tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAngela The Office Girl

Angela The Office Girl


I work in a small office park and keep late hours. Often times, the only other soul around is Angela, a chubby latina with big tits and a knockout face. Angela is very quiet, and says little as she bustles around the office.

One night, I brought some cake for dessert from home and left it on my desk while I ran a few errands. When I came back, Angela was sitting at my desk stuffing cake in her mouth, her lips covered in frosting.

"What is this?" I demanded, as Angela scrambled to her feet in fear. Her entire mouth was full of cake, and frosting was even on her upper chest. Angela stood there in halter and loose shorts, breathing heavily and trying to swallow the cake.

Finally, she managed to blurt out,"I'm so sorry! Please don't be mad! I'll do anything to make up for this!"

As I studied her figure, I became intrigued by the hardening nipples under the halter top. She had a gut, but I was looking at her watery eyes and full lips. I began to feel my cock harden.

"How old are you?" I demanded.

"I turned 18 the other day."she replied haltingly.

"Well, it's time someone taught you some manners, young lady!" With that, I sat at my desk and pulled her over my knees.

"Mister! Don't! Stop this! I'll report you!"

"And lose your job when I tell them you were stealing from here?" I replied with a resounding whack!

She began to cry as I spanked her. Her wiggling caused my clothed cock to rest right between those massive tits. I began to squeeze her ass cheeks and tugged at her shorts.

"No! I don't have any underwear on!" she cried.

"Shut up!" I ordered, and I took a piece of cake and smeared it all over her face. As she sputtered over that, I yanked down her shorts and untied her halter. The entire room smelled of 18 year old spanish pussy.

Angela tried to hold her halter over her exposed tits, but I yanked it away roughly. This chubby little virgin was now wiggling in my lap stark naked except for her sandles.

"Pull my cock out." I hissed, as my precum soaked through my groin. When she hesitated, I smacked her ass hard.

"No, please.." she barely whispered,but she was unzipping my pants.

When my erect cock hit her in the face, she groaned and lapped at the head. I began fingering her sopping wet pussy as she moaned in spanish.

I took a dollop of frosting and smeared it on the head of my cock, then pushed her mouth down on my dick. "Now eat it, cunt." I ordered.

Angela sucked hard at the sweet treat, not realizing it would soon turn salty. I mauled her fat nipples and fingered around her drenched maidenhead while she slurped and groaned over the first cock she had ever tasted.

"I'm gonna blast off in your mouth, bitch." I advised through clenched teeth, and began rapidly spanking her red swollen ass as I erupted.

"Aiee!" she managed, before I pushed her face down on my spurting prick.

I took some frosting on my finger as lubricant and stuck my finger up her ass. Angela winced around my cock but sucked harder.

"More..I want more.." she panted as she stroked my dick all over her face.

I pushed Angela up on desk, scattering papers everywhere. I shoved a piece of cake up her furnace of a cunt and began to eat it feverishly.

"Papi..Papi.." she moaned, her entire face covered in frosting and cum.

I took the rest of the cake and smeared it all over her tits, while I licked and chewed her nipples. I took my still engorged cock and rubbed it up and down her frosting covered slit.

"No..no..I'm a virgin." she whispered plaintively, but when I looked up at the cum and cake all over her face I lost it.

"Fuck it!" I moaned, and drove my cock past her hymen into her tight spanish cunt.

I ignored her cries and plowed away, lifting her chubby thighs up onto my shoulders. Soon Angela began babbling in spanish under her breath and licking at the frosting that now coated my nipples.

"Jesus," I muttered,"I'm going to fill you with cum,baby." Angela reached down and began to milk my balls in rhythm to my thrusts. "Fuck me hard, you chubby little whore." I bellowed, as spunk surged up my shaft and into her pussy.

I pulled out as I was still coming and hit her in the face with a frozen rope of semen.

Angela lay there on the desk panting and covered in goo. I walked over and shoved my cock into her mouth.

"From now on, you clean this first every night." I smirked."And don't wear any clothes when you clean around me anymore either."

Angela continued to nurse on my cock and nodded her approval.

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