Angela, My Angel Pt. 02


"I'll start on supper and you just relax", I volunteered.

"No, let's order in. We can take a nap while we wait for the delivery", she countered.

"Alright, I won't say no to snuggling up with you", I chuckled as she closed the eye that was open. I got my phone off the coffee table and ordered in. I joined her on the couch, settling down behind her and pulled her back against my front and wrapped my arms around her. I enjoyed spooning with her, we fit so well together. And as I felt myself drifting off the delivery guy arrived. I got out from behind her and brought our supper to the lounge.

As we ate our supper she started the story about how her visit home was. The evening started with general chatter, sticking to the safe topics. It was great being back at home for her and she felt such a light happiness but still burdened by the conversation they were all avoiding. Her mom was the one to initiate it: "So, the last time you were here you said you were seeing someone. Are you still together with that person?"

She looked around wearily, all eyes looking at her expectantly now. She felt a lump catch in her throat as she could not decipher the tone behind her mother's voice. But as she thought about the person who she'd been sharing her life with, everything just faded to the background, the lump cleared away and a smile found her dreamy face. "Yea, we're still together. It's been an amazing few months, she's amazing - caring and loving. She's a bit awkward around people she is not familiar with, and even worse at small talk, which I think is an adorable sight to see. She's so supportive and patient with me and my demanding schedule, especially with the project that I've co-founded." She was broken out of her reverie, remembering that these were her parents she was talking to. She looked around at everyone again, apprehensive. The silence that filled the room deafened her, and they eyes looking at her blinded her.

"Ah hem", Angela's father cleared his throat. "Your older brother, Dan, has been telling us that you are the happiest he's seen you in a really long time. And that no matter how happy you are, on a closer look there's still a spark that seems to be missing in your eye. When you were talking a minute ago I immediately understood what he meant. You were happy, my child, and when you looked around at us, it seemed to disappear. I've been watching you this whole evening; you've been smiling and happy, but there's been something missing within you. I want you to know that I am willing to meet this young lady that has impacted my daughter's happiness this much. Maybe you will finally find the glint that's been missing from your eyes."

She looked at him, open-mouthed and disbelieving, turned to her brothers, Dan the Phil, as if to ask, 'you've been talking to them about this?', then finally, her mother. Her mother's eyes were fixed on the dining room table, hands clenched together. "Mom", Angela called out. She tried again, "Mom?", when her mother's head slowly lifted to meet Angela's gaze. Her mom's eyes were teary and Angela's heart just sank with a heaviness. Her father had just declared that he was going to accept her choice to be with a woman, and her mother was teary-eyed.

Her mom spoke, "I'm sorry, Angie." Angela could already feel that her mom was going to tell her she couldn't accept any part of her choice, she was sure that is what was going to come out of her mother's mouth and she felt her cheeks heat up. "I'm sorry, Angie. I am unable to forgive myself at the moment for shunning your choice of lifestyle. It's evident that this Phoenix person you've been seeing is good for you, and as a parent I only want what is good for you. Like your dad, I would also love to meet Phoenix."

Angela wailed, taking everyone by surprise. "Oh honey what's the matter? Did I say something wrong?", worry laced in her mother's voice.

Angela laughed through her tears and held her mother's hands, "I'm just so happy. I'm just so relieved. Oh my word it feels like the world's sorrows have suddenly lifted off my soul. I'm so happy right now", and she stood up, hugging everyone in the room.

She had relayed the story to me with a smile I hadn't yet seen on her face. If there was a way to describe it, I'd say it was a full smile. Not that doesn't sound quite right - complete. Her smile was complete. That night we laid in bed and made out until we fell off to sleep.

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