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Angel Devil Aunt


This story is about the allure and terror of the forbidden. It's a slow hot descent of a moral young man into dizzying debauchery. The eroticism of this tales lies in the forbidden lust between a young man and his aunt, and his efforts to resist his feelings and her seduction. It's sexy throughout, but only has sex at the end. If you are looking for a hot escalation of forbidden need, you have at last found your story. I wrote it because I could not find it anywhere on this site. Oh, and don't fret about grandma and uncle Joe. There is nothing sexy about them in the story.


Aunt Eva was a kisser. She kissed everyone on the lips as a greeting, a norm of her older generation and her French heritage. She kissed her sisters, their husbands, and her friends and when I became an adult she kissed me. We were in my parents' kitchen and they were present when she gave me a brief chaste kiss. I doubt it meant anything to her, but her soft lips left me tingling. Then again maybe she did know, because she never kissed me in greeting again.


I drove my little hatchback on my first long trip that summer, 450 miles to the woods of northern Wisconsin where my mom's mother, sister Eva, and her husband Joe lived. My thoughts drifted to fishing the cool streams and warm lakes, to card games with my grandmother, aunt, and uncle in the humid evenings, and to their cabin-like homes in the woods. Occasionally memories of a Aunt Eva's kiss affected me, but I shook that off, accepting that I was 19 and anything vaguely sexual made me horny. Her lips had been so soft on mine, moist, and utterly tender. How could adults greet each other this way and not feel aroused every time? I sighed. 19 and horny. I would outgrow this.

Pulling into grandma's driveway nine hours later, I leapt out and raced into her cottage. We sat at her little table and got caught up. After a bit she suggested I walk next door to visit my aunt and uncle. I trotted over and the moment Aunt Eva saw me she raced out the door toward me, squealing. She grabbed me in a tight hug, making happy sounds. With no repeat of the kiss from a year ago, she released me and stood back.

"Look at you! You look terrific, David! You're finally filling out and," she added roughly rubbing my chin, "maybe you can actually grow a beard now?"

I blushed, wishing my damn relatives didn't notice everything and then talk about everything. As she had examined me, I had done the same. Aunt Eva was attractive, but not in any kind of overt sexy way. At 5' 6" she was a couple of inches shorter than me and a bit stocky, which included being a bit busty. Her auburn curls hung almost to her shoulders, probably dyed. At age 49 she looked, well, like age 49. Eva was my favorite aunt though, always sweet to me and she treated me like an adult. Her bright blue eyes met mine with genuine interest and her animated style engaged me. People liked Eva and she made them laugh.

I tried and failed to not look at her lips. They had retained the fullness of her youth as well as natural color that denied a need for lipstick. Though sometimes she did wear lipstick, a plum shade that redheads preferred. She smiled, revealing lovely white teeth. I tore my gaze away and her eyes met mine. My heart jumped in terror. I had only glanced at her lips, right? I hadn't stared? She took my arm in hers and guided me inside and all was normal for us, though a new awareness of my arm against the side of her breast washed over me.

Greetings aside we all started to play cards, my aunt and I against Uncle Joe and Grandma. We had played cards together since I was a small boy, laughing and chatting, enjoying the company more than the game. Most of the time it was about cards, about conversation, and about relaxing, but sometimes the odd allure of Eva affected me and created feelings of shame and fear. I did not want to be some freak of a nephew. I loved how much she liked me and I battled to hide my attraction to her. Yet as my partner her eyes met mine often. As she contemplated her bid, she pursed her lips prettily. When she laughed, which was often, I could see her tongue. How I hated myself. Fucking loser.

It was decided that I would sleep at Eva and Joe's. They had more room and woke up early each day, as I did. The three of us prepared for bed and then I sat reading at the kitchen table. Joe disappeared into the bedroom and Eva popped out to say goodnight. She walked over to me and her motion seemed slow, languid. She stood beside my chair and placed a warm hand on my left shoulder. She leaned over and kissed my forehead in a motherly way. "Goodnight, sweetheart," she whispered. The softness of her lips on my skin lingered and her whisper felt sultry and full of promise. Surely my imaginings. Hoarsely, I said goodnight and she smiled as she walked to their bedroom. I stared at the closed door and felt hot tears of shame and the burn of desire on my cheeks.

The next day we all worked on firewood for the winter. This year I ran the splitter, a sort of recognition of my manhood. Wood was carried, split, and stacked in the old shed. We sweated despite the cool air until the sun slid behind the hills and the cold overwhelmed us. Grandma had left at noon for a nap. Now the three of us went inside to stoke the fire, eat hot soup, and rotate through their one bathroom for showers.

I sighed as I rested on the couch, chatting with Joe. I had showered first and changed into a plaid shirt and sweats. I felt like a logger after a hard day in the woods. As we talked, Joe started to nod off and excused himself to bed for the night. Our conversation had helped me stay awake, too, so now I drifted, waiting for Aunt Eva to finish her shower so I could go to bed. I must have fallen asleep.

Aunt Eva slid onto the couch beside me and I blinked blearily at her. Despite my sleepiness, my nostrils were hyper aware of her soft lavender scent and my leg felt the warmth of hers against mine. My heart pounded when she murmured, "Goodnight, sweetheart." She leaned across and kissed my cheek, but it wasn't casual. Her lips stayed on my skin too long, too intimately. Then I felt her breath an inch lower on my cheek and she kissed again, moister. I felt confused and I froze. Aunt Eva shifted and her body pressed against me as her mouth reached across my face, drawing near my own lips before kissing my other cheek. It felt like her lips parted against my skin. My balls tingled. I should push her away. I didn't want these soft kisses from my mother's sister. Yet the arousal ran deeply through me, as undeniable as it was immoral. I muttered uncomfortably, "I need to get to bed."

Aunt Eva's eyes met mine, so close. She smiled into my eyes, her look both understanding and teasing. "David, you don't like this? I'm just being good to you.."

I panted softly, begging her in my mind. Begging her to stop. It felt wrong. She was wrong. My nerves fired madly and my brain screamed at me to escape.

But my body turned slightly, offering my cheek again. She murmured, "There's a good boy" and her hand cupped my face, her hand warm and comforting. I closed my eyes, feeling safer in the dark. Aunt Eva's lips met my cheek softly, sweetly. Was this just the affection of an aunt? Was I imagining the rest?

Her hand slid down my face slowly as she rose from the couch with a knowing smile. "Sleep well, David," she said as she left the room.

Sleep did not come for hours.


The next three days passed as if nothing had happened. Clearly I had laid a veneer of eroticism on an innocent act. Eva, Joe, and I played cards as we always had. Grandma joined us sometimes and we cooked meals on the wood-burning stove. I took long walks in the woods, usually alone. Life was simple, good, and as it had been on every trip here for years.

Sometimes, as we cooked in her small kitchen, Eva brushed against me. It could not be helped, meant nothing, yet affected me. However, I was able to shake it off. Sometimes I noticed her as she moved. Had she always been so smooth in her motions? So feline? My eyes were drawn to her swaying round ass and her breasts, larger than I had ever noticed before. I chastised myself, irritated at the observations and feelings. I was a ridiculous kid. I don't think she saw me looking.

On my fourth and last day in Eva's home my fears and hopes would be challenged. Joe had gone to town with some buddies for a "serious card game", leaving Eva and I alone. We sat on the couch amiably, reminiscing about the past and pondering the future, especially my future as I considered college and career. She sat a bit away from me with her legs curled under her in a sweater and jeans, feet bare. Her auburn hair was swept into a messy bun after a day of housework, but she had added lipstick after dinner, the lovely plum shade that worked with her red hair. As she spoke my eyes left hers often to watch her sculpted lips move. I think she noticed, but she said nothing.

"Well," she said as she stretched luxuriously, "I know it's early and I've loved our conversation, but my bed is calling. Time for goodnight." She slid onto the arm of the sofa and I leaned back to look up at her. Our eyes met briefly and I felt the return of the shameful desire. Eva leaned down to kiss my forehead, even slower than before. Long moments with her warm moist lips on my forehead. I said nothing. I heard the quiet sound of her lips leaving my skin, then she shifted toward my eyes for a second kiss beside them. My breathing became deep as she planted another slow hypnotic kiss on my cheek. My eyes closed halfway as her kisses moved down my cheek, sometimes dragging open lips across my skin. My body was motionless, but my heart hammered madly. I heard the steady ticking of the antique clock, but time did not seem to pass. .

Her lips traveled nearly to the corner of my mouth. She was going to kiss me! I feared the effect of her kiss, feared where it might lead. Deep in my heart though, I had been curious about her kiss for a long time. I had to resist, but it was so hard to fight. I reached deep and blurted, "Oh please don't! Please no more!" My fists clenched as her pouty lips moved toward mine, then upwards to kiss my nose playfully and - God help me - maternally. My fists relaxed slightly. She paused to whisper, "This relaxed you as a baby, darling" and again her mouth passed near my lips. She kissed my chin. Eva's hand caressed my face; my eyes closed again. She pressed her body to mine tighter and the combination of sweetness and sexuality increased my dizziness, breaking down my reluctance.

Her next kiss started on my cheek, even closer to the corner of my mouth. I felt her smile and she giggled softly as if aware of my desire. Was she thinking my desire was dumb? Was she laughing at me? Or was she toying with me?

I feared being seen as a stupid kid, but the proximity of her luscious mouth aroused me. I was going to kiss her. Or she was going to kiss me. This couldn't happen.

"Please Auntie, please don't," I said softly.

"Oh sugar, what could be wrong with adoring you?" She whispered against my cheek. "With loving you," she added along with tiny butterfly kisses toward my panting lips.

"Oh Eva!" I exclaimed. "You're making me want things I shouldn't!"

"Oh, my. Nephew. I didn't know. But now that I do..." She whispered, "...just let it happen, David" and her soft lips touched the wet corner of my mouth. Tears sprang to my eyes as I fought it. Fought her. In my pants though my cock was rigid and weeping precum.

"We can stop this anytime you like, David," she said, her traitorous fingers caressing down my cheek and onto my neck, cool calm fingers invading the hot flesh under my collar. "Or just turn away now, if you can."

With a monumental effort I turned away, escaping her lovely gaze and seductive mouth. I stared at the wall, my breath slowing.

"But," she cooed, "you have to mean it." I felt her fingers move under my chin. She tugged lightly on my chin. A child could have easily resisted, but i could not. I found my eyes back on hers, our lips again close. I couldn't resist. I hated myself and I hated her. Tears leaked from my begging eyes that knew not what they begged for.

I felt her breath on my lips now, her open mouth inches away. I felt the terror of the taboo. My aunt! Dizziness overwhelmed me and I grasped Eva's shoulders to steady me. I croaked, "This isn't right. What would people say?"

"Well," she whispered, "Some would say that's it's bizarre that I'm over 20 years older than you. Tell me, sugar, do my lips look old?" Eva's pink tongue traced her full plum lips seductively, holding my fascinated gaze. Lightly, almost imperceptibly, her mouth brushed mine, eliciting a tremor that spread through my whole body. The effect was calming and thrilling. "I suppose some might say," she added, punctuating words with another butterfly kiss from her gentle lips, "That a married woman should be faithful." I could see her tongue in her mouth, teasing. Wet. Ever so close. Waiting. "What would I say? I might say that you need the teasing kisses to go deeper. You need me. You need to surrender to the desires we have had for ever so long. I won't take us there by myself, sweetheart. It's up to you."

"Auntie, I'm so scared. I'm a virgin and a good boy. I'm frightened of sex and terrified of you. Yet I want...I need...oh Eva!"

"Of course you're confused. Trust me. I'll be so good to you, young one. I understand your fear. Your most terrifying thoughts aren't about your first time, or my age, or my husband, are they? It's about how I helped raise you. I fed you in your high chair. I changed your diapers. I taught you how to swim.

No, the reason you're trembling is because of my sister. Yet I don't look like her, do I? Though some say," she murmured ever so close to my mouth, "that I have her lips."

i shook with dreadful desire, wanting those familiar-looking lips on mine. I wanted it like nothing I had ever wanted before in my 19 years. I also feared if I tried to kiss her she might laugh at me, tell me it was all a joke. I needed her to make the first move. I ached for her to kiss me, take me, remove my choice and responsibility. But her moist parted lips remained still. Eva was a devil offering bliss in exchange for my sin. The lipstick on her lips begged for a kiss, an incestuous wild open-mouthed kiss, but she waited with the patience of a woman of 49 for her young nephew to surrender.

This wasn't a tease; it was real. Her offer was legitimate. Ah, yet so illegitimate though. Erotically immoral.

For the first time I felt the evil inside her. Taunting me. Teasing me. What she wanted was darker than sex. What would she do to me? Would I ever be innocent again? I watched her lips, truly similar to my mother's. Tears came again as all self-control left me. I glanced into her eyes that said she knew she had conquered me. I looked to her evil familiar mouth and it beckoned me.

She tilted her lovely face as if to kiss me, moved terribly close, and waited. This was my rubicon. Those haunting lips, the sword I would die on.

I whimpered and capitulated to my devil-aunt, pressing my mouth fully against hers, awkwardly yet passionately, though I kept my mouth closed in token resistance. I felt her smile as she kissed back. Her lips moved against mine, tantalizing me, demanding more. For a moment I was aware of our mouths opening and the humid empty chasm between us. I fought her invitation for long moments before reaching out - God help me- with my tongue. The tip of her tongue found the tip of mine and then danced away. I chased, cat and mouse. Her tongue nimbly eluded mine, sneaking little teasing touches here and there until my frustration grew unbearable. When I groaned and crushed her body to mine she laughed before kissing me fully. Her tongue writhed against mine wickedly and my resistance melted away. With a desperate whimper I kissed my Aunt Eva like a lover, tears of shame running down my cheeks.

As we kissed she held my face between her palms, brushing away my tears. She mixed compassion and soothing touches with seething desire and dominant power. Her gentle tongue explored my mouth slowly, learning the touches that pleased me, crumbling my will. I could not restrain my moans and soon I no longer wanted to. I sighed contentedly with each slippery touch of our tongues. She learned my buttons and used each one to bring me higher and higher until kissing was not enough for me.

"That's it, young one. Show me. Tell me. Let me know your secret needs and I'll fulfill them."

Her hands glided down my face and neck, over my shoulders and hips, gripping my ass firmly. She stopped kissing my slightly bruised mouth and read me with her eyes. The tiny laugh lines around them crinkled at me as her hands roughly kneaded my ass until I groaned.

I begged quietly, "I've needed you since that very first kiss on the lips."

"I know," she replied, unbuttoning my shirt. "I knew before that kiss."

I saw the truth. "That kiss was a manipulation?" I cried.

Her left hand slide around to the front on my pants, rubbing my cock slowly up and down. "Are my manipulations so bad, sugar?"

I gasped and found my hips undulating against my aunt's palm. I blushed, feeling needy and slutty. "Please..." I muttered as I looked at the floor.

"Tell me, darling David, have you fantasized about me?"

I hesitated until she kissed me lightly on the lips, then confessed, "Yes."

"Good boy," she praised, and I felt warm. "Now tell me, did you touch your sweet virgin penis as you thought of me?"

"Auntie!" I exclaimed.

Eva whispered in my ear, "Tell me."

I paused, embarrassed. When her tongue licked my ear, I gasped but stayed silent. When she sucked on my earlobe I clenched my fists. When she slid her tongue into my ear, blotting out the world with her wet nimble tongue, I cried out, "Yes! I stroked to your photo, Eva, and I came with your name on my lips!" She left my wet ear to cool and appraised me as I blushed.

Again she lifted my chin with one manicured finger. "tell me what you want to happen between us tonight. Tell me now," she commanded.

I locked eyes with her. "Please," I repeated. "Please show me. Adore me, Aunt Eva." I hesitated then added softly "Enjoy me. Please!"

"There now. Was that so hard? Oh 19 year old, I will do unimaginable things to you. Beautiful things that all men need, but few discover. Terrible things that you will fear and then learn to crave. When you're scared and vulnerable I'll intensify those feelings and, much later, I'll soothe you. You'll cry. You'll come for me. I'll break you, nephew. That's for much later. Tonight? Tonight I'll show you how a real woman makes love."

With that she lowered her mouth to my pulsing throat and sucked wetly. Her fingers glided under my shirt, now surprisingly unbuttoned, finding my nipple. She brushed her index finger back and forth until my nipple rose up toward her experienced touch, hard and needy. Then she scraped it lightly with a red manicured fingernail. Say I groaned in pleasure she swiftly unbuckled my belt, slip my zipper down, and dragged my pants off. Suddenly my head cleared and I cried out, "No!" Her lips found my nipple, then her teeth bit down hard and I grunted in shock and pain. Immediately her tongue went soft, finding my injured nipple with a warm soothing touch. She sucked sweetly and licked warmly, removing the pain, so wonderful. Then I felt for the first time a woman's bare hand on my naked cock. Each fingertip gently gripped the base, then slid delicately up to the tip as she tongued my nipple more aggressively. She repeated this over and over, finally squeezing the spongy tip of my cock right to edge of tickle. Every iota of fight in me died.

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