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Angel Eyes


Jill closed the door behind her carefully, not wanting to disturb the unexpected stillness of the house. "Miles?" she called out softly, her voice breaking the silence almost reluctantly. "Miles, where are you?"

"I'm in the bedroom, honey," she heard from down the hall. "I've got a surprise for you..."

Jill rolled her eyes. He'd called her home from work for that? Not that it hadn't been easy to wrap things up a little early, and not that it wasn't kind of romantic, but that was probably a surprise that could wait until tonight. Still, she was here, and Miles did have a way with the big, cheesy romantic gestures...she wandered down the hallway, her thoughts already drifting towards images of bedspreads strewn with rose petals and bottles of champagne on ice.

She didn't get rose petals, but there was a bottle of red wine on the bedside table. Next to it was a tall...something...covered in a silk tablecloth, with Miles standing nearby. He pointed at it, smiling enthusiastically. "Happy anniversary, honey!" he said.

"Our anniversary isn't until next week," she replied, raising an eyebrow. She wasn't really mad, but she knew he always liked her eyebrow trick.

"Yeah, I know," he said dismissively. "But I don't want to be one of those guys who doesn't remember our anniversary until a week after it happens. Besides, if I'd given you your anniversary surprise on your anniversary, it wouldn't have been a surprise, would it?"

"If you start talking about iocane powder, I'm leaving." Of course, she didn't actually make a move towards the door. Instead, she sat down on the bed and crossed her legs. "So, what now? Maybe a glass of wine for your beautiful wife?"

"Now you open your present!" Miles said, gesturing once again to the silk-covered object next to the table. "Come on, honey! I know you'll love it!"

Jill frowned. "But that's always been there...hasn't it?" It certainly looked familiar, but she couldn't think what it was underneath the silken fabric. It was like having an old friend's name right on the tip of one's tongue, only to find that you couldn't quite finish bringing it to mind.

"Just pull off the cloth and see," Miles said, his eyes shining with anticipation.

"Oh, alright," Jill sighed, getting back up and crossing over to the silk-covered object. She reached out, clutched a handful of fabric tightly, and pulled.

The first thing Jill noticed, once the cloth had come away to hang loosely from her fingers, was the eyes. They were her eyes, she knew that; but somehow, she'd never seen them quite this way before. Almost before she could register their presence, they began to soften; they looked distant, almost glassy as she gazed into them, like she was lost in thought and never wanted to be found. The reflection of her own stare seemed to magnify the gentle, drifting feeling that came upon her suddenly--realizing how peaceful her mirror image looked made her relax, and relaxing made the eyes in the mirror go even wider with blank calm. And that, in turn, deepened her own relaxation again... Jill tried to imagine an end to the ever-intensifying feedback loop, and found that she couldn't. That didn't bother her, though. In fact, she felt her mouth curve into a tiny smile. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the Jill in the mirror smiling too.

It was the bedroom mirror. It was the same mirror she saw every day--how had she forgotten that? The realization didn't seem to matter much, and she'd already forgotten it by the time she heard Miles whisper, "That's right," into her ears. Nothing really seemed to matter except for those beautiful eyes. So calm, so tranquil, so docile. The girl in the mirror didn't have a care in the world. Jill envied her briefly, before remembering that she *was* her and sinking even deeper into that state of perfect calm.

"Good girl," Miles said softly. Jill shivered slightly, remembering how much she loved that warm, coaxing tone of voice that she always loved to forget as much as she loved to remember. Her gaze unfocused, giving the eyes in the mirror a soft glow as the tiny reflections on her eyeball merged into a sea of sparkling light.

"It's so...beautiful," Jill whispered, overcome by awe at the sight. The tablecloth slipped from her fingers completely as her attention was attracted even more by the eyes of the woman in the mirror. It whispered gently to the floor, but Jill was too caught up in the hypnotic stare of her other self to care. She felt helpless to break the stare, unable to blink until her mirror-image did.

"Mmhmm," Miles murmured, caressing the small of her back. The sound of his approval was just what Jill needed to sink even deeper, and the whole scene became beautifully luminous as she watched the pupils of the woman in the mirror slowly dilate.

She knew she was hypnotized, and she remembered now all the other times that Miles had gently drawn her down into this deep, relaxed state. It always seemed to nice to remember, and that made forgetting even easier because it meant that she would be able to enjoy remembering again...but she'd never realized how beautiful trance made her look. She never knew how peaceful she seemed, how angelic her eyes were when they melted into this soft, warm place and let Miles take control.

He put a tiny bit of pressure on her shoulder, guiding her down, and it wasn't until then that Jill realized just how much effort standing had taken. She sank gratefully to her knees, never breaking the gaze of the woman in the mirror who had caught her so easily, entranced her so effortlessly. Kneeling felt so much better than standing, so much better than sitting or lying down would, and she knew that somehow this was the perfect place for her. It all felt perfect, she realized. The whole moment, the timeless stillness of it, felt absolutely perfect. Jill felt like she could drift here forever with her mirror-self.

But it felt even better when Miles slowly unbuttoned her blouse so that he could run his hands along her skin. Jill let out a long, slow, dreamy sigh as she saw her eyes flutter with pleasure, pleasure that she felt echoing through her entranced body, but she couldn't let them close. That was Miles's gift to her this time, she knew. To see herself as he saw her. He slowly, seductively undid her bra and pulled it across her sensitive breasts, and she whimpered as her peripheral vision caught sight of him gathering her nipples between his fingers.

Every moment, every breath only deepened her arousal, until Jill saw herself shuddering with pleasure in the mirror. Even then, as she struggled to keep her eyes open against the relentless onslaught of bliss, Jill couldn't look away from her own eyes. She couldn't stop seeing the expression of helpless ecstasy on her face as Miles slid her skirt and panties down to her knees and snuck his fingers between her thighs to find the folds within. She couldn't stop watching herself give in to Miles's control, and it made it even hotter to watch it all happen. She felt like a voyeur and an exhibitionist at the same time.

His fingers rubbed at her clit, making her buck her hips slowly back and forth as her body responded reflexively to his touch. The instinctive motions of her pelvis were the only motion she could manage, though; the rest of her was too passive, too helpless, too controlled to do anything. It seemed too much like work to do anything but watch and feel. Miles was whispering that into her ear, but Jill didn't really register his words anymore in her conscious mind. All she could take in was the sight of those gorgeous eyes.

Then he guided her into a new position, and Jill found new depths of bliss as he slid into her from behind. She hadn't realized just how wet she was until she felt Miles's cock slip effortlessly into her pussy, but she knew that she couldn't help grinding her hips back against him as he thrust into her again and again and again. His hands circled around to tug at her nipples, drawing yet more pleasure out of her hypnotized body, but all Jill could do was watch her own eyes as her orgasm drew near. They were so blank, so glazed, so empty and mindless and it felt so good and she couldn't stop watching and she couldn't stop feeling and she couldn't stop moaning and she couldn't stop cumming, oh, oh she couldn't stop cumming over and over and over again and it all felt so fucking good!

Jill lost track of the number of orgasms she had; it all blended together into a haze of dreamy bliss. She'd been so primed, so ready for their sex that having Miles's cock inside her was almost unnecessary. Just seeing the way she looked, all drowsy and sleepy and sexy, it was more than enough. Even now, as the heady mix of afterglow and exhaustion and trance sent her spiraling down towards sleep, the sight of watching her eyes lose the battle against sleep was almost enough to get her back in the mood for another go.

Almost, she thought as she slumped into Miles's arms, letting them catch and hold her. But not...quite...


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