Angel Ch. 06


Chapter 6: A T-girl's Xmas Affair

This is an entry in the Literotica Winter Holiday Contest, and is part of an ongoing series on the life of Angel Jones, a beautiful young T-girl in London. For more detailed information on her and on the other characters who appear in this story, please see previous episodes.

Angel Jones was unsure what Christmas would be like for her that year. It would be the first one away from her family, and really she did miss them, although not as much as one might have expected. Ever since starting the process of changing her gender, Angel had been something of an embarrassment her parents. They professed to love her, and there was no reason to doubt their sincerity, but Angel had the impression they would rather love her from a distance than in proximity to their friends and neighbors in her home town. She had exchanged holiday cards with them, and she would telephone them on Christmas Day, but that would be the limit of their contact that year.

She had no other close relatives and no school chums whom she would want to see again. During her childhood, Angel had no really close friends and, after the advent of the gender change, no friends at all. Partly because of her infatuation with George Parker, she had not formed any friendships of any durability with her coworkers in that city's branch of the bank where she was currently employed. Their affair had ended badly and, under no circumstances, would she ever want to see that man again. There were some residual warm feelings toward his brother, William, but not strong enough to make Angel want to renew the relationship, especially since it would probably mean seeing George again.

At her current posting in the main office of that same bank, she had several cordial relationships, especially with Millie Dobbs and her other fellow tellers. They were still somewhat at arms-length, because Angel had been reluctant to tell anybody about the gender change. She thought of herself as being 100% a woman and, from the words and actions of others, she knew she was a beautiful and desirable one. Angel wanted to be treated as a woman, regardless of how she had become one, but she knew many persons would think of her as some kind of freak, or a pouf in disguise. Eventually, she might tell some of her most cordial acquaintances, especially Millie, who had been something of a mother figure ever since Angel's first day there, but she wasn't ready yet.

There was a small get-together, with beer and wine and snacks available, scheduled after closing time on Christmas Eve. Angel would attend the gathering and socialize for a while, being careful to avoid letting Mr. Baker corner her, especially if he happened to be emboldened by a few drinks. The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Association had an afternoon party scheduled on Christmas Day, and Angel definitely intended to go there. She might even leave for home with one of the men, most likely Kenny, if the opportunity arose, and she thought it probably would. The holiday would certainly be different for her than it had ever been while she was living with her parents.

The event, which was held in the employee break room, was more congenial than Angel had expected, and she stayed later than anticipated. She had bought a new Christmas dress, and she was wearing it. It was red, with some white trim and, like most of her dresses, it was short and made of a clingy knit fabric. Angel liked the way such garments felt on her and the way they showed off her feminine curves. As she continued with the hormone treatments, those curves were getting sexier and more feminine. She had also bought new red French knickers and matching bra, both trimmed with white lace. The latter was a size larger than she had been wearing. Angel wondered if she would soon have to buy all new clothing, as she had done shortly after her arrival in London. Her shopping spree at that time had been fun, and she really enjoyed the way her new things felt on her body and showed off her good looks, but it had been a very expensive excursion.

Angel hobnobbed with Millie, keeping the older woman between herself and Mr. Baker. Millie was aware of her friend's ploy, and cooperated whole-heartedly. Their mutual supervisor would like nothing better than to get a chance to fondle Angel, and touch her on whatever places his hands could get at, but he had no interest in doing the same to Millie. She was too old and too heavy to interest him. Cheryl and Bobbi and Meg, also young, attractive tellers were there too. Millie provided them the same protection from their lecherous supervisor, and the five women enjoyed chatting and otherwise spending time with one another. The other four women all expressed admiration for Angel's new dress, and the sexy way it fit her, and they probably would have done the same for her new lingerie, if it had been visible. Although none of the men said anything about it, Angel could tell, from the way their eyes were drawn to her, they also admired the clinging way the garment fit her body and showed off her fair skin and long, blonde hair.

Angel noticed that Constable McGowan, the bank guard, was there too, and thought about taking the opportunity to get to know him better. She was aware, from the looks he often gave her, that the retired bobby found her extremely attractive. She was quite attracted to him too, as he was large and muscular, with iron-grey hair, and exuded an air of self-confidence, all qualities in men that Angel found to be highly appealing. That he was much older than she was more of a positive than a negative consideration. On her arrival in London, Angel had attempted flirtations with two handsome younger men, and the result both times was the man threatening her with violence when he learned that she was a T-girl. Since that time, she had avoided callow young chaps like them in favor of older men, who were so much more worldly and so much less judgmental. She always let the man know, very early in the relationship, that she was a T-girl and, so far, none of the older men had attached any importance to that fact.

The conversation of the other women turned to gossip about mutual acquaintances, a thing Angel almost always eschewed. She decided to seek out the company of the constable, who was sitting slightly apart from the rest of the group.

"Do you mind if I join you," she asked, holding her white wine spritzer in her hand. She had been sipping at the same plastic tumbler since her arrival; Angel wasn't much of a drinker.

"Not at all, Miss Jones. I'd enjoy your company." The friendly man moved over, and Angel sat on the chair next to him.

"I see you're drinking coffee," she commented. "I would have expected you to have a pint of ale in your hand."

"That's what I would have, Miss Jones, but I'm still on duty, until everybody has left. My employer would look very harshly on me if I was to be drinking anything stronger than coffee."

"Your employer? Don't you work for the bank?"

"Not directly. I work for Acme Security, and they assigned me here."

A bit surprised at hearing that, Angel thought about it. Technically, she and the constable were not coworkers. She was even more surprised when he imparted further information to her.

"And, after this evening, I won't be working for anybody."

"Really? You mean you're retiring from Acme too, besides from the constabulary?"

"That I am. Officially, I will be retiring on the first of the year, but I'm going to use up the last of my vacation time, so I won't be back here after tonight. Tomorrow, I'll drive down to see my mum, and spend the rest of the year with her and some other family."

Angel was rather disappointed to hear that. She would certainly miss his handsome, friendly face. At the same time, it meant her policy of remaining romantically uninvolved with her coworkers no longer applied in his case. Not only were they not employed by the same people, the constable would no longer even be working in the same building after that evening. She shifted closer in her chair, leaned in his direction, and let her smile become even friendlier. He responded by also moving closer, so their arms and shoulders were lightly touching, and his hand was resting on hers. Aware that Christmas Eve was very likely the last time he would see the young woman next to him, who looked sexier and more beautiful than ever that evening, the burly guard cleared his throat, having something important to say to her.

"Can I call you 'Angel'?" he began by asking.

"Of course. In fact, I wish you would. I know your first name is Dennis."

He was quite gratified to learn that Angel had been interested enough to find that out, and Dennis continued. "You probably know that I have always been very attracted to you, ever since I first saw you. I hope you don't think I've been a foolish old man."

"Not at all. Yes, I have noticed you sneaking looks at me, and I've quite enjoyed it. I have always been very fond of you too, even attracted to you. As far as I'm concerned, you're neither foolish nor too old."

Dennis was even more gratified, even elated, to hear that. Ever since he first saw the lovely young blonde, he had fantasized a sexual encounter with her, and such an affair was still frequently in his thoughts. He leaned away from her briefly but, when he leaned back, his arm was resting on the back of Angel's chair. She nestled the back of her neck against his muscular arm and turned to smile warmly at the owner of it. Dennis turned in his chair, placed his other hand on hers and smiled back. Angel realized they were getting more personal, and considered telling the friendly and attentive man more about herself, when he removed any necessity.

"I have a confession to make, Angel. As I said, I've always been very attracted to you, ever since you started here, and I looked up information on you in Acme's confidential records. I learned you're a Transgendered person, and were a boy less than four years ago. I hope you don't object too much to that invasion of your privacy."

Angel was surprised to learn that her secret might be out, but she saw no point in denying the truth of what Dennis had just said. "Have you told anybody else?" she asked.

"Oh, no, I would never tell anybody something as personal as that. Unless you've told them, nobody here knows about it, nor will they ever know from me or from Acme. Nobody at your last posting did either."

Angel knew the last statement was not correct, but felt there would be no benefit in mentioning George Parker. She was confident that he had never told anybody about what they did together while working overtime, and that he would always be too embarrassed to tell anybody in the future. Then she realized some other salient facts. Dennis McGowan was not really a coworker and, even if he had been, that evening would mark the end of his service in proximity to her. Furthermore, and much more important, even though he knew she was a T-girl, he was obviously still romantically interested in her. The attraction she had always felt for him evolved quickly into sexual desire, almost to the point of lust. The only thing that might stand in the way of an affair with him that evening would be his reluctance, and she thought there was little likelihood of that. Angel wondered how long it would take for the rest of the people to leave, and if he would like to go somewhere with her, such as to bed in her flat.

Bobbi and Cheryl had left, but Millie was still there, standing guard over Meg, who seemed quite fascinated with a young man from the Home Loan Department. Even as Angel watched, the smiling couple came to her, wished her and Dennis a merry Christmas, and walked out the door, holding hands. Millie, three of her young charges having left unmolested and the last seeming to be well protected, repeated the sequence less than a minute later. Mr. Baker came over to wish Angel a Merry Christmas also, and Angel reciprocated. It didn't bother her, but he seemed to be rather miffed at her evident interest in a man whom he considered to be his social inferior, and hers too, especially when that man was even older than himself.

Others had also been leaving regularly, until the party reached the point where it was no longer a party, just a few people sitting around eating and drinking. After the last of the group straggled out the door, Dennis turned to his tablemate. "Well, Angel, I guess it's just you and me now. Can I give you a lift somewhere?" He was hoping for a certain answer, and it was the one she gave him.

"Yes. How about a ride to my flat, and I hope you can come in and have a drink with me, now that you are really off duty."

Angel had learned it was important to make one's meanings known rather than being excessively subtle, especially with forthright men like the one beside her. His interest had obviously not waned, nor did she want it to do so. Dennis's arm was around her shoulders and he was gently squeezing one of her hands. Her other hand had been caressing his thigh under the table for the last several minutes, and Angel was starting to consider moving it a few inches so it would be fondling his cock. She had never been less than open about making her wishes known.

Dennis slid his arm down to around her waist, gave her an affectionate squeeze and patted her leg. "I'd like that a lot but, to be honest, I quit drinking years ago."

That's okay. I don't really feel like drinking any more anyhow."

They got up from the table and, after the constable had verified the bank's security measures were operating properly, Angel walked out the door that he was holding open for her. After turning on the alarm and locking the door, Dennis escorted her to his car and opened the door. He held it to let her enter, and closed it behind her. On the ride to her flat, even less coy than usual, Angel's hand on his thigh was close enough that the tips of her fingers were rubbing his cock, and feeling it becoming erect. She was very much looking forward to the next few hours, maybe even the whole night and tomorrow morning, and it was extremely obvious Dennis had the same thoughts.

After unlocking and closing the front door behind themselves, the eager couple hurried across the empty lobby to the lift. Angel pointed out the security camera when they entered, so they kept their hands off each other during the ride up and the walk down the hall to her flat. Once they were inside, with the door safely locked behind themselves, all restrictions vanished, and they embraced and kissed as they had both been wanting to do all evening, and for months before that. They were wearing long coats against the fog and chill of late December in London but, after they had been removed and hung up by Angel, his hands were all over her luscious curves, while she fondled his cock through his pants, smiling at its size and state of erectness. The evening promised to be vastly more fun than she had anticipated that morning.

After their bodies separated, Angel removed Dennis's uniform jacket and, while he sat down and took off his brogans and socks, hung it over a chair and kicked off her red pumps. With her wearing stockings and him barefoot, they entered the bedroom, knowing what they wanted to do. Neither of them pretended that their intentions were anything other than having sex. Standing beside the bed, Angel removed Dennis's tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He turned around, and she pulled the shirt off, and peeled off his undershirt as he raised his arms to aid her. His clothing was deposited on the chair by the bed, and it was his turn to undress her.

Angel stood with her back to Dennis, and he unhooked the clasp on her dress and pulled down the zipper. While she stripped the sleeves from her arms and let the garment fall until it hung from her hips, he unhooked her lacy, red bra. Angel is justifiably proud of the size and overall beauty of her breasts, and she is also aware that new sex partners, all of whom would know her to be a T-girl, would always wonder if they would prove to be partly padding, partly silicone or all natural. When she turned to face Dennis again, she held the cups in place, letting him remain curious for a few more seconds.

She's not really a tease and, when Angel pulled her hands away, letting her breasts bounce free, the view presented to Dennis was well worth the few seconds she had made him wait. The show got even better when she rolled her shoulders and moved her upper body, letting her lovely, creamy bosom dance and sway in front of the highly appreciative man. He expressed that appreciation by moving forward, cupping one of her breasts in either hand, and bending forward to start licking the erect pink nipples that topped off their near-perfection.

After a few seconds, although she enjoyed his ministrations, Angel had a suggestion to make. "I really love what you're doing, but let me lie down in bed, and you can lick my nipples some more. It'll be a lot more fun there, for both of us."

There was no denying her logic, and Dennis straightened up and smiled at the beautiful woman who would be lying in bed with him in a few seconds. She smiled back, pushed her dress down over her hips and off, and stepped out of it. Clad only in her stockings and lacy red French knickers, Angel hung the dress over the back of the chair, pulled the coverings down and off the bed, and climbed on to lie on her back with her head nestled in a pillow. He was still wearing his uniform pants when Dennis followed and knelt beside her. Once again, he cupped Angel's luscious breasts in his hands and bent down so his tongue could start paying homage to the nearer of the twin beauties.

Although not a skilled lover, he was enthusiastic, and the caresses of Dennis's tongue on her nipple had Angel happily sighing almost immediately. Her pleasure increased as his mouth switched to the second of the lovely pair and treated it the same way. For a long time, Dennis licked her nipples, as Angel grew more and more aroused, and her clit got harder, tenting her knickers. Abruptly, she realized that he was very unsure of what to do next, and that she would need to take over and keep things moving to enhance their mutual pleasure.

"That was great, Dennis," she told him, sitting up. "But, now it's my turn to do the same thing for you." Angel slid off the bed, got to her knees beside it, and looked expectantly at Dennis, waiting for him to sit with her between his legs.

Angel had been correct in thinking that Dennis was somewhat unsure and inexperienced, but he certainly knew what to do next. He sat up and pushed himself along the sheet until he was at the edge of the bed, with his legs on either side of her. Angel reached out and unfastened his pants and he raised himself so she could pull them down and all the way off. She set them aside and went after his Y-fronts, needing to be more careful with them because of the big erection he had. Using one hand to hold his cock out of the way, and the other to pull the waistband down, she was able to position the elastic under his balls. After that, it was easy to hook her thumbs in the elastic around his hips and pull the shorts down when he raised his ass from the bed. The most difficult, although highly enjoyable, part was that, while undressing Dennis, the cock that was waving less than a foot in front of her face was so demanding of her attention. It was the biggest that Angel had ever seen. It was so big that she knew she might have some trouble squeezing it into her pussy, but it was surely going to be fun trying.

First, she wanted to have some fun with her mouth. Wrapping her hand around it, Angel noted, happily, that she couldn't even reach halfway around his big shaft. The head of Dennis's cock was big and purple, and reminded Angel of a huge grape lollipop. It felt much better on her tongue than any candy ever had, though, and she licked the whole surface, and under the ridge, before enclosing it in her lips. She wasn't quite ready to start sucking on it, so Angel took it back out of her mouth and, starting at the base, slowly licked it all the way up to the slit. That felt so good that she did it some more, caressing the sides with her tongue also, pressing the hard cylinder against her cheek and the side of her nose as she did.

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