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Angel Eyes


Jeff Healey's song wouldn't be written for 12 more years. His hit described my life. My wife, Angela, and I hadn't been married long, when my uncle Will, whose nickname was Tex, came rolling into town. He was an oilman. Long sideburns, hair slicked back, tall, wide, heavily muscled, vise grips for hands, custom made boots, Stetson, bolo tie, he fit the part of a Hollywood caricature. He was in town because fifty miles away a geologist determined there was an interesting formation needing to be further explored. Only problem was our town was the closest thing to that interesting piece of land.

Uncle Will had been at our wedding. He had given us cash and a pretty box containing a very sexy dark blue baby doll negligee for my bride. He was a flirt, a very good dancer, and rich. Richer than anybody I had ever met. He had been in the oil business since he was a young man and had done well.

He could also be intimidating, his humor off color, and after a few drinks in him, boorish. He danced with my bride more than I or any other man did that night. He turned on the charm and charm her he did. When we made our rounds thanking people he insisted on giving Angela a hug and a kiss on the lips to welcome her to the family. He wrapped his six foot four frame around my Angela, who was exactly a foot shorter than him. He was also twice her weight. From his vantage point, he looked down the top of her gown at the tops of her c cup breasts. He looked at me, licked his lips, and winked. I turned red. I hadn't seen what he had gotten us, but thanked him ahead of time.

He said, "You can thank me next time we see each other and have your pretty little wife model it for me."

I thought he was talking about a dress and said, "Sure." Angela glanced at me wondering why I had so readily agreed, but instead of telling him no she said, "I'd love to model it for you. And thanks for dancing with me all night. Mr. Two left feet here turned me down."

I protested defending myself, "You know I'm not a dancer. Besides, I needed to make the rounds and talk to the guests."

Sounding a bit defensive she replied, "I've talked to everyone, but on my wedding day I want to dance, not sit around. And that's why I didn't tell your uncle no."

My uncle said, "I would have ignored her if she had. I learned a long time ago to tell the difference between no and noooo. Angela here wanted it."

We laughed at the sexual innuendo he implied when he drew out that second no, making it sound like sexual arousal, because coming from him it didn't sound so crude, but I was less comfortable with his last remark about Angela wanting it. I looked at Angela. She was blushing. She squeezed my hand to signal me it was okay, my uncle was just being his horn dog self.

In bed that night my Angela was hotter than a firecracker. I figured it was because it was our honeymoon and our first night to actually relax and not worry about getting busted while having sex or about her getting pregnant. Chances of that happening were slim as we weren't ready for children and she was opposed to the pill. She said she would get fitted for a diaphragm later, but for now she wanted my penis to wear a raincoat. I suggested we could try the withdrawal method, but she pointed out several girlfriends and cousins who were now pregnant after relying on the withdrawal method. She didn't completely shut me down pointing out when she was on her period or immediately afterwards she was safe. She just didn't want me to like it too much and get lazy about keeping up my end of the deal and try to get out of wearing a condom.

We moved within days of getting married to Alpine and a new job for me as a history professor at Saul Ross. We fell in love with the area, the friendliness of the people, the beauty of the mountains. In those days teaching didn't pay a lot, but it paid enough. I enjoyed teaching. Angela found a job at a department store. Most students lived in the dorms or in one of the trailer parks. We considered ourselves lucky when we found a one bedroom, adobe house for $175 a month. It wasn't fancy, but we fixed it up and it was home. Our spare bedroom was the living room couch.

Angela received close to a dozen nightgowns from her showers before the wedding. I forgot about the box, but did remember the money Uncle Will gave us. We put it to good use, putting a deposit on the house, paying the first month's rent, buying mattresses for the bed we slept on, and getting a second car. Angela drove our good car while I drove a cheap, but dependable car.

Life was good. Marriage was great. Sex was a favorite activity. She found a job she liked which actually paid more than mine.

We had been fooling around. After lots of kissing, playing with her breasts whose beauty and sensitivity captivated me, I was now kissing my way just past her belly button when the phone rang. I wanted to ignore it, but she insisted on answering it worried it might be an emergency.

She was breathing heavy when she picked up the handset.

"Hi Uncle Will. You didn't interrupt anything. I don't know why I'm breathing so heavy. Haha, because I'm talking to you. You're so funny."

Angela was looking at me smiling. I noticed her hard nipples. I thought if he talked to me it would be an hour before I'd be off the phone. Thinking he'd keep his conversation with Angela short we'd soon pick up where we left off. I can't explain, but I'm obsessed with that pink flesh between Angela's legs. I can't get enough of it. I especially love to lick her. She has the best orgasms courtesy of my tongue. I mouthed to Angela, "If he asks, tells him I'm not here."

She looks annoyed with me, thinking I'm being rude. She shrugged her shoulders and kept talking to him.

"Thank you for the gifts. No, I haven't worn it. I thought I'd save it for a special day. It is beautiful. How did you know I like dark blue? Oh, because of my blue eyes? You are such a flirt Uncle Will. You are old, but I will call you Tex from now on. Not that old. I bet you do. You are? When? It will be great to see you. Maybe we can go country dancing. I'd like that."

Perched on our bar stool, a honeymoon gift, Angela's eyes were on me as she talked to my uncle, but it's what she's doing that had me getting harder and harder. She had this seductive smile on her face as she caressed one of her breasts. She then opened her legs giving me a bird's eyes of that pink flesh. Swollen and wet. I thought her wide open legs were an invitation and started to get up from the couch. She nodded her head no. I sat back down.

She smiled at me, then winked, before taking a finger and running it along the insides of her vulva. She gently caressed herself her blue eyes staring at me while she chatted with Uncle Will. She wasn't done because she took her middle finger and plunged it to the last knuckle deep into her vagina. She took her very wet finger out and while listening to Will who now wanted her to call him Tex, put it in her mouth. She sucked her juices off of it before putting it back into her vagina.

"I'll tell Billy you called. Trust me, he'll be excited. You're his favorite uncle. Mine too. That's so sweet of you Tex. I don't know about other women, but I love it when a man compliments me."

They talked longer, but I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying. I was too busy staring at my wife, thinking how beautiful she was, and how sexy she could be. What she had done with her finger was just a teaser. She began to caress her clitoris running her finger all around it making it harder and harder. She did this while talking to my uncle Will whom she now called Tex.

She mouthed for me to join her and pumped her hand pantomiming a jerking off movement. I'd never jacked off in front of her nor had she masturbated in front of me. She sat on that bar stool and pleasured herself while i watched from the couch and pumped my meat.

Taking my cue from her I paced myself. She diddled her clit using her thumb and added her index finger. I watched those two fingers as she plunged them in and out of her twat.

Her breathing was a bit labored and her voice sounded distracted. I wondered what Uncle Will would have thought if he had known what we were doing.

"Tex, I promise I won't wear it before you get a chance to see it on me. Now you just have to convince Billy. I know you're his favorite uncle, Haha, and we're family, but that nightie doesn't leave much to the imagination. I know it's not supposed to. You are so bad, Tex. I bet you will. See you soon. We'll definitely go dancing in Marfa. I've been wanting Billy to take me, but we just never get around to it. I will. Tomorrow night? Same time? Okay. You have sweet dreams too. Bye."

Angela hung up the phone and immediately went to work making herself cum. She had her legs fully extended and her toes pointed down as she orgasmed. She actually let loose a high pitched shriek when she came.

I followed her lead and rubbed one out using the palm of my free hand to catch my seed. She tossed me a box of tissues to clean up with.

She excitedly said, "That was crazy what we just did."

I answered, "I know. It was hot. You have no idea how sexy you looked."

She came over to me and knelt between my legs. She took my now soft cock and breathed life into it. She then straddled me.

"Angela, should I get a condom?"

I could see her doing a mental calculation, "We'll be all right."

She rode me. We didn't say much, just looked at each other. It didn't take me long before I ejaculated again. We sat there, her impaled on me kissing. I grew soft, fell out of her. She suggested we go back to our bedroom.

She helped me up and holding my hand led me back to bed. She laid down, her head resting on a pillow and said, "Lets pick up where we left off. You owe me a good licking."

I answered, "I do", thinking about the cum I had just deposited. I damn sure wasn't going to get squeamish on her and ruin the moment. I got between her legs and quickly discovered gravity's force. My cum was oozing out of that pink flesh I adored. I licked up my ejaculate for the first, but definitely not the last time. As I licked, she talked about how erotic it had been, what a lech my uncle Tex was, how he wanted her to model the nightie he had given us, the one she still hadn't worn for me. She told me how turned on she had been talking to him while I wasn't ten feet away.

She then said, "Billy, your uncle likes me."

My mouth on her pussy was my answer. I kept licking which encouraged her to keep talking.

"He reminds me of Leif Erickson. So distinguished looking. Tex. I like that nickname. That's it. Lick my pussy. I'm so close. Suck my clit. Oh Gosh you d, oh God, I'm cumming."

We got in bed afterwards and cuddled. We talked about what we just did. We were on our sides. I was playing with one of her tits and commented, "You have really big tits. I know he likes you, but who doesn't? You're very pretty Angela and you give him a lot of attention. He probably thinks you're sweet on him the way you flirt with him."

"You're not jealous are you? I'm just being friendly. He's been very good to us. I'm just showing him I appreciate his generosity."

I noticed her nipples had gone from soft to hard just talking about Tex. I also noticed so had my penis. I pushed her on her back and went in her. She rubbed her clitoris while I pistoned in and out of her very wet pussy. It wasn't two minutes before we had our third orgasms for the evening.

On our backs afterwards we looked up at the ceiling and held hands.

I wanted to talk about what just happened hoping it would lead to a deeper conversation, "I liked what we did tonight, but I also think we're playing with fire. What if he gets the wrong idea and misinterprets your flirtations? How do we tell him no after we encouraged it? I'm just as guilty as you. I should have been out there dancing with you. I wanted to, but I'm self conscious about anything tougher than a two step so I made up an excuse tending to our guests when I didn't need to. It's not the first time he's eyed you. My mom always said Will's like a coon dog, always sniffing. He saw the opportunity and took it. I know people thought it strange how often you two danced together. I should have sent that nightie he bought you back and nicely told him it was inappropriate, but I didn't. I shouldn't have jacked off while you were on the phone with him talking all smoochie smoochie."

She squeezed my hand and thanked me for accepting equal blame. She also agreed we were playing with fire, but was unsure how to apply the brakes to this speeding car.

She also seemed please to learn he had been admiring her for a long time. She liked knowing he lusted after her.

"Since when?"

"Since when what?" I asked.

"Billy, when was the first time you noticed Will watching me?"

"There was the pool. You and I were swimming. He sat with my parents, but the whole time he is glancing at you. You looked good in that black one piece. Sexy, but innocent. We hadn't done it yet. At the family reunion. You had on shorts and a halter. You were so brown from the sun. I was sitting with him. Every time you did something he watched you. I know because I couldn't keep my eyes off you that day. That was the day after we did it. You werent a virgin anymore. You looked different, more worldly, but also like you understood the power you have between your legs. There's more if you're interested."

"There is? That's enough for now, but I'm sure I'll ask you in the future."

I turned on my side. She had this dreamy look on her face. I wondered if she was fantasizing about him. I knew I was biased, but I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He had gone through several marriages. All his ex wives were lookers so he thinking the same about Angela made my belief even stronger.

She looked at me, "Billy, tonight wasn't the first time you climaxed thinking about your Uncle Will and I was it?"

"How did you know?" The tone of my voice gave her the impression I was ashamed and uncomfortable, but in fact I felt just the opposite. I wanted her to pry my feelings out of me. She didn't sound surprised or upset, but supportive.

"We women know. I've suspected for a long time, but until tonight wasn't sure. All I know is whenever Will is around you're more amorous. At the wedding I saw it. You were watching Will and I, but you didn't look upset. When we walked up to you and he had his arm around me you looked excited."

I looked at her and decided to confess, "I was. I hope you don't think less of me. I don't want you to actually do anything with him. It just excites me."

She lifted her head off the pillow and kissed the bridge of my nose, then my lips, "No silly. Just the opposite. I was very, very happy knowing it excited you. I knew I could be me and not worry about you causing a scene, sulking, picking a fight. So, what did you imagine Will and I doing while you masturbated? Were we kissing? Were his hands all over my body? Did you imagine us having sex, him fucking me?"

I came clean and told her about the first time. It was at my parents' house.

"You were sitting in the living room waiting for me. You had on that burgundy colored dress I loved. It was short and had ridden up your thighs even more. Uncle Will was sitting opposite you. You didn't notice, but he could see your panties."

"He could? And him looking up my dress excited you?"

I nodded, "it did."

"Billy, did you jack off later? We hadn't even gotten to third base. You had seen my tits, played with them, kissed and sucked them. Your uncle saw my beaver before you did. Oh God. No wonder he's been hitting on me. He thinks I've been wanting him all this time. He probably thinks I was flashing him."

"I did. It excited me. It shouldn't have, but it did."

She nodded her head. Her hand reached down and she took a hold of my penis which was hard again, "We've been together three years, Billy, and you've been playing with yourself for most of those three years thinking about your uncle and I having sex?"

I nodded my head.

"Jack off for me. Tell me what you imagine."

I pumped my manhood, but before I started explained they were just fantasies. I didn't want anything to really happen.

"The two of you kissing. His big hands stripping you, unzipping your dress, unclamping your bra, playing with your titties, his mouth sucking them. Pulling down your panties. Putting his penis in you. Fucking you." I shot my final load of the night all over my stomach. From start to finish one minute.

"Wow. That was quick. You came a lot. Why don't you go clean up?"

I did and returned to bed. I got under the covers with her.

She said, "It all makes sense now. What are we going to do Billy? He's going to be here in ten days. I just promised I'd go dancing with him and I'd model that nightie. I'm married now. I can't have sex with him. I'm your wife. Maybe I should go visit my parents while he's here. Maybe I can put the nightie over my regular clothes so he'll get the idea how it fits. Maybe he's just joking. It's hard for me to tell with him because he doesn't filter his thoughts, just lets them fly. I know I've flirted a lot with him because I felt safe doing so. Now I'm worried."

Instead of agreeing with her I did just the opposite and tried to downplay everything, "Don't be. We will figure it out. Next time he calls we will keep our clothes on and our hands off of our privates."

We kissed goodnight. She told me she loved me and reminded me she might be a flirt, but she only had eyes for me. I told her I loved her too and said she was everything I ever wanted. We had everything under control we assured each other.

Only we didn't and the speeding car looked increasingly out of control.

The next time Uncle Will called I answered the phone. We exchanged pleasantries. He asked to speak to Angela. She was standing there watching me collapse like a tent in a heavy rain.

Instead of telling him Angela was unavailable I told him I'd get her. . She mouthed for me to tell him she wasn't there, but it was too late. She took the phone giving me a look that told me I was in the doghouse. She didn't sound mad, but coquettish, on the phone with Will.

She initially ignored me, but after twenty minutes of me standing there watching as they chatted she motioned for me to come over.

She mouthed, "Take your clothes off."

I stripped.

"Now me."

My penis throbbed as I undressed her. She would switch hands as I pulled one sleeve off, then the other. I undid her bra, Before removing her pants I played with her tits, sucking and pawing on them. it was quite the turn on to know he was at the other end of the line. She sounded like she was having trouble concentrating. I smiled, then started to lower her pants. She used one hand and helped me tug them down. She kicked them off.

She put a hand on my shoulder signaling me to kneel. I did. I pressed my face against her nylon covered crotch and inhaled her scent. I hooked my hands into her panties and pulled them down. She sat on the bar stool and mouthed for me to go slow.

She caessed the back of my head as I licked. With her other hand she held the receiver and talked to Will. I avoided her clitoris and licked slowly. She was sopping wet.

I don't know what he told her, but she grew serious answering him with Yes sir and promises of I will followed by he won't. The instant she finished the phone call I increased the speed of my licking. Wasn't long before she flooded my face with her juices. A few minutes later we were in the bedroom a condom covering my penis, fucking. I had an orgasm so intense I felt like my eyes rolled into the back of my head. My balls felt drained.

I pulled out not wanting any of my semen to spill out of the condom and into her vagina. I stood up and started to pull the condom off so I could dispose of it.

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