tagBDSMAngel On Her Knees

Angel On Her Knees


She is already in position when I emerge from the bathroom. I don't have to tell her what to do. She knows the rules.

I take a moment to enjoy the sight of her from across the bedroom. Naked, on her knees, the early morning sunlight diffusing through the curtains to softly illuminate her pale smooth skin. Her tight little bottom resting on her heels as her supple legs curl beneath her. They rest on the pillow that she chose. The one that puts her mouth at the perfect height.

I glance up and down her slim torso. My eyes linger on her perfect round breasts with their pretty pink nipples. There is an innocence to her in this moment. Gazing vacantly at the floor as if she has no idea what is about to happen. But of course she knows. She waits for it patiently like a good little girl.

As I cross the room to her silently, the anticipation rises in both of us. No matter how many times we do this, the tension is the same. I stand over her, looking down at her. She seems so small, so helpless, so fragile. But I know better.

I place my fingers under her chin and gently tilt her head back. Her sparkling blue eyes meet mine with a look of obedience and submission. She is clean for me. She knows to get up a few minutes before me to wash her face. She is not allowed to wear make up for this. I want her to be clean at the start.

How I have come to love looking down on this sweet face with its open expression. The little freckles on her nose. The slight crinkles at the corners of her mouth. Her straw-colored, shoulder-length hair, still mussed from the bed she rolled out of only moments ago.

And that mouth. That gorgeous mouth. I rest my thumb on those perfect pink lips.

"Who owns this mouth?"

"You do, sir."

We enjoy a few more sweet seconds of anticipation together before she politely makes her offering.

"Would you like to use me now, sir?"

I answer her only with a crooked smile. I step back to remove my boxers, the only piece of clothing I am wearing. I am already partly erect. She raises herself into position, puts her hands behind her back, and opens her mouth.

I reach out with one hand. My fingers slide through her soft hair and wrap around the back of her head. I step towards her and guide myself inside her waiting mouth. I let the tip rest just inside for a moment. Her tongue begins eagerly working along the sensitive spot under the head. Just the way I like it. She knows.

I feel myself expanding and hardening inside her warm wet mouth, and I push myself in deeper. She lets out a long moan, knowing that I will enjoy the vibration.

"Oh, yes. Good girl."

A look of pride crosses her face. The joy of knowing she has pleased me. The satisfaction of serving her purpose.

Taking her head in both hands, I begin thrusting back and forth. Gently at first. She does her best to maintain eye contact. She has to keep those beautiful eyes looking up at me at all times. Those are the rules.

As I build momentum, I thrust deeper into her throat. Her eyes shut tight as she gags, but she knows not to recoil. Mercifully, I pull out for just a second and her eyes reopen. They are already watering, but they tell me without words that she will gladly accept more.

I push back inside and continue fucking her mouth. I keep my strokes shallow, but occasionally probe deeper, eliciting more gagging and coughing. She never tries to pull away. She keeps her hands behind her back. She takes it like a good little girl.

Without warning, I force her head all the way down, as far as it can go, and hold her there. I can actually feel myself pressing against the back of her throat. Her nose is and forehead are squeezed tightly against my body. I can feel her chin against my scrotum.

Her body seizes as she struggles to hold this position. She wants to recoil, but I will not let her, using all my strength to hold her head in place. I see panic in her eyes as she looks up at me, unable to breathe.

"Just relax," I assure her.

I will always test her limits, but I would never do harm to this, my favorite toy. When I have held her just a little bit longer than she thought was possible, I finally let go. She falls back with a loud gasp. She coughs uncontrollably for a moment, saliva running down her chin, tears streaming down her face.

Before she can even catch her breath, she pops back up into position.

"More, sir?"

Outside of these four walls, she is a proud woman with a full life. Brilliant as she is beautiful, she has a great career that she loves. She is close with her family. She has friends who respect her. She is educated and articulate; confident and strong. The world that knows her outside of these walls would be shocked to see her at this moment. On her knees. Servicing me.

What would her friends say if they found out? What would her sister think? Her co-workers? They all regard us a a normal, loving couple. They have no idea the things I do to her behind closed doors. The things that she begs me to do to her. The way she routinely surrenders herself to me. As though her body were nothing more than an object made for my pleasure. Her soft mouth merely a toy for me to play with. At this moment she is my possession, no different than the pillow she kneels upon.

Neither of us has ever dared to share this with anyone but each other. My dark desire to own her. Her dark desire to be owned. The world outside would never understand.

Taking a firmer grip on her head, I thrust back inside her mouth. This time I show no mercy at all, thrusting harder and harder, deeper and deeper, fucking her throat with wild abandon. The more she gags and squirms, the rougher I get.

I see her arms flailing at her sides, her hands clinched in tight little fists. She wants to put her hands on me and push herself away, but that is forbidden.

"Just take it!" I angrily admonish her.

She quickly puts her hands behind her back where they belong. She's a good girl. She obeys.

When the tension inside me reaches its peak, I finally relent. I let go of her head. As she gasps for air, I begin stroking myself with my hand. Without having to be told, she closes her mouth, closes her eyes, and tilts her head back at just the right angle.

"That's right. Very good."

I stroke myself fast and faster. As the sensation builds inside me, I can tell this load will be especially big. It comes gushing out in three big spurts. The first one lands across her hair and forehead. The second one drops onto the bridge of her nose and pools onto her left eye. The third falls across her mouth and the tip of her nose. A series of smaller drops come raining down onto her mouth and cheeks. She is covered in a white sticky mess; beautiful and grotesque like this whole exercise has been. A small smile of satisfaction begins to creep across her lips, but I will not let her enjoy it.

"Suck it."

She quickly takes me back into her mouth and coaxes out those last few drops. A little treat for her to swallow. A reward for her obedience.

This is our weekly ritual. Some people spend their Sunday mornings on their knees in a church worshiping their deity. She spends her Sunday mornings on her knees in our bedroom worshiping me. And in my own perverse way, I worship her too. My angel on her knees, giving herself over to me so completely. I doubt that either of us could get through a week without it.

It a few minutes, we will be in the shower together. I will wash her pretty face and hair. I will make her clean again. We will kiss and hold each other like the loving couple we are. We will go about the rest of our day like the "normal" people that the world expects us to be.

Before any of that can happen, she has one more rule to obey. She struggles to open her eyes. They are red and watery and stinging from the semen that as violated them. But they still show obedience and submission. They are still mine.

"Thank you for using me sir."

Such a good little girl.

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