Angel on the Stage


It was three o'clock on Friday morning and Angel Jones was tired, especially her feet. She had just gotten back to her flat after six hours of working as a hostess at Madame Josephine's, and being on her feet in high heels for so much of that time had taken a heavy toll. Even worse, she would need to be at her daytime job at the bank in six hours. That was the one that basically paid her bills. Working at the club didn't pay all that well, although the tips were good, but Angel had hopes of parlaying it into a career as an entertainer, which was what she really wanted.

For many years, Madame Josephine had run a nightclub featuring female impersonators on stage and waiting on tables, but that had become passé. She replaced the servers with beautiful T-girls and Angel, almost six feet tall with long hair that framed her delicate features, was the most beautiful of the group. With her blonde good looks and her background in singing and dancing, she hoped to go from waiting tables to entertaining on the stage at the club, and she hoped it would be no more than a month before she got the chance.

For the time being, Michelle, a rather pudgy, over-the-hill drag queen was the featured performer, and one month was how long he had to go on his contract. If she could last through another thirty days of holding down two jobs, Angel had hopes of replacing him, and of seeing her dream come true. Until then, she would do her job and serve the people who came into the club. Angel and her co-workers did more than wait on tables in their sexy costumes. They greeted customers and sat and chatted with them, doing whatever it took to keep them spending money and coming back later to spend some more.

Angel rather liked the costume she wore there, because it put her best features on display. Tight black hot pants showed off her long, shapely legs and curvaceous bum. The pants were tight in the rear, but in front they included padding that simulated an erection. Although she and her lovers always thought of it as her clit, biologically, Angel had a penis, and it was perfectly capable of becoming fully erect when she was sexually aroused, even ejaculating from being stroked by her sex partner or partners. However, there was nothing very erotic to her about the work she was doing, so a genuine erection would be unlikely, but the club management didn't want people to realize that.

The top was a bustier that laced up the back. Angel's luscious breasts spilled out over the bodice, and she wore the garment fairly loosely because she had no need for any kind of uplift. She would always be grateful that she had resisted the suggestions that she get implants, preferring to let her breasts grow naturally, in reaction to the female hormones that have been a part of her sex-change regimen for the last six years. The women in her family were all very bosomy and Angel, after admitting her essential femaleness, was benefiting from her ancestors' genes as well.

Besides her breasts, the hormones had shaped her other bodily contours, giving her curves that were the envy of almost any woman who saw her. Being blonde and very fair-skinned, Angel had never developed body hair when she was a boy, except for under her arms and a fluffy patch around her genitals, or any facial hair where it wasn't wanted. The skin on her face and all over her body was soft and smooth, with a complexion that varied from creamy to shades of pink in those places where pink was desirable. Regular applications of creams and lotions and the occasional use of an electric razor helped her keep that skin beautiful and alluring. .

After putting in a day's work at the bank, Angel's normal routine was to return to her flat, eat a quick supper and sleep for an hour. Following her nap, she put on her hostess attire and drove to work. Her car was necessary to get her to and from the nightclub district. For one thing, public transportation was hard to find at the late hour she got off work. For another, there were some weird people around, some of them customers of the club, who were liable to follow her and proposition her or much worse. The small car she drove was a big expense, but Angel regarded it as being worth it, all things considered.

"Hi, Angel. Jo wants to see you," was the greeting she received from Bambi, a slender brunette fellow T-girl and coworker.

Madame Josephine -- Jo to her employees and her many friends -- had a small office backstage. The door was ajar so Angel pushed it open and looked inside. "Hi, Jo. Did you want to see me?"

"Ah, Angel. Come in. Sit down. Shut the door." After doing all three, Angel waited to hear what Jo had to say. The wait was a very short one.

"My dear, as you may have noticed, we aren't exactly packing in the customers lately."

Angel had noticed, of course. Even on weekends, they had only about one third of their tables occupied. "Well, yeah, it could be better."

"It could be a lot better, and it has to be, if we're going to stay in business." Angel didn't have any disagreement with that so she said nothing.

Jo continued. "When you started here, you said you had done some singing and dancing, and that you were interested in being an entertainer. How would you feel about going on the stage here? Tomorrow night?"

"What about Michelle?"

"Michael? I'm going to fire him. I'll have to buy out his contract but it's worth it. Nobody comes here to see him or hear him anyhow. Every time I look, everybody in the house is ogling you and the other T-girls. Especially you."

"What would you want me to do?"

"Sing. Dance. And strip. Mostly strip. When I started here, my drag queens were a big hit, but that was a long time ago, and they've become old hat. What people want now is bare skin, and lots of it."

"How much skin? I mean, how far would you want me to go? How much would you want me to take off?"

"Well, topless at least. I wouldn't ask you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable but the more you take off, the better. In some of the clubs, the boys or girls strip naked, but you might want to take a while to build up to that."

Angel didn't know that she would ever go that far, but she would be willing to dance nude above the waist. For one thing, she knew that what she would be showing off was strictly first class. It wasn't a matter of vanity; it was a matter of being aware of the appreciative looks she got from men, in the bank and everywhere else. In addition, she had long ago, concluded that her looks were her greatest asset and that if she expected to succeed as an entertainer, she would have to show them off.

"Topless I can handle. I can't guarantee that I can ever go any further than that, though."

"That's good enough for me. And, let's face it. You topless would be sexier than most women completely nude."

Angel blushed slightly. People had been complimenting her on her beauty ever since she had seen the need to give in to her true nature and become a T-girl. Even so, she had never quite gotten used to it.

Jo went on. "We'll need to take some photos. The costume I have in mind will be like the one you're wearing now, with some modifications, so we can make some posters of you the way you look right now. Can you start tomorrow night?"

"Yes. But, does that give you enough time to get everything set up?"

"Yeah, it should. I thought you'd say 'yes', so I had a photographer standing by. They'll give me a rush job and I can have the posters in time for tomorrow night."

The photographer took several pictures of the budding young star in dancing poses and wearing her full hostess costume. Jo would select what she wanted to put on the wall in front of the club. He took longer, obviously enjoying his work, when Angel removed her bustier and openly displayed her charms for the posters that would be put up inside the club, beside the ticket counter.

Because of the delays, she was late in getting started on the tables that been assigned to her, but this was not a problem. Not that many customers had arrived yet, and Bambi and Heidi, the other T-girl, were easily able to cover for her. As she performed her normal duties, Angel told the people she served that she would be singing and dancing topless on the stage the following night. Everybody she spoke to, especially the men, expressed a very high degree of interest, and promised to be there. Six hours after her arrival, she was home, tired but looking forward to the following night as much as the male customers had been.

When she arrived at Madame Josephine's the next evening, Angel wore her own clothing and carried the black pumps that had been part of her hostess costume, and that she would wear that night. She was quite pleased to see how she looked, sexy but fully clothed, in the posters that adorned the front of the club. Above her head, in big letters, were the words "Introducing THE LOVELY ANGEL!" The posters inside, which included the same words, actually embarrassed her. She had seen herself in mirrors, of course, even totally nude sometimes, but she had never seen herself looking so erotic, smiling provocatively with her breasts jutting, nipples erect, as if eager for somebody's hands or mouth. Angel just hoped she would be able, in person, to live up to what the customers were being promised photographically.

"Hi, Angel," Jo greeted her new headliner. "This will be your dressing room for now, until we get the other one cleaned out." The other room, which was generally better, had been occupied and trashed for almost a year by Michelle and cleaning and repainting it would take some doing, especially since he had been in such a jealous pique when he left.

"Okay." Angel and Jo entered the room which, though small, had everything necessary, including a small water closet and a well-lighted makeup table. Angel's complexion was good enough that she needed very little makeup, probably just some lipstick and eye shadow to highlight her beautiful blue eyes. A folding screen stood in one corner so the occupant could change clothing while guests were present.

Jo handed Angel her costume, which looked virtually the same as what she had worn the previous night, and suggested she should step behind the screen and change into it. Minutes later, the T-girl reappeared, looking almost like she had looked as a hostess, but knowing her circumstances had changed. Jo tested the laces on the back of the bustier.

"These seem sort of loose. Are you sure they'll be okay?"

In reply, Angel swung her sexy torso from side to side, letting her long hair swirl around her face. The garment stayed perfectly in place. To further demonstrate, she bent over, letting her breasts swing back and forth and showing delightful cleavage that didn't quite include her nipples.

Jo was quite impressed with the display. "Yeah, that's more than okay." She had always known that Angel was sexy, but she had never before realized just how sexy.

The demonstration of Angel's new costume continued. "When you take off the top, you don't have to unlace it or pull it off over your head. That would be awkward and unsexy. There's a zipper in the front and you pull it down and slip out of it like out of a vest. Not exactly like a vest, of course, because you want to tease a little, but that part is up to you. I've seen the way you flirt with the guys in the club and the way they drool over you, and I know you'll do just fine."

"If you decide to take off the pants, and that's up to you, pull down the zippers on the sides." Jo patted Angel's hip over the folds of cloth that concealed the nylon teeth she was talking about.

Angel had wondered about the zippers. She had also noted that the front part of the hot pants was looser than the pair she had been wearing as a hostel and did not include a simulated erection. The rear part, actually about two thirds of the garment, was made of a different material, softer and much more form-fitting, almost like a second skin, than the one she was used to. The clingy fabric was already molding itself to the cleft of her succulent bum and would show off her curves even better than her regular outfit. She had also noticed how the zippers would allow easy removal of the pants. Angel wondered whether or not she would go that far, and had decided to make up her mind when the time arrived.

After selecting her music, some to dance to and some to accompany her singing, Angel was ready to go on, but she still had a while to wait. With some butterflies in her stomach, she peeked through the curtains at the room, and was pleased at what she saw. The doors had only been open for a few minutes, but already more people were inside than usually showed up, even on a Saturday night. Bambi, Heidi and the new hostess would be busy that night. She didn't know how many were there to see and hear her, but she did recognize some of those who regularly sat at her tables, and she hoped they would like Samantha, the T-girl who was her replacement.

As her gaze panned around the room, one unusually well-dressed man at one of the front tables, just a few feet from the center edge of the stage, caught her eye. She had never seen him before. Angel knew she had never seen him until then, for she most assuredly would have remembered it. He was extremely handsome, not in a pretty-boy way, but with short, iron-grey hair, a bristly mustache and a square chin. If the lights had been better, she might have guessed him to be in his early fifties. In other words, he was just the kind of man, ruggedly handsome, distinguished and mature, who appealed most strongly to Angel.

Minutes later, Jo walked on stage to start to introduce the acts that would be appearing. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to inform you that you are in for a truly special treat. THE LOVELY ANGEL, the most beautiful T-girl in the world, will be on this very stage to entertain you tonight."

She continued for another minute in that vein, before introducing Bertie Capp, the standup comic, who knew his place in the scheme of things. He was there to warm up the crowd, and it was the biggest crowd he had ever seen in the club. After telling a few jokes in his Cockney accent, while Angel prepared to make her entrance, he got to his real job.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the sexy treat you've all come here to see: The Loverly ANGEL!" After the introduction he hurried off the stage, because he was also responsible for operating the lights and playing the recorded music.

Angel waited until the spotlight was on her and her music was playing before striding out onto the stage, microphone in her hand, with the circle of light leading her. She was greeted by loud applause and whistles, from those who already knew her as a hostess in the club and from those who were surprised that her beauty matched the posters that had lured them in. The first song was "I Enjoy Being a Girl". In order to make the number long enough, the music had had been recorded twice and Angel would sing through the words twice. Because it did such a good job of describing her feelings about being a T-girl, Angel really liked the number and considered it to be something of a theme song for her.

The way she performed it, the audience LOVED the song. The first time she reached the line where she sang about how much she enjoyed being a girl, Angel bent forward to put her extreme cleavage on display and let the crowd enjoy her girlhood also. They cheered and whistled their approval. The next time she came to the line, Angel punctuated it by turning her back, bending over just enough to best show off her long, gorgeous legs, and shaking her even more gorgeous arse. That produced an even more tumultuous response. By the time she finished the number, strutting offstage and blowing kisses, the entire audience was on their feet, cheering and whistling and applauding. She knew they loved her, and Angel realized she loved them too, and wanted to demonstrate it to them and to continue being deserving of their love.

The next number, the second of the two she would sing, was a torch song, with Angel crooning of her love for a guy who was so indifferent to her. Everybody in the audience wondered how any man could be such a fool. While she moved slowly and erotically around the stage, swiveling her hips and shaking her torso and lamenting the lack of attention from her beloved, every man there was wishing he could be the object of the sweet, beautiful T-girl's affections. They happily dreamed about that, but at the same time, their minds were filled with lustful thoughts of what they would do with her and to her should the opportunity ever arise.

While she was in the spotlight, although she could hear the appreciative comments and other noises of the audience, Angel was unable to see any one person in the crowd. However, if she stepped out of the circle of light, she would be able to see individuals, especially if they were close to the stage. Ever since noticing the handsome, unknown man, Angel had been thinking about him, and she decided to try to get another look at his face. Casually, she stepped to the side and looked in his direction. He was there, no more than ten feet away, looking just as handsome as he had earlier, and Angel was elated that he was peering intently at her. Their eyes met for a second; he smiled and she smiled back, before ducking into the center of the spotlight again.

That brief glimpse, combined with the love flowing between her and the audience, gave her even more energy than she already had. This song, like the first, had been recorded twice and she expected to sing the words a second time. She hadn't yet started to remove any of her costume, but that changed as she started to sing once more about the man who found her charms to be unappealing. The men in the audience certainly didn't share that silly chap's attitude and, as Angel transferred the microphone to her left hand and started to unzip the front of her bustier, which would expose even more of her luscious breasts, they let her know it.

While she slowly pulled down the zipper with her right hand, the top of the bustier opened, exposing the cleft between the lovely twins. This was what the men in the audience had all been waiting for, and they cheered her on. Angel, however, knew that the best kind of a strip is a strip-tease. She put her left arm across her chest, holding the top of the bustier in place and completed the unzipping. Her arm was the only thing keeping the garment from falling open.

Her singing was over for the night and, in order to avoid dropping the microphone onto the floor, Angel slipped the attached strap over her arm, leaving both hands free. Still holding the separate sides of the bustier, she held one breast in either hand and spread them apart, showing off the entire cleft between them, just barely keeping her nipples covered by the edges of the garment. While her hips did a bump and grind, she cupped the succulent globes in her hands, smiling at the audience who, although she couldn't see them, were raptly anticipating what would happen next.

What happened was that the music stopped. As it did, Angel lowered both her hands, while still holding the bustier, letting her breasts spill over the top of her costume. While the audience collectively gasped at the delightful sight, she stood on the stage, moving her body slowly from side to side, letting everybody get a look at more of what they had come to see, and shaking them at the crowd. Extra loud cheering resulted but, once again she pulled her bustier up so it was covering her breasts, blew a kiss to the audience and skipped toward her exit from the stage. Just as she reached it, Angel turned around to face the audience, waved, and pulled the bustier away, showing off her breasts again as she did, and gaily announced "Don't go away. I'll be right back."

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