Angel Strips


Angel and I are an elderly couple in our third childhood. Although we are not immune to the afflictions of growing older, we try not to let them keep us from having fun.

She was raised to be a nice, Christian lady; her wild side didn't emerge until she married a hippy, ex-sailor guy named Kelly, that's me. If ever two people were meant for each other, it was Angel and I.

Now being retired, we have the time to play. We enjoy concerts, plays, masked balls, theme parties and occasionally a visit to our local BDSM club for photo-play, people-watching and to hang out with folks who aren't afraid to push the envelope a little.

Knowing my perverted ways, Angel has attended classes and seminars on "The Secrets of Domination ", "Pole Dancing 101" and more recently a class in "Strip-Tease-Burlesque". She was now waiting to perform with the other graduating ladies on a live stage for their grand finale.

Angel at 59 is still very sexy. Her young-looking, angelic face seems in contrast to her curvaceous, buxom body. She is pleasingly plump and has a friendly outgoing personality.

She is also incredibly bright and open-minded. Her smile and laugh makes hearts flutter. Everyone that comes in contact with Angel loves her and she genuinely cares about people. No one was ever so aptly named.

We recently received a notice from our neighbors, directly across from our apartment that they were having a birthday party that evening and although they would try and keep the noise down, please don't call the police to complain about the noise but to call them instead. We were also invited to the party.

We prefer small intimate gatherings rather than big parties and I had no intention of going, especially when I peeked through the trees and into their apartment which was directly adjacent to our 2nd story balcony. All I could see was a bunch of young men drinking beer and smoking pot. Angel was feeling especially amorous and had done her hair and makeup plus donned a sexy negligee in an attempt to gain my attention.

Normally all she had to do is look at me with those beautiful green-blue eyes and I melt right into her arms, but this particular evening I was feeling out of sorts and not in a sexy mood. Usually she is very understanding about this, given my history of prostate cancer, radiation therapy and low testosterone level due to my age (70).

This particular evening however, she felt hurt and a little angry at being rejected and had a cute little pout-look on her face. I explained to her that I would be happy to get her off with my hands or mouth but I really was not in the mood penis play.

At this point Angel became angrier and said, "Sometimes it's not about my orgasm but me wanting to know I can get you off. I love to feel your cock in my mouth and the taste of your cum. I want to know I can turn you on like no one else can!"

I held her close and tried to comfort her by telling her that she was the sexiest woman I had ever met and all my previous lovers paled in comparison to her, but this did not seem to help. Suddenly Angel's little pout turned to a sly, devilish grin.

She then said, "I have a great idea. We've never met those guys at the party so they don't know what we look like..."

"Yeah, so," I answered

"Well, "Angel continued, "I need to practice my strip routine for my final night, why don't I go knock on their door and tell them I am a Strip-o-gram, from an anonymous friend?"

"I don't know, baby, it might be a bit risky!" I replied.

"Oh no it won't," Angel continued, "I will tell them the rules are, they can touch themselves and I can touch them but they can't touch me. It will be fun! Besides, you can watch and video from our balcony and call the cops if they don't behave." I was still feeling a little uneasy but decided to go along with the plan.

I watched her dress, first a sexy black, see- through G-string with matching bra that allowed her nipple to be fully exposed. Next she put on black fishnet stockings that fastened to a red, lace garter belt, then came 4 inch higheels, black satin gloves, and a "fuck-me" black dress cut low in front to show her ample cleavage and high at the bottom just above her knees.

She was wearing more makeup than usual which gave her a real slutty look. She carefully smoothed down the stocking, and teasingly asked, "Are my seams straight darling, I want to look my best for them?"

I was getting quite aroused watching her dress and knowing she was going to strip for a bunch of young guys. I was about to ask her to say at home and play with me when she suddenly said, "Thank you darling for being so understanding. Most men are too insecure to allow their wives to do a fun thing like this!"

She grabbed me and gave me a big hug and kiss, then grabbed her strip CD, kissed me on the cheek, spun around and I could hear the clip, clip of her stiletto heels as she walked out saying, "Showtime!"

The party was directly across from our balcony and there was a row to trees separating the two buildings. Because the trees were very close to our balcony, I could see directly into their living room but they could not see into ours, especially with the lights out.

As I gazed into the party from our balcony I could see that there were about fifteen young college guys who were drinking, smoking dope, yelling obscenities and boasting their exploits. I didn't see any women there and thought to myself that Angel sure had a lot of nerve.

The music was deafening, their speakers must have been the size of Buicks, and they rocked both buildings.

Then I saw Angel enter the party. She told them she was a hired stripper and explained the rules. She was greeted with cheers and applause and was quickly offered alcoholic refreshment. I quickly set up the camcorder and settled down in my glider rocking chair for an evening of voyeuristic pleasure.

I had a front row seat, a perfect view and I could hear most of the conversation. I even plugged in my Magic Wand vibrator to maximize my enjoyment, I had everything except popcorn. For extra security, I had a sound effects recording of a police siren. I figured if things got out of hand, I could play it to scare the shit out of the guys at the party.

The young men happily greeted Angel and took her strip CD which was a recording of several "dirty blues" tunes by various artists, and put it on their CD player.

Angel, fully dressed, stood with her legs as far apart as her tight dress would allow and placing her gloved hands on her hips began to seductively sway with blues music coming out of the stereo. Her eyes were partially closed as she scanned the room licking her lips and smiling, making eye contact with each young man.

The guys loved this and hoots and cheers filled the room.

She started moving her hips in a circular motion, arching her back, causing her sweet bottom to protrude upward and outward, and then thrusting her hips forward making her pelvis and press tightly against the thin black material of the dress.

More cheers and whistles from her audience. They were getting pretty loud and Angel hadn't even started taking off her clothes yet. I guess she sensed the noise level too because she put a finger to her lips, shushing the guys and said in a sexy voice, "Better keep it down boys, we don't want the LAPD interrupting us before real fun begins!"

Laughter filled the room as the young men lowered their voice levels.

I checked the camcorder and it was centered perfect, recording every bump and grind. Angel then slowly peeled off her gloves and threw them at the men watching her. She then raised and crossed both arms over her head and closing her eyes and opening her mouth in a sexy "O"shape, exaggerated her rotating, swiveling hips, which elicited moans from the men.

After about a dozen rotations, she opened her eyes and with a devilish grin, placed both hands behind her back and began slowly unzipping her dress.

"Oh yeah, baby!" And "Take it off, honey!" echoed through the room as she slowly let the dress fall to the floor and stepped out revealing her erect, exposed nipples peaking out of her bra with her see-through G-string, red garter-belt and net stockings neatly framing her already glistening cunt.

This new action again increased the noise volume in the room causing Angel to once again place her finger to her lips, quieting the men down. She then took two fingers and placed it between her lips and began sucking them like a cock as she seductively swayed and danced to the music.

This really got to them and some of the guys started unzipping their pants, pulling out their cocks and began openly stroking them in her direction.

This pleased my Angel and she rolled her eyes and placed her hand over her opened mouth in mocked shock at the site of all these erect dicks waving at her.

Then, cupping one breast, she squeezed it hard, causing the erect nipple to bulge out and turn from pink to red as she placed her other hand directly over her sopping cunt and began playing with her clit.

One of the men dropped to the floor in front of her on his knees and sticking his tongue out, begged to lick and taste her pussy.

Angel smiled down at the young man and said, "No touching honey, but I'll let you have a sniff!" as she moved closer so he could inhale her divine fragrance.

He was so turned on he shot his load all over her stocking covered thighs. His companions laughed at him and one of his buddies said, "Smell that hole, and lose control!" which brought more laughter from his friends.

Then, not wanting to show favoritism, Angel rubbed two of her fingers against her wet pussy, allowing her juices to soak through her G-string, wetting both fingers. She then danced around the room moistening each guy's nose with her sweet scent.

I was so turned on; I had to pull the Magic Wand away from my cock quickly to keep from cuming. Angel laughed as these young guys inhaled her smell, and howled and moaned.

She then asked, "Who's the birthday boy?"

A young man who was stroking his cock said, "That's me!"

Angel danced over to where he was sitting in a chair and said, "Remember, I can touch you, but you can't touch me!"

She then began to give him a lap dance, placing both hands on his shoulders, as she slid her moist, G-string covered pussy from his face, down his chest, leaving a wet streak, until it rested on the underside of his erect cock, forcing it to bend back against his belly.

She then began rubbing her tits in his face while wiggling her hips against his and within seconds, he was cuming on her G-string and moaning, "Oh god, oh god yes, yes, yes!"

This action inspired some of the other men to cum too.

Angel quickly danced from cock to cock, cupping her tits and offering them as a depository for their sperm.

After most of the guys had cum on her tits you could see the jizz running down, on to her stomach.

Laughing, Angel quickly, slipped on her dress, gathered up her gloves, grabbed her CD and left saying, "Thank guys, it's been fun!" She ran back to our apartment and came in laughing and said, "I ready for my close up, Mr. De Mille!"

We both laughed as I held her in my arms, kissing her sweet lips and pulling her close to me. We could still hear the guys next door, hooting and hollering about the show they had just been given.

"Whoa, that was one hot MILF bitch!", and "Did you see me shoot my load all over that bitches tits?" and "I think that she really wanted to fuck me!" echoed from their apartment and out on to the street.

I picked up their invitation note and dialed their number.

"What the fuck do you want?" an excited voice came through the phone.

"I am one of your neighbors," I answered in a calm voice, "You guys are making too much noise, how about quieting down a little."

"Hey guys," he answered back drunkenly, "Some dude wants us to quiet down!"

"Tell him to fuck off!" another voiced said.

I hung up the phone, walked over to my computer, turned up the volume and clicked on the "police siren" sound effect.

We could hear the police siren echo between the two buildings.

Angel and I laughed as we watched them all in a mad scramble, turn down the music and hide their dope as they whispered back and forth, "Cool it man, the cops are here!" and "Oh shit, I hope we don't get busted!"

I then picked up my "hot MILF bitch" in my arms and carried her into the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and removed all her clothing. Then, using a warm washcloth, wiped all the cum off her body, and buried my face in her sweet pussy and sucked and licked her until I could hear and feel her cuming again and again.

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