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"Msd u madly! hope ur gonna surprise me! LUV Y"

The text had said, she would be here in just over an hour, knots of anticipatory excitement clutched at his innards as Nathan finished the preparations and packed away his tools. She would be home this evening at last; it had been ten days since he last saw her climbing into the cab. It had been the first time they had been parted since they moved in together.

Sweet delectable Yolanthe was the love of his life he adored every centimetre of her soft mocha skin that encased her exquisite slender form. He adored her long abundant and uncontrollable curled mane, lived for the thrill her blue-grey expressive eyes caused in him every time she glanced his way in that seductive way she did so well.

Nathan had been astounded when they first met, she was out of his league, she was well spoken, her parents were well appointed and Yolanthe had been through the public school system. Yolanthe was very confident, well educated she had rapidly risen through the ranks doing something he didn't fully understand in the city.

He could tell her mother thought he was not good enough for her daughter but her father was quite the opposite. He in turn had struggled through school in a comprehensive system that had stifled his ability. A lucky break had made him a fortune when a friend had suggested they went into business together selling rich people what they thought they wanted. Their reputation had grown to such an extent that clients came to them for advice on what was fashionable! Easy money.

Yolanthe and him had been together over eleven months and she had moved into his spacious city flat with him shortly after they met, life had been everything Nathan could wish for since then. It had even been her that had suggested they experiment and try other things a few weeks ago; of course Nathan hadn't been shocked they had done quite a bit of normal sexual exploration. She had hinted at what she wanted, he had asked about at work and someone pointed him in the direction of the "Volcano night" at huge club out in the more industrial side of the city.

What they saw blew them away, once back at home on the first night he had tied her up and fucked her on the sheepskin rug in the lounge; they had both really enjoyed it. They had progressed, over a short period Yolanthe had been bound and abused over chairs, the dining table, bed even the coffee table, he had enjoyed that. Since then they had acquired handcuffs, cords, rope, a blindfold and a gag though Nathan couldn't bring himself to use it on his beloved Yolanthe at first.

Things had taken a more dramatic turn three weeks ago Nathan worked from home now having no real need to govern his expanding empire so closely. Yolanthe had presented him with a surprise one morning telling him to open it after she had left for work. Her eyes had glittered excitedly as she presented him with the long tubular weighty gift-wrapped parcel.

"Get some practice in," she had chuckled in that deep sexy tone that made him tremble.

Just like this evening his stomach had knotted excitedly that morning as he stared at the lovingly wrapped parcel lay on the counter before him. Taking a deep breath he had undone it, it contained a cardboard tube plugged at both ends with a plastic disc one of which he popped out and slid the bubble wrapped contents out onto the counter. A note was rolled about the packing and he unfurled it and read.

Nathan my true love,

I give this gift to you, a token of my love, adoration and trust. I have needs my love, needs I've always been aware of but tried to repress. I hope to god you understand, I could not bear to lose your love.

I give this gift you that you may give to me the benefit of it with love and vigour!

My one true love and master


For a moment he had been puzzled by the eloquently hand written note until her unwrapped the gift that was. Revealed as he unrolled the bubble wrap was a heart stopping sight, it rolled out onto the counter. He stared numbly at it for a while before picking it up. In his trembling hands he held a weighty flogger with fifteen-inch soft leather tassels.

She had come home that night entering the flat cautiously; she had called out to him her voice softly trembling, not knowing how he would react. Nathan had deliberately not contacted her at all during the day to express his feelings and he did not reply now as she called out to him. Instead he waited in the dining room his face stern and unmoving, his feet spread and arms crossed authoritively. The flogger and the note he had placed in full view upon the table.

The look of fearful wondering in her slate eyes as she neared him had set him afire. She had gazed worriedly at his unmoving face as he stood in silence as she neared him. Even now he marvelled at the way he had kept cool as Yolanthe came to him full of regret and reproach.

"Nathan!" she gasped, her beautiful eyes beginning to well with tears, "I'm so sorry, I hoped you'd understand!"

"Understand," he had hissed through clenched teeth, "I understand alright!"

"I'd hoped," she cried as a tear broke free and rolled languidly down her soft dark cheek, "I hoped that...."

"Shut up!" he barked, "what's the game Yolanthe, want to play slave and master or something equally sick?"

To his amazement Yolanthe had offered no reply, at first she just stood there crying dejectedly probably imagining she may have destroyed their relationship. He in turn drew himself up and shook his head as if in disbelief thrilled to hear her sob of despair as he did so.

"This is beyond belief Yolanthe, you want me to beat you? Want me to treat you as my bitch do you?"

"No, yes ohh I'm so sorry." she had apologised sobbing relentlessly, "Nathan ohh Nathan, what can I do to show you I worship you?"

"One thing," he hissed masking his excitement and relishing the strange pleasure tormenting Yolanthe was giving him.

"Anything Nathan!" she cried out hopefully.

"Shut up and strip!" he snarled, "everything except your shoes, NOW!"

Still unsure what he had intended for her Yolanthe had done as he asked without comment. He had made her stand leaning upon the back of one of the dining chairs and flogged her just as she wished. She had yelped and cried out as he beat her but begged him not to stop when he asked if she had been okay. He forced her to do oral upon him and she pretended to resist so he flogged her again then they fucked like crazy, it had been a historic night for them.

Now he waited for her again but he had been busy this time, he assessed his handiwork and was impressed, it was just as he had been advised. Whilst Yolanthe was away against better judgement he had visited the Volcano twice each time he was engaged in conversation by a beautiful young black haired woman dressed in leather who introduced herself as Angel. On his first visit she had asked where Yolanthe was telling him his girl had made quite an impression with some of the regulars.

They talked for ages, she had been charming offering advice and giving him little tips. When he had said he wanted to plan something mind blowing for Yolanthe's return she had grown very interested. Before the night had ended she made him a proposition, which he turned down flat. She had laughed saying that if he changed his mind he should see her there next week.

All week what Angel had said haunted his every thought and against better judgement he returned to the Volcano club. A knowing smile had crossed Angel's face as he approached her. He had admitted what she proposed was very enticing but had reservations. Within an hour he had been convinced, after which they had danced and kissed and she had even invited him home to play which she had made clear was some honour but he had declined professing his love for Yolanthe.

Angel had come over the other night to assess the situation and give him directions. She had brought a young girl dressed in old-fashioned clothes with her called Merry. Even to Nathan it was plain to see Merry was obviously Angel's current plaything, the girl doted over the woman's every whim. To his delight Angel had also brought some equipment for him to borrow. When he had asked what all of this would cost him she had laughed saying she would think of something.

Today he had been busy most of the day, between their dining room and lounge was a set of wide double doors or there was up until this morning. They hung on large rising butt hinges, Angel had noticed that fact approvingly telling him it would avoid some work and saved disfiguring his doorframe. He had lifted the doors from their hinges tucking them away in one of the spare rooms. Angel had left him a list of things to buy when she had been; online hardware shopping with twenty-four hour delivery was such a blessing.

Eight snap hooks, four large and four small, two large brass cleat hooks, a ten-metre roll of twenty-six millimetre wide welded chain and a set of bolt cutters made quite a heavy parcel.

The cleat hooks Nathan secured halfway down each upright of the doorframe. The chain he had cut into four equal lengths, to the end of each he clipped one of the thick leather restraining cuffs that Angel had brought over using one of the smaller snap hooks. Slipping one of the larger snap hooks over one of the now exposed hinge pins he was pleased to find it fitted without fouling the woodwork at all. Upon each hinge pin he hung a snap hook, drawing a chain through each of the bottom snap hooks in turn he hung the free end over the top cleat. The other chains Nathan slipped through the upper snap hooks drew them down securing to the cleat leaving their cuffs dangling against the uprights of the wide doorframe.

Without showering Nathan dressed in a leather waistcoat and old jeans, he wore no shoes, socks or underwear. Fidgeting he paced the floor, checked his preparations and waited, once more he checked the time, she would be here soon. Going into the bedroom he switched on the TV to check the cameras were both working properly, reset them again unnecessarily before he rang her up. In turmoil he hung on the line waiting for her to answer.

"Hi Nathan!"

"Hi love, I can't wait to see you," he purred smiling at the sound of her velvet smooth voice as she answered, "Where are you?"

"Only a couple of miles away love," a ripple of expectant excitement stirred in her voice, "have I got a surprise waiting for me?"

"Oh what do you think? I believe you'll be impressed," he laughed, "I've been doing a little DIY especially for you!"

"Nathan that's not what I meant, you know what I want!" her tone changed to one of slight petulance.

"Bye love, see you very soon!"

Almost time for action, Nathan shot into the bedroom to watch the PC monitors he had rigged to the recorders. One camera was positioned in the lounge pointing at an angle through the dining room towards the entrance hall, the other camera sat in the dining room off to one side but facing towards the lounge and the doorway of course. Drawing a deep breath to calm himself Nathan switched to the first as he heard the front door lock turn. He watched Yolanthe struggle to drag her cases into the hall; he smiled noting she looked mildly annoyed that he had not rushed to help her. After closing the door she left her luggage walking into the dining room calling his name, she drew her hands to her face as she noticed his handiwork. He observed her intently as she hurried across to examine the cuffs and chains. Time to ring her up! He watched her pause her examination to pull her phone out of her pocket as it rang.

"Hi," she gasped in answer, "Nathan where the fuck are you!"

"You like it Yolanthe?" he chuckled wickedly.

"Of course but what's going on Nathan?" she couldn't mask the excitement in her voice.

"Surprise part one," he chuckled staring at the screen, "now strip and put the cuffs on!"

"Shoes on or off?" was all Yolanthe asked.

"On, now do it!"

He rang off and threw the phone on the bed for the moment, he watched her enthralled as she stripped and began putting the cuffs on as he had ordered. Picking up the hood from the bed and pulling it over his head he smoothed it tight. All the time his eyes hardly left the screens, a smile of smug satisfaction spread across his face as Yolanthe struggled with the final wrist restraint; he had judged the length perfectly. Picking the phone up he dialled and spoke as his hand fell upon the door handle.

"She's here." He muttered softly then listened

"Give me a few minutes, okay!" Nathan smiled as he listened to the reply.

"I'll text you when its time!"

He slipped the mobile into his pocket as he walked barefoot softly into the lounge, Yolanthe stood facing the other way in her scarlet high heeled shoes wearing nothing else but the cuffs just as he'd instructed. He crept closer admiring his beautiful slender dark skinned lover as he approached. His cock ached uncomfortably as it swelled even more within the tight restriction of his jeans; he was very close behind her now.

"Don't move!" he hissed making Yolanthe start as he came around her "don't say a word, just know this," he took hold of her thick unruly mane with both hands, "believe me my love, tonight is going to be memorable!"

Nathan stared at her from behind the mask as he moved closer then circled his gorgeous partner; stopping before Yolanthe he seized her roughly by the hair. Curiously wearing the mask seemed to give him confidence and power, Yolanthe's eyes sparkled excitedly and her breath was erratic as she stared at his half hidden face as she was forced to her knees. The rattling chains were not loose enough they drew silently tight and her arms were pulled back a little as she settled onto her haunches. Still gripping her hair with one hand he undid his jeans with the other, like a coiled spring his cock sprung free as he awkwardly wriggled the garment lower once he had the button and zip undone. Keen to please him Yolanthe needed no instruction; Nathan tensed as he felt her hot moist mouth around his glans. The girl was an expert at sucking cock, lovingly she toyed with him using her tongue expertly as usual drawing him deep into her mouth, he allowed her a few moments but he had other idea's. Under pretence of caressing her bobbing head he took a good grip of her thick mane with both hands and made ready.

Giving her no choice he gradually drew Yolanthe's head down over him, as his cock was plunged deeper into her mouth than Yolanthe normally liked she began to gag. In moments he felt his cock against the back of her throat but he gave her no respite thrusting hard and pulling her onto him. Garbled complaints and moans drifted up as her head was held fast as he fucked her throat hard until the feverous passion that gripped him eased. He released his grip on her head but Yolanthe had no intention of stopping. Even as he drew his hands away her tousled head bobbed on and her teeth closed down upon him as she sucked on his cock voraciously. His sap was rising and had to stop her, grabbing her hair he yanked her off him and moved away beyond her reach and watched his beloved as she gathered some composure. God how he wanted to come there and then but was under strict instructions to wait.

"Having fun?" he chortled as she nodded, her face sheathed in a mask of lust that thrilled him to see.

"Yes Nathan," she gasped, her blue-grey heavily lashed eyes blazed excitedly as he motioned her to her feet.

"Nights young yet Yolanthe," he smiled crossing to the cleat hook to unhook the chain that secured her right arm, "soon have you helpless and at my mercy!"

"I'm your's to possess, use and command as you wish!" came her panting reply.

"I know, I'm banking on that," he laughed as he drew the chain through the snap hook drawing her arm out towards him as he did so. Nathan continued as he secured it to the cleat again, "don't think I haven't been busy while you've been away my love!"

By now he had crossed behind her and drawn the opposite chain taut pulling her other arm out. Pulling it tight Nathan clipped it to the cleat hook and stood before Yolanthe looking into her eyes he smiled, she wriggled purposefully, the cuffs shifted and her chains loosened a little. He knew she must be really secure, he knew an awful lot that she didn't and wondered how she would take it when she found out. Crossing back and forth he tightened the chains a little each time till he was satisfied with their tension.

She had taken a risk three weeks ago, a risk that could have easily ended their relationship there and then; he was taking a similar risk now. Some might argue it was a greater risk but he thought otherwise, deep down he felt tonight was close to just what Yolanthe longed for with a twist though. That twist could be the perfect touch or otherwise a not so little fly in the ointment, but it was too late now plans were already made.

He kissed her passionately as he attempted to gather her unruly mane enough to tie it up above her head, Yolanthe kissed back with incredible passion making him want to fuck her right there and then but he had to resist. Eventually he got her hair up out of the way in a sort of cascading ponytail above her head, and then pulled the blindfold out of his back pocket. She gazed trustingly at him with those blue-grey pools as he moved to place it over her eyes closing them at the last possible moment. Her breathing was heavy as his hands fell to her breasts cupping their beautiful smallness perfectly, his fingers teased the swell of her dark reddish brown aurolae watching fascinated as they engorged with blood in response to his caresses. Yolanthe shuddered as he touched her, his hands slid lower over her mocha skin to lightly grip her hips and she moaned as he kissed down her flat stomach to stop close to the hairless pussy he had helped her shave the first time. She had always kept it like that since, she must wax it now or had electrolysis he had decided for there was never ever a sign of stubble, and he loved it like that.

She groaned with disappointment, as he broke away and scooted over to carefully draw her left legs chain through its snap hook. Yolanthe unquestioningly allowed her leg to be pulled to the side until he was happy and secured the chain to the cleat. It took less than fifteen seconds to have her other leg equally well secured and Nathan stood back to admire his work.

"Isn't this exciting?"

"Yes, I'm incredibly aroused Nathan," moaned Yolanthe imploringly, "all this waiting is driving me crazy!"

"All part of the plan my love," he chuckled as he pulled the phone from his pocket.

"Am I going to be beaten now?" Yolanthe's voice tightened as she spoke.

"Soon enough, all in good time my cocoa skinned peach!" he chortled toying with the handset, "why do you wish to know?"

"I want you to beat me harder than before Nathan!" her voice almost sounded pleading, "I need to be beaten harder!".

"I'm not gonna do that, I am going to gag you now though my love!" he watched her intently as he drew the ball gag from his pocket.

"Nathan I don't understand!" her voice tightened now with concern replacing the earlier excitement.

"You will Yolanthe, you will!" he laughed as he raised the ball gag closer to her trembling lips.

Despite the fact that Yolanthe was blindfolded and totally vulnerable Nathan was amazed when her mouth opened readily as he pressed the resilient ball against her full lips. She was so excited he could smell it as close as this; he really wanted to fuck her now again. He drew a deep breath and steeled himself as she rubbed against him invitingly as he buckled the gag nice and tight, the contact aggravated his condition further. Retrieving his phone he admired his handiwork as he texted "RDY" then turned the phone off and cast it onto the sofa behind him once the message showed sent.

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