Angel, Devil, Phantom, Fool.


I happened upon a man idly stroking his cock who didn't mind my brief intrusion, and several naked women dashing through a tent filled with pillows, before I decided upon a place to hide. It was a sort of like the top of the most comfortable, palatial bunk-bed I'd ever been in, recessed into the wall and hidden behind layers of fabric. As if it had been built for a kid's playroom instead of an adult's, the room could also be exited via a slide.

Once I'd situated myself among the soft cushions, I realized that this was a very intimate space for us to be in together. But it was too late to change my mind because I heard Erik call out, "Ready or not, here I come, Angel!"

My breath hitched when I imagined him finding me here all alone with no one watching. I knew that neither the rules nor his sense of honor would permit any rape fantasy to come true, but I still imagined him pinning me down, taking me harder than I'd ever been taken, even as I struggled beneath him like a chaste butterfly; his Angel.

After a moment of seeking, I heard Erik stammering an apology that sounded so awkward that I could only guess he'd happened upon the same man jacking-off that I had. I giggled, which he must have heard because the sounds of his searching grew nearer. The knowledge that I'd soon be found filled me with a sort of giddy anticipation in my tummy and further down.

When I heard him climbing the ladder to my hideout, I made sure I was positioned in such a way that I looked casually seductive; as if I often lounged about posed like a centerfold model. The sight of Erik's masked face appearing in the opening startled me, even though I'd been expecting him. The wicked way he grinned at his discovery made me tremble.

"Found you," he murmured before crawling up next to me.

"I'm glad you did."

"I'm glad you came tonight. Even if you aren't that kind of girl... Especially if you're not that kind of girl."

He was staring back at me so intently that I looked up at the dark blue ceiling scattered with golden stars. "I don't know what kind of girl I am. I guess the kind who gets tricked into taking an expensive mask and an invitation to a sex party in exchange for finishing the rest of a major project."

"Ouch... I hope she threw in the dress."

"No, I made it myself. Otherwise, I'd probably have to write her final paper as well."

"You made that? It's lovely. And you're beautiful," he said softly. "If we happen upon your friend tonight, I'll have to thank her for her trickery."

I don't respond well to compliments, so I simply said, "She's not my friend."

"Then what is she?"

"Classmate. Frenemy. Tormenter. I've tried being her friend, but..."

"You're a nice girl and she's a total bitch?" Erik supplied succinctly.

I laughed. "She's not a total bitch. And I'm not always such an angel."

"I hope not. Because your lips are so pretty that I'd very much like to kiss them."

"I'd like that too."

And I met his kiss as he slanted his mouth over mine, my lips parting to let his tongue slide through. It felt so good to return his kisses, to lick and nibble his soft lips, lash my tongue against his, lap the sides of his mouth, and have him do the same. I found myself running my palm over his erection, amazed at how thick and hard it felt. How much I wanted it.

The intrusion of two half-naked girls startled both of us, and I realized just how close I'd come to taking out his cock. They told us that we should stay, but I decided to seize the opportunity to scurry away towards the exit.

"Catch me if you can!" I taunted before launching myself down the slide.

After coming out the bottom of the chute, I dashed into a maze of screens and beaded curtains. For a moment, I worried that Erik had decided two were better than one. But he was only being quiet to sneak up on me. I giggled hysterically when he grabbed me from behind and captured me in his steely grip. But my laughter soon gave way to moaning while he caressed me with his clever hands.

"Mmm, you're not very good at hiding- or running away," he murmured in my ear.

"Normally I'm an expert at both, but maybe I'm losing my touch."

"Or you're liking mine too much..."

"Pretty sure of yourself, huh?" I teased before slipping out of his lax hold and scampering away.

Whenever Erik caught me among a pile of pillows made from satin, between sheets made of silk or on top of blankets of the softest velvet, we would get more daring. He'd steal a kiss, grind his erection against me or roll me on top of him to put his face between my breasts, which he'd unlaced my corset to make accessible but not completely exposed.

And I would direct his hand to the apex of my thighs, to feel how wet I was through my panties. As he did, I'd rub the length of his cock, throbbing against the seam of his pants. But before either of us succumbed to our passion, we'd stop and resume the chase.

We were both flushed and out of breath when I suggested we try another game. By this time, he'd taken his cowl off so I could see that he had a boyish mop of blond hair.

"Did you have one in mind?"

"The 'Sensual Pleasures' booths piqued my interest." There had been three fully enclosed stalls in a row, like dressing rooms, labeled 'Look', 'Touch', and 'Taste'. It looked like something I could play one-on-one with Erik, and he could play with me...

"Sounds excellent." And he let me lead the way.


After I put my cape and bustle back on, which I'd left with my shoes, we exited and I was given a pin that was a cat mask paired with a mouse mask, like a comedy/tragedy duo. The way Erik's fingers lingered over my breasts after he'd attached it to my bodice next to the others only increased the anticipation of playing a more intimate game.

Another group was just finishing up when we arrived and soon a woman in a skimpy dress and a jester's mask lead me to one side of the 'Look' stall, and a man in a black half-mask set in a dramatic expression took Erik to the other. Behind the curtain, I found that there was a thin board separating us with several sets of eye holes at different heights.

The rules were that we each use a spinner to decide which body part we showed the other- and the options on mine were 'Tits', 'Ass', 'Cunt', 'Face', and 'Go Wild'. Of course, we could choose to break the rules and reveal or not reveal whatever we wanted, but I was curious to see which one I'd get and whether I'd be brave enough to show it.

"Ladies first, Angel," Erik called out from the other side.

"Okay, here goes!" I replied and flicked the spinner. Ass. Of course. I'd always thought my butt was too big for my small frame. I did my best to keep it toned (Booty Boot Camp, Brazilian Butt Lift, Buns and Thighs- anything derriere related) but it still made me feel self-conscious. I began hastily unbuckling my garter belts when I glanced back at the divider and saw that the eye holes were blocked from the other side: Erik was watching.

Under his gaze, my movements became more deliberate and sensual. I rested one foot on the tufted ottoman to show off my legs as I undid each buckle, surreptitiously giving him a glimpse under my skirt, then looked over my shoulder before I peeled down my panties. And once the scanty scrap of fabric was on the floor, I rucked my skirts up around my hips and knelt on the pouf to strike what I hoped was an enticing pose.

Apparently it was because I heard a sound of approval that was halfway between a growl and a groan. "Damn, Angel, your ass is divine. Absolute perfection."

"Oh, such things you say," I muttered, blushing self-consciously as I exhibited myself just a little longer.

I picked up my panties as seductively as possible and was about to tuck them away into one of my discreet pockets when Erik said, "May I hold on to those for you?"

"Why thank you." And I passed them through one of the holes in the wall. "Now it's your turn."

Then I heard Erik spin. I watched through the holes as he undid his bowtie, pulled the tails of his shirt out of his pants, and began to unbutton his buttons. He must have landed on the male equivalent of 'Tits'.

Like the man himself, his movements were elegant and efficient, with a certain arrogant bravado- as if he knew that he was about to give me a treat. Which he was- I'd always thought there was something particularly sexy about a fit man in a tuxedo with his shirt open.

And he didn't disappoint. Bronze skin free of any hair covered his lean musculature, his pecs and abs were defined but not bulky, and he had a taut line bisecting his chest that I wanted to run my tongue up and down.

"Mmm, Erik you're even hotter than I imagined."

"I'll take that as a left-handed compliment."

A bell chimed when our turn was up and soon we were being ushered into the next booth.

The 'Touch' room was set up in a similar fashion, except instead of eye holes, there were arm holes at various heights. This time Erik went first, and much to my delight, I heard the sound of him undoing his belt buckle and pants' zipper. I waited until he told me he was ready, then reached my arms through the holes.

Erik's hands took mine and guided them behind himself towards my target- his ass. Firm on the sides, round underneath, plump in the middle, smooth and pert all over. I pulled him closer and squeezed a bit harder, wishing there was nothing between us, but knowing it wouldn't be the same if there wasn't.

"I gotta back up now or I'm gonna give this stall a glory hole..."

"Oh, sorry..."

"Don't be. Cause now it's your turn."

When I landed on 'Cunt', I couldn't help but go weak in the knees. I'd wanted to feel his fingers directly on and in my pussy since he first pet me so tenderly. I still hesitated, since I wasn't accustomed to letting strange men touch me below the waist. But tonight was different- or I was different- and I told him to reach inside.

I took one of his hands and slid it under my skirts and up between my legs to my sex that, aside from a trim landing strip, was completely bare. I gasped when his coarse fingertips made contact with the most intimate part of me.

"Mmm, you're so smooth... and wet..." Erik groaned, his free hand sliding behind my ass to hold me stable. With deft, practiced motions, he stroked along my slit, grazed my clit with his thumb and every so slowly curled one finger up inside of my cunt. "And tight..."

"Oh fuck, Erik, you're really good at that," I sighed appreciatively, wishing he could make me cum- but not with his fingers.

"I have a few tricks up my sleeve..."

"I'm sure you do."

After another moment, a warning bell rang to let us know our time was up. I whimpered when his hands withdrew. He'd nearly brought me to an orgasm quicker than I can bring myself to one- which made me wonder how many orgasms he could give me, given more time.

The last booth was the one I was most excited about and it was my turn again to go first. When I spun, the arrow landed between 'Ass' and 'Tits' and considering the sense, I was kind and chose 'Tits'. Besides, my breasts were desperate for his attention. Inside this stall, there were strategically sized and shaped holes at various levels, as well as a small table with a variety of flavor enhancers.

Knowing that Erik was watching, I slowly undid the bow in the front of my corset, then the ribbon laces, before exposing my breasts to him. In an instant, my nipples became like pointy caps for my creamy mounds of flesh. The sound he made was as animalistic as I'd hoped it would be. I liked knowing that beneath his polished exterior was a primal sexual being and I was the object of his desire.

"Babe, your tits are so fucking beautiful," declared Erik in an almost pained tone.

If only to torture him a little longer, I applied peach flavored body gloss around my pale areolas and nipples until they glistened, then topped them with something called honeysuckle dust. I brought one up to the most convenient pass-through and he graciously cradled it in his palm.

"And I thought you couldn't get any sweeter..."

First, his tongue made circles around my stiff peak, then he switched from licking to suckling, taking in as much of my breasts as he could as he latched on. It was so overwhelmingly erotic- having this stranger lavish me with his expert attention- that it took the pleasurable sensation to another level. When Erik was done with my left breast, I presented the right for him to suck clean- which he did with equally thorough attention.

"I can't wait to see what I get to taste," I mused as I laced and tied my corset up again, my breasts feeling incredibly tender and heavy when I did.

"Hopefully you'll find it appetizing."

"Hopefully you didn't land on 'Ass'!"

Erik chuckled. "Don't tempt me, Angel. You're tempting enough already."

When I saw a glistening crest followed by a veiny shaft emerge from a lower hole, my mouth watered. I've only seen a few cocks in person, but this one seemed particularly magnificent. Thick and substantial but not intimidatingly so, twitching with need.

"How beautiful," I said, kneeling on the conveniently placed cushion before him. Now that I was closer, I could see and smell that he'd smeared on some kind of flavored gloss. Holding his manhood still with my hand, I extended my tongue and ran it along his shaft. "Mmm, you taste like a salty mango."

"Fuck," Erik snarled when I lapped up the sensitive underside, feeling the different textures and contours of his flesh.

Knowing how much my tasting session was pleasing him, I circled his meaty cockhead with my tongue, then took it into my mouth.

"Aww, Jesus Christ that feels good..." Erik began stroking his cock in and out of my mouth. Never too deep or fast, just enough to show me what he wanted. The sound of his husky groans was music to my ears.

I'd thoroughly cleaned off every trace of mango gloss by the time the warning bell rang. I could hear that Erik was disappointed when I stopped, and I found that I too had wanted to continue. To keep fellating him until his cum was running down my throat.


We reunited outside the booths- me with a new pin that was a functional mini-spinner- and continued our exploration walking hand in hand. Oddly enough, it felt like we were a couple on a wholesome date at a County Fair.

"Hey, do you want to see what the group activities are like?" I asked as casually as possible.

Erik gave me a mischievous look. "I've just been waiting for you to ask."

'Spin the Bottle' seemed like a good place to start for a neophyte like myself. Oversized cushions had been placed in a circle centering on one of those massive Nebuchadnezzar wine bottles. The players had been arranged alternating between male and female so if the Spinner landed on someone of the same sex, they could pick the person to their left.

Of course, not everyone was bothered by kissing someone of the same sex, even some of the men. And it often turning into more than kissing, but a time limit was placed to prevent any couple from getting too carried away.

When two spaces opened up next to each other, Erik and I filled them. He pulled his cushion closer to mine and wrapped his arm around me. I didn't feel like he did it to be possessive but to make me feel more comfortable- which it did. The bottle didn't point to either of us the next round, but we had an excellent view.

The Spinner- a redhead in a glittering black gown- crawled up to the man she'd picked, who was wearing one of the plain white half-masks given to guests who'd worn a Volto, should it become prohibitive. Straddling his lap, the woman ran her hands through his trim beard before leaning down for a kiss. Their lips smacked together and a growl sounded in the back of his throat.

I shifted restlessly as I watched their passionate kiss continue, suddenly conscious that I wasn't wearing panties over my creaming quim. My breath hitched when Erik's hand ghosted up my inner thigh and over my bare mound. I forgot about my fear of anyone watching and spread my legs a little wider to give him better access.

"You feel even wetter than before," he hissed in my ear.

I leaned against him, caressing his chest and further down while we watched the man in the white house-mask spin the bottle. It began to slow down in my direction, which made my heart leap, but it continued past me and stopped on a girl in an outrageously pink dress and a silver filigree mask. Her breasts were already threatening to spill out so when the spinner pulled her into his lap, he finished the job. As they kissed, he played with her luscious globes, pinching and pulling on her nipples.

My hand massaged Erik's hard-on through his pants as he rubbed my clit. I wished that I had the courage to go down on him in front of everyone; and so much more.

The woman in pink didn't bother covering her breasts when she took her spin. This time, the bottle slowed down and stopped directly on my space. I assumed that since I was a girl, she would choose the man to my left. But she approached me slowly, seductively, her eyes locked on mine. Desire flooded my pussy. I pulled away from Erik and on my knees to meet her.

I'd never kissed another girl before, beyond experimental pecks on the lips, and having my first time be witnessed by a dozen or so strangers was a bit frightening. But then again, no one there knew who I was. I could be whoever I wanted to be- even myself.

At first, I merely let her tease my lips with hers, mashing them together and coaxing them apart, but then I responded back so forcefully that people around us chuckled. She didn't seem to mind it, though, nor did she mind went I cupped her breasts in my hands. Everywhere I touched was so soft and smooth that I wanted to kiss every part of her.

When our kiss broke apart I gave into my burning curiosity and took one of her tits into my mouth. The noises of appreciation around us became even deeper and filled with desire. Before we could get too carried away, the buzzer stopped us. I was so dazed that when she stood up and offered her hand, it took me a moment to remember that we were still playing a game.

"Do you mind?" I asked Erik before I accepted. I knew I didn't need his approval; I wanted it.

"Go ahead, Angel."

The Harlequin running the game pointed out the I was a 'First-Time Fool' and lead a round of applause for me. Usually this would have mortified me, but with my Phantom watching me, I merely curtsied graciously. Part of me was hoping that I'd land on a woman, both because I enjoyed it and because I didn't want to make Erik jealous. But the rest of me was thrilled when I landed on a particularly gorgeous looking man with his shirt open and a bulge that made me weak in the knees.

"Well, hello darlin'," he drawled when I sat in his lap. I could feel Erik's gaze as I wrapped my arms around the man's neck, wriggling against his hard-on until I was situated comfortably.

Before we kissed, I stroked his black beard a moment, admiring his deep golden skin and lust filled eyes.

"I hope your man doesn't mind sharing," he rumbled, his hand splayed over my throat, thumb curling up over my chin.

"You'll have to ask him later," I said coyly, then bent down for my kiss.

Our lips locked and his tongue attacked mine more aggressively than ardently, but skillfully nonetheless. I remained pliant to his lustful exploration of my mouth, but when he started reaching up my skirts to explore further I slapped his hand away. He growled in the back of his throat and tried again, so bit down on his lip as hard as I could. Blackbeard made a sharp sound of surprise and when we broke apart, his lower lip was bleeding.

"Feisty kitty," he scolded me in his gravelly voice.

Erik had gotten up to help me to my feet and when he did, he glared at Blackbeard with cold narrowed eyes. "Is there a problem here?"

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