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Angel of Deception


WARNING: this is a lemon! So if you don't like to read about animated characters gettin' their freak on, are under 18, or if this isn't allowed where you live, press the back button and stay away from 'Lemon' sites in the future.

BATTLE ANGEL, Gally, and all other characters, with the exception of Hoshin, are property of Yukito Kishiro and Viz manga.

A NOTE ON THIS FIC: Unlike the first book, this one gets nasty right from the beginning. Just skip Nova's opening and enjoy the naughty girl and her partners.

A FURTHER NOTE ON CONTINUITY: I am using the plot from the manga; so don't look for that doctor Chiren, because she doesn't exist here. Also, I am using the names from the original Japanese wherever I can. So don't say you weren't warned!


Dirty angel: Volume Two

Angel of Deception

Please Wait: ..... Transmission Encoding...

Welcome back, once again, Scrapyard scumbags and Zalemite Zealots, to another episode of the Nova program! Best put the kiddies to bed folks, 'cause this one seems to be as nasty as the last one!

Just to recap, this simulation was a pet project of mine, about the cyborg Gally (who is currently competing in the Z.O.T.T. tourney), if she had a trauma early on which caused an aversion to violence. I changed her story so that she witnessed her father/mentor figure murdering (or so she thought) a woman in an alley. The next morning she got herself a synthetic body, a not entirely unexpected turn.

However, during the body-swap process, her mind tried to reconcile her new state with her buried personality. It didn't end well. When she woke, her past was buried again, and her new body was installed. Her sensations overwhelmed her and she fellated the tech that did it before going home.

I have reviewed the new sim, and I am starting to wonder if this new Gally will be as influential a slut as the original was a fighter. We'll see! Onward in the name of karmatronics!

Kya ha ha ha!

This is Desty Nova, somewhere in Zalem, signing off.

Transmission Beginning...

1: A Misunderstood Cry

A cry echoed throughout Ido's workshop; the cry of a young woman in the iron grip of her own ecstasy.

Daisuke Ido sat up in bed at the sound, worried. To his sleep addled brain, the violent shriek sounded more of pain than of pleasure. Putting on his robe and grabbing a laser scalpel, he slipped quietly into the hallway.

With the silent speed of years of hunting, Ido reached Gally's room. Outside her door, he could hear ragged breathing and soft sobs. Ido's brow furrowed with concern for his adopted daughter, his little doll. When he knocked on her door, the ragged breathing and soft gasps ended in a slightly elevated cry of surprise and embarrassment.

"Gally?" he called, his ear nearly against the door. Now all he could hear was the rustle of cloth, then the soft pad of her footsteps as she came to the door. Ido stepped back as she drew the bolt, but then leaned forward in concern when he saw her.

The first word that came to mind as he looked down at her was 'mussed'. Gally's hair was disarranged, her cheeks flush; and her eyes wide. She was wrapped up in her blanket as she peered out at him, leaving only her head exposed. His nerves still jangling from his rude awakening, Ido again misread her true state for one of fear.

"I heard you cry out. Was it another nightmare?" he asked. Gally nodded, a shiver running over her. Ido grimaced as he asked:

"It wasn't about me again, was it?" the first night after she'd discovered his secret, she'd awakened from dreams in which an impossibly tall Ido-like figure brought the hammer down on her instead of the mutant woman, crushing her skull and scattering her brains. She swore she'd only had it once, but her sleep remained troubled. He could not hide his look of relief when she shook her head.

"It was about falling, or flying...I don't remember." She leaned against him, her face buried in his chest. He could feel her stuttering, sobbing breaths as she took them in. "It was awful, Daisuke!"

He wrapped his arms around her trying his best to comfort her. It was strange; through the blanket, it almost felt like she was flesh and blood. It must've been a trick of his senses, but he hugged her even tighter, rose colored thoughts warming his mind.

He started imagining what he would do to this petite, slender waif if she could take him inside her. Visions of lustful, energetic sex flitted through his mind as he stroked her hair and made soothing noises in her ear. His other hand gently caressed her flank, moving so softly her metal body's sensors would never pick it up.

She shuddered again, as some fleeting remnant of her dream harassed her, and although she would not drop the blanket to wrap her arms around him, she pressed herself against him as hard as she could, nuzzling her face in his chest. Soon her shaking eased.

He looked down into Gally's big, green eyes. "Feeling better now?" he said, smiling. Instead of answering, Gally grinned and buried her face in his chest, coaxing a final squeeze from him. "Thank you, Daisuke," she breathed, smiling up at him. He leaned down and kissed the tip of her nose, making her giggle and blush. Her body wriggled against his, and he had to restrain a wild urge to fling the blanket across the room and take her in his arms. He was quite hard now, and her hips moving against his was almost too much for him. He wanted to run his hands all over her. Even her metal frame was desirable, he had seen to that. He wanted to kiss her; kiss her mouth, her belly, and her breasts, to bury his face between her legs, even if she was incomplete there. He wanted to violate her, even if that could only mean slipping his manhood into her mouth, where even she was soft. He wanted to choke her on is seed.

Gally had noticed his heavy breathing. She looked up at him, worried. "Are you okay, Daisuke?"

"I'm fine," he replied. Ido gave her one final squeeze, almost moaning from the feel of her chest against him (he could swear he felt nipples, and rock hard at that). "A little too much excitement for the middle of the night, I guess." And wasn't that the truth.

He let her go. He watched her go back behind the door; all wrapped up like an infant in swaddling, and then went back to his room, where he intended to pass an hour or so in pleasant fantasies of a certain small, limber, black-haired girl. Soon, Ido's own moans; deeper, and not as loud as Galley's, could be heard through his door.

As Gally slid the bolt back on her bedroom door, she breathed a sigh of relief. He hadn't noticed her new body yet. That was good, because she wasn't sure how to tell him about it. That scream had not been from any dream, good or bad. It had come from a successful hunt for her new body's g-spot.

She let the bedspread drop back onto the bed, revealing her nakedness. She still glistened with sweat wherever the blanket hadn't dried her; it beaded up in the valley between her breasts and shone on the smooth lines of her stomach. It ran down from her navel, where it mixed with the stickiness flowing from her center. Her thighs and asscheeks were nearly dripping with juice from the second orgasm she'd had.

She'd covered up before opening the door, but Ido's light touch on her sensitive new flesh, a contact strangely like a lover, had brought her off again. She'd exploded between her hips, pressing herself hard against Daisuke's warmth. As she came, she had jammed two fingers inside herself, pretending that Ido was inside her; loving her.

Thankfully, Ido had mistaken her ecstasy for fear. But she thought he might've been enjoying her closeness in spite of himself. She was sure she'd felt a hard length as she'd pressed against him after climaxing. It was all she could do to keep from grabbing hold of him down below and wrapping her naked body around his. She felt her new body turn bright pink at the thought, something only her face could do before. She'd need to cream again if she was going to get to sleep.

She threw the comforter to the floor. Lying down, she gagged herself with a bandanna to keep from making noise and took out a sonic tool wrapped in a condom. It had just the right shape for what she wanted.

Soon Gally's muffled sounds joined Ido's, so closely that anyone listening would think a couple was making love. Their muffled orgasms overlapped one another, and then all was quiet inside, as outside the rain began to fall.

2: Encounter and Release

Ido was awakened by the sound of the washer running. Its rhythmic noise rocked him out of dreams where he was spanking his adopted daughter for being 'naughty', and she moaned back at him that she would cum if he didn't stop soon. The noise broke into his fantasy just as Gally was climaxing, her pink bottom quivering on his lap, her juices wetting his knees. The dream vanished, and he grumbled as he sat up.

"If that's Gonz, I'll ring that plate in his head like a gong."

He came out in his pajamas to find Gally, already dressed in her workout clothes (gloves, running shoes and sweatpants, with the strange addition of a long sleeve turtleneck instead of the usual tank top), leaning against the dryer, watching her bedding spin in the sudsy water. Ido raised an eyebrow.

"Didn't you wash those a few days ago?"

"Yeah...um...there's a leak in the roof of my bedroom." Gally said, looking at the floor. She wasn't about to tell Daisuke that she had cum all over her bedding while fantasizing about him. She'd blush so hard her face would melt. There was a leak in her room, true, but she'd have to move her bed over more than a foot to get the drops to hit it. She looked up as Ido ruffled her hair.

"I'll have that local kid, Yugo look into it, okay?" he said, smiling down at her. Gally grinned up at him. "Thanks, Daisuke!" then she ran for the door, to escape into her exercises.

Of course her routine brought little respite from the worry of being caught. From start to finish, she was intensely aware of her new body. The way her breasts and buttocks moved as she jogged. The way her synthetic labia slid smoothly whenever she did a high kick, squat or cartwheel, the way her new clit rubbed itself against the ground during the splits. These things, which any normal girl had learned to ignore for the most part, were made intense after so long without sensation.

When her lips slipped open during a leg lift stretch, a sudden, intense memory of Hoshin's adept fingering made her pulse race and juices flow. Panting, she hid in a nearby alley and pulled down her sweatpants. Her cunt was tender and dripping; she needed release. She was just about to put her fingers to work when a choked grunt came from behind her.

Gally turned at the waist, and looked over her right shoulder. Behind her, a man sat cross-legged on the ground, eyes bulging as he gawked at her naked hips. She felt her crotch heat even more from his gaze, so she leaned back against the alley wall, thighs apart, giving him an even more eye-popping view. She was facing him now, and her eyes smoldered as they ran over him.

He was a cyborg, with a gunmetal grey body that replaced his original up to the neck, terminating with downward spikes at the jawline. His face was that of a young man, with a pointy nose and spiky blonde hair. His eyes were hard, like Daisuke's had been when she had spied on his hunter-warrior duties. The similarity aroused her, and Gally's eyes rolled up as her sweatpants dropped to her ankles.

She spread herself open, and the cyborg licked his lips as he stared at her drooling hole. She stroked her clitoris, causing her vagina to convulse and seem to gasp at him. The cyborg's breath became shallow and harsh as he watched. He seemed on the edge of doing something, and Gally decided to encourage him.

"What's your name?" she asked, eyes heavily lidded.

"Zapan," he gasped in response. His tongue flicked out over his lips again.

"I'm Gally," she said, and then slid two fingers inside herself. Looking him right in the eye, she moaned. "Mmmm... you have a nice, long longue, Zapan."

She threw her head back and went back to fingering herself, but she had only been doing it for a few seconds before she felt Zapan's cold hands on hers, moving them away. Then his lips were on her, and his tongue was deep inside her. The points on his jaw dug into her thighs, almost breaking the skin, but she pressed them against his head hard, just the same. The feeling of him opening her up and swirling within her was intense, and the pain of his horns added to the sensation. Gally rocked her hips into his face.

Zapan's hands gripped her asscheeks, and Gally yelped as he applied too much force. He murmured an apology, lightening his grip at the same time he began kneading her buns. The pressure built in her as she was devoured by him; his need for contact as desperate as hers had been before, and she found herself bucking her hips and crying out her pleasure as he tongue-fucked her.

Finally, her breath caught and her cunt spasmed. A shuddering bliss swept over her. Zapan lapped her juices like a dog licking its bowl, not missing a drop. She pulled gently on his chin horns, and he rose until he stood before her, looking down into her eyes. She went on tiptoe, draping her arms around his neck and bringing her mouth to his. He didn't kiss her; he drank from her, like a thirsty animal from a trough. She worked his tongue like she would a cock (his metal frame had such a thing), licking the sides and sucking its tip. She could taste her flavor on his lips, sweet and heady. She turned in his arms, not breaking the kiss, and snuggled against him, her bare bottom rubbing against his thighs. His hands went to her breasts, only cupping them out of fear that he'd hurt her if he did more. She rolled her body, grinding into him, still sucking his tongue.

Finally, he shuddered as a kind of mental release came over him, the closest he could come to a real climax, then his lips left hers. He held her to him for a while, still cradling her breasts, and then released her, whispering "Thank you." in her ear. She smiled and breathed deep, but when she turned to thank him, he'd gone.

Still in the alley, she put her clothes right quickly, noting with annoyance that fresh sweat had broken out in every place that she had bared for her little encounter. Her crotch, licked clean by Zapan, was actually the only place she wasn't moist. The sweat suit clung teasingly to her breasts and buttocks. Great, she thought, stepping out into the street. Now I'll have to do another load of laundry!

Jogging back to Ido's clinic, Gally wondered what had possessed her to go so far, and with a man she didn't even know. Was her new body, along with the new sensations it provided, turning her into a sex addict? She tried to examine this in her mind, but her tactile awareness pulled her thoughts apart like a house of cards. She sped up, determined to get under the shower head, and wash herself back to a state of both physical and moral cleanliness.

3: Lovers under Falling Water

Finding the shop empty, Gally quickly stripped out of her workout clothes, and (after a brief, satisfied appraisal in the bathroom mirror) jumped in the shower. Soon she was lost in the tranquil bliss of the hot water sluicing over her. Daisuke Ido came back less than ten minutes later, to the unfamiliar sound of a running shower; unfamiliar because he wasn't the one showering.

His first thought, ridiculous, and quickly identified as such, was that someone had broke in. Of course that was nonsense; no one would break in to use a shower. There was the (fairly likely) thought that Gally had been splashed by the local Motorball wanna-bees. It had actually happened before: about two weeks ago, she'd come home fuming, covered head to foot in muck and oily water.

He came down the hall and grabbed a towel, meaning to dry her off and comfort her like the last time, but he stopped in the act of reaching for the door, considering. Gally had been very protective of her privacy, recently. She might not appreciate his coming in unannounced. He listened more closely to the sounds from inside, and realized he heard none of the annoyed grumblings she'd made when those punks had soiled her. There was also none of the soft humming that he always heard when she washed her hair in the sink. In fact, he heard nothing but the sound of running water hitting the tile floor. Was the shower empty?

The explanation came to him, so obvious, and even a little embarrassing. Three days ago, he had come home to find his workshop sink running behind its locked door. He had washed up after a limb attachment, then left without shutting it off. Of course, Ido had taken a shower this morning...

He cursed himself for a fool, the city was almost down to rationing, and here he was with what must be gallons running down his drains. He pulled the door wide, and his glasses were instant ciphers. He wiped them on his jacket as the room cleared of steam. When he put them back on, he found himself staring at a very startled, very naked young woman; one who had his Gally's huge doe-eyes and lovely, pouting mouth.

Gally had spent longer than she should have in the shower, basking in the blessedly neutral sensation of cold water striking her head and shoulders. When the door opened behind her she froze, her heart skipping a beat. This was all wrong; he wasn't supposed to find out like this. She had planned on waiting in his bedroom some night soon, sitting on the edge of his bed. She had taken Ido's big, yellow coat, and wrapped it around her body. When he came in she would stand up, letting the coat fall from her shoulders, and revealing her new body, clad only in a set of silk underwear she'd bought especially for the occasion. She would tell him what she'd done, and why, then he would come to her. It would've been perfect.

This was a disaster.

After a moment that felt like a month, Gally turned, and there was her Daisuke. He was in his shirtsleeves, and he was trying to see her through the steam. He took a step toward her, and the hot spray plastered his hair to his head and rendered his spectacles useless. He stripped them off, looking her up and down.

"A synthetic body?" he asked, embarrassed.

"Yeah," she answered, equally self-conscious. "I was going to tell you."

Ido nodded, his eyes running over anatomical details that he'd been dreaming about, details that had been absent a week ago. He took another step toward her.

"Where did you get it?" he took another step.

"Hoshin's shop, in the factory's marketplace," she explained, looking up into his eyes hopefully as he closed the distance between them. "Do you like it?"

Standing so close he could touch her, Ido swallowed. "It's perfect for you. You look..." lacking the words, he left the thought unfinished and moved on. "But why did you get-" she stopped him with a finger pressed to his lips, then drew him close, arms about his neck. "Daisuke, my Daisuke," she murmured in his ear. The tableau they made reminded her of what she'd done with Zapan, and a tear mixed with the water on her cheek as she whispered. "Can't you guess why I got it?"

She kissed him deeply, lips parted, sighing in his mouth. He leaned into her, his hands caressing her breasts; rolling her nipples to make her gasp and shiver, sliding down her back before reaching down to squeeze her asscheeks.

His subtle, delicate fingers explored her as his arms pressed her to him; first stroking, then kneading, and finally entering her trembling sex. She was penetrated front and back by his digits, making her convulse against him and tighten her grip on his neck. She broke their kiss, burying her face in his chest and making soft sounds against his skin as he played. She rode waves of pleasure that never seemed to crest, but carried her up and back from a plateau of ecstasy. When his hands retreated from her holes to rest dripping on her buns, she nuzzled his chest; not sure she'd cum, but satisfied for the moment.

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