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Angel Don't You Cry


Because out of every situation you have this uncanny ability to make me feel like it's all my fault. Not every day, but enough to make it matter. That day was the limit, it was a Sunday, not like any other but by five pm the black cloud you had created drove me out.

It started as a walk, even though i had no idea where i was going or for how long. All I wanted was to get away from you.

It was one of those days where the sun was shining down, the air was warm and I should have felt just as bright, but I couldn't and it was all because of you. Your mood on my mind, your last words in my head, how you had not even bothered to say goodbye as I had walked out. I stared at the concrete below my battered converse as I walked, not noticing anyone or anything around me, alone and confined in my own world. That was until I bumped into him... literally! My best friend.

* * *

We had known each other since high school. I had been the social outcast, that skinny weird kid who wore far too much black and insisted on streaking her hair purple to match her nail varnish. It had been behind the science block where they had jumped me, four of them, the 'popular girls'. Every high school had them and to this day probably still has them, those stuck up too rich from daddy types with bleach blonde hair and fake tans that go far too orange. It had started off with a few insults and when I didn't bite, they did!

I don't remember much else apart from the blows raining down on me, the kicks to my stomach, the pulling of my hair. Then he had stepped in, appearing from no where and pulling them off me.

"Are you ok?"

"Uh yeah I think so, why the fuck did that happen?" I looked up to see a dark haired, scruffy looking guy crouching beside me, picking up the papers that had fallen from my bag as I had gone down.

"Because you let them." Was all he said and helped me to my feet. From that day he looked out for me, all the time like the big brother I never had. Years later, he still did, every time I fell he was there to catch me.

* *

"Woah, someone's not looking where they are going"

"Sorry, one of my days..." I replied, looking down so he didn't see the tears brimming in the corners of my eyes.

"Holy shit, what's he done to you this time Jess?" He pulled me into a hug, we didn't need to speak at that moment because as usual he knew exactly how I was feeling.

"The usual Gee, I'm so sick of it. Why does he hate me so much?" He pulled me to the side of the street out of the way of several maniacal kids on bikes that had been heading our way.

"Come on, you need a coffee."

"..and a cigarette." I sniffed into my fist, wiping the black smudges of eyeliner from my face.

"Yeah, I guessed that already. Come on!" We walked the two blocks to his house, my own getaway yet again. His arm around me the whole time.

"I don't know why you put up with his shit Jess." He said, handing me my drink.

"Nor do I." I shrugged, "It's the whole marriage thing you know it's not something taht I can just walk away from."

Gerard looked exasperated, running his hands through his hair.

"Yes you can, I told you this the first time he started all this. You can come here any time and stay as long as you like."

I smiled up at him and pulled him down to sit next to me on the couch.

"Why are you so nice to me?"

"That is such a stupid question.." He sighed.

"No, I mean all I do is call you at four a.m when he's locked me out or turn up after one of your shows when he's got in one of his moods and started shit. Don't you ever get fed up of looking out for me all the time..."

"Jess, you're my friend and you also have 'victim' printed on here.." He ran a finger over my forehead, sweeping my long black hair to the side.

"Why do you wear your hair all over your face like that?"

"Cause I never got round to changing it." I shrugged, flicking it back over my eyes. The truth was that I hid behind my hair, it was one of my comfort zone.

"And you have such pretty eyes too, when you're not looking so sad that is..."

I pushed his finger away from my cheek where he was absent mindedly stroking me.

"Hey, I'm smiling ok!"

He leaned back into the couch and I lay my head on his chest. Something we always did,his arm around me felt comforting and calming.

"So what did he do this time?" He finally asked.

"The usual, too many beers and suddenly the house wasn't clean enough, the food wasn't good enough and he went on and on and I walked out. He just kept on, saying stuff, telling me how useless I am..." I didn't really want o go into it any further.

Gerard thought for a moment.

"I could always kill him, John I mean, you could help me!"

"Gee!" I playfully slapped his leg. "I don't fancy a life sentence or going to hell as my future plans."

"Aren't you already in hell?"

I thought for a moment, feeling his chest rise and fall beneath me, breathing in his scent, his fingers playing with my hair.

"Not now I'm not..."

"He doesn't deserve you Jess."

I had been waiting for that one. The one line that Gerard said to me every time I was curled up like a some kind of wounded puppy in his arms. Wether we were here or around the back of whatever venue he had been playing that night. In return I would give my usual answer of

"I know." because that was all I could say. Usually we would leave it there, Gerard would go through all the ways that he could kill John and where he would hide the body and somehow miraculouslly get away with it. I would listen and pick holes in his master plan, then we would go and get drunk and after that all the bad things would go away for a few hours.

But this time was different, I was waiting for the 'Lets kill John plan nine' or whatever it had got to but instead Geread aws being unusually quiet, every now and again brushing my hair with his hand. I was worried that maybe after all these years he was really fed up with having me turn up with my issues all the time.

"What's the matter?" I asked, looking up at him.

"Nothing, I was just thinking thats all." He gave one of his trademark cocky grins and flicked my ear. I gave him a pretend annoyed look and the next thing I knew he had pushed me back so I was flat on my back on the couch. We stared into each others eyes for a moment, a moment that seemed to last far too long. I put my hand up to touch his face, all the while he was staring down at me with those intense hazel eyes , asking silent questions that that I knew I did not have the answer to. His lips skimmed my own, so close that I could feel his warm breath making my skin tingle. I waited for him to say something or to jump back and laugh at me for getting so serious but instead he took my hand and pushed it back over my head so that I couldn't move. The next thing I knew his lips were against mine, softly kissing, almost testing in case I was going to stop him. I certainly wasn't going to complain, I licked along his lips, our tongues flicking into each others mouths. I felt him give a low moan as he was pressed against me before sitting back onto his knees.

"So here's where you get a choice Jess, if you want me to take you home I can do that right now. But if you stay, you're not leaving till morning."

"Well I guess that means that you have the pleasure of my company all night then, Mr Way." I replied, biting my lip trying to hold back the feelings that were going through me already just from that kiss.

He took my hand and I followed him to the bedroom, he pulled me close again ,kicking the door so that it slammed behind him. Kissing my lips, he worked his way down to my neck and began nipping at me ever so gently but enough to make me gasp, all the while pulling at the buttons on my shirt until he could throw it behind me and slipped my skirt down so that it pooled around my feet. I ran my hands up under his shirt, digging my nails into his skin as gently as I could, just to show him that I could play rough too. He moaned his approval into my neck and pushed me backwards until I could feel the edge of the bed against the back of my knees. I allowed myself to fall back and he stood for a moment looking down at me.

"Jess, god you look amazing."

"Gee, please will you get over here and.." I didn't have to ask any more as he was beside me on the bed, kissing me deeply and running his hands lightly over my breasts which were still hidden beneath my bra.

I pulled his shirt off and threw it aside while my other hand tugged at his jeans, slipping my hand down under the waistband and over his boxers. I could feel he was already hard and I teased him by removing my fingers and going back to his nipples, poking out my tongue to lick at each one whilst looking up at him with my 'dirty bitch' face.

"Jess.." He started, and then flipped me over so that he was on top of me, kneeling over my waist so that he could pull my hands back over my head. I wanted to touch him, I squeezed my thighs together beneath him as I could feel my panties getting wetter by the minute.

"Now are you gonna behave and let me get these off or are you gonna keep wriggling about like that?" He asked, I bit my lip tempted to ask what exactly he would do if I didn't 'behave' but kept still like he had asked. His hand slipped my bra from my shoulders and caressed my nipples which were already hard to the touch, the other was circling my navel and edging down between my legs but he went no lower even though my hips were pushing up towards his hand, I wanted, and needed to feel his touch so bad.

"Please Gerard.."

"Please what...you mean you'd like some of this..." He slipped a finger under the edge of my panties and hit the spot straight away. As he rubbed my clit gently and slowly, working up to harder and harder movements which made me cum in no time all over his fingers. When he sat back on the bed to look at me I took my chance to get up remove his jeans and boxers. His cock was already hard and I wrapped my hands around his shaft and lowered my lips to leave feather soft kisses that became harder as I could see the pleasure on his face. I moved onto all fours so that I could take him in my mouth, my fingers stroking his balls and every now and then digging my nails into the skin at the top of his thighs.

"Oh fuck, Jess you feel so good." He grabbed at handfuls of my hair as I took him deeper into mouth, sucking and licking every inch. I made sure I was looking up at him the whole time, alternating between running the edge of my tongue up and down in broad strokes, and taking his whole cock as deep as I could. I felt his balls tighten and sucked harder, holding on at the base of his cock until I felt him pull away.

"I think we'd better get rid of these." He pulled at the waist band of my tiny black soaked panties and quickly removed them. His tongue and fingers hungrily explored my pussy as he bought me to another orgasm within what seemed like seconds.

Positioning himself between my legs, he teasingly rubbed the end of his cock against my clit, hardly grazing my entrance. I moved my hips up to meet him but he did not let me get any closer.

"Fuck me Gerard, now!" I demanded, biting on my lower lip on anticipation.

"Don't get all brattish on me." He smiled, realising he had the upper hand. "So you want me to fuck you Jess?"

"Yes, please!" I was almost screaming for release at this point.

"Tell me how much you want me to fuck you right now.."

"Don't play games with me Gee, I need you to fuck me!" I screamed, grabbing his ass as he slowly slid inside me, so I could feel every inch of him inside me. I pulled him closer as he moved in and out, getting faster and harder as I raised up my hips, feeling his cock stretching my pussy.The feeling was like no other, I don't thin I had ever felt so aroused in my life. I could feel my waves of orgasm approaching from the friction of his movements against my clit. As my body shuddered into orgasm I felt him cum inside me and collapse on top of me, kissing me deeply and stroking and pulling at my nipples.

We lay in each others arms that night. Just the both of us together, with no worries and no thoughts about what I was going to do the next day. There was no one else I would have rather been with, than my best friend.

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