tagNon-EroticAngela and the Cruel Dentist

Angela and the Cruel Dentist


Angela had toothache. It had kept her awake all night having started a couple of days earlier. Her maid had advised her to use oil of cloves, but it was not doing any good. Even worse her husband of six weeks, William, was angry because she would not have sex with him. William was twenty years older than Angela and they were on honeymoon touring Europe.

As Angela lay in bed wondering what to do about the pain the door was thrown open, and William stood there glowering at her.

" I have had enough of this silliness, so enquired of the hotel manager have made arrangements for you to see a dental surgeon in the town to have that wretched tooth pulled."

"Oh please William no, don't make me go to a dentist. I am scared of dentists and surely the oil of cloves will work shortly."

"Only one way to deal with toothache, my dear, and that is to yank it out."

Sir William, for her new husband was a baronet, refused to listen, gruffly told her to be ready at 10.30 and left the room. Marriage was not what she had expected. It seemed Sir William had not married for love but rather to get his hands on Angela's father's money to pay his gambling debts. Her parents were flattered that an aristocrat had shown interest in their only daughter and the marriage would increase their social standing. This was 1903 after all. Although William's courtship had been romantic, after the wedding he had been demanding and rough, and often threatened to beat her if she did not comply with his sexual demands.

Therefore despite her fear of the dentist she was ready on time and they left the hotel in a cab. The dentist's surgery was located in a leafy suburban avenue. William rang the bell and they were ushered into a waiting room by a maid. A door opened across the hallway and Angela glimpsed two women hurry out, the younger woman was in tears and holding a bloody handkerchief to her mouth.

The next five minutes seemed interminable to Angela as the only sound from across the hallway was the clatter of steel instruments against glass.

"Please William, this place frightens me, I don't want to see the dentist. Please take me back to the hotel." She pleaded.

But before William could answer the surgery door opened and a large fierce woman in a nurse's uniform emerged.

" Sir William? The Herr Doktor is ready for your wife." She grabbed Angela's arm with a vice like grip and before the girl could protest marched her across the hall and into the surgery which smelt strongly of disinfectant. It was a big room but Angela's eye was drawn immediately to grim black dental chair which dominated the centre of the room. Standing beside it stood the large forbidding figure of the Herr Doktor. He had piercing eyes, a thick black pointed beard, and wore a white tunic. The sight of him made Angela tremble with fear.

"Please William, I beg you take me back to the hotel. Don't make me go in there."

"Don't be silly, my dear, it's for your own good." He replied pushing her through the doorway. Angela attempted to turn and flee but the nurse was too quick for her, slammed the door shut and guided the frightened patient towards the forbidding chair

The dentist indicated that his nurse should take Angela's outdoor coat and in an abrupt guttural tone pointed to the chair " Lady Angela, please sit."

Angela was too scared to protest so did as she was told. She was so afraid she thought she might wet herself

"Open your mouth." He ordered "Wider!"

The dentist pushed her head back in to the leather restraint and began to inspect her teeth with a sharply pointed steel probe and a long handled mirror. Angela yelped as the probe found her troublesome tooth, a rear molar, but her reaction did not stop the dentist who, having found his target, tapped and prodded forcefully. She struggled to get away from the dreadful instrument only for the dentist free hand to grab her breast and force her back in to the chair.

"Be still, woman." He grunted.

He muttered to his nurse who covered Angela's chest with a linen sheet.

" What, what are you going to do?" stuttered the terrified girl.

" I will drill the tooth to let out the poison. " replied the dentist pointing to a flimsy contraption standing near the chair.

"But won't that hurt?" she asked.

" I expect it will, now open mouth." he commanded reaching for the drill. Angela tried to struggle but the burly nurse held her head back in the restraint while the dentist's podgy fingers forced her mouth open. The drill was driven by a treadle which the nurse worked with her foot. The point of the drill quickly ground through the enamel into her tooth and almost immediately hit a nerve.

She attempted to scream but couldn't so instead tried to knock the dentist's hand away and escape the fearful drill. The drill whirled and bit deeper into her tooth, and Angela fought harder while the dentist forced her back in the chair. With all her strength Angela pushed the dentist away, as he reeled backwards his shoe slipped on the tiled floor, he collided with the drill structure knocking it over and crashing into the wreckage.

The dentist, purple with fury, picked himself up and glared at Angela who cringed in the chair.

"Look what you have done, you stupid girl." He bellowed and turning to the nurse. " Call her husband, she must be punished for this."

Within moments Sir William arrived on the scene. He had heard the noise but was startled by the amount of damage, and his first thought was how much the repairs would it cost.

"Sir William, your wife is being a silly little girl and has caused much damage to my consulting room. She must be punished and the damage paid for."

"Er yes, what did you have in mind."

The dentist gave Angela a long look then led her husband out of the room. Sir William could, he said quietly, pay a large amount of money for the damage, or he could leave now and let the dentist punish her. Sir William thought for a moment, then asked the dentist to tell his wife that he would see her back at their hotel later, and hurriedly left the building.

The dentist gave a cruel smile, returned to his surgery, and told the sobbing Angela that her husband had left the matter of punishment to him so would she please come across to his desk.

"Help her take off her dress." He instructed the nurse. A shaking Angela did as she was told fearing what would come next. Eventually she stood before the dentist in chemise and drawers.

"Wh- what are you going to do?" She stammered

"I'm going to beat you for breaking my drill. Now bend over the desk. "he leered, producing a long springy cane from a cupboard." You see, I often get young women in here that don't do as they are told. When I have finished you will find it very uncomfortable to sit in my chair. Now do as you are told."

Before Angela had time to argue the nurse had forced down over the desk with one hand and was untying the silk bow on her drawers. Again she tried to struggle but the nurse was too strong for her, then suddenly the dentist's pudgy fingers were at her waist pulling her loosened drawers down to her ankles. She blushed red with humiliation.

"Now I will teach not to disrupt my treatment." he said. There was a long pause, then the cane whistled down against her bare buttocks. Angela tried to choke back the tears but the cane really hurt and she howled as six times it smacked into her pale skin, each stroke carefully placed against the edge of the previous one.

"There, "said the dentist with some satisfaction," That is what you English call six of the best. Now get dressed and we will continue the treatment."

Still sobbing Angela pulled her drawers carefully over her glowing red bottom, and the nurse helped her back into her dress. Then it struck her what the dentist had said about continuing the treatment.

"I'm not getting back into that chair, I'm leaving."

"Alas no, my lady, your husband told me to complete your treatment, and that is what I intend to. Sit down!"

Angela tried to run to the door but her tight skirt prevented this and she was quickly grabbed by the nurse who bundled her back into the dental chair. Angela squealed as her sore bottom hit the hard seat of the chair.

" I think her ladyship will need to be restrained for the next part." said the dentist, producing two broad leather straps, and he and his nurse quickly secured Angela's wrists to the arms of the chair. Knowing what was about to happen, the nurse put a thick red rubber apron over Angela's heaving chest.

"Now, are you going to open your mouth for me?"

" No, I most certainly am not."

" I think you will regret that decision. So, Nurse, hold her head."

Again the unfortunate girl tried to struggle but the nurse held her in a vice like grip while the dentist forced her jaws apart using a steel gag which he adjusted to it's full extent.

He crossed to his instrument table and picked something up from a metal dish.

"Shall we make the next part little more comfortable?" he said with another evil smirk and held a large metal syringe with a long needle in front of her eyes which were wide with fear. Free of the nurse's grip she shook her head, trying to dislodge the gag.

"Ah, you don't want this?" He said in mock surprise. " What a brave girl she is, nurse. Well in that case we won't use it." He put the syringe back in its tray and returned to Angela holding an even more frightening instrument, a stumpy pair of extraction forceps.

The nurse again gripped Angela's head in a wrestler-like lock as the poor girl tried to cringle back into the chair and when the dentist came within range she kicked out at him. But he easily sidestepped her thrashing feet, place his knee across her thighs and thrust the forceps into her open mouth. Pain shot through Angela's jaw as the forceps locked onto her tooth. The dentist twisted his wrist, gave a mighty yank and with a horrid crunching noise the tooth came out.

The dentist looked delighted with himself, but after closely inspecting the bloody tooth, held up his hand to stop the nurse from removing the gag before stepping forward to peer into Angela's mouth.

"Ach Dummkopf. I have pulled the wrong tooth. I thought it came out too easily! So we must try once more, no?"

The struggle began again, and this time went on much longer as the dentist wrestled to wrench the broken molar from Angela's jaw. Eventually with one final heave, using both hands, the troublesome tooth was extracted.

The gag was removed from Angela's mouth and the nurse gave her a glass of salt water to wash away the blood, while the dentist removed the wrist straps. Having paid the bill the poor girl was eventually allowed to make her way out to the waiting cab. As she walked unsteadily out into the avenue a man and a woman had just arrived in a motor car. The man was coaxing the obviously frightened woman towards the dentist's surgery. The couple looked at Angela, the woman took in her pale face and the bloody handkerchief clutched her mouth, gave a scream and fled down the street.

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