Angel of Mercy


Angel stood at her kitchen counter flipping through a massive amount of what was quickly appearing to be no more than junk mail. She was just about the toss the whole lot into the trash can when one envelope caught her eye. The envelope was made of an off white paper that had an unusual texture to it. On the front of the envelope, in an eloquent hand written script was Angel's name and address. Interesting, but not nearly as intriguing as what was written in the return address portion of the envelope. In the same flowing script was;

Exotic Wish Foundation
1273 Dreamweaver St.
Los Angeles, CA 90210

Angel flipped the envelope over and the flap was sealed with a small dollop of deep red sealing wax. Imprinted into it was the image of a unicorn rearing up on its hind legs or rampant as it was referred to in calligraphy. Angel slipped a perfectly manicured finger under the flap and popped open the envelope. She then removed the letter inside which matched the envelope all the way down to the flowing script. The letter simply read,

Dear Ms. Angel,

The Exotic Wish Foundation is an organization that is similar to the one that grants the wishes of terminally ill children, however we cater to extremely ill/terminal adults whose wishes are of a more erotic nature. Our organization was founded by a well known adult film actress who wishes to remain anonymous. Through her generous endowment and the continued support of many persons involved in the adult entertainment industry, the Foundation has continued to grow and in the scant five years of its existence has granted over 350 wishes.

The Exotic Wish Foundation has received a request that specifically calls for your special talents. Indeed, the person making the request expressed a keen interest in having you personally fulfill the wish. If you decline to fulfill the wish we will certainly attempt to contact another person to fill it, but I'm sure the requester will be most disappointed.

Please contact me at the number listed above in the letterhead between 2pm and 9 pm pacific time and I will be happy to fully explain the nature of the request and how our organization works.

Roseanna De Laveran

Angel flipped the letter over, but it was blank on the back. She dropped it on the counter and proceeded to rummage around in her frig for something to eat. She pulled out some roast turkey, a tomato, some pre-washed Romaine lettuce and the jar of mayo. She glanced at the letter lying so innocently on the black granite counter. Angel shook her head then turned to the bread box, took out a couple of slices of whole wheat bread and popped them in the toaster. She pulled a wine glass from the rack and looked through it at the afternoon light streaming in the kitchen window. It sparkled spotlessly so she sat it on the counter and poured a half glass of a new Pinot Noir she'd wanted to try. The name on the label said Lily and the wine was excellent. The bread popped up and she proceeded to assemble her sandwich. Once it was ready she sliced it in two diagonally and placed it on a plate then took a seat at the counter near the curious letter.

White teeth took a bite out of the sandwich and Angel chewed thoughtfully as she contemplated the letter and what it might mean. She was more than willing to give of herself and the thought of granting someone a wish was very appealing to her. She had a sneaking suspicion as to which talent they were referring to in the letter, but one could never be sure.

Slowly the sandwich disappeared and the wine followed. 'Wonderful.' She thought as she swallowed the last of the wine. 'I'll definitely have to buy some more.' Angel cleaned up the counter and placed the dishes in the washer. She picked up the letter and went into her study to sit at her desk. She lifted the phone from the receiver and dialed the long distance number. On the second ring the phone was answered by the soft husky voice of a woman with a slight Brazilian accent.

"Hello, this is Roseanna De Laveran. How may I help you?"

"This is Foxy Angel from Hollywood Florida. I believe you sent me a letter from the Exotic Wish Foundation and I was calling to discuss the particulars of the wish you received in reference to my...special talents."

"Oh my! Ms. Angel it is so very nice of you to call! I am sure you are a very busy woman and that you would even take the time to investigate this wish further speaks so well of you!"

"It's just Angel and really not a big deal at all. I give to various charities locally and around the nation, but this is the first time that anyone has approached me for this particular form of charity work. Could you take a moment and explain this wish to me?"

"Certainly, certainly! We have a gentleman that is in a rather advanced stage of MS. Muscular Dystrophy you understand?"


"Well he spends a fair amount of time on the internet and is a great fan of your work. He has dreamed of succumbing to your unique charms for several years, but was unsure how to initiate such a meeting. As his disease progressed his hopes of ever meeting you, let alone working with you, dwindled to nothing."

"That is so sad."

"Yes it is, but there is a silver lining to this story. A male nurse that comes to his home to care for him accidentally ran across some pictures of you lying upon a printer. In the pictures you were fully clothed, but it just so happened that the nurse was also a fan of your work. The two struck up a friendship and confided in each other their interest in you."

"I'm flattered to have so many loyal fans."

"I have seen your pictures and I believe that their loyalties are well placed."

"Why thank you Roseanna that is very sweet of you to say."

"It is only the truth, but back to the wish. The nurse had heard of our organization and submitted an application on behalf of his friend. Our Board of Directors reviewed the application and instructed me to make contact with you. So here we are back at the now."

"That is a very interesting tale and so sad. How could I possible say no to such a heartfelt wish?"

"I was desperately hoping that you could not. Does that mean you are willing to fulfill the wish of this poor man?"

"Yes, yes I will. It just so happens that I am free the last half of next week so tell me where he is and I will do all I can to make his wish come true!"

"Oh Angel! I can't tell you how happy I am! He will be so thrilled! The nurse who submitted his application has not told him about it so as not to get his hopes up, but now he can give him the good news!"

"No, wait. Let's make it a surprise. I have a nurse's outfit I use in my work. I'll be a guest nurse for him or maybe a helper for his friend to get me inside."

"That would be an wonderful surprise! I love the idea! I am so happy to play a small part in this, I love my job!"

Angel could hear the tears in her voice as Roseanna sniffled on the other end of the phone line. In quick order the plans were laid out and the time and date to fulfill the wish were finalized. Angel hung up the phone and turned on her computer. She needed to do some research to understand the disease and how it would affect her fulfilling his wish.

The Set Up

The day had finally arrived. Angel had to admit that she was pretty excited about the big surprise she was about to pull on one of her fans. She had received a picture of the man suffering from MS and his first name. He was a Fred, but his first name didn't do him justice. He was ruggedly handsome and not some pretty boy, but it was his eyes that sealed the deal. They spoke directly to her heart in a way that few men ever could. She supposed it was the tragedy of his disease that made them so soulful, but whatever it was she couldn't help her heart skipping a beat every time she looked into them.

"Ms. Angel?" She jumped slightly at hearing her name. Looking up she saw the embodiment of the words tall dark and handsome.


"I'm Marco, Fred's nurse, and I'm here to take you to his home." His voice was soft and gentle.

"Oh, yes of course." Angel gathered up her overnight bag and stood. She was happy to notice that Marco looked her in the eye even with her in a pair of three inch pumps.

"It is an honor to meet you Ms. Angel. I am a great fan of your work." He extended a hand and she took it. They only shook briefly, but she instantly noticed how warm and soft his hand was as well as the strength in his grip.

"Thank you so much and please just call me Angel"

"Angel." Marco said it as if he were savoring a taste of some of that fine wine she'd had the day she agreed to grant this wish. Without waiting for him to offer, she slid her hand into the crook of his arm to allow him to escort her to the car. Marco smiled broadly and took her overnight bag in his other hand as he guided her through the crowd toward the short term parking area.

Once in the lot he led her to an all black RX-8. Only the wheels shined in the shadows as they picked up bits of light not blocked by the huge concrete posts. They didn't talk much on the way to the car, they simply exchanged a few pleasantries about the weather and the plane ride. Marco opened the passenger door and placed her bag on the back seat, then stood aside as she slid into the cool, soft, black leather of the front seat.

In moments they were on the freeway heading toward Fred's home.

"Do you need to change your clothes before we get to Fred's?"

"No, I'm wearing the outfit now, this long coat does a great job of covering it up." Angel partially unbuttoned the trench coat and pulled it open far enough for Marco to not only see her outfit, but cleavage as well. Marco took the appropriate double take then attempted to concentrate on the road.

"Very nice, however a real nurse wouldn't be caught dead in that let alone those shoes."

Angel flashed Marco a long leg as she pulled her foot up to place it on his dash.

"Too shiny?" She asked teasingly.

"No, too uncomfortable to work a twelve hour shift and perhaps a bit too sexy for the average nurse."

They laughed together for a moment and then the mood sobered as Marco asked,

"How much do you know about a person suffering from MS?"

"I went out to the internet and searched some, but there was so much information I was hoping you could tell me a little bit more about how the disease is affecting him. I know that there can be a lot of pain and I don't want to hurt him...well...not too much."

"Fred can still walk, but he has to have a walker and he is predominantly numb from the waist down, so while he'll be able to feel your presence he won't be able to discern your size nor will it cause him much discomfort."

"Oh. That's a shame. I so like to leave a man with that lingering emptiness after I've had him."

Marco squirmed in his seat and Angel noticed out of the corner of her eye that he was sporting quite the hard on. She made a mental note of it but said nothing.

"Uh...well...yes I could see where woman as...blessed as you could do that." Marco went quiet for a few seconds then continued. "Another thing, one position you should avoid is the missionary position. He cannot spread his legs without extreme pain."

"That is very disappointing, I was so hoping to be able to look into his eyes while enjoying him. I love the connection that good eye contact brings to a tryst. Not to mention the fact that I find his eyes amazingly soulful."

"Yes, in general I would say that Fred keeps as positive an attitude as someone struggling with MS can, but when you look into his eyes it is like looking into his tortured soul. It can be very moving."

They drove on for a while in silence with only the hum of the tires on the road keeping them company. The quick thunk, thunk of an expansion joint jostled them back into conversation.

"Do you have a plan to get me into the house?"

"Yes Angel. I like the idea of you training to be my back up in case I am unable to make it to Fred's one day. I'm going to call him on the phone to let him know you are coming with me. At this time in the evening he is usually in his chair watching the news. I've already been there this morning and he was in good spirits, but sometimes he gets a little down in the evenings. You will be a huge surprise and great pick-me-up for him."

"I would sure hope so!"


Angel flashed her million dollar smile and started laughing at his obvious discomfiture. Then realizing that she was only teasing him he joined her in the joke.

"We are only about ten minutes from Fred's home so it's time for me to call. Are you ready for this?"

"Marco, I am ready, willing and able! You get me in the house and I'll take it from there. Only one question, where will you be through all of this?"

"I will wait in the car, that way if you need me you I'll be nearby yet you and Fred will have the privacy you need to allow him to be comfortable and not self conscious."

"Great. Give him the call."

The Wish Fulfilled

They pulled into the driveway of a rather unassuming brick ranch with a short ramp to the front door. Angel knew that the ranch layout was to eliminate as many stairs as possible. They gathered up a few things and headed into the house. Marco had a key and let them into the living room. From somewhere in the back of the home they heard Fred ask,

"Marco? Is that you?"

"Yes Fred and I brought my new trainee Angel along with me."

"Angel? I like that name. Please bring her in here so I can meet her."

Angel slipped her trench coat off and laid it across the back of a recliner. She unbuttoned the front of her short white nurses outfit an extra button and adjusted her breast for maximum cleavage. She also took a quick moment to be sure the lines on the back of her white fishnet stockings was still straight. When she turned back to Marco she saw him quickly look up to her eyes. The light was a little low so she couldn't be sure if he blushed or not, but he did seem to be a bit flustered.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

Angel only nodded. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she couldn't understand why. She'd had sex with any number of men so she shouldn't be nervous, so the only reason she could think of was that since she was granting Fred's wish she didn't want him to be disappointed. Marco started off through the house down a hallway that led past the dining room and kitchen to a paneled family room of sorts at the very back of the home. Along the way they heard the TV go silent which meant that Fred had either muted it or turned it off altogether and she noticed pictures of some children on the hallway walls, but they were older pictures and it was obvious that these kids were grown and out of the house.

Marco entered the room to find Fred in his favorite chair which faced away from the doorway and toward a flat screen TV that hung on the wall over a gas fireplace. Both the fireplace and the TV were off. His walker was near by the chair and Marco had to walk around it to get in front of Fred to talk to him.

"I was starting to think you'd forgotten your way to the family room." Fred grumbled.

"No my friend, I have not forgotten the way. I only travel it at least twice a day, every day."

"I thought you said your trainee was here."

"She is. She is standing behind your chair. Would you like to meet her?"

"Well if she is going to be taking care of me don't you think that would be prudent? And besides, I get to see enough of your ugly mug so a lovely young lady will be a nice change of pace."

"You cut me to the quick! Just for that I'm going to take her back home and make you suffer through with me!"

Angel could tell from their friendly banter that they had moved beyond the typical nurse/patient relationship and were actually honest friends. Marco looked at her and caught her eye and a very mischievous light was dancing in his own as he said,

"Angel I'd like you to meet my ornery patient and good friend Fred."

Angel stepped around the walker and came to stand beside Marco. She looked incredible. Long legs disappearing up under the hem of her short white uniform dress and her breast practically spilled from the front. Her long blonde hair hung in waves framing her pretty face and her smile lit up the room as she reached out her hand to take his. She shook his as she said in a sultry voice,

"I'm so glad to finally meet you Fred. Marco has told me quite a lot about you."

All Fred could do was gape at her. His jaw was working and swinging, but not a word would come out. His face went completely white, then just as quickly turned beet red. Marco began to chuckle over Angel's shoulder as he watched his friend gape like some fifth grade boy caught looking up his teacher's skirt.

Angel stepped up closer to Fred straddling his legs with her own. With her free hand she pulled up the front of her dress to expose the growing bulge in her panties. She dug into the front of the panties and a quick flip of her hand freed her member. It was half hard and Fred still couldn't get words to flow from his brain down through his mouth so Angel pressed on.

"I'm so glad to see that open inviting mouth of yours, because I'm very horny and have been looking forward to having you all day. Why don't you suck on me for a while to get me big and hard?"

Angel dropped his hand and took her swelling prick in her fingers. She aimed it toward his mouth and with the other hand on the back of his head she pulled his mouth to her half hard womanhood. Just before his mouth reached her he resisted. Pulling back against her hand he placed one of his own on each thigh to arrest the decent of his mouth toward her cockhead. They were in a stalemate for only a few seconds, then Angel applied more pressure and his mouth continued its inevitable decent. Fred's fingers pressed into her thighs and he closed his mouth as he attempted to struggle in her grip. Angel playfully rubbed the tip along his lips applying a thin layer of pre-come lip gloss to them. She could already feel his strength fading. "It's in your best interest to just give into me Fred, because I'm going to have you. You can't resist me and deep down inside you don't want to. You only want me to take you so that you can have a clear conscious about what I'm going to do to you. And what I'm going to do is have you in every way that I want you. In any position that I want, even if it hurts you, you will give in and become mine."

Angel pushed at his closed lips, feeling them part and the tip touch his teeth. He still resisted, but she could tell that he wasn't going to hold out much longer. Her cock was now hard enough she didn't need to aim it with her hand and so she let go of it to get a grip on his jaws. Angel began to apply pressure to them until they slowly started to open. She was glad she knew in advance that this was what he wanted. Otherwise she couldn't have gone through with it. It was one thing to get rough with a strong healthy man, but to take advantage of someone suffering from such a horrible debilitating disease would be something she couldn't do. Hell it was hard enough doing it even knowing it was what he wanted!

"The more you resist me, the more it is going to hurt. I'm not a nice girl when I'm horny like this and as my excitement builds I get even rougher."

Finally his mouth opened and her swollen member slid into its warm wet confines. Angel moaned in true pleasure as she was enveloped, after all it was a feeling she relished. Without looking in his direction she said,


"Yes my Angel?" She smiled briefly at his turn of phrase and the hopefulness in his voice.

"Thank you for delivering me such a lovely present. I'm going to fully enjoy breaking him in and teaching him to pleasure me. Your services are no longer needed. I'll call for you if anything changes."

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