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Angela Waiting


This is a continuation of Angela and Devin's story. You can read more about Angela and Devin in my other submissions. Some are written out of time sequence, but each story can stand alone. Chronologically this encounter occurs immediately after "Angela's First Lessons".

In this story Angela has to wait while Devin goes on a business trip. With Devin gone, Angela's lessons have been put on hold, but she learns some of the rewards that come with her submission.


Angela walked down the hall toward her apartment door with her back straight and her head high. It took every once of her will to not throw herself at his feet. Her teeth were gritted, she had to force herself to breath. Silently she thought over and over, "Don't cry, don't cry, don't you fucking dare cry." He had said no more tears today.

Devin did not talk as they had driven her home and had not said a word to her as he walked her to her apartment door. He was aware of her struggle to control her emotions and sensed her resolve would shatter at the slightest word. Everything had been said already. In front of her door, he pulled her to face him. Her eyes were huge brimming with unshed tears, lips trembling. She took a deep shuddering breath and tried to smile.

Devin pulled her into his arms and gently kissed her on the forehead. She sagged against him, the tiniest whimper of despair started to bubble up. She jerked back and pushed him away. Her shoulders quivering, she turned her back to him and fumbled in her purse for her key. As she stepped through her door she felt the first tear tumble down her face. She turned to say something but he put his fingers against her lips, hushed her and pulled the door shut between them. Angela sank to the floor stifling her sobs.

Devin leaned his forehead against the door, fighting every urge to smash down that door and drag her back into his arms. He silently cursed himself for his weakness. He should never had started this when he knew he had to leave in just two days. But she had been so perfect. He had never met a woman whose temperament and needs had so perfectly complemented his. They had barely started to bond and now he had to leave. To be gone now when those bonds were still new and fragile could be disastrous.

He knew he had to trust to the strength he had sensed in this woman. He also had lots of plans to keep her busy even if she was not with him.

Angela sat struggling with her hair. He liked her to wear it down and loose while they were together but after a day of tumbling around in bed, it was hopelessly tangled. She soaked her curls in a deep conditioner detangler and began to systematically comb out each ringlet. After she was satisfied that every knot was gone she stepped into the shower and washed her hair. Dry her hair hung down as far as her breasts but as it got wet and hung down straighter, it hung almost to her waist. She knew it was beautiful but daily care of this wild mop was time consuming and tiring. Quickly finishing her shower she stepped out and wrapping her hair in a towel she stopped to look at herself in the mirror.

She was somewhat disappointed to see the same woman that had looked back at her a thousand times before. She felt so different that she had somehow expected to see some sign, some transformation in her appearance to match the changes she sensed inside herself. Looking closer, the corner of her mouth turned up as she saw a faint ghost of a hickey perfectly circling one of her nipples. Her mind spiraled back to being bound, standing painfully on her toes as he sucked on her. A flash of pleasure bounced around inside her like a pinball, careening from her nipple to her belly, finally falling down into her cunt causing echoes of all the orgasms she had experienced this weekend to resound through her.

She turned and was happy to see the welt that the cane had left across her ass was still bright red. She touched it and was thrilled when it still stung at her touch. Her cunt began to throb. "Damn you Devin, what the hell am I going to do for the next two weeks."

She was startled by a knock at her door. Her heart lurched. Could it be... She looked through the peek hole in her door and her heart sank, it wasn't him. It was a delivery man. He had a flower in a vase in one hand and a bag in the other. She called through the door, "I didn't order anything."

"Miss Halifax, Mr. Devinikos has asked me to deliver these to this address."

She slipped a five dollar bill under her door. "Put them on the floor by the door and leave." She had lived in New York long enough to be extremely wary of opening her door to anyone she did not know.

When the delivery man left she eagerly opened the door and drug her treasures in. In a lovely cut crystal vase was a single red rose bud, with a tiny card attached. He had written, "You were very brave tonight." In the bag were several items: a carafe of orange juice, the rest of the truffles that had come with their dinner the previous evening, a handful of hair pins, the little bottle of oil he used to treat her leather bracelets, one of the silk straps he used to tie her with, and an envelope.

Her hands shook as she opened the envelope. Inside was a letter, a smaller envelope with a single white pill in it and a copy of the picture he had taken of her ass after he had punished her.

"Dearest Angela, just a few things to let you know I am thinking of you,

Tomorrow my lawyers will be contacting NYC Property Management Services Plus to begin negotiations for a management contract. I made this decision on the merit of your presentation, not because I love fucking you.

I will not be able to telephone you very often, but if I can, I will call you at 11 pm NYC time. Do not despair, you will be hearing from me in other ways.

I have a trusted employee here in New York. His name is Avery. He will be contacting you to relay messages and directions from me. He has worked for me for a very long time. He is discreet and loyal. I hope you will find a friend in him.

The pill is a sleeping pill my doctor recommends to help me adjust to all the time zone changes. They work very well. I suspect we will both have trouble sleeping tonight. I plan on taking one. You can choose whether you want to take it or not. Don't take it after midnight or you will be groggy in the morning. I suspect you will want your wits about you tomorrow.

I hate to have to leave you so soon after finding you. Be reassured that you will be in my mind as much as I am in yours.


Angela popped one of the chocolates into her mouth, put the orange juice in the refrigerator, and walked into the bathroom to dry her hair. After it was dry she braided it to keep it from getting too tangled while she slept. A little before 11 she took the pill and crawled into bed wondering how long it would take to fall asleep.

She did not expect him to call, but put her cell phone beside the bed, hoping against hope. Her heart lurched when it rang precisely at 11.

"Did you get my letter?" His voice sent waves of happiness and lust sweeping over her.


"Did you take the sleeping pill?"

"Just a few minutes ago."

"Are you in bed?"


"What are you wearing."

She could not help giggling, this was so stereotypical. "A white nightgown."



"Take them off."

It may have been stereotypic but it sure worked to get her hot. "OK, I took them off."

"If you touch yourself; think of me, think of being tied up, think of the pain mixed with the pleasure. You will fall asleep soon. Sweet sexy dreams."

He hung up without saying good bye. She looked at the phone and giggled again. Damn him, he knew how to get her going with just a few words. The sheets against her bare skin felt sensual. She was unused to sleeping nude. She reached down and ran her hands over herself, visualizing his hands, when she touched her pussy it was hot and throbbing. Keeping her eyes closed she sent her mind coasting: his hands, his cock plunging into her, his lips on her breast, the smell of his come on her face, his breath hoarse in her ear, his coarse words. She screamed, "Oh god, Devin, Fuck me, fuck me fuck me." and jamming her fingers roughly into her cunt she came, arching and convulsing against her hand. She fell asleep with her fingers still inside.

She felt relaxed and rested when her alarm woke her. She pinned her hair up in its bun and put on one of her baggy business suits. Looking in the mirror, she frowned in dissatisfaction, god she looked awful.

She was sitting at her breakfast table drinking a glass of orange juice when there was a businesslike knock at her door. Looking through the peek hole she recognized the gray haired man who had sat outside the boardroom on that fateful day when she first met Devin.

As soon as she let him in he began to bowl her over with a torrent of words. He practically swished about her apartment, energetically waving his hands as he spoke, "Miss Halifax, I cannot begin to express my delight that our Devin has found a lady friend." He looked her up and down, pursing his lips. "Dear, oh dear, we are going to have to go shopping together soon. You could do so much better than that potato sack suit. He has asked me to furnish the spare room in his apartment here to your taste. How firm do you like your mattress? Are there any personal items that you would like to have stocked in your bathroom."

He was so animated and so obviously gay that Angela began to laugh and waved her hands beseeching him to stop. "Mr. Avery, I presume?"

"Oh my dear, don't call me 'Mr'. Avery is what everyone calls me. Oh my goodness, look at the time. Devin has his driver coming to take you to work in just a few minutes. Lets walk down together." He leaned down to grab her briefcase and began to urge her out the door.

"Wait a minute, slow down. I don't need a driver to take me to work. For gods sake give a girl a chance to answer all these questions."

He began to giggle, "Oh dear, I do sometimes get so carried away. I am so excited for our Devin. I would advise you to take the offer of the driver. Devin doesn't ever do anything that he doesn't throw himself into a two hundred percent. He expressed a wish that you be kept busy and happy until he can return to New York. He is not the kind of man who accepts the word 'No'. I strongly recommend you just lay back and enjoy the ride."

She smiled and said, "Well, it seems that my life is no longer my own. OK, lets walk down to the car." As they walked down she asked him if he could have lunch with her. She was hoping she could get him to shut up long enough so she could ask him some questions.

He continued to chatter as they went down to the street, but she didn't pay too much attention. Before she got in the car, she was startled when he gave her an enthusiastic hug, and exclaimed "Oh Angela you have no idea how excited I am."

"You love him don't you."

"Oh dear, you can't spend much time with Devin without falling in love with him. He is the most generous, charismatic, hard working man I have ever met. It is the great tragedy of my life that he likes girls." Suddenly serious, he took her hand. "He can be a real bastard if you cross him dear, please be careful. I probably don't need to tell you this. I can tell you are a lady. Devin wouldn't have chosen you if you weren't. Please don't gossip to others about him. People will naturally assume things about you. I recommend you ignore any rumors or questions." Hugging her a second time, he said, "I do hope we can be friends."

When Angela got to her cubical, there were two urgent messages on her phone. The first was from Friday notifying her of Mr. Wilson's heart attack. The second was from that morning from the office of the president of the firm requesting to meet with her at the soonest possible time. The tone of the second message was definitely termed as a request and not an order.

The president's secretary showed her into her office immediately. As soon as she walked in the president stood up. "Angela, I don't know what you did. I am not sure I want to know, but you have landed one of the hottest new property management accounts in the city. This is huge for the firm. Mr. Devinikos' representatives are down in conference room B hammering out the details. They have a very specific request that you be assigned as the primary manager of their account here. If you don't accept that position they won't sign. I am prepared to offer you a substantial raise and an office of your own.

Angela was reeling. Damn you Devin. Once again you make decisions without even asking me what I want and I end up getting everything I could ever have wanted and more. "I would need a secretary to handle an account as big as this."

"Of course. We will temporarily assign Mr. Wilson's secretary to you until he returns. By then you will have found someone suitable. I would not be surprised if you don't need a whole staff reporting to you if things work out the way we hope."

"Then I accept."

The president looked at her quizzically. "Tell me Angela, did you sleep with him?"

Angela looked coolly at the older woman, "Mr. Devinikos is a capable and shrewd businessman. I am sure he would not let as trivial a thing as sex influence a business decision. Mr. Wilson and I worked very hard on our presentation. I am sure he deserves as much credit as I do."

The office wasn't quite a corner office but it did have a nice big window. Granted the view was of someone else's office window across the street, but after a cubical it was wonderful. The executive bathroom was just down the hall and she had a key. She was starting to feel a little giddy.

She checked in with Mr. Wilson's secretary. "Shirley, Mr. Wilson and I landed the Devinikos account. You have been assigned to assist me until Mr. Wilson is well enough to come back to work."

"Oh yes, everyone is talking about it. I feel so bad Mr. Wilson isn't here to celebrate."

"How is he doing?"

Shirley looked sad. "They say he has to have bypass surgery. He might not be coming back at all."

"Could you please have some flowers sent to the hospital? Have them write on the card that we landed the account. Tell him we couldn't have done it without him. Wish him a fast recovery."

Angela spent most of the morning sitting in Conference Room B, watching as Devin's and the firm's lawyers jockeyed and negotiated a complex contract. She definitely got the idea that in the end Devin got the better half of the deal. Soon it was time for her to go meet Avery.

Shirley had spent the morning moving her things from her cubical to her new office. "I will be having lunch with one of Mr. Devinikos' representatives. If you need to reach me you should call my cell." Angela made sure that she had the correct number this time, silently blessing her luck that Shirley had not had it last Friday.

Avery stood and waved excitedly when she got to the restaurant. He pulled out her chair. "How was your morning."

"Oh... My... Gawd... Avery. Devin has got my whole life in the palm of his hand. I have only known him for a couple of days and he is changing everything. I mean I am not exactly complaining but its all happening so quickly."

"Thats our Devin."

"Avery is it possible to fall in love this fast?"

"With our Devin, yes. He is has that kind of power over people."

"He seems to expect so much of me. I am not sure I can be good enough. All this is all so new to me."

"Oh Angela, Devin wants you. He has not had a woman friend in longer than I care to comment about. Please try." He reached across the table and taking her hand he pushed up her sleeves exposing her leather bracelets. "You and I both know what these mean. You are with him because you want this as much as he does. He will be a very good Master to you. The rewards for success will be beyond your imagination."

She smiled conspiratorially. "Oh he's been teaching me all about the rewards." Avery's eyebrows arched and he winked broadly at her. "Avery do you have to tell Devin everything we talk about?"

"Good Lord no. I mean I would tell him if I thought you were going to do something to hurt him. But anything else you want to talk about can be our secret."

"Avery, you are gay, right?"

"Queer as a three dollar bill."

"Avery I am not very experienced... um... sexually..."

"Don't tell me you were a virgin."

"Just about, I mean I had had sex before but not much, nothing like with Devin. I just don't know how to do everything."

"Girlfriend I don't know much about girls, but if you want some pointers about how to make love to a man, I could definitely help you out."

They spent the rest of lunch with their heads together, whispering and giggling. At one point Avery even got out a pen and began drawing diagrams on a napkin. As they walked out, Angela was flushed, her eyes sparkling. "Girl friend you are even more beautiful when you are turned on."

"I don't know what Devin has done to me. I have been horny as hell ever since I met him."

"He won't tolerate you having anyone else."

"I don't want anyone else, I just wish he were here." She hugged him. "Avery thank you so much, I really needed a girlfriend just like you."

"You are very welcome darling, but we are getting close to being back on the clock and Devin has plans for your evening. He expects you to spend the evening at your gym. Something about being out of shape and sore muscles. He said you would know what he meant. Your driver is named Sergio, he's a nice enough guy but I wouldn't trust him to confide in. He will pick you up from work and take you to your gym."

"Avery do you have my whole agenda? Do you know what he has in mind for me for the next two weeks?"

"Yes dear, but let me have my fun. You will have a blast and not knowing what is coming will make it all the more special. I really have to run, if you need to talk about anything call me.

When she got back from lunch Shirley had some papers about her new position for her to sign. Her eyes bugged out a little when she saw how much she would be making. She kept busy as hell all afternoon. The Devinikos Corp owned four buildings in the city already and had bids in on at least a half a dozen more. This was definitely not going to be an easy job. Angela was determined that Devin would not regret hiring her.

She was surprised when Shirley peaked in and said, "Miss Halifax, the lobby has called up. Your car is here."

Angela left all the papers out, grabbed her bag and flew down. "Thank you so much, Sergio. I will need to swing by my apartment, I had no idea that Mr. Devinikos wanted me to go to the gym tonight. How long have you worked for Mr. Devinikos?"

"Not long ma'am. 'bout nine months."

"Do you like being a driver?"

"It can be pretty boring waiting around."

"What do you do while you are waiting?"

"Read mostly."

She spent the rest of the ride getting him to talk about himself. She figured if these guys were going to be sheparding her around they ought to get to know each other.

The trip to the gym once again had Devin's hands all over it. He had made an appointment for her with a personal trainer and another for a massage after she had worked out. She rented a locker and left her workout stuff there.

She grabbed a quick vegetarian sandwich at the snack bar of the gym to take home. She was delightfully tired and wonderfully relaxed when Sergio delivered her to her apartment building. "Could you pick me up an hour early tomorrow morning? I have a ton of work to get caught up on."

She spent the evening laughing hysterically as she browsed through some gay porn sites Avery had suggested she check out on the internet. Impossibly beautiful men with ridiculously huge penises doing improbable things. Avery was right about one thing, she learned a lot about how to suck cock. The butt sex looked pretty intimidating but if those pretty boys could take it, she guessed she could to. One good thing was it was all so hilarious that she was not the slightest bit hot or bothered.

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