tagFirst TimeAngel in the Night 06

Angel in the Night 06


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We had made love.

In the glorious sunlight, in a beautiful secret place of natural bushland, my Thien had ridden me for the first time. Climbed over me, put me inside her, went from tears to pleasure, to joy. Time had been interrupted for me: how long was it? What time was it? I didn't know, didn't care.

Finally we untangled our legs, put just our shirts on and sat side by side enjoying the view.

"Out here, with you, naked, making love, is perfect."

Thien poked me. "Not more Vietnamese poetry!"

"You are my Vietnamese poem. You are a poem walking the earth, a vision."

"You're silly. I'm not. I'm not even good looking."

Woah. Suddenly we were in risky territory. I knew the wrong word could crush her, and spoil the whole day. Why do girls fret about their appearance so much? Don't you realise us guys like you as you are? Wish me luck, everyone...

"You look good. To me, you are everything, you are graceful, lively, intelligent. You are an angel."

"But look at my hips. No hips. I got no tits. And my hair, just straight and black - sometimes I hate it, hate it all." I felt the tension rise. I put an arm around her.

I needed to change the subject. "When is Thuy coming back?"

Thien relaxed a little. "I don't know. She said three hours. I guess we'll see her coming. Funny, when she suggested this picnic I was surprised. I knew she had a boyfriend around here some time ago, So maybe that's who she went to visit. Seems a bit odd though."

"She seems a good friend."

"Oh yes. The best you could have. I trust her completely. I tell her everything and she gives me good advice. About boys especially. She helped me find the doctor for the Pill."

"So you've told her about us?"

"Of course! And about Talaya before you." Lucky girl.

"What will you tell her about today?"

"Well mister, I can't possibly tell you, can I? It's a secret for the girls." She poked and pulled me. "Mr Strong Arms. Mr Hairy Balls. Mr Big Dick."

Someone giggled.

Giggling is that cheerful, carefree sound. Giggling means happy people. When you hear someone giggling it should make you happy and relaxed. Jolly. It made us rigid with tension. Someone was there. Who? Had they seen us? What would they do? Thien leaned against me and I instinctively tightened my arm around her shoulders. I don't think we even breathed.

Some bushes nearby parted, and Thuy stumbled into view. She was smiling but seemed flushed and uncertain. Thien looked astonished, then her eyes flashed fury. Thuy tried to brave it out.

"Hey, sexy sister. Hello Mr Sexy Man!"

"Thuy! What the hell? When – how long have you been there?"

"When Mr Sexy Man stood on the ledge. I can't believe he didn't notice me. Pale, but nice body! Nice cock!"

"But weren't you seeing a friend?"

"You mean Van? He moved away years ago. He showed me this place - and a few others before that. When you talk about this new boy I thought about this place. You wanted a special place for your first time. I wanted my little sister's first time to be perfect in every way." Thuy faltered. She was biting her lip. "Oh Thien, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have watched, but I love you and I wanted it to be the best, especially with this nice boy. I couldn't stop myself. And you, you are so pretty and clever and slim and I am fat and ugly. You are all perfect."

Abruptly Thuy sat down near us and burst into tears. Thien knelt down and hugged her close. They spoke softly in Vietnamese. Thien stroked her hair while she sobbed. Thuy was saying something which Thien seemed uncertain about. There were lots of glances at me. Presently Thien looked up.

"Thuy think you very nice. Very kind to me. She want some." The high emotion and the Vietnamese was spoiling Thien's grammar. "She want you to touch her."

"An toi."

"And, eat her. You want to?"

Seriously? Thuy and me? And Thien would be, I dunno, watching? Looking away? Was this a trick question anyway? I studied Thien's face, hoping to see an answer. She gave me a tender look as she held Thuy in her arms. It was okay. Boy, my Thien can be one naughty angel sometimes.

"I will," Thuy's face brightened. "if Thien and me both do it." Thien's face looked astonished. Thuy was taken aback, so I spoke to her.

"Look, you love her. I love her. She loves you. We should be together. We be kind, and we don't do anything we feel uncomfortable about."

Thien thought, then decided."Okay." My matter-of-fact Thien, did I say I love her?

"This will be beautiful," I assured them.

We sat Thuy down on the cushioned camping mattress. She was breathing heavily, expectantly, with a few gulps from the crying. She was dressed in black jeans with silver studs. She had black layered tops and was wearing black pumps. She had heavy black and purple make-up, now streaked with tears. Pretty incongruous for our bushland setting, really.

I wasn't sure how to start, 'til I noticed a strand of hair over her face. I gently tucked it behind her ear. This led me to stroking her neck. Facing her, I stroked down and across her shoulders. She closed her eyes and I watched her face soften. Her shoulders felt softer too.

Thien was behind her now. I started to lift off one layer of her top. Her arms hesitated, then rose to let me remove it. Thien finished it off. I slipped my hands under her next top, to feel a singlet underneath. As we peeled that off her figure started to take shape. I looked to Thien and nodded. The two of us gently lifted her singlet to reveal a black bra.

She was plump without being fat, a Rubens-esque figure. She had some tummy rolls and there was a bit of weight in her arms, which matched her bigger thighs.

On my nod Thien unclipped the bra. Thuy's breasts eased slightly. She clamped her arms to her sides, holding the bra up. I leant forward and lightly kissed her on the lips, at the same time pulling the straps down her arms.

Her breasts rolled free. They were quite round, with very pale areoles. Her nipples pointed out to the sides much more than Thien's tiny mounds. I crouched and took one into my mouth. Thuy gasped, but then thrust her chest out to let me suckle both. I could see Thien's hands on her shoulders, her lips on her neck.

With the nipples hardened, I lifted off them and raised an eyebrow to Thien, who seemed to know what was next. She took over, rolling the nipples and squeezing each breast. I was free to kiss and lick my way down Thuy's soft plump tummy, nuzzling her deep belly button and coming to her jeans.

Interestingly, the top button and zipper were already open. Had she been playing with herself while she watched us fucking? I tugged on the waistband. She lifted her hips to let me strip her naked. She let off a musky, earthy, somehow 'thicker' smell; I looked at her knowingly and she grinned. She was stroking Thien's head behind her own, which stretched her breasts up in a beautiful curve.

"So, who got started before this?" I said, stroking her inner thighs and brushing her bush. She wriggled and sighed. Her bush was as dark as Thien's, a little thicker, in a natural strip down between her legs. The striking thing was her hairs were not curly. Nearly straight, they made a pattern that led you into her cleft. Her big outer lips kept the hairy line to her anus. "So sexy," I said, almost to myself. Thuy whimpered.

"You like to hear you're sexy?" She nodded. I noticed Thien's naughty smile. She was now rubbing her nipples against Thuy's shoulders and had her hands stroking her tummy.

"We'll, I'll tell you how sexy you are when I've opened your pussy." She whimpered again. "I'm going to spread your pussy lips and see how much come you've already made without me. I'm going to lick up your old come and make you come again. I'm going to suck your clit." I sucked and she squirmed and cried out. "I'm going to push into your hole." I spread her wide and wriggled my tongue into her vagina. She cried out again. "I'm going to lick your cunt from top to bottom, very inch. Thien will hold you and you'll just have to come and come."

Thuy sounded urgent and she rolled her hips around. As I dived in she writhed and whimpered. I tickled her thighs, I stroked my nails against her buttocks. This seemed to give her extra pleasure, judging by the sound. It gave me an idea.

I lifted her legs right up and indicated to Thien to hold her ankles. This gave me a perfect view of her wide thighs and buttocks, divided by her dark furry pussy and puckered anus. Her pussy lips were slightly raised and prominent. I smiled when I noticed the darker tinted skin around the hole, along with her pussy, made a neat exclamation mark. Take your pleasures where you find 'em, I say.

Now I could run my nails across her thighs and bottom wherever I liked. And she like it too, struggling against Thien, but mewing with pleasure. I criss-crossed the broad smooth skin and brushed the darker area round her lips. I stretched her buttocks apart and bent down to her dark little anus. As I licked around the hole I could feel the skin flexing. I dribbled some spit on it and massaged it with a finger. Again Thuy cried out with pleasure. A mental picture flashed across my mind, one worth sharing.

"You've got a sexy dark hole there. Would you like me inside there? Would you like my hard cock pushing into your hole? You want my cock to open you up, to go in deep. You want to be fucked up there!" Yeah, I was overdoing it, but Thuy was loving it.

Another thought came to me. Here I am, rimming someone for the first time ever, talking dirty, and it's a girl I only met this afternoon. Doesn't make sense to me either.

With one finger around her anus, I moved the others to her her furry folds and opened her vagina. Her fluids were spreading up and down, her smell was stronger. I pushed my tongue in and worked it between her inner lips and up to her clit. I knew from Thien to be really gentle with clits, so I tickled it with the tip of my tongue. Thuy's vagina rippled on my fingers and her voice went higher.

"Nick, she's too strong. I can't hold her up." Thien had been watching and enjoying everything, but Thuy's pleasure was straining her little hands. I caught Thuy's legs and lowered them down. Thien then came round and grabbed her heaving breasts while I tapped her clit with my tongue and rubbed the folds around it. Watching us working her body up, Thuy was pretty close to orgasm.

"Ah Thien, ah, ah, con trai..."

"You come soon, Thuy. Feel Thien suck your tits. Feel me rub you clit, feel my fingers in your cunt, so wet and hot and open."

"Ah, ah, Thien, aah aah con traaaaaiiiii!" Thuy screamed as her climax washed over her. Ripples crossed her soft tummy and went down her legs. One hand were stretched out on the grass, one had found its way round Thien's thigh and up into her cleft. She thrust her furry mound up into my face. She seemed to be sobbing with the pleasure.

She calmed down, but kept her hand on Thien's pussy. Thien stretched over to me and kissed me tenderly, a thank you kiss for pleasuring her best friend. The she kissed her friend.

"Oh Thien, please. Can I have him inside? Inside me? Please?" She stroked Thien's thigh.

Thien thought. "Nick, you want to fuck?"

So fucking matter-of-fact Thien. But her look was of love. I knelt up so my cock swung over Thuy's pussy. I kissed my wonderful, sexy, generous Thien. "Anh yeu em," I whispered. " I love you, so much." I positioned myself between Thuy's big thighs. Thien reached down and spread Thuy's outer lips. the dark hair contrasted with the pink interior. Both girls watched as I slid my cockhead gently between her inner lips. I stroked up and down her channel, so shiny and wet and warm. I found her deeper hole and slid my shaft in. Her cunt was willing and easy to enter. She sighed happily. I pulled out - my rod was now as wet and shiny as she was, and thrust in slowly.

She had got her first two requests, so she made another. "Thien, I want to taste you at the same time."

"Oh Thuy, that would be nice, but I still feel achy. Nick is very big!" She flashed me a smile.

"You got two holes right? I have the other one."

Thien was surprised again. Her answer was to swing her legs over so her pussy was over Thuy's face and she was facing me as I fucked her. She held my head and gave me the softest, tenderest kiss I'm ever likely to get. Her look said love, I love you, you are wonderful.

Another thought came to me. I was a virgin this morning. I'm now fucking my second girl, who I've just eaten, who I met only this afternoon. My lover is kissing me and getting eaten by the girl, who happens to be her best friend. We are effectively naked, in the bush. It really doesn't make sense to me now.

I realised I needed to be fairly gentle to keep Thuy in the right position. I wanted Thien to enjoy her part, so I used long deep strokes on Thuy's cunt. As Thien's tongue caressed mine I had to fight an urge to ram my cock home hard. Thien let out an involuntary sigh very now and again.

"Mmm Thien, you taste of boy. You got come everywhere! Mmm... I like it!" Thien smiled to me.

"Nick's a big boy, with a lot of come." Thien, you are turning me on even more. "Soon you taste of boy as well!" She whispered to me now. " I see you fucking her. so nice to watch your big wet cock. But you can't see me, can you. I tell you. She's licking around my anus now. Feels nice." Oh Thien, don't stop.

"She's licking your come from my lips. My come now, not so sticky. Now back to my anus. Mmm, pulling my cheeks apart. Oh! Her tongue up my hole! Her fingers pulling the hole wider! Her tongue moving!" Thien let go of my head with one hand and started to rub her clit. She couldn't kiss me any more. Her mouth hung open.

"Tongue... in... my hole..." She rubbed her clit harder. Her breathing became ragged.

For me it was delicious agony. My cock screamed fuck! Fuck this woman! Fuck harder! The sight of Thien's face filled with lust made it worse. My love for her made me careful. Fucking too hard will spoil her climax, which isn't far away now. Thuy was rolling her hips up to my thrusting cock as well. It was pushing me to the edge.

"Nick, sweet boy, fuck my friend for me, oh, I'm coming, oh OHHH!" Thien gasped. I love that gasp.

So did my cock, which knew that was the green light. Suddenly I was ramming into Thuy, sending ripples up her tummy. Her come was over my shaft, my hairs, her hairs. Her hand appeared and started to strum her clit furiously.

That was it for me. I felt the pulse up my shaft. Thuy rolled her hips and my cock popped out onto her dark hairs. My semen spurted out of the head, making white beads on the hairs and her hand, still rubbing hard in her cleft.

"Ah, ah, ahhhh!" She screamed as she climaxed again. She grabbed my cock and pumped it with an iron grip. A new trickle of semen came out and across her fingers. Thien watched the whole thing.

That was it for all of us. Thien climbed off and snuggled down against Thuy. I snuggled on her other side, but somehow ended up on the grass beside the towel and camping mattress. The afternoon was drawing on and it was getting cooler, so we found ourselves in a tight embrace.

"Thien, you are the best friend I could have. Thank you for being so kind."

"You're my special sister. You do so much for me, I'm glad I could do something for you. But you should thank Nick as well. He's very special too."

"Nick, you're a very sexy man! And so kind! Gentle and rough and loving. It was so good... I've never come twice, or been with two people before. God, so much fun!" I smiled. Girls, you can talk me up as long as you like, I'm not gonna stop you. Thien stroked my hair.

Thuy spoke very softly. "Thien, do you forgive me for peeking?"

Thien made a face. "Maybe. I was pretty mad then. Maybe." I knew my Angel, she'd got over it and made some fun for herself into the bargain. Matter-of-fact Thien. Besides, she loved Thuy, cared about her. It was damn strange to be shared around sexually (whatever the porno movies might tell you), but Thien really cared, so it felt okay.

A tear ran out the corner of Thuy's eye. "I'm so happy I'm here. So happy for the fun, so happy to see you two together. You are a wonderful beautiful pair." She looked at me and gave my exhausted cock a tug. "You make sure he is good to her all the time. No forcing, only loving. Some men are bastards, I don't think you. She loves you so much. I've never seen so much before. You look after my Thien, or I come after you!"

I laughed. "She's my Thien as well. You don't have to worry, my cock and I will look after her! Thanks for all you've done, and being pretty sexy yourself. Thanks for sharing her."

"Hmm, sharing her... and you? Sounds like a good idea? We could do this again?"

Caught. "Ummm..." Luckily Thien interrupted.

"Hey, that's my boy, remember! My dick too - you gave it to me that night at The Swings! This was fun today, but could we repeat it? I dunno. Maybe sharing, but don't you ever try and take him from me. You wouldn't go, would you, Nick?" Her eyes blinked back tears. Crazy Thien had swung from cheeky to serious to wavering.

I stretched over Thuy and cupped my hand against Thien's face. "Thien, you're silly. You are everything to me. You're my angel on earth, my Vietnamese poetry. You make my life bright. How could I leave? Anh yeu em."

Two tears rolled down her cheeks at exactly the same speed. "Oh Nick, Nick my love. Em yeu anh."

The shadows lengthened. A breeze came up off the water. So much bare skin meant we were soon chilled. We hunted around for our clothes and tidied the picnic away. I never found my jocks.

We walked back to the car in silence. We didn't need words, a glance was enough to know how much we loved and cared for each other. At the car, Thuy gave me the key and got in the back seat. I started up and silently begged the heater to kick in. Thien slipped in the front seat and slid up against me. Heaven be praised for bench seats in old cars!

Thuy leaned forward and kissed the two of us. "Happy couple! Ding dong! Ding dong!"

"Thuy! Stop that!" Thien laughed.

I eased the car onto the road. "I don't know what you're thinking - or maybe I do, you pair of nymphos! - but I need a drink. Is there a bar in the marina in Brooklyn? Who's for champagne?" No one disagreed with that.


Driving home, Thuy asleep in the back, Thien's head on my shoulder, dozing. Peace.



"Em yeu anh."

"Anh yeu em, Angel."

"What is nympho?"


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