tagSci-Fi & FantasyAngel of Retribution Ch. 17-Epilogue

Angel of Retribution Ch. 17-Epilogue


Okay, so last chapters to this story. I've finally gotten my notes and imaginary world for Witch and Dragon built and will be uploading in a few days. I hope everyone enjoyed Angel of Retribution and don't forget to vote and comment. The ending to this story opens up Witch and Dragon, so if you haven't read that one yet be sure to look it up too.


Rowie heard Devon yelling in her mind as she ran, but she ignored her commander. His power swirled around her and she screamed in frustration and anger.

"No, don't hold me back. Please."

Her scream bounced through the endless black of the cavern. From the corners of her eyes, she could see glowing dots and wondered if it were more devils peering at her. Her sword hadn't made it through the portal with her, so she was completely disarmed.

Rowie's feet ate up the ground, love and desperation fueling her on.

She wasn't sure why she emerged from the pool without a stitch of clothing, but all that mattered was getting to Remi and Seth. Her entire body tingled, Remi's dragon brand burning her skin like a living thing. She knew where to go, though she wasn't sure how she knew. Something pulled her.

The walls around Rowie began to widen out, pools of lava appearing around most bends. At one point, she had to cross over a thin, arched bridge that hung over a lake of fire. It felt as if she'd descended into Hell. Devon's power grew stronger behind her, but he didn't try to stop her.

Rustling and screeching drew her eyes up to stare open-mouthed at a swarm of devils scattering about the high ceiling in wild disarray. They must have felt the presence of the reapers accompanying Devon.

As she neared the mouth of another chamber to her left, she heard a loud roar and a blast of red fire curled along the floor.

Rowie dashed through the opening, heedless of the fire. At once, her eyes registered three things; Lucien standing over Seth bound to an altar, Lucien's demon sword heading straight toward Seth's heart, and Remien Fyre shifting into a dragon just a few feet away.

There was no time to think, but even as she hurtled herself at Lucien, she knew they would all die in a matter of seconds when Remi's ten-ton hide expanded and filled a space too small to even accommodate him. They'd all be crushed, including her beautiful, hot-headed, stupid dragon. At least she would make sure of one thing... the demon sword would not be anointed with Seth's virgin blood.

It was like hitting a granite column, but still she sent Lucien flying to the ground. His sword flew back and hit the back of the cave wall with a loud clang.

He gaped at her seconds before she sent her fist into his jaw in the hopes of knocking him out. Pain shot up her arm and she was sure she broke her fist as his face jerked to the side, blond hair flying over it. Rowie sobbed out a curse, Lucien only groaned beneath her. She could feel how bony he was against her bare flesh, and then she realized how dirty and messy his hair was. Lucien was all beaten up, bite marks littering his flesh.


"Rowie, take the sword," a feminine voice yelled at her as a blade flew over her head. It sounded like Liara.

Pain ripped into her thigh when a devil sank its sharp teeth into her. Another whipped its tail around her throat and started to choke her. Devils swarmed their prone bodies. Rowie gagged, desperately trying to draw breath into her burning lungs. For once, she regretted not being full vampire still.

Ice-blue eyes blinked up at her, his lip bleeding from where she had hit him. Her vision grew dark around the edges, and she knew she was close to passing out.

To her utter astonishment, he slammed his face against her neck with a growl. She felt his teeth and then he pulled back, fangs bared. The devil trying to choke her howled in agony when Lucien bit its tail in half, freeing Rowie throat. He began to strike out at the devils still hurting her.

"Fuck. Get the hell out of here, Rowie. Now," he snapped.

She wriggled over Lucien to reach the sword Liara had tossed her. Just as her fingers wrapped around the hilt, Lucien was ripped out from under her.

She looked up to see a demon holding him up by his hair. Her heart twisted painfully.

"Kill the sacrifice," the creature screamed in his face, as Lucien tried to pry the bony fingers from his scalp.

Rowie swung the sword down and beheaded the devil gnawing on her leg. One look back to Remi showed Devon wrapping him up in his power to keep him from shifting.

She scrambled to her feet again, eyes and mouth wide as more devils poured from the little nooks and crannies in the enormous cave. They crawled over each other like roaches. With a scream, she began hacking away at them. Lucien made his way back to Seth, the devils keeping the others at bay.

"No," she screamed bewildered. What was he going to do?

Rowie latched on to his life force and teleported herself in front of him, sword drawn. She didn't want to kill him, but if he intended to rob Seth's life, then he would taste the tip of her sword.

Lucien stopped and scowled at her. "Get out of my way."

"I won't let you hurt Seth,' she snarled.

His eyes blazed brighter, wings opening to their full extent. "I have no choice."

Rowie shook her head, lowering her sword just a fraction. "Luke, yes you do. Unbind Seth and come with us. Please." Her voice broke on a sob.

Lucien laughed mirthlessly. "Come back to what? Living in Devon's shadow? Being a reject?"

Rowie scrunched her face in confusion. "What the Hell are you talking about? We love you."

He sneered, his bright eyes swimming in moisture. "Nobody loves me," he spat. "You have a hard on for Remi and Annie..." He closed his eyes for a second. "Annie chose to pine away for a bastard Seraph that only used her."

"So that's why you've chosen to partake in the destruction of all creation?" She stared at him incredulous.

He began to take deep sobbing breaths, trying hard to hold his sneer. "I am the Dark Prince, successor to my father. I will finish what he started."

"Why?" Rowie screamed.

"Because if I keep trying, I will die." The tears finally fell as she gaped at him. "Kill me, Rowie...please," he whispered. "Show me you love me that way."

Tell me you love me.

Rowie remembered the whispered plea, that night in the Vildminorian castle. She had sensed his presence, he'd kissed her, touched her.

Why did Lucien want to die?

The devils and demons around them began to growl viciously.

Lucien cringed, his face pale as he looked around at them, sheer terror evident in his eyes. Shaking his head emphatically, he narrowed his eyes on Rowie and stalked forward. He suddenly flew at her, sword slashing toward her stomach. She blocked the blow and swiped back at him, looking for a way to hurt him enough so he'd stop attacking her.

"Rowie," Devon and Remi shouted in unison.

The sound of swords clashing ensued and she surmised they were being attacked as well. Thundering wings sounded near within the tunnels, but the way to the cave they were in was blocked by a sea of devils.

She'd sparred with Lucien before and had never been able to beat him. Now he was purposely leaving himself open for a lethal blow she was not willing to deliver. He wanted to die. He'd stalled killing Seth for this.

He nicked her, kept aiming for her abdomen. Stabbing her in her gut wouldn't kill her, but... it would kill any baby she...

"No," she yelled finally realizing he was driving her to either kill him or risk losing her babies... Remi's babies.

She lifted her sword again, but a swath of red blocked her line of sight. Remi crouched in battle stance in front of her. Reaching back, his palm pressed against her stomach and eased her away.

Terrified of distracting him, she took a few steps back, looking earnestly toward Seth to see if maybe she could help him. The way was blocked by fighting Master Guardians and devils.

Where were those reapers? Why were they taking so long to appear?

Remi's voice had her looking back toward where he and Lucien were now circling each other... getting ready to fight.

Her anxiety level shot through the roof.

Baby, please be careful—she thought.

Rowie was sure she would have nightmares about this moment for the rest of her life.

"She's neither archangel, nor carries a divine sword," Remi growled. "She can't kill you, but I can."

Lucien grinned, "Bring it then, Fyre. Hope you don't mind if I cut you up a bit. You always did rub me the wrong way."

Remi laughed. "Blondie, you can cut me anytime you want." Remi ran the edge of his blade across his chest, drawing a line of blood. "You'd only give me a hard-on, brother. Of course the only place I'll be burying my dick will be in Rowie... not you."

Lucien snarled at him, making Remi snicker even more. "Oh, yeah, I forgot. You obviously got enough dick when you were younger."

Rowie's jaw dropped at Remi's cruel words.

Lucien hissed like a cat and lunged for him. Their swords clashed and shot sparks. Rowie took a step toward them but a pair of devils blocked her path. One of the Demons hovered close watching the fight.

She held her breath as they nicked each other, neither getting close enough to deliver a lethal blow.

At one point, Lucien opened himself to allow Remi to stab him in the heart. Remi reached out and slapped Lucien so hard, he fell back, dazed.

"Look for another coward's way out to your miserable life, Mister Blond and Beautiful. I'm done toying with you and your time is up anyway."

Remi pointed behind Lucien. Rowie also looked up and gasped. Liara sat astride Seth, riding him to completion. Seth's back arched and he opened his mouth on a silent scream. His chest rose and fell with his pants as Liara dismounted him, a wicked smile playing about her lips. Seth's withering cock glistened in the dark. Liara's grin widened as she dipped her fingers between her thighs and then lifted them dripping with the evidence of Seth's lost innocence.

Her smile was more of a hateful sneer. "Guess Satan's gonna need another virgin to bust him out, eh?"

"No," Lucien wailed falling to his knees. A flurry of wings rustled overhead, demons preparing to whisk him away. Lucien covered his head, shaking with terror.

Devon sprang out to grab his twin brother and Remi closed in to keep the demons back. Her heart beat with fear, realizing that they were attempting saving him.

However, Lucien did not want saving. Realizing Devon was near, he rose, hatred in his eyes as he raised his sword against his brother. "It's all your fault," he screamed, face twisted with rage. "I hate you."

The words echoed in the cavern as Lucien's sword thrust forward.

Devon merely stood there, awaiting the lethal blow with tears falling down his face, arms spread as if to hug Lucien.

Devon did not get what he expected.

It was a move Zak used often; a running somersault over an opponent's head, to land on the other side of the person. Remi did it to perfection, landing just in front of the sword thrust intended for Devon. The demon sword went in through his navel and poked out three inches through his back.

Remi fell back into Devon's outstretched arms, blood gushing down his abdomen to drench the floor at their feet. Both twins looked equally shocked, but it was Devon's roar of agony the shook the ground.

Rowie felt her blood leave her face, her cheeks growing cold. Spots swirled before her eyes and everything swayed before going out to complete black.

Her sweet dragon was gone.


Pain shot through him, sweet and unbearable. Remi's cock stiffened as he felt himself fall back. Great. His last orgasm would be in Devon's arms. He opened his mouth to tell the twins from hell to go fuck themselves, but only blood bubbled up from his throat. A few paces away he saw Rowie go down in a faint.

Baby, I love you—he projected into her mind. Silence answered. "I'm sorry," he tried to whisper. His blood choked him, his body convulsed and the deafening roar Devon screamed out became a buzz. A demon dropped and plucked a screaming and kicking Lucien up, vanishing into the dark shadows with him, the other demons following.

Remi convulsed again, struggling to breathe.

It was stupid to try, but Remi let out a wave of healing fire to close the gaping wound Lucifer's sword had torn through his middle. He only bled out more. His fire was a dull red instead of blue-white, a sure sign that even his dragon was dying.

The gloomy cave brightened as Remi dragged air into his lungs, hard to do with Devon squeezing the shit out of him. The man was bawling like a girl. Remi's heart galloped trying to hold onto the tiny trickle of blood still oozing through his veins.

Black hair and blue eyes gazed at him. Devon? No. It had little, fluffy white wings. Remi blinked, trying to focus, and smiled. It was his crazy Dominatio... the one with a lisp that thought it was funny when Remi got his ass paddled.

"Guess this is it, buddy. Now you gotta take me up to Heaven."

The Dominatio frowned. "Wemi not go to Hevwen."

Remi coughed up another mouthful of blood. "What? What the fuck? I just gave my life to save Dev's ass. Whaddaya mean I'm not go to Hevwen?" He mimicked the cherub's lisp.

His vision grew clearer and he noticed more of the white-winged babies crowding around him.

Remi scowled now. "So you're all going to just float there and watch me die?"

Their giggles were the sweetest thing he'd ever heard, like little bells in the air. His eyes watered at the sound.

"I towed you he wath funny," his Dominatio exclaimed with glee.

"Pretty hair," a white-haired cherub cooed running its little fingers through Remi's mane. The others clamored to follow suit. One of them pulled curiously at a nipple ring and scrunched its face in confusion.

When Remi caught sight of a red-haired one going for his Prince Albert, he shot up, cupping his hands over his cock in embarrassment. "No-no-no. Baby mustn't touch big man's peepee..."

Remi gasped, realizing he no longer had a hole in his gut. He wasn't dying. He stared up at the smiling faces in astonishment. They converged on him, little hands caressing and tiny mouths kissing him lovingly.

"We love you, Wemien."

And then they were gone.

Devon was helping him up, still shaking with his nose red from sobbing. Remi knew he should comfort his commander somehow. The guy was soaked with Remi's blood, and had just seen his brother carried away kicking and screaming by demons, but Remi's main concern was Rowie lying pale and lifeless on the ground.

He ran to her, his feet kicking up the white ash that remained of the devils the reapers had vaporized once again. He kneeled by her and let out a ray of healing power. She moaned, a few tears escaping the corners of her eyes. Remi pushed her mind into slumber as he reached beneath her. Cradling her against his chest, he rose to his feet with his mate in his arms.

Remi covered her face with kisses and smiled when she murmured in her sleep. He heard her slurred words clearly. She called him a stupid prick and added that she was going to kick his ass for letting him get himself killed. More tears leaked from her eyes and a sob caught in her throat.

Remi licked up her tears, kissed her soft lips, and purred in her ear. "Don't cry, baby. Even dead, my ghost will still fuck you into the mattress."

Remi looked up to gage the situation around him. Devon held Seth's wrists, his thumbs smoothing over the gashes to close them. Already, the weretigri had some color in his cheeks. Liara and Amaranth were having a heated argument a few paces away.

Remi frowned, wondering what that was all about. Was Ama miffed because Liara had taken Seth's cherry? Remi shook his head. Liara saved the kid's life. Ama should be appreciative not jealous.

Hefting Rowie closer to his body, he began to stride out of the cave. He needed to get his girl back to the star cruiser and in bed. He wanted Rowie to rest. His poor baby dragons must've been jostled around so much, he feared they'd be born cross-eyed.

"Where are you headed?"

Remi turned his head to meet Zak's gaze.

"Taking my girl home." He sniffed the air in the tunnel once he exited the cave and turned left instead of right.

"Remi, we came this way," Zak said behind him.

"I know. But I smell water this way."

"Water?" Zak fell into stride by his side. "I thought you said you wanted to get her home?"

"I did." Remi smiled.

Just as he'd expected, they came upon an underground spring. Steam rose from the dark waters as Remi peered over the lip of the pool at his reflection. Zak blinked in confusion.

"You're going to bathe first?"



"Shut up." Remi stared at their wavering reflection and took a deep breath. He began to recite the sounds and words Devon had said to open a portal back on the vampires' star freighter.

Next to him, Zak sucked in a harsh breath, his sapphire eyes widening. "Shit, Rem. Where'd you learn to do that?"

"From an archangel," Remi snickered as he narrowed his eyes to look at the scene appearing in the pool.

"Zak leaned over to get a closer look. " It looks like the meadow we were in before."

Remi frowned. "I don't remember seeing a black tower."

The scene wavered unsteadily and Remi was sure that a person was peering out from one of the windows in the tower. Zak leaned over more and just as Remi was about to tell him to be wary of the slippery rocks, Zak lost his footing and went headlong into the pool.

"Fuck!" Remi stared wild-eyed as the water rippled and grew dark. Where the Hell had Zak gone?

"What did you do?"

Remi jumped at the sound of Devon's voice. His commander's eyes glowed even brighter in the darkness and the sight of his flared nostrils warned Remi that he knew damn well what Remi had done.

"I just wanted to get back to the star freighter," Remi argued, clutching Rowie's unconscious body tighter. "I wasn't going to jump in until I was sure I knew where I was going. Wasn't my fault Zak tripped over his own big feet and fell in."

Rowie stirred in his arms.


Familiar warmth surrounded her and she wrapped her arms tighter around the source of heat. The scent of fire and cinnamon filled her nostrils.


His lips covered hers, a taste of his tongue making her heart pound against the cage of her ribs.

Lucien had run him through.

Rowie's eyes snapped open to gaze into bright green eyes. She blinked a few times, shock rendering her mute. Her fingers sank into the wealth of crimson tresses, giving it a little tug. His eyes darkened with pleasure.

"Baby," she sobbed before devouring his mouth.

Twisting and wiggling, she tried to wrap herself around her love, her entire being rejoicing that he was still alive.

He lost his balance and they both toppled to the ground. When she gripped his cock, he moaned. Rowie needed it in her—like now.

He chuckled as she grappled to impale herself on him. She nipped his neck in retaliation.

"Baby," he purred huskily by her ear, "we have company."

Rowie could feel Devon's presence behind them, but didn't care. He'd fucked Angel plenty of times almost under her nose in the enviro-level back on Alpha 7.

"Let him watch," Rowie panted wiggling the tip of Remi's shaft into her. Remi hissed, and arched his back as she engulfed him halfway.

"Fucking beautiful," Devon murmured behind them. "But Fyre needs to find Zak."

Those words made Rowie stop. Why did Remi need to find Zak?

Beneath her, Remi gave her a sheepish grin. Shit.

She arched a brow at him. "Remi?"

He puffed out a breath, rolling his eyes. "It wasn't my fault."

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