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Angela Meets Devin


After writing "Angela's Education", my first submission to Literotica, I found myself increasingly curious about the characters of Angela and Devin. This Prequel is a love story with no sex. If its sex is what you are seeking I recommend Angela's Education.

Angela is a lady and will take some courting before surrendering.


Angela paced the sumptuous lobby like a cat. Her long legs flashing through the short slit of her conservative business suit. She dialed her boss's number on her cell for what seemed the twentieth time in twenty minutes. Oh god where was he. They had the most important business deal of year to present and the meeting started in ten minutes.

Angela had worked for NYC Property Management Services Plus for just short of a year. She had been flattered when, Mr. Wilson, the Vice President in charge of new accounts had personally requested she assist him in assembling the management proposal. Securing the Devinikos account would be the business coupe of her and her boss's career. A sure thing for promotion and that corner office for him and a definite feather in her cap.

The Devinikos Corporation owned some major real estate in major cities in Europe and Asia and rumor had them planning a major expansion into the New York metropolitan area.

Aristotle Devinikos was the sole owner and would be here personally for their presentation. He was very involved in the daily decision making of his business and had a reputation for being very intolerant of screw ups. He also had a serious rep for being a very shrewd business man, building his business from a few holdings in Greece and Italy to a major player in the International real estate market.

Angela had been involved in all aspects of this business proposal but the last thing she wanted was to go into that board room solo. She knew she did not have the experience and had an unsettled feeling that this Devinikos guy would probably eat her alive.

"Ms. Halifax, they are ready for you." The cool voice of the gray haired gentleman at the desk by the boardroom doors shot through her. Angela felt a thrill of panic spread through the pit of her stomach. For half a second she almost debated running out.

Unconsciously she ran her hand over her hair, checking that it was smooth, contained in the tight bun in the back. "Wish me luck."

"You will probably need it."

The words made her stomach lurch. Taking a deep breath, she squared up her shoulders and turned to face the doors. The large double doors looked like they had been salvaged from some ancient castle. Heavy scarred timbers with massive wrought iron hinges and handles, they could have lead into a treasure vault filled with gold and jewels or a dark and dangerous torture chamber. Angela almost expected them to creak and groan as she pulled them open. She suppressed a pang of disappointment when the swung silent and weightless revealing the room beyond.

Her heart was in her throat and she had the oddest premonition that stepping through those doors held a portent far beyond the business deal she was about to present.

After those ominous doors, the board room seemed almost disappointingly normal, no suits of armor, no throne, just a a large dark wood conference table with the expected leather chairs. The room was smaller than the doors had suggested with a tall ceiling. The entire far wall dominated by floor to ceiling windows looking out over Central Park.

Seated on the far side of the table were three men in expensive Italian suits. Two stood as she entered in old world courtesy. She could see their eyes looking curiously past her obviously expecting more than just her. The third had his back to her as she entered looking out the windows.

"Good afternoon gentleman, my name is Angela Halifax. Mr. Wilson has been unavoidably detained, so I will be presenting our proposal to you today." Angela put down her heavy briefcase and leaned across the table to offer her hand, silently cursing its width that made her lean so far.

At the sound of her voice the man with his back to her spun to face her. His dark eyes initially angry quickly turned appraising, then predatory. While none of these men sat at the traditional head of the table it was clear where the power sat in this room.

He was above average in height, he seemed shorter because of the width of his shoulders. Everything about him seemed slightly larger than life. Dark curls topped a massive head with large almost brutally handsome features. He had a massively thick neck, a deep chest, thick muscular arms. He radiated confidence and almost bull like strength.

Devin felt his first rush of anger at this substitution quickly dissipate. This Angela Halifax was definitely interesting. She was tall and unusually beautiful, with large ice blue eyes and a wide generous mouth.

"Miss Halifax." He deliberately used 'miss'. He detested the affectation of 'ms.' and was interested to see if she would correct him. He reached to meet her hand but purposely did not lean to meet her halfway, forcing her to lean further to meet him. Even through her loose jacket he could see her heavy breasts shift as she bent over. He gripped her hand firmly and was please when she met him strength for strength. He stopped just short of causing her pain but held his grip for about three seconds longer than necessary, observing as she flushed and a small tremble ran through her hand.

Her eyes dropped from his and traced down his shoulders to the hand gripping hers, noticing how rough and calloused it was. This was not the soft boardroom handshake she was accustomed to.

"Mr. Devinikos." Angela was shocked by the sudden rush of sexual feelings that his rough handshake had triggered in her. She just as quickly felt a flash of rage at his obvious attempt to fluster her. Ignoring the wave of color that rose up her throat to her cheeks, she busied herself setting up her power point presentation and began to review the points of the proposal.

"NYC Property Management Services Plus prides itself in providing to its clients the finest in wrap around services." Angela knew this presentation forwards and backwards. She provided data, references, all the latest tables, video taped tours of their offices and other properties they managed and testimonials from satisfied clients.

Mr. Devinikos remained silent throughout her presentation, not looking at the screen, ignoring the brochures and documents she slid across the table to him. His eyes followed her every movement.

Devin watched Angela as she made her pitch. She definitely was beautiful but she was dressed in a loose unattractive business suit, dark hose, and utilitarian flat shoes. It seemed like she had gone out of her way to disguise her femininity. He briefly wondered if she might be a lesbian, but the way she blushed and her eyes dropped to his shoulders and hands when he challenged her made him sure she was very aware of his masculinity.

Acutely aware of his eyes on her, Angela concluded her presentation and asked if they had any questions.

"Why was Mr. Wilson unable to be here?" His voice was deep and slightly rough, with the slightest flavor of an accent.

"I would like to apologize for Mr. Wilson's absence on his behalf..."

His voice cracked like a whip, "I am not asking for excuses or apologies."

"OK, Mr. Devinikos, if its facts you are seeking, then fact it is." Angela knew she was a terrible liar and decided to lay it all on the table. "The fact is I don't know why Mr. Wilson is not here. He did not show up and I have been unable to contact him. He is a very responsible man and a friend. To tell you the truth I am very worried that something may have happened to him." Her cheeks were bright red and her eyes shown with temper. "This has little to do with the business proposal on the table, if we could get back to that...

He interrupted her again. "So you just decided to make the presentation without him. Why should we listen to you? What position do you hold with your company? Do you even have the authority to close a deal of this magnitude?"

Damn he was close with that one. Angela knew she held no seniority in the firm and did not have the authorization to commit to anything. "I seriously doubt whether any final decisions will be made during this first meeting. So my decision making authority is less important than my knowledge of the of the services we have to offer. I can assure you that I am very knowledgeable about those services.

Angela handed out hard copies of the proposal to each of the men at the table and for the first time she wondered who these men were and why they had been there.

"I would like to thank each of you for your time. On the cover page you will find my number. NYC Property Management Services Plus prides itself in prompt communication, this number will reach me personally. Could we schedule a follow up meeting to discuss this further..."

Again he interrupted her, "Yes, yes, we will contact you to let you know if wish to 'discuss this further'." His voice was just short of mocking.

Angela's hands were shaking, she was so furious. She focused on gathering her materials, struggling to keep her face calm, masking the emotional turmoil underneath. Not only had this bastard gotten under her skin, she was sure that she had blown this account. She would be lucky if the firm ever let her do anything again. She snapped her briefcase shut and was turning to leave when she felt his hand on her arm. He had moved so silently she had not sensed his approach.

"I have been discourteous." It was not a question, in fact there was a hint of laughter in his voice.

Oh that bastard; she turned abruptly to face him, but he was standing close, way too close. She stepped back and caught her ankle on the chair behind her and began to fall back. He was quick and very strong. His hand on her arm tightened like a vise and jerked her towards him. To her absolute horror she found herself leaning against his broad chest, his hands on her waist. He smelled amazing, like cedar and sagebrush on a hot desert day, plus something else, something intangible, intoxicating. A wave of heat and weakness swept over her.

Angela was practically babbling in embarrassment. "Terribly sorry. Excuse me. Must have lost my balance." Her hands pushing against his chest, trying to escape his grasp. His eyes were dark and enigmatic as he slowly smiled down at her panicked face.

When he released her, she practically fled the board room.

Devin could not help but laugh out loud as he watched her hasty exit from the room. His hands still remembered the rich and promising curves she had hidden so well inside the frumpy business suit. Reaching into his pocket, pulled out his cell and placed a call. He was not ready to let his quarry escape just yet.

Angela leaned against the elevators cool stainless wall, cooling her cheek against the smooth metal. It couldn't have ended worse. Blinking back tears, she took out a tissue and wiped her eyes, and smoothed her hand over her hair as the doors opened to the first floor. Lifting her heavy briefcase she moved through the lobby.

A tall uniformed figure blocked her way as she tried to leave the building. "Miss Halifax?" Startled she nodded mutely at the security guard. "Mr. Devinikos has some questions for you and asked me to detain you. He will be arriving shortly."

A wave of instinctive terror crashed over her, "I really don't have time. I have another appointment. Please give Mr. Devinikos my apologies. Tell him that my firm will contact him within the hour to answer any questions he may have." Her voice high and panicked. Her heart sank when she could see the security guards eyes look over her head and acknowledge his employer as he approached from behind.

Whirling, her eyes blazing, she stepped up facing this huge man that had her emotions in such turmoil. "How dare you have this goon accost me..."

His smile was huge, "I am sure I owe you an apology. Please allow me take you to lunch. We can discuss how to salvage this relationship." He threw her a bone. "Your presentation intrigued me, I am seriously considering your firm. I would like to talk to you about that." He did not wait for an answer, taking her heavy briefcase in one hand and her arm firmly in the other, he walked her out to a waiting town car.

His manner and words had Angela's head whirling. If she could salvage this... If she got this account... Before she knew it she was in the car. They were both in the roomy back seat with a uniformed chauffeur behind a privacy screen.

He opened a small sliding door and made a drink, pouring dark liquor over ice cubes, and handed it to her without asking if she wanted it, and made himself one. Angela hardly ever drank but she knew she needed this drink now. She lifted the glass to sip but he stopped her hand, an electric shock as his warm hand held hers still. "I would like to propose a toast." His eyes on hers he lifted his glass. "To new and profitable relationships." Angela was disconcerted at his words, not business relationships, just relationships. She nodded and raising her glass, she took a generous swallow. The strong liquor burned as it went down her throat.

He took her to a small intimate restaurant specializing in Greek food. He greeted the host in animated Greek. Obviously he was a regular here. "You must let me order for you, this is one of the best places in your city for the food of my country." Before she could protest he was speaking rapidly to their server in Greek. The food was exotic and unfamiliar, but delicious. They drank traditional wine tasting of resin, she did not much like it at first but found it went well with their meal.

He kept her busy talking to her about the food, peppering her with questions about NYC Property Management Services Plus, her work history with the firm, her education and work experience. Every once in a while his questions would become more personal, asking her if she lived in the city, why she chose her career path. She found herself answering all his questions her guard lowering as she became slightly tipsy from the wine and his attention.

"You are a very attractive woman. Do you find that is a difficulty in your business?"

His comment on her appearance made her realize how much she had been revealing about herself. She blushed and stammered. "I probably have to work twice as hard and do twice as good as the men in the firm. Fortunately that is not too difficult to accomplish." His laugh was warm and inviting.

"Is that why you wear that atrocious suit, trying to gain respect for your business acumen?"

It was probably the booze but she giggled and nodded rather than take offense. When he went to refill her glass she wisely put her hand over the top of her glass. "It is way too early in the evening for me to have any more to drink."

"You should let me take you out later."

Every alarm in Angela's head went off. "Do you think that would be wise? If we are going to have a business relationship, it wouldn't be professional to meet socially."

He grinned wolfishly. "I could take my business elsewhere so that I could enjoy your company."

"Oh you are a very bad man."

"You have no idea how bad a man I can be." He reached out and took her hand and kissed her finger tips. "Indulge me, let me take you out tonight. I promise to behave like a gentleman, at least for tonight." His lips smiled but his eyes looked carnivorous. She felt a rush of excitement bordering on fear.

"As long as you promise to be a gentleman I cannot think of a reason to say no."

After Angela got home there was a message on her home machine. Mr. Wilson's secretary had left a recording notifying her that Mr. Wilson had had a heart attack but was doing well in the hospital, expected to make a full recovery. She was to make apologies to the Devinikos representatives and attempt to reschedule the presentation. Angela shook her head wondering why in the hell they had not called her cell phone.

Angela was in a tither. She had half her clothes out on her bed and had tried on a least a dozen outfits. She was damned if she was going to wear some ugly figure concealing outfit, but she sure as hell wasn't going to wear any of the few revealing clubbing outfits she had left over when she had been in the dating scene years ago. She finally settled on a soft figure hugging blue silk dress with a high button up collar and long sleeves. Cinching a rhinestone studded belt to bring the eye down to her narrow waist, she unbuttoned the top two buttons of the collar and turned up the sleeves to tree quarter length. It was simple in cut and long, reaching three inches below her knees.

Her hair was just as hard to get just right. Thick and curly, her brown ringlets had a mind of their own. They resisted almost all her efforts to tame them. The one style she had gotten down was that severe bun she habitually wore at work. She finally opted for a knot on the top of her head with a few strategic curls artfully hanging down, looking like escapees from the order imposed on the rest.

She wore just a little makeup, some color on her cheeks and lips, the lightest of eye liner to set off her light eyes. She settled on a pair of simulated sapphire studs in her ears, and a pair of low heels.

She knew she looked good. She had enough guys hitting on her to be well aware of her affect on men. She just never met any guys that had interested her for more than a few dates. They had all seemed so pathetically needy, like babies, rude, demanding, their appetites written on their faces. The few she had slept with had been so inept and subsequently apologetic or worse yet, sweatily grateful, that she had not accepted their offers for a second try. After a while she had just hidden behind her ugly clothes and her job, getting increasingly more adept at fending off advances. At work she knew they thought she was either gay or an ice queen, and she was happy with that. She had a little electric friend in her nightstand if she got restless at night.

He arrived ten minutes early. When she opened her door, he stepped back two steps and nodded in approval. He gestured for her to turn around and to her amazement she gave a little spin, for the first time caring to please the man at her door rather than assessing him to see if he met her standards.

"A definite transformation, the little office caterpillar has become a lovely butterfly."

She was not comfortable inviting him into her apartment. Grabbing a light cashmere shawl she joined him in the hall. He took her hand and raised it to his lips and kissed her lightly on the back of the hand, a gesture that from him seemed natural and not affected. Angela was unnerved by the way she could feel the imprint on her skin for what seemed minutes afterward.

On their walk to the street, he kept her distracted and entertained with talk of the various properties he had been thinking about buying.

Once in the car he began to make a drink. "Please none for me." He raised his eyebrow and nodded

"Miss Halifax, may I call you Angela?"

"If I were to say yes, what should I call you, Aristotle?"

He barked out in laughter, "Oh my god, no one has called me Aristotle since my mother died. Call me Devin, its what all my friends call me."

When their car stopped he picked up a package from the seat. "A small gift, to thank you for accepting my invitation."

"Devin, I could hardly accept a gift, we hardly know one another."

"It is nothing, just a corsage for your pretty wrist. Flowers on a first date are acceptable to you?"

Angela was embarrassed, "Of course, flowers are very gallant and romantic, how could a lady refuse."

He opened a package. The corsage was lovely ice blue orchids attached to a black leather band. He took her wrist and carefully buckled the corsage to it. She looked at her wrist, almost an inch wide, the leather band was multiple layers of supple leather sewn together, held by an pretty enameled buckle, it was beautiful and strongly made. "I have never seen a corsage band this strong before, it is lovely." She raised it to her nose and inhaled the heady scent of the sweet orchid and at the same time the smell of leather.

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