tagNonHumanAngela at the Cabin

Angela at the Cabin


"There you go ma'am, are you sure you will be all right?" The old man set down the suitcase he was carrying and wiped a thin sheen of sweat off his bald brow with an old red handkerchief from his pocket. When he set the suitcase down the rickety boards groaned slightly in complaint at this weight being put upon them. Angela smiled at him softly.

"Yes Jonas, I will be perfectly fine, I promise." He looked at her and nodded and she gave a half-laugh and hugged him. Jonas had been the caretaker for this cottage for a number of years. He lived not terribly far from the cottage and received a small amount monthly to check in now and then to make sure it was still in livable condition. When he received word a few weeks ago Angela would be coming here he worked hard to try to clean and repair the place as best he could. He was even kind enough to pick Angela up from the airport and drive her the four hours it took to get to this lost spot way out in the woods.

Without another word Jonas shuffled down the steps and into his beat-up old pickup truck. He rolled his window down and then started the engine and it gave off a puff of smoke. He waved his red kerchief out the window as he made his way down the dirt lane. Angela stood on the porch and watched him go. She squinted into the new summer sun as she waved goodbye to Jonas until his truck faded from view. She was so grateful for his help and a part of her was sad to see him leave, but for the most part she was ready to start her new life and standing on this old porch she was beginning to feel the strength that she could do it. When Jonas was completely out of sight she turned towards the old, wooden door in front of her and pulled out the brass key she had for the front lock. Why there was a lock on the door was beyond her, as this small cottage was miles from anyone around. Still, she knew that lock would give her some comfort when she slept at night.

Taking a deep breath she inserted the lock into the keyhole and opened the door. The door swung into the small room beyond, and the light that showered over her shoulder illuminated a small area that appeared to serve as a family room and living room all in one. From what Angela could gather the place was very old, and upon first inspection it certainly did match that description. She sighed to herself softly and said out loud to no one in particular "well, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step" and then she crossed the threshold of the doorway into the house.

The light sound of Angela's voice carried into the room in front of her, and the sound waves traveled down through the floorboards and into the basement below. These waves continued to travel to an old well in the back of the basement. This was a well that was very deep and had long since been forgotten because it has been covered over by growth and dirt over the years. The waves off her voice made their way to the bottom of the well, and they were then picked up by the auditory system of the creature that was asleep there. The words she spoke played over the creature very much like the light played across the room above when she opened the door. The creature's senses were still very much asleep, but a part of it heard this voice, and its other senses detected a faint odor that was distinctly not male. It "felt" the vibrations of the floorboards above as Angela entered the house. These sensory stimulations triggered something in the creature – a sense of intrigue. It then began to roust itself from the long hibernation it had been in, a hibernation it put itself in years ago in order to wait for that right moment to awaken again.


The next few weeks for Angela were certainly not easy for her, but they were not without their rewards either. She spent most of her days cleaning and performing minor repairs around the house. It was hard work at times but also very liberating. On this day she decided to give the upstairs bathroom a good scrubbing and as she worked her mind, as it usually did, would drift to the past events that led her to this place.

Angela had spent the past thirteen years as a model, and a very good one at that. She started small with local shoots and mall promotions, nothing major. Then she was "discovered" by an agent that started her on the fast track to doing very well for herself. Her life picked up speed and the lazy days of her youth were suddenly far in her rear view mirror. Every weekend was a new shoot around the world and parties to attend, and during the week she worked hard to maintain her exposure through high end promotions and by constantly working on her website and connecting with her fans. Very quickly this life spun out of control, and she began to lose the things she held dear to her heart one after another. She distanced herself from old friends, began to shut out her family, and soon even the man she had been with for many years found another to replace her since she was no longer around that much. To Angela all this had happened so suddenly she really didn't have time to take it all in and notice how much damage she was causing. Eventually she almost lost herself to the lifestyle, and the few days she spent in the hospital from exhaustion, stress, and alcohol abuse gave her a chance to really take stock of where she was and who she was becoming. She discovered that when she looked into the mirror she did not like the person looking back at her. Not at all.

As Angela scrubbed the upstairs bathroom of the secluded cottage she frowned at the memories of those dire months. While in the hospital she received a lot of love, but that love faded very quickly when it became obvious that she had lost the taste for that life that wasn't hers. All of her new "friends" disappeared from view and all her contacts were quickly no longer to be contacted. When it was all said and done Angela found that she was all alone. So very alone, and she wanted nothing more to do with that life.

Fate, it would seem, is funny in so many ways. Angela had returned from the hospital to her posh apartment to find a ton of bills waiting for her, and amongst the bills was an official letter from a local attorney. Turns out that a great aunt of Angela's had passed recently, and with Angela being the last remaining relative on that side of the family she ended up inheriting the small estate her great aunt left her. Angela took the money from that inheritance and paid off her debts and made a decision to start life fresh and new from that moment on. Also as a part of her inheritance was the deed to a small cottage that was far from civilization. This is what got Angela thinking about starting over, and what could be a more perfect place to do so?

She made the arrangements to transfer the title of the cottage to her name, and the caretaker of the cottage by the name of Jonas was then informed a new owner would be moving in within a month or so. Angela settled the rest of her affairs at home, turned off her website and disconnected her phone. She closed out all her accounts except for one that would be at a small bank somewhat near the cottage she was going to live in. Thus, sight unseen she took a leap of faith into her new world, leaving all the evils of the modern world behind. She was on a quest to rediscover herself, and to rediscover her passion for life.

Angela finished with cleaning the bathroom and by now had a really good sweat worked up. Tired and sore she stripped out of her work shorts and tiny tank top and climbed into the antique but workable tub with an attached shower. The hot water felt good caressing her skin and she just let the water dance over her while she relaxed. The hardest part of her first few weeks was just being alone. She had been so plugged into the world for so long that being unplugged was a very frightening and difficult thing to handle. Each day got better, however, and today was a good day for her. She accomplished quite a few chores and as she stood in the shower she was unaware that her left hand was casually playing with her left nipple. The sweet sensations that shot down her body brought her out of her daydream and she realized that now both her hands were massaging her plentiful breasts in a loving fashion. She was somewhat flustered at this but then quickly shrugged it off as she knew she was alone, and Lord knows it had been a long time since she had a good orgasm. The chores must have really worked her up, because she felt that heat between her legs and she just smiled her mischievous smile and let her hands caress her body.

The combination of the warm water dancing around her and her hands playing began to drive her wild. She let the water mat her long blonde hair behind her and took the body soap off of its cute little rack and began to rub the soap in earnest across her chest. The slick soap worked into her sensitive skin and the bubbles began to froth all over her body. Angela had always been a very sensual and sexual woman, though that part of her disappeared when all the troubles began. Here, alone in the woods, that part of her was slowly returning...and it felt amazing. Her breasts and nipples were always so sensitive and she loved to have them played with and teased. Her hands worked up and over her breasts, and her fingers began to pinch and tweak her nipples. She played with them lightly at first and then more and more rough. She certainly did not mind a little pain to go with her pleasure either. The sensations were mind blowing and she could feel her knees getting weak as she fondled her breasts.

Unable to control herself any longer she then removed the shower head from the wall and held the head closer to her nipples, letting the full force of the water spray over her chest and sending chills down her spine. The water hit her naked flesh with full force and caused her to take a deep breath quickly as the new surge of tingles that went throughout her body were a slight shock. The water quickly washed the soap off of her chest and down her body, and as the water caressed her top half she stood with her legs further apart so that the hot soap and water could wash over her lower half, and it felt simply awesome. It was like she was softly being played with by many little fingers at once.

By now her nipples were rock hard and were ready to explode. She couldn't take teasing herself any longer so she slowly worked the shower head down her stomach, and she bit her lower lip as she spread her legs further and let the water from the shower head spray over her clit. The sensations were maddening and she eventually let the shower head rest between her legs fully as the water shot out and began to hit her in all the right places.

"Ooohhhhhh" Angela moaned, and her hips began to rock back and forth and the shower head was her new lover that was going down on her. The water was its tongue and it was licking and teasing her and she loved it. She then lay down in the giant tub and spread her legs and wide as she could, placing one leg outside the tub and another up the wall to her right. The shower head was firmly between her legs and it was very persistent with its loving. Her hips were still rocking back and forth as she slid the shower head up and down and side to side, catching those hot spots and causing her to start to breathe really hard. She slid the shower head from one hole to another, teasing the outside of both rims and it was incredible.

In her mind she imagined her fingers intertwined in the hair of the lover who was between her legs and she could hear them sucking at her juices and she imagined their fingers working deep inside her as they played. It did not take long for her body to begin to shake violently and her first orgasm hit her so quickly and suddenly that she had no choice but to cry out in ecstasy. The orgasm was incredibly strong and she lost her breath and saw stars for a moment as it washed over her. When it finally subsided she was working hard to catch her breath and she felt like she had just run a marathon. It had felt so incredibly good, but her pussy was still much very on fire, and she knew she had to keep playing. She quickly got out of the tub and made for her bedroom, not even bothering to dry herself off.

In the well far below, the creature heard the cry of Angela's as she had her orgasm and it shuddered. It could feel the waves of pleasure emanating from above washing down over it and it was feeling sensations in its body that it had not felt in a long time. Its limbs began to shake and stir and it focused all its attention on the female above who was driving it mad. As the water drained out of the tub and into the drainage system the creature could sense her fluids within the water, and it diverted some of that water to wash over its own skin. Pure joy shot through it as it touched those faint juices. It could taste the musky odor and it absorbed her passionate juices into itself, and these juices began to give it strength. The bodily fluids were diluted by the water, but it was enough to give the creature a new sense of purpose. It wished to taste those sweet fluids directly now. How long had it been, it wondered, since such pleasures were known to it. Too long, it reminded itself. Far too long.

Angela quickly entered the bedroom, naked, wet, and her body completely on fire. The shower orgasm was great, but she knew that she craved something even more. She needed to get fucked. NOW. She went to her closet and rooted through some boxes and pulled out a box that was a gift from an old friend as she was about to leave for the cottage. The box was labeled "Emergency Use Only" and she tore the lid off the box to reveal a 12" plastic penis. It was a gag gift, of course, but tonight Angela had only thoughts for this toy, and she snatched it from the box and plopped onto the bed with it in hand.

Holding the giant dildo in her hands she sized it up and realized she had never taken anything quite this big before. Normally she might have been a bit concerned about this but at that moment she knew she wanted this in her, and in her deep. It was thick to go with its length, and she shuddered at the image in her mind of it buried all the way within her.

She took the head of the toy and began to run it slowly over her engorged clit. She could not believe how wet she was and how turned on she felt. The strong plastic pushed up against her clit over and over again and the waves of pleasure that shot through her were amazing. After a few minutes of tormenting herself she decided it was time to test this bad boy out. She placed the tip just inside her to get used to it and she gasped at how good it felt. She then closed her eyes and imagined a stud on top of her that belonged to this giant dick. She slowly began to push it inside her. She could feel herself stretching and that was a bit painful, but she had never felt so full and it was truly driving her wild. She managed to push it about halfway in before she could push no more. She was breathing even harder now and her skin felt hot to the touch. She glanced over to the mirror beside the bed and saw the toy sticking out of her with her legs spread wide and that was an incredibly hot and sexy image of herself she would never forget.

She let the toy rest deep within her for a few seconds to get used to it, and then she slowly began to pull it out. She thought at first she might have to use some of the lube that came with the toy but she was so wet that it didn't appear to matter. The giant cock slid out of her with ease, and when it was almost all the way out she pushed it back in, this time a little faster. The deeper it went the better the sensations. She was taking long, sure strokes. All the way in, then all the way back out. It was delicious torture and her mind was going a million miles a minute to keep up with her body. Soon she began to move it faster within her, picking up speed and keeping the long strokes. Now her legs were bent up in front of her and she was raising her butt off the bed to meet the thrusts of the penis into her. She was really sweating now and her hand began to work faster and faster. In her mind her arms were wrapped around a behemoth of a man, holding onto him for dear life as he pounded her pussy mercilessly and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"Oh god oh god oh god oh god faster...faster...faster!!" She was begging her imaginary lover to pound her harder and deeper, and she could feel another enormous orgasm building up inside her. This one was going to be absolutely huge.

Before she came though, she wanted to switch things a bit and she quickly rolled onto her stomach and then up to her knees into the doggie position, not letting the cock slip out of her. Now her hand was working it into her from behind. It was an awkward angle for her to reach but she didn't mind one bit. She put her head down to her pillow and bit it deeply as the new angle had the cock thrusting deeper inside her, and she didn't know how much more she could take. Now her giant lover has behind her and slapping against her, driving himself further into her then she ever could have imagined. Her hand was working furiously and began to ache but she didn't notice at all. She could feel that powerful orgasm building again, and within a few minutes it hit her like a tidal wave. She was shouting into her pillow and she kept ramming herself over and over and over again. She had no idea how long the orgasm lasted but it seemed to go on for hours.

Eventually the sunburst within her died down and she pulled her face out of the pillow. She was panting heavily and her arm was killing her and then she noticed her knees had started to hurt from the position she was in. All of that truly didn't matter to her though as she slowly pulled the plastic cock out of her and tossed it to the ground beside her bed. She then collapsed onto her back and took a few minutes to catch her breath. That was truly one of the most incredible experiences she had ever had, and it was by herself.

Angela was completely unaware of the affect that she had on the creature below her. Every thrust of the toy, every whimper from her lips, every second of her orgasms drove it deeper and deeper into a passionate fury, and she had no idea what it was planning for her soon. Very, very soon.


The rest of the week was a very productive one for Angela. She was getting much more used to being alone in the cottage day and night, and she was really learning things about herself that she didn't think she would ever have found out had she not come here. She got into a regular routine of waking up early, working out, getting a few chores complete then spending the afternoon relaxing, reading, or exploring the woods around the cottage. She never wandered too far, but always liked to see something new every day. The caretaker Jonas had been kind enough to leave a bunch of tools and basic cleaning supplies in the shed out back which Angela took liberal use of. This cottage has not had regular tenants in decades, and she had a lot of work to do ahead of her to get it back into shape.

Being a model she was used to the public and was never shy about her body. Because of her hard work and great genetics she was very proud of it. As such she had no trouble with a lack of clothing when around people back home. However here at the cottage it took some time getting use to being in little to no clothing. It just felt...awkward. After her passionate sex play the other night though a new braveness awoke within her, and during her relaxation times she had become accustomed to not wearing anything at all. Luckily summer still had some days left ahead of it so she was taking advantage while she could. She would lay out back nude and collect some rays for tanning, or even perform minor cleanup jobs in the nude because it was so liberating. She eventually was brave enough to walk around the cottage and to the shed sans clothing, and it felt great. Her libido was definitely coming back stronger than ever and her being nude all the time lent to her spending less time cleaning and fixing and more time playing. Her big thrill was a quick skinny dip in the lake out back. The water was a bit too cold for her tastes, but the quick plunge was very refreshing and she ended up playing with herself right there on the small beach of the lake. Right there out in the open for the world to see, if they do desired. She was finding that she was the happiest she had ever been in quite some time.

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