Angel the Vampire


Angel stood in the shadows watching hungrily as the group of laughing young college kids came toward her down the alley. The group was made up of four guys and a girl. The girl was hanging all over one of the guys and it screamed how badly she wanted to get in his pants. Angel's smile broadened with the knowledge that if she took the girl into her brood she would want in the guy's pants for a very different reason.

Angel could smell them. Not just the overpowering odors of their cologne, the booze or the sweat that they had worked up on the dance club floor, but the delicious smell of their blood flowing through their veins. She could hear their hearts working to push that blood throughout their bodies. They were so young, so vital, and she was so hungry. The urge to gorge herself on their fine, young, blood filled bodies was overpowering her and with each passing second she found it harder to keep her position in the shadows.

The girl suddenly realized where they were and said with a slight alcohol induced slur, "What are we doing? People have been disappearing from this alley. We need to go back and take a cab to the Stratosphere."

"Aw Laney, the people that have been disappearing have been by themselves, not in a big group like us, we'll be fine." The guy she was hanging on replied dismissively.

'You're a smart girl Laney.' Angel thought to herself. 'It's a convenient thing for me that your guy and his friends aren't quite as cautious.' Angel heard one of the other guys pipe up,

"Yea, with all the running coach Reid has been having us do at soccer practice lately, if we can't beat them we can sure as hell out run them!" They all roared in drunken laughter.

Laney had a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach that said she should run because any second something bad was going to happen. She fought hard to control the urge to flee the alleyway.

The group had drawn up even with Angel's hiding place and she burst into action. With inhuman speed she moved through the group like a cool breeze and all four of the guys slumped to the alley floor unconscious. To Laney it looked as if all of her companions had passed out at the same time and she stood over them with her mouth agape. Her alcohol soaked brain was working hard to send the message through the booze to her mouth to scream just as Angel stepped up to her and grabbed her by the throat with one hand. Laney's eyes bugged out as she looked up into Angel's impossibly beautiful, yet cold face. Angel hesitated only for a slim second before she leaned down and pressed her open mouth over Laney's in a passionate kiss.

At first Laney struggled, but the alcohol had erased her normal inhibitions and within a few moments she was eagerly returning Angel kiss. Angel's arms slid down around Laney's young firm body and pulled them tightly together. Angel continued to kiss Laney as she rubbed her hands over her young body and one hand found its way up under Laney's short jean skirt to her crotch where her panties were quickly becoming sodden. A easy slip of her hand moved the panties aside and Angel's finger slid deeply into Laney's hungry pussy.

Laney moaned into Angel's mouth as Angel worked her finger in the sopping hole. Angel withdrew her finger, placed her hands on Laney's waist and picked her up without breaking the kiss to take the few steps that carried them to a nearby wall. Angel set her down then quickly released her cock and pulled the slit in her black dress over to allow her cock to be more easily used. Angel deftly reached up under Laney's skirt and with a hard tug ripped her panties completely off of her and out of the way. Laney began to struggle again and tried to break the kiss, but it was too late. Angel pushed her against the wall, grabbed Laney's legs and easily hooked them on her hips as she lined her swollen cock up with Laney's sopping wet pussy and shoved her way into Laney.

Laney was hardly a virgin, but she'd never had anything the size of Angel's cock buried inside her. As Angel invaded her young pussy she cried out into Angel's mouth. Angel pulled back a little and pushed again, this time achieving full penetration as she moaned in pleasure. Angel pushed her tongue as deeply as possible into Laney's mouth, tickling the back of her throat with the tip as she completely filled her tight pussy. Laney's head was reeling as Angel had her way with her. Angel fucked her with both her long tongue and her thick, throbbing cock. Laney's alcohol soaked brain was struggling with the idea that the woman whose breasts were pressed against her was also fucking her with a cock. It must be a strap on was all her pickled brain could come up with, but it felt so real. Angel finally removed her mouth from Laney's and began to kiss her way down to her smooth, wonderful neck. Angel licked along her neck as she lusted for the throbbing blood filled veins just under the surface of the skin. Laney was in ecstasy. With Angel's big cock stirring around in her pussy and Angel's mouth pressed against her neck it was quickly becoming more than she could take. Laney began to orgasm. Her vaginal walls shuddering and squeezing Angel's cock as she cried out her pleasure to the empty alley. At the height of her orgasm she felt Angel nip at her neck then felt something warm running down it. Angel covered the spot she'd nipped and eagerly began to drink Laney's blood.

Now it was Angel's turn to find ecstasy. The sensations of Laney's warm blood flowing into her and the feeling of Laney's hot wet pussy around her cock pushed Angel over the edge. Shoving her cock deeply into Laney she began to have a violent orgasm. Her vampire laced cum sprayed deeply into Laney as she drew ever more blood from her withering body. Angel knew that if she didn't stop she would absorb all of Laney's life force and the vampire laced cum would simply die inside her. But if she could bring herself to stop she could have another vampire to do her bidding and bring fresh young men back to the lair for her pleasure.

With great reluctance Angel pulled her mouth from Laney's neck. Then slipped her spent cock from Laney's pussy and allowed her limp body to settle back to the alley floor. Laney had passed out from the loss of blood so Angel gently laid her down, but didn't bother to pull her jean skirt back down over her still glistening crotch.

Angel closed her eyes and sent a mental message to her other two vampire minions. She thought simply, 'Come, feed.' She could feel them abandon their own hunting and begin flying toward her.

Angel turned and looked down at the still unconscious forms of the four young men lying in the alley. They all looked so vibrant, so alive, and so flush with blood. Laney had tasted good and taking her was necessary to build her covey of vampires, but Angel reveled in the blood of men. Taking a man was the purest form of ecstasy for her and much like a cat she would frequently toy with him, enjoying his more carnal pleasures prior to the ultimate pleasure of drinking every drop of his hot delicious blood.

As Angel looked them over she dismissed the one Laney had been hanging on. She would leave that one for Laney. After all she would be hungry when she awoke. Of the other three she chose the biggest of them and with little more effort than picking up a rag doll she lifted him from the floor of the alley. Holding him under his arms she gently blew into his face. Instantly he began to come around. He opened his eyes and it took them a moment to focus on the beautiful blonde that was holding him up. Angel smiled carefully, trying not to show too much of her teeth and in a husky voice said,

"There now, are you feeling better?" He was working hard to focus on her face, after all he was still drunk, and finally he asked,

"What happened? My head feels like it's about to pop off of my shoulders!"

"I think you must have bumped it when you passed out." Angel supplied.

He raised his hand up to his head and Angel could feel his hard muscles moving under her hands. He was lean and muscular. About six feet tall with dark brown hair that was middle length on his neck. His neck! How wonderful it looked and Angel could even see his pulse in that sweet full jugular vein. He went on,

"I don't feel a bump, but maybe it will pop up later." As he found his feet he realized she was holding him up and said, "Wow, you're a pretty strong woman. Thanks for helping me up." He looked around and when he noticed all of his friends were still lying in the alley he said, "Oh hell!" and moved to go to them. But he couldn't move. Angel was still holding him tightly. He looked back at her wide eyed and struggled harder to pull away from her, but to no avail. He noticed that she was breathing hard but it wasn't from the exertion of holding onto him. He could see the lust in her eyes and even though alarms were going off in his head he felt strangely drawn to her. She slowly leaned forward and when she pressed her lips to his he eagerly kissed her back. The kiss lingered. Slowly and softly their lips moved together, her tongue ever so slightly slipping past his lips to dart into his mouth. His subconscious was screaming at him to run away, yet he was unable to do anything but continue to kiss this beautiful creature.

At the back of his mind he realized he was now aware of two other women in the alley with them. In his peripheral vision he could see that they were dressed in similar black dresses to the one the woman kissing him wore. They fitted their figures tightly and showed their hourglass shapes off in a most alluring fashion. Each woman picked up one of his friends and blew into his face. Within seconds his friends were waking up to find themselves in the arms of those beautiful women. Without saying a word each woman kissed the young man they were holding in their arms, but the kisses were much more urgent than the kiss he was enjoying. These women seemed very hungry for the young men they held.

Angel knew he was watching the other two and this excited her greatly. Her cock which had so recently been in Laney grew rock hard as it throbbed with the desire to be inside this young man.

Their soft kiss became more urgent and he could feel her firm breasts pressed against his chest. Then when her hips moved he felt something firmly pressed against his thigh. Something that had no business being there, at least not when he was being held in the arms of such a beautiful woman. As he felt her continue to grow bigger and harder against him, he also felt her hand slip between them and undo his pants. He caught a quick glimpse of the other two women and realized that his buddies were no longer wearing pants at all. In fact they had their legs wrapped around the waists of the women and as their shirttails fluttered he could see that each of his buddies was impaled on the rather large cock of the woman he clung to. The women were thrusting through the tightly stretched sphincters of the young men as they roughly kissed them and his friends seemed to be truly enjoying the experience. Angel broke the kiss and whispered,

"Now it's your turn." She turned him around so he faced the other two couples and bent him forward at the waist. She quickly shoved his pants down out of the way, lined her throbbing cock up with his virgin ass and impaled him with it. It felt incredible, almost as good as the very first time she'd taken a man. She had a good amount of Laney's blood coursing through her and it engorged her womanly member making it swollen and thick. The explosive pain she inflicted upon him was so great all he could do was whimper in agony. Angel was awash in the euphoric feeling of being buried clear to the base of her big prick in his steamy hot body. She felt a trickle run from under her penis to drip off of her ball sack.

"Damn, I've ruptured you and now you're bleeding from your ass." She said in a matter of fact voice. "We can't have that, because I don't want to waste a single drop of your precious man blood. I had planned on making this last awhile since I had some of Laney's blood, but I guess it was not meant to be my pet. Now come up here and bring that blood filled neck closer to feed me!"

Agony had filled his mind when she'd invaded his virgin ass, now fear filled it in a way that left him stuttering in terror. He reeled with the implications of what she had just said and knew in his heart that he was going to die by giving his life's blood to this beautiful woman. He knew that he was about to become a part of her incredible body.

Angel slid her hands up along his ribcage and pulled him up to press against her chest. She slid a hand up onto his chin and effortlessly pulled his neck to her cool mouth. He was horrified and tried to struggle away from this beautiful yet terrible woman, but he was unable move a muscle. Deep in his terrified mind he realized that her body felt cool against his back. With a practiced ease her sharp teeth found his jugular vein and pierced it. His hot delicious blood filled her mouth. She gleefully swallowed the first mouthful and then began to drink in earnest.

The jugular vein is one of the body's superhighways of blood flow and it transfers quite a lot of oxygen rich blood from the heart up to the brain. If a terrified young man, whose healthy heart is hammering wildly in his chest, were to rupture that vein he would bleed to death in less than ten minutes as he tried to staunch the flow from his body. Place the open mouth of a ravenous vampire over that rupture and she will suck him dry in less than one.

The nip of her teeth had brought his horrified body back to life and even though it was too late, he struggled to pull away from her. Angel held him tightly against her body and as the seconds ticked by his struggles became weaker and weaker until all he could do was shiver in her grip. The young man could feel her cool body warming as she drew his hot blood into her and Angel could feel his warmth spreading from her stomach throughout her body, this brought with it a sexual satisfaction that made her balls tingle.

In a calm almost clinical way he thought, 'She consumes me and rapes me. Yet there is nothing I can do about it, but die.' She pumped her turgid member deeply into his ass with slow steady strokes as she drank from him. The continued loss of blood caused a euphoric floating sensation to come over him which dulled the pain he had been feeling. The seconds trickled by and he could feel in her an urgency to orgasm before he passed out. Just as the blackness was taking over his vision he felt her press her blood swollen member fully into him and she convulsed in a crashing orgasm. The flow of blood had reduced down to almost nothing as he went limp in her arms. Angel held him there for a few more seconds as she fully emptied his veins. Drawing every last drop from him, then she unceremoniously let go, allowing him to collapse to the ground in a pile before her.

Angel licked the blood from her lips as she tucked her slowly shrinking penis back beneath her black dress. She felt invincible! With that boy's blood flowing through her, she easily had the strength of any ten men. Angel stood over the boy's lifeless body with her hands on her hips. She watched the body closely and even though she had seen it happen many times before she could never leave until she had seen it through to the bitter end. His body was a dried up husk and when she nudged his leg with the tip of her black stiletto a small chunk came loose and dropped to the asphalt of the alley where it instantly crumbled into dust. A moment later the whole body followed as it imploded and where a moment before there had been a young man's form, now there was only an unrecognizable pile of dust that was already floating up onto the slight breeze that blew fitfully down the alley. Only his clothes were left behind.

Her two minions had begun feeding so it wouldn't be long before they would be finished. Angel turned her attention to Laney who was still lying against the wall with her skirt up revealing her crotch. The change was already beginning to take place. The lips of Laney's pussy were swelling and growing closed into a ball sack. Her clit was extended a couple of inches out from under its hood and growing into what would be her penis.

Angel had found out about the effect she had on women completely by accident when a group of people interrupted her while feeding upon a woman. She had barely escaped to her lair and by the time she got there with her meal the change had already begun taking place. Angel was curious about what was happening to the woman so she had locked her in a room then returned to hunt again. She was lucky enough to score two men and brought them both back to the lair to enjoy before feeding upon their tasty blood. Lucky for Angel that she'd brought them both back, because when the woman awoke she was crazy with hunger and attacked the man Angel wasn't enjoying at the time. It was an exceptionally violent event and the man Angel was toying with passed out from the sight of it. Angel however, found it most interesting.

Angel picked Laney up and tucked her under one arm and the boy to which Laney had been so busy clinging under the other. She concentrated and within moments she and her load were no more than a dark cloud of smoke which sped away into the wind.

At the Lair

In the windowless basement of a long forgotten mansion stood a long, dark, heavy wooden table attended by nine equally dark chairs and one ornate throne. The room was lit with hundreds of cream colored candles of every shape and size. The table was so massive that it would have easily held the weight of a small compact car. The young man was laid out upon the table as a feast set before the still unconscious Laney who slumped in one of the chairs at the middle of the table.

Angel sat somewhat sideways with one long luscious leg draped over the padded arm of her throne. She was flanked upon either side by one of her minions and all of their eyes were trained on the gently stirring Laney.

"She stirs Mistress. Soon the feeding will commence." Said Raven in an excited whisper.

Raven was as black as her name implied. Her skin was the color of silky dark chocolate making the tongue that darted out to lick her lips appear extra pink.

"I checked to see if she has fully developed and she has Mistress." Samna interjected not to be outdone. She brushed her auburn hair back from a china smooth cheek and her green eyes flashed with her sly smile as she added "And she appears to be almost as well developed as you." Raven and Samna looked across the table at each other and snickered.

"Enough. It makes no difference how big she is she will still call me Mistress. Just as you both do." Angel reminded them without a glance.

As they stifled their snickering a small moan escaped Laney. She stirred and stretched as she became fully awake.

"Where am I? My head is throbbing and I'm so hungry I could eat tofu!" Laney shook her head gently in an attempt to clear it and looked around the table. She took in the site of the young man lying on the table before her and gasped. "Tony! What's happened?" She reached out and shook him before she realized that there were three beautiful women watching her. "What have you done to him?!" She yelled, but even though she was in obvious anguish no tears came to her eyes.

Laney stood up, but had to grab the side of the table to steady her swaying body. She looked down at the legs that were attempting to betray her and noticed the growing bulge in the front of her jean skirt. Her mouth dropped open in an almost comical manner and Angel's girls started giggling. Angel was intently watching Laney and hushed the girls with her upraised hand. Angel said to them,

"It wasn't that long ago that you both were standing where she is now."

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