Angel Delight


"That's the thing Yolanthe my love, as I said I'm not going to beat you," he saw the puzzlement on her face despite the blindfold, "before you went away you described the rapture you felt as I punished you as heaven," moving close he whispered hoarsely, "well my love, I've something straight from heaven for you tonight!"

He was amazed how Yolanthe obeyed his every wish, god only knew what was going through her mind behind that blindfold, Nathan wondered if she could ever imagine just what had been planned for her this evening. His heart raced wildly as he waited, he saw the spare room door open and he got his first glimpse of Angel since she arrived well over an hour ago.

She stopped in the doorway a vision, her shapely form encased from head to toe in soft black leather apart from the lower half of her pale face with its heavily contrasting scarlet lips. She wore her raven black hair in a long severe plait that hung from an opening in her skin tight hood right at the apex of her skull and her spike heels seemed to be at least six inches long. In her hand she carried a paddle and the flogger Yolanthe had bought him hung from one hip, from the other several other things dangled, jingling and glinting in the light as she moved. It was as he gawked numbly at her that he noticed the exaggerated strap-on black phallus she wore strapped to her crotch. That was more than a surprise even to him, the plan as far as he could recollect was that Angel was going to discipline Yolanthe in a manner that he could learn and use in the future not fuck her.

Making no attempt to be quiet Angel moved towards them and his eyes went to watch Yolanthe eager to see her response. Angel's heels clacked against the floor even through the rug and Yolanthe caught it, unsighted she turned her ear towards the noise.

"Nathan, what was that!" he could just make out her muffled cry in puzzlement behind the gag freezing as she sensed someone close behind her, "Nathan is that you?"

"No! Surprised?" Angel whispered close to her ear making her shriek, "hi I'm Angel!" she added before stepping back to one side from the helpless girl.

"Nathan! Nathan!" Yolanthe's muffled cries came all garbled from behind the gag, "who's that? Nathan!"

Nathan made no attempt to reply as he watched his girl struggle pointlessly instead he turned the music up increasing the volume; he may need to mask her cries somewhat. As he turned back to watch Angel landed the first blow with the paddle across Yolanthe's exposed rump with a resounding crack. Yolanthe arched up in her chains in shock and then cried out as the flat wooden paddle struck her delicate skin harder than he would ever dare. Giving Yolanthe no respite to appreciate that first blow Angel hit out again. Expertly she kept the strokes in time with the music masking Yolanthe's shrieks perfectly allowing a few seconds between them for Yolanthe to savour the sting of the paddle upon her skin.

Enthralled Nathan watched his beloved Yolanthe's expressions shift constantly between fear pain and what looked close to bliss as Angel slapped the paddle against her unprotected rear. For the length of the music track Angel kept up the beating finally stopping as the music faded nodding to Nathan who paused the CD player. By now Yolanthe's body was covered in a fine sheen of perspiration and her breathing was laboured though she did not slouch in her chains. Nathan crossed closer to her and touched her rump gently. It glowed angrily red despite Yolanthe's dark skin and the heat was incredible. Yolanthe groaned as he wickedly slapped her freshly paddled flesh lightly.

"Everything okay?" he asked needing reassurance Yolanthe was up for this, he was relieved to see her nod quite enthusiastically.

"Quite a surprise don't you think?" he laughed relief giving way to enthusiasm as she once again nodded.

"Shall we continue?" he receives another nod of consent from Yolanthe.

Once more the music volume rose this time however Angel had changed her weapon to their flogger, the tassels sang through the air striking Yolanthe between the shoulder blades making her lurch forwards gurgling incoherently around the gag. The blows landed ten times before Angel paused her assault. When she did Nathan went to check on Yolanthe, as he touched her she nodded sensing his unborn question, instead he began to caress her, Yolanthe moaned as his fingers slipped between her widespread thighs. He was amazed, she was soaking wet and rode against his exploring fingers urgently. His own arousal grew once more as his fingers speared her and Angel began to administer strokes once more over her back. He fell to his knees to make the finger fucking of Yolanthe easier; he had three fingers buried knuckle deep in her as she came for what was probably the first time. She writhed in her bonds convulsing and almost losing her footing as he felt her contracting about his intruding digits as Angel thrashed her relentlessly.

The track finished, Angel paused her assault again and so did Nathan he rose to his feet as Angel ducked beneath Yolanthe's arm to come and stand beside him. The pair of them surveyed Yolanthe.

"I take it she just came!" purred Angel flicking Yolanthe across the hip with the flogger lightly as she spoke.

"Yes look at my hand!" laughed Nathan who fell silent as Angel took his hand.

Her eyes flashed mischievously and he watched in disbelief as Angel proceeded to lick his fingers clean slowly curling her long tongue about each one so as to ensure she got all the cloudy smeared goo she could. A groan escaped him as her lips enveloped his fingers and her tongue squirmed sensuously about them.

"I love freshly creamed pussy!" she gurgled winking at Nathan once she released him.

Without warning the flogger moved, with perfect precision the tips of the tassels struck about Yolanthe's breasts making her leap backwards squealing. It did no good Nathan watched in excited horror as Yolanthe desperately tried to avoid the assault to no avail of course. Adeptly Angel followed her unsighted victim's every move repeatedly lashing the writhing girls breasts till they glowed just as deeply as her buttocks were already. To Nathan's surprise though Yolanthe never uttered more than a squeal of protest all the way though her current assault. Just as suddenly as it started Angels onslaught stopped, breathing heavily she summoned Nathan closer.

"I want you to get those lovely brown nipples as hard as you can for me, I've something to show you!"

Intrigued Nathan was only too pleased to help, with both hands he fondled Yolanthe's tender reddened tits the way she usually liked it before bringing his lips to surround one of her distending aurolae sucking and drawing the blood into it whilst tonguing her nipple to full erection at the same time. Yolanthe was breathing rapidly and writhing in her bonds as he caressed her, she moaned appreciatively as he nibbled a rubbery teat gently. As he moved away he saw the flash of metal in Angel's nimble fingers. Fascinated he watched enthralled as Angel slipped the clamp around Yolanthe's teat and with a click his girl screamed around the gag as the clamp bit down upon her sensitive flesh. Shocked at the clarity and volume of Yolanthe's cries Nathan looked up, he had not realised but whilst he had been busy Angel must have sneakily removed her gag. Twisting against the chains Yolanthe whimpered pathetically as Angel allowed the clamp to hang there unsupported. In mere moments Angel had the other clamp attached to Yolanthe's other breast and was clipping something to the chain that hung between them.

"Still alright?" he asked poor Yolanthe who grimaced as the biting clamps jiggled.

"I'm okay, Nathan don't worry," she gasped as Angel tested the security of the clamps by tugging them, "Yowch! and thank you!"

Nathan was fascinated when he saw what Angel was up to; between the clamps she had fitted two weights to the chain in the middle of which was a fob of leather stitched about the chain. She took the weight of the whole lot by lifting the fob holding it high before Yolanthe's face and jingling the chain for the blindfolded girl's benefit. Nathan watched the clamps tugging slightly upon Yolanthe's teats as Angel tormented her for what seemed ages. She ran the cold chromium against Yolanthe's sweat sheened skin torturing the moaning girl before finally letting the leather fob go. The weights fell yanking upon the clamps, Yolanthe lurched drawing in a great squealing breath as the load yanked her tender nipples. An agonizing wail followed an instant later as the breath escaped her twisting body.

"That hurt didn't it?" Angel mocked Yolanthe as she stilled, she took the leather tab and lifted the weights once more.

"Yes, Angel!" Yolanthe whimpered clearly hoping Angel was not intending repeating the ordeal.

"Right, you have the power to prevent a reoccurrence, all you have to do is keep this clamped between those lovely white teeth of yours my pretty!"

Yolanthe took the fob as she felt Angel place it in her mouth, they all knew there would be a catch but only Angel knew exactly what it was. It had grown incredibly hot in the flat even Nathan who had done relatively little was sweating, amazingly even clad in her skin tight leather Angel showed no sign of distress through the heat. On the other hand Yolanthe was perspiring profusely, it ran in trickles down her mocha skin that had lost little of its redness where she had been previously beaten. Occasionally a soft whimper escaped between her clenched teeth as she bit down upon the leather.

His pulse raced excitedly as he watched Angel select a flogger of scarlet with tassels about fifteen inches long. Testing the flogger she spun it in small circles back and forth all the time watching Yolanthe's reactions to the strange noise of the tassels rustling against themselves. A nod to Nathan had him turn the music back on and she indicated he should increase the volume a little which he duly did. On hearing the music Yolanthe cried out in panic, her head shook as if that would stop Angel who now was swinging the flogger in wide circles over her head.

In terror Yolanthe squealed even before Angel struck. The leather-clad creature circled Yolanthe wickedly slashing the flogger close to the whimpering girl who yelped through her clenched teeth with each near miss. Each stroke passed close enough to stir the air, close enough for Yolanthe to believe each successive pass would be the first blow of her next tirade. The lashing began, still circling the vulnerable girl Angel swang the flogger back and forth striking Yolanthe about the hips and waist as she passed around her. Nathan watched, his cock felt ready to unload at any second, he needed to release his spunk real bad. Abruptly the music stopped, Angel's blows paused and he watched Yolanthe visibly relax. The sweat ran from her tortured body, her breath was laboured and she clearly was suffering and took advantage of the respite or so she thought.

Angel was behind her; he in turn stood before her watching the proceedings avidly, without speaking Angel windmilled her arm, he realised where the blow was being directed, his gut tightened as her watched poor unsuspecting Yolanthe naively enjoying the welcome break between assaults. Swearing to himself beneath his breath Nathan watched the flogger arc from high behind Angel at full arms length speeding down forwards past her legs gathering momentum in a smooth fluid motion heading directly between Yolanthe's thighs. All this flurry of action occurred seemingly in slow motion to his incredulous gaze. The surprise was complete; Yolanthe literally left the floor screaming as the fronds bit into her unsuspecting tender flesh striking her inner thighs belly and pussy with resounding cracks.

For Yolanthe the leather fob was forgotten, extra agony struck as the weights fell heavily when she opened her mouth to cry out. In mid upward lunge away from the agony igniting between her thighs her nipples were yanked extra painfully hard as she struggled vainly in her chains. She was screaming in agonised terror as the second blow hit her more precisely, most the tassels impacting upon her already stinging pussy. Six times Angel struck her and Nathan winced with each relentless blow that his lovely girl endured. He could have stopped Angel, Yolanthe could have begged her to stop, but neither could or would; this crazy insanity was far too addictive.

With each blow Angel inflicted upon Yolanthe she lurched, the already swinging weights dangling from her nipples on the chain careered off in odd directions forcibly wrenching her teats excruciatingly after them. In a savage display Angel gave her no quarter, after thrashing her crotch so viciously she thrashed her buttocks hips and backs of her thighs, each blow struck as hard if not harder than the one before left Yolanthe whimpering, breathlessly, tears streaming down her exhausted face from beneath the blindfold. She seemed on the point of collapse just as Angel discarded the flogger and came up close behind her before the reeling girl could recover her composure.

What the hell had Angel in mind now mused Nathan, he had watched Yolanthe suffer enthralled by the spectacle. In a practised flurry the blindfold was gone, Yolanthe's red-rimmed tearful slate eyes blinked as the bright light seared them. Her gaze locked upon Nathan's; to his complete astonishment she smiled sweetly despite or perhaps because of what she had just endured. All of a sudden a look of astonishment swept over her fatigued countenance, Angel had grabbed Yolanthe's hips and thrust against her from behind. The leather clad vixen must have speared her upon the oversized phallus she wore Nathan realised as Yolanthe's breath caught in her throat and she let out an odd whining cry he had never heard her make before.

Ducking beneath Yolanthe's outstretched arm he had to see what Angel was doing to her to elicit such a reaction. Thrusting her hips repeatedly Angel gradually drew Yolanthe back onto the fat long black simulated cock relentlessly. Never withdrawing at all, pausing for a moment now and then she eased more black latex into Yolanthe's stretched pussy until Nathan was sure his sexy mocha woman could take no more. Yolanthe's body arched and she let out a rattling gasp of pleasure as Angel eased a little more into her.

"Nathan!" Angel grabbed his attention, "unclip her wrist cuffs from the chains, secure them together behind her back!"


He was shocked when he noticed the redness about Yolanthe's wrists as he undid the clips and refastened the cuffs as Angel wanted but it didn't stop him.

"Stand before her!" she ordered him and he found himself obeying without thinking.

"Bend forward bitch!" she hissed to Yolanthe, "pleasure him slut!"

"Yes Angel," affirmed Yolanthe, "whatever you wish!"

His hands trembled as he fumbled with his jeans, his hard cock once more freed jutted out of the open flies expectantly. As she bent forward Yolanthe's gaze fixed on his cock, Angel held her steady by the hips. She kissed the head making it jerk, she began kissing down the side the way she usually did followed by a long lick up its throbbing length. This was no good thought Nathan, as nice as it was he wanted to bury himself down her throat. He grabbed her head roughly and pulled her hot moist mouth over him.

"Take it slut," Angel demanded, "Nathan is your master, do as he wishes!"

Nathan felt her writhing tongue riding the length of his shaft as her mouth sank over him and Angel began to fuck her. Slowly deeply almost withdrawing then slowly but forcefully forcing the phallus as deep as she could into her Angel rocked her forwards onto him with each thrust. Bent forwards with her hands behind her and her legs spread so wide Yolanthe was constantly off balance and relied on the pair of them to keep her upright. It wasn't long before Angel picked the pace up, forcing Yolanthe to swallow more cock than he had ever experienced; she had opened her throat for him.

The excitement proved too much he held back as long as possible but eventually succumbed to the inevitable, grasping her head he delivered his payload into her gullet holding her hard over him as what felt like wave after wave of come jetted from his over excited cock. Yolanthe spluttered coughed and choked but he held her fast until he was completely sated before releasing her and staggering backwards weak with exertion and the shivering waves of orgasm that rippled through him. As he moved Yolanthe fell forwards no longer supported by him, unable to stop herself, managing to twist somewhat onto her shoulder she landed heavily.

He bent to help her full of concern but she turned her head and smiled as he drew close, equally concerned Angel had began unclipping the chains that held her ankles. Soon enough they had her back on her feet, the accident had seemingly put an end to the games. Angel had him make them all sweet tea, when he returned Yolanthe's restraints and nipple clamps were off and Angel was no where to be seen. He set the tray down and sat next to Yolanthe.

"Is everything okay my love?"

Everything's fine Nathan," she smiled, "what an incredible experience, totally mind blowing!"

"I was worried I'd overstepped the mark to be honest, I got kind of carried away."

"Not at all though my throats killing me you rough bastard!" she laughed.

"Don't know how we're gonna repay Angel for all this!"

"Funny you should bring that up," Yolanthe held his gaze her face looked strangely amused as she continued, "she wants to stay the night!"

"Whoa what a bonus," he laughed feeling giddy at the prospect, "won't you mind sharing me with her?"

"No Nathan you misunderstand, she wants to spend the night with me!" Yolanthe rose and began to walk away, turning she added, "I said yes, she's waiting in the bedroom."

"What about me?" he gasped in disbelief, "what do I do?"

"Kip on the couch," she laughed turning away, "tidy up this mess, if you're a good boy she might let you listen at the door!"

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