pleasure she had received from Lionel's cock and the taste and texture of the semen he had gushed into her mouth, combined with what her right hand was doing, caused her clit to jerk and spasm. An explosion of joy burst inside her, and Angel climaxed, squirting her own semen onto the floor. She continued pumping until she was through cumming. After her climax, Angel leaned forward and her tongue completely cleaned off Lionel's cock. She leaned back on her heels and smiled at him, while licking her lips to get any stray droplets.

"That was great, Lionel. I hope we can do more of it. And more of what we did on Thursday too."

"I'm sure we can, Angel. It was great for me too, today and Thursday. You are really a sweet and wonderful girl."

He remained sitting, but Angel got to her feet and pulled her knickers and shorts back into place. They kissed full on the lips, but without their tongues meeting. With a damp rag picked up from his work bench, she wiped her semen from the floor in front of Lionel's chair. When that was taken care of, she unlocked the door and left, closing it behind herself. Once again, Angel felt proud and good about her femininity, and happy with what she had done for her own pleasure and that of a man she liked. She had a few things to attend to, and some letters to write, so she took the passenger lift from the front lobby back to her flat.

Sucking off Lionel while she masturbated, with both of them cumming as they had, was an extremely pleasant memory from the weekend that had just ended. However, Angel knew she had to concentrate on her interview, and it would be starting in a few minutes. Somebody in her circumstances, a very junior clerk, was subject to being assigned almost anywhere the personnel department decided. She did hope that it would be in a fairly public place so there would be no repeat of the incident with George Parker. The fucking they did that night after work had been wonderful, but the aftermath was something Angel wanted to avoid repeating. This would mean working around a group of people, because such a group would have made the affair impossible.

Mrs. Coleman, the personnel manager at the main office, read over Angel's rather short work history and the laudatory letter of recommendation from her previous supervisor, and the letter from William Parker. She also noted how beautiful and personable the new employee was, and decided to take advantage of those assets by assigning her to a position where she would be dealing directly with bank customers. Mrs. Coleman wondered why that hadn't been done at the previous post, but shrugged it off as poor management. The London branch, at least, was very interested in attracting the accounts of prosperous businessmen, and one of the best ways of making sure that happened that was to have attractive, young women who would deal with them and provide the banking services they needed.

"Miss Jones, I see you worked in the personnel section at your last place of employment. We have no openings in that section here, but I believe you would work out quite well as a teller. It would mean a great deal of public contact, if you think you can handle that alright."

"Yes, Mrs. Coleman. I like meeting people and I've never been shy."

"Very well, then. You will need to undergo a short period of training under the tutelage of Mr. Baker, our head teller. I will introduce you to him so he can show you around and introduce you to your co-workers."

When Mrs. Coleman led Angel down the hallway and introduced her to Mr. Baker, he turned out to be a short, bald, middle-aged bachelor. "I'm very pleased to meet you, my dear. I hope you don't mind if I call you that, but you remind me so very much of one of my dear, sweet, young nieces."

"Not at all." Angel didn't know quite what to think of Mr. Baker. When she offered her hand to shake, he took it in both of his, and seemed to hold it for longer than he really had to, before she pulled it away.

"I will leave you two to get better acquainted. Mr. Baker will explain your duties here." Mrs. Coleman returned to her office to complete the processing of Angel's employee file and take care of some related details.

"Come, my dear, bring that chair over here, and I will show you some of the forms with which you will be working."

Mr. Baker slid his chair over to the end of the desk, pushed some things out of the way, and set out an array of blank forms. Angel was wearing a new green knit dress that day, one she had bought the previous Friday. Like most of her skirts and dresses, it was rather short and snug, showing off her bum and her long, shapely legs. When Angel sat down on the chair she had just moved, the hemline rose to well above her knees. She thought little or nothing of this, since she enjoyed being somewhat on display, and it added to her appearance and feelings of femininity she still felt needed to be emphasized.

Mr. Baker was a great admirer of female beauty, so much so that he had never seen fit to marry and limit his sexual overtures to just a wife. All attractive young women he met reminded him of a dear niece, and good-looking older women all reminded him of a dear sister or cousin. Unattractive women of any age didn't remind him of anybody. Angel Jones was the hottest woman he had ever seen in his office, and one of the most beautiful he had ever seen anywhere. The sight of her bare knees and several inches of creamy white thigh started the usual chain of thoughts in his mind. The chain ended with Angel in bed with him, and her screaming and writhing in pleasure under his naked body. That ending had never come about with any of the other bank employees, and he had no expectation that it would happen with Angel, but he would never give up hope.

It was with hope that he started explaining the forms to Angel. While his left hand hovered over them, pointing out various details, his right hand came to rest on her knee. Angel felt its presence, but thought little of it. Unlike most young women, she had not grown up hearing lectures about the lustful thoughts and hopes of lecherous older men. However, after a few minutes of discussion about what Mr. Baker was showing her, his hand crept upward on her thigh, until the fingers actually found their way under the hemline of her dress. She started to feel somewhat uncomfortable about it, especially in the confines of his office, and moved in her chair, resulting in the hand being dropped from her leg. Angel said nothing about its intrusion, and it did not return. Its owner, however, having not been actually rebuffed, now had much higher hopes of taking regular and frequent liberties in the immediate future, conceivably even leading to his long-time fantasy coming true.

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