tagLoving WivesAngela the Cum Queen

Angela the Cum Queen

byvelvet hammer©

Disclaimer: As with all my work, this is erotic entertainment for adult readers. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. All sexual activity in this work is consensual and all sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older. – VH

This is how it started: my friend John was going to take my kids with him and his kids to go fishing, and I had to come over and drop them off. Then I forgot something, had to go back and bring it back. When I got back John was at the bait shop or getting something for the kids, and he had all the kids with him, so his wife Angela let me in.

I've always had a thing for Angela. She's friendly to me, cheerful, a bit on the plump side, curvy but not fat. At least I don't think so. Angela met me at the door in her bath robe. She'd just come out of the shower apparently, and it was apparent that she didn't have anything on under her robe.

Not that that meant anything. We all knew each other well and we'd hung around the pool enough and everything. Angela excused herself to get dressed, and after waiting in the living room a bit, I got up to use the bathroom.

In the bathroom my eyes spotted it immediately – a red dildo. Angela's, obviously. She'd been masturbating in the bathroom just before I arrived. Curious, I picked it up, and out of instinct I suppose, I sniffed it. The red dong was coated in her juices, I could smell her all over it. Then I licked it, ran my tongue up and down the red phallus, enjoying her flavor.

Then I spotted something else, a lacy thong, electric blue, right there on top of the pile of clothes in her laundry hamper. I fished it out and held the lacy undergarment to my face, sniffing deep of her scent. Of course by now I was hard as wood and the obvious thing was to pleasure myself. I wrapped her lacy thong around my pole and started stroking off, eyes closed and sniffing and licking her dildo at the same time. It was so crazy and so erotic I was as close to heaven as one can get in self-pleasure. It didn't take long for me to get real close to the edge.

Well of course the door opened and there was Angela looking at me, aghast. I didn't say a word, totally froze, deer in the headlights. Angela looked at me, then looked down at my cock wrapped in her blue lace thong, then back up at me, mouth agape. Then she shut the door fast.

Well that was so thrilling I started beating my meat harder and faster than before and in seconds I came, shooting streams of hot cum all over the place. The wall was plastered with cum and a good amount ended up all over her thong as well. I held the thing up to my face and sniffed deep of our mixed smells. Then I stuffed her thong into my pocket and got the hell out of there.

Less than an hour later I got a text from Angela. "Can you please come back and bring me back my panties?"

Oh my God. I couldn't believe she was so direct about it. Things were going from bad to worse. I had no choice but to go over. Angela met me at the door – fully dressed this time – but didn't say nothing. She was wearing a summer sundress, real girly outfit and no bra but I wasn't looking her up and down. I was looking at my feet and mumbling, "Oh Angela I am so very sorry about this, this was totally a wrong thing for me to do, could you ever find it in your heart to forgive me." Angela just put out her hand, didn't say a thing, and I handed over her panties. I hadn't washed them or anything.

Well right about then John showed up and he was going on about all kinds of last minute details. This welcome distraction blew the pressure off what had happened – the whole thing about the panties, and Angela walking in on me. John was so busy hustling the kids into the car he simply was not aware of the tension going on with Angela and me. Then he was out of there – " 'Bye y'all" and they were all on their way.

And then it was just me and Angela standing there in the foyer.

There was this awkward silence. I guess had to say something so I started with, "Angela, I'm so sorry, I'm so terribly, terribly sorry..."

Angela didn't say a thing. She just lifted the hem of her sundress, all the way up. She was wearing the blue lace thong. The same blue lace thong I'd masturbated into, earlier. I could see my cum stains all over her blue lace.

I was instantly hard.

Angela's eyes went right to my bulge. She stepped forward and without a word started undoing my belt and my fly. My trousers went to my ankles, Angela looked me in the eye and then went to her knees and wrapped her lips around my rock hard cock. Right there in the foyer.

Oh my God if I live to be a thousand I'll never forget Angela's worship of my hard cock. She was good and slow and deliberate with plenty of slobber and plenty of lip and tongue action. The girl knew what she was doing. When my cock was ready to burst she used even more slobber all over the knob and started jacking me off into her open mouth.

At that stage I didn't last much longer. My toes curled in my shoes as my cock convulsed and launched great big gobs of white sticky stuff all over the place. Angela didn't even try to dodge. Some of it landed in her parted lips, her outstretched tongue, and the rest landed on her face and the rounded tops of her breasts. She took me back in her mouth to suck the last few drops out of me and then released me, looking up still holding my semi-rigid cock in front of her like a microphone. She had cum dripping down the sides of her face, puddling up on her heaving chest, and a wide smile.

I helped Angela to her feet and when she offered me her smiling face, I kissed her full on the lips; long, slow and lovingly.

That was the beginning of my experience with my buddy's wife Angela, a true Cum Queen. We did it several more times, quite often in fact, over the next few years. Sometimes she'd suck me off, often we'd do mutual masturbation and Angela loved it when I launched ropes of hot cum all over her naked body. She never said a word about it, we never talked about it. It was not an affair, it was almost as if we weren't even cheating on our respective spouses. It was just something we did. Angela was a Cum Queen, is all. She lived for cum.

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