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Angel of Mercy


Ronald could not remember a hotter day. Though he was accustomed to the hot summers that inevitably found their way to the Deep South, Ronald had never withstood one while standing guard over some hot tar. Ronald wiped the sweat from his brow and began pacing up and down the side of the unfinished road. Such was life on the chain gang.

Ronald was grateful to have his new job as a guard for the rural prison. For a young man from the Deep South in the early 1950s it was a steady, well paying job. Like all of the other prison guards, Ronald was relatively handsome, had short brown hair and was white. This was in direct contrast to all of the prisoners that he watched over, who were generally poor, uneducated black men. Ronald felt sympathy for most of the prisoners, feeling that they had never been given a fair shake in the region. He knew that many in the area were highly racist, particularly his fellow guards, and he had no doubt that some of the black prisoners were unfairly incarcerated. This did not mean that all of the prisoners were saints, as Ronald knew from newspapers that a few had been caught in the act of committing their crimes. Always conscientious, Ronald tried his hardest to be fair to the prisoners, regardless of race or crime.

Strolling along the worksite, and trying to avoid the tar fumes by covering his face with a cloth, Ronald looked at the prisoners. The black men were slowly working, some pushing the tar across the road while others cleared sections up ahead. Ronald twirled his black club as he walked. A few of the guards had rifles, the sight of which kept thoughts of fleeing from entering the minds of most prisoners. The newer guards like Ronald carried the black clubs, mainly to defend themselves if a prisoner attacked or to punish someone who talked back. Looking at the prisoners once again, Ronald did not think it was a problem. Most of the prisoners were either old, fat or young and scrawny. The prisoners who actually looked somewhat threatening physically were all chained at the ankles in order to keep them from getting any ideas. All, except for one.

The biggest, proudest prisoner on the chain gang wore no chains. Ronald had been told about Luke before starting his first shift. A giant of a man at 6'6 and seemingly stronger than any man Ronald had ever seen, Luke had developed an unspoken understanding with the guards. When they initially tried to chain his ankles, the black man proved too strong for even three or four guards to overpower. No amount of beatings would dissuade him from defying the guards. Still, the guards quickly noticed the effect that he had on the other prisoners, as Luke generally kept them in line with just a hard look from his coal black eyes. Although they would never admit it, their jobs were made easier by letting Luke take charge of the other prisoners. Luke continued to defiantly work chainless, while also breaking from the others by not wearing the tattered grey shirt that had been assigned to him. The tremendous heat, both from the sun above and the tar below, seemed not to affect Luke as strongly as it did the others. He was covered in sweat, but his head remained high and his shoulders unbowed. Ronald admired the quiet way that Luke managed to exert control on the others, and hoped that he would never cross paths with that particular prisoner if he tried to escape.

Ronald continued walking along the unfinished road until he heard a loud, harsh bellow.

"Ronald! Got a job for y'all!" A man's voice carried down the road.

Ronald hurried over to his superior. Known by the guards and prisoners alike only as The Captain, he was the chief guard for the prison and one of the more fearsome individuals Ronald had ever seen. The Captain had an impressive build, but his fearsome aura came mainly from his attire. Wearing the regular guard uniform with a large golden star over his heart, The Captain also wore a large black cowboy hat and extremely dark sunglasses that reflected everything. He intimidated everyone on the chain gang with the exception of Luke, guards included.

"Yes Captain?" Ronald said, his voice cracking slightly as he spoke.

"Got us a new prisoner today. Just our luck. Go over to the shack and fetch that nigger like a good boy." The Captain responded, his harsh expression never changing.

Ronald rushed down the dirt path that lead to the prison camp, arriving in only a few minutes. The prisoners were kept in a long wooden shack, which had grown quite squalid over the years. Ronald entered the shack just as the prisoner was being given the rules of the prison by the warden, an old fat man referred to as Big Daddy.

"So now you got it, boy? Lights out at 11, no work on the holy day, no noise and no funny business after dark. You just do as your told and we ain't gunna have no trouble." Big Daddy said in his thick southern drawl before giving the new prisoner two light slaps on the cheek. Wearing a white suit that somehow managed to contain his impressive girth, Big Daddy waddled back down the hallway toward the exit, the floorboards creaking underneath him with every step. Already in his 60s and quite heavy, Big Daddy's breathing was labored by the time he reached Ronald.

"Well you must be the new guard. I expect you and I are going to get along just fine, so long as you do your job and stay away from Big Daddy's little girl!" He said with a laugh as he slapped Ronald on the back.

"Yes sir, I will! I mean I won't! I mean..." Ronald stumbled with his words.

"Calm down son. You just take this nigger down to the road so we get some work out of him." The old warden stated before finally leaving the shack.

Always one to do as he was told, Ronald escorted the new prisoner out of the shack. They both looked back at the prisoner's new home. The decrepit shack did not look remotely like a welcoming home, particularly compared with Big Daddy's large, white plantation style manor visible in the distance behind it. After a few moments, Ronald directed the prisoner toward to the dirt path and then to the road.

"What exactly is your name?" Ronald asked the new prisoner, hoping to help both of them get off to a good start at the prison camp.

"Re... Re... Reggie." The prisoner studdered as he responded. He was clearly terrified to be at the prison, which Ronald completely understood.

The new prisoner was a wiry young black man who Ronald guessed must have been just 18. He seemed too nervous to speak any further as they walked toward the road, so Ronald just quietly took him along.

"Take that boy down to the end of the road!" The Captain hollered once they reached their destination.

The prisoners looked up from their work as Ronald took the new prisoner by the arm. Most of them smirked at the young man, while a few of the old men laughed.

"OOOOO you gonna get it tonight nigga!" one of the prisoners said as they walked by.

"No way he lasts more than 30 seconds after dark!" another prisoner followed.

"He'll be beggin for mercy before he knows it!" said yet another prisoner.

Ronald looked at the young man. He was drenched with sweat and his eyes were bulging with fear. If Ronald had more experience on the job he would have told the prisoners to stop threatening one of their own, but as it was he left them alone. The new prisoner was visibly shaking, and Ronald could feel the young man's arm jerking away from him as they neared the end of the road. Before he knew it, the road erupted in noise as the new prisoner pulled away from his grasp, and a black blur moved in front of him.

The new prisoner had hardly advanced 10 feet before Luke had caught him and pinned him to the ground. He sat on top of the young man, his massive black frame completely overpowering his much smaller counterpart. Luke held the runner's face to the ground with one hand.

"Listen, you're gettin tested tonight. You will take the test, and you will like it." Luke said in a deep voice that almost sounded like a growl. He then released his newest roommate and stood up. The guards rushed over with a set of chains to ensure that a similar incident would not happen again. Ronald took a few deep breaths to allow his nerves to recover before he resumed walking his post. He decided that whatever the prisoners had planned for Reggie that night, he was going to look out for him. Ronald would ensure that no harm came to Reggie on his first night.

A few hours passed and the afternoon sun beat down on prisoner and guard alike. Following Luke's example, Reggie settled down and got to work on the road with the other prisoners. While walking his section of the road Ronald noticed at one point that the prisoners, usually loudly talking or singing work songs to coordinate their timing, fell silent. Many of the prisoners were looking past the road and behind Ronald, with many of the old black men leaning on their tar brooms as they stopped and stared. Curious, Ronald turned his head to see what had drawn the attention of so many men.

Emerging from the path like an angel from heaven was a stunningly beautiful nymphet. She wore a short, loose fitting purple dress and carried a large bucket in front of her. Soapy water sloshed out of the bucket with each step.

"Who on Earth is that?" Ronald asked the guard nearest to him.

"That would be Miss Mercy, Big Daddy's daughter." replied the guard.

"Should she be here? How old is she?" Ronald continued, still flabbergasted by the image roughly 50 feet in front of him.

"She's a tender 18 years old, and Miss Mercy is allowed to go anywhere she wants I do believe." Said that guard once again, shaking his head as he slowly walked away from Ronald. His eyes never left Mercy.

Ronald was transfixed by the angel in front of him. Mercy, daughter of the warden. All thoughts of the prison camp, including the prisoners and his own boss, left Ronald's mind. Mercy was a vision of feminine beauty as she walked toward a car that one of the guards had taken to work. A 5'5 blonde with soft skin tanned by the hot sun, Mercy's dress did nothing to hide her voluptuous body. Lithe feminine legs, an ass as juicy as a Georgia peach andwith breasts as full and supple as sin, Mercy cut a figure that no man could ignore. Ronald marvelled not only at her body, but at her boldness. For any woman, better yet a tantalizingly sexy white woman, to parade like this in front of a bunch of hardened black prisoners was almost unimaginable to Ronald. His only conclusion was that Mercy knew her father ruled the prison with an iron fist and that the guards would shoot anyone who came near her. Still, it impressed Ronald that none of the prisoners so much as stirred as she sauntered in front of them.

Mercy dropped the bucket in front of the car. From the bucket she pulled a large yellow sponge, soaked with water and soap suds. Mercy's body pointed toward the road, and all of the men who were toiling on it, but her face was looking at the car. She held the sponge to her chest and squeezed, a small torrent of water and soap dribbling down all over her breasts and dress. Ronald's jaw fell open as Mercy's sensuous tits glistened and the thin fabric of her purple dress clung to her body. It was quite apparent that Mercy was wearing nothing underneath.

Her front soaked, Mercy began slowly circling the car, dragging her finger along it as she moved. The combination of the water dripping from her and her slippered steps left a muddy trail behind her. Mercy stopped at the side of the car's trunk, her lower body obscured from view. Slowly leaning over the trunk, Mercy began scrubbing the car in a circular motion with her sponge. Her moist tits hung below her chest, swaying with each motion of her arm. Ronald felt his pulse quicken as the warden's daughter went to work. She quickly increased the speed of her motions, causing her tits to bounce up and down rapidly. The jiggling led to a tightening in many pants along the road. Mercy then moved back toward the centre of the car, placing the sponge on top. She then began scrubbing the top of the car, although this was a struggle due to her height. Mercy pressed into the car so that she could reach, causing her soapy chest to press into the car windows. As Mercy moved her arm on top of the car her soaked tits pressed into the windows, cleaning them in her own unique way. Whenever she pressed into the car her tits would swell out to the side seductively for all to see. After a few minutes of this Mercy took a break, leaning against the wet car for a few moments.

After giving the prisoners and guards a few moments to catch their breath Mercy returned to her bucket in front of the car, immersing her sponge once again. While she bent down to do this, all of the men could see the after effects of leaning against the wet car. Mercy's dress was now soaked in the back as well and clung to her curvy hips and round ass, only the area of her crack not stretching against the thin purple material. Once content that her sponge was sufficiently drenched, Mercy returned to the car. This time she would focus her attention on the front end of the car while the attention of everyone else was on her back end.

Mercy walked to the hood of the car and leaned into it. In order to reach far across the hood she had to stand on her toes, which she did on one foot while spreading her other leg to the side and resting it on the car. The men viewing her were given a tremendous view of Mercy's ass as it bobbed up and down with each scrubbing motion, while the wet and clingy fabric just barely obscured her pink womanhood. An audible groan of arousal from one of the black prisoners behind him brought Ronald's mind back from its carnal wanderings. Ronald did not think it was right for Mercy to be doing this in front of all the men, particularly the prisoners. He assumed that many hadn't even seen a woman for months or years, better yet one as incredibly sexy as Mercy. Still, Ronald was convinced that the innocent creature in front of him was just blissfully ignorant. There was no way she could know the impact her little show was having. Almost seeing Mercy's pussy, the most forbidden piece of heaven he could imagine, was a greater tease than Ronald could conceive of.

Mercy eventually moved off the hood of the car, her whole body now wet from her blonde hair all the way down her soft, tanned legs. She bent down by the front wheel and began rubbing her sponge up and down the hubcap, all the while sticking her ass out proudly. By this point Ronald had a full blown erection, and from a quick look around he noticed that he was certainly not the only one as the gray pants the prisoners wore struggled to contain their arousal.

"She don't know what she's doin!" Exclaimed the new prisoner, Reggie, as the temptation was clearly becoming too much for him to handle.

"Hell yes she do!" Stated a burly prisoner further just to the side of Ronald.

"Can't wait to see that boy get his tonight! He's so soft, no way he passes the test!" An elderly prisoner stated with excitement.

"That's enough. No more of this shit." Said Luke, his deep voice quieting all of the men on the road. He had hardly looked up at Mercy's show, instead continuing steadily with his work.

Content with her work, Mercy finished washing the car as the men quieted down. After collecting her bucket she looked over at the men for the first time since she first burst through the path. Satisfied with her work, she gave just the hint of an almost imperceptible smile before turning around and returning whence she came. Ronald was in part relieved that Mercy had finally left, but he knew that the memory of her body as she washed the car would forever be seared into his mind.

"Oooooooo-eeeeeee you are getting it tonight son!" Said yet another prisoner toward Reggie before he began cackling. Despite the protrusion in the front of his pants, Reggie looked terrified.

A loud gunshot broke up any laughter that remained. It was a clear signal from the guards that everyone was to shut up and go back to work. They all had been lucky that The Captain or Big Daddy hadn't been around for what had just happened, and the guards did not feel like pushing their luck.

Ronald continued walking his post. Trying to shake the image of Mercy from his mind, he focused on what the prisoners had said. Feeling some kinship with Reggie as they were both new to the prison camp, Ronald resolved that he would look out for the young prisoner. He would not allow the other prisoners to hurt him that night, no matter what plans or tests they may have been planning.

That night Ronald made a point of returning to the prison camp hours after his shift had ended. He arrived at 11PM, just as the lights went out in the shack that housed the prisoners. Once it was time for lights out the prisoners were locked in the shack until morning, with only the guards and Big Daddy having keys. There was always one guard on duty through the night but they tended to keep to themselves in the guard hut, usually falling asleep unless the prisoners were particularly noisy. Ronald was convinced that whatever was going to happen to Reggie would happen after lights out, and he was going to stand guard outside and watch over him.

Ronald found himself a barrel to sit on to the side of the shack. It was underneath a broken window, which enabled him to listen for any signs of trouble. While Ronald sat there looking up at the starry sky, all he could hear was the sound of prisoners betting on how Reggie would fare during the mysterious test. The consensus seemed to be that he would crack in less than a minute, with just a few betting that he would last around 90 seconds. It seemed to be a given that he would not survive whatever the test was. Ronald grew increasingly nervous as time passed and the prisoners grew more excited. Both Reggie and Luke could not be heard in the shack.

After nearly half an hour, Ronald heard some loud rustling in the shack. He got off the barrel and listened, trying to figure out what had caused the commotion. Most of the talking was too fast to understand, but from what Ronald could make out the prisoners were excited because the test was soon about to begin. Ronald ascertained that something big was coming and felt himself break out in a sweat. Nervous, he began looking around the large compound. It did not take long for him to see a completely unexpected sight.

A round, golden glow was slowly approaching the shack. Ronald crouched and stayed silent as it drew nearer, a slight jingling sound becoming audible as the light approached. Initially it seemed that the ball of light floated toward him in the darkness, but soon Ronald could see a sexy pair of bare legs just underneath. Ronald's mouth was ajar as Mercy was finally visible to him, her eyes fixed only on the shack. Carrying a lamp as she walked toward the shack, Mercy was wearing a short white nightgown that just barely made it down to her tender thighs. Even in the darkness Ronald could see Mercy's nipples poking against the fabric as the cool air, or possibly something else, clearly had an effect on her body.

Ronald was incredibly confused as Mercy placed the lantern on the ground in front of the shack, completely unaware that she was being watched by the new guard. She fumbled with a large key ring before settling on a large golden key with a skull on the end. Mercy inserted the key into the lock that kept the black prisoners at bay and paused. Ronald was hopeful that she had come to her senses, but she used the time only to play with her hair until her blonde locks fell almost perfectly into place. Ronald wanted to stop the angelic beauty who had appeared in the darkness as a ray of light, but he could not move. Whether this was due to shock, nerves or arousal he couldn't say. After almost half a minute Mercy turned the key and slowly pushed open the creaky wooden door.

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