tagBDSMAngela's Birthday

Angela's Birthday


Katarine knelt at my feet. "Welcome home, sir."

Her soft voice held a trace of mirth; her full red lips curled catlike as she tried not to smile. I held my tongue; feeling something amiss, I waited, knowing she would speak again.

"Did you have a good day?"

A little more uncertain this time; she must have interpreted my silence as disapproval. I chose to answer. "Fair."

Reassured, she smiled up at me. I laid my hand against her cheek and rubbed my thumb against her lips; she kissed it, eyes never leaving mine.

"Although," I continued, "I must admit I am a bit mystified as to what you're up to." I smiled a little as she widened her eyes in mock innocence, a touch of guile crossing her face like cloudshadow over a sunny meadow.

"What do you mean?" she asked, voice a touch too innocent, eyes too big and blue. She was aware that she was fooling no-one.

I merely considered her, watching the guilty smile break free. Her eyes dropped; she lay her head against my knee and giggled, very softly.

"Sir, do you know what day it is?"

I thought about this. "No," I answered honestly; I hadn't a clue what was special about today.

"It's Angela's birthday," she told me.

Katarine had known Angela, a dark-skinned, dark-eyed brunette since high school. "I see," I replied, though my expression and my tone indicated that I had missed something; I failed to see the relevance. Always alert to my moods and my nuances, Katarine continued.

"She's been a bit down recently," she told me, her smiling face a non-sequitur in light of the words she spoke. "I think she just needs…" she trailed off, blushing.

I knew what she meant, but insistent me does not settle for the unsaid. "She needs what?"

"A good fuck," she replied quietly, grinning now and blushing fiercely.

Katarine knew that I had had some warm steamy thoughts about her friend Angela but had kept them comfortably on the level of fantasy.

"Perhaps you should tell her that," I replied, refusing to nibble the bait.

More fool me.

"I did," she replied. "And you know, she agreed with me…and so I decided to give her a birthday present. Angela?" she called through the doorway, and in walked the woman in question, wearing only lipstick.

Angela looked incredible. Her dark hair, unbound, brushed the tops of her shoulders as she moved with hipshot feline grace, heart-stopping thighs crossing and uncrossing before a black-black patch of hair as she crossed the room. Her breasts, not overlarge, bore the last ghosts of summer sunfreckles; her flat belly sported a light line of babyfine hair between her navel and points south. My jaw must have dropped; to say I was taken aback would be a vast understatement; yet I was taken even further aback when Angela—a woman I would have though unsuited to submission—knelt at my feet, head lowered.

I looked at Katarine, who blushed yet deeper but met my eyes with her own. "And this birthday present would be…?" I barely managed through a mouth dry as dust.

Her coquettish grin was her only reply.

Shaking my head a bit to clear it, I touched Angela's shoulder. "You do know that I expect a lot from my lovers?" I asked her, a bit skeptical.

Angela raised her head and looked into my eyes.

"Yes, sir," she answered, and her voice, so unlike her normal speaking voice—so quiet and a bit uncertain, so like the perfect sub—made me almost immediately rock-hard.

"You know I may ask you to do anything at all?" I asked her.

"I will do anything at all," she replied. Her voice broke a little. She was aroused; I could see now that her breathing was rapid and her pupils dilated, and as I watched her nipples stiffened, perhaps in response to her own words. I smiled a little and addressed Katarine.

"Your friend seems sincere," I told her.

"She is, sir," Katarine replied. I could see her responding as well.

"Has she done this before?"

"No, sir," Angela replied, and I turned to her immediately.

"I did not address you," I said, a touch of irritation in my tone.

"I'm sorry, sir," she replied. Her eyes, so dark, almost black, were wide, her full lips parted so slightly. I watched her breasts for a moment, their nipples brown and turgid, as they moved with her rapid breathing.

I turned back to Katarine. "Well?"

"You are her first," my sub replied.

I regarded Angela with new respect. "You are a quick study," I told her, and I saw her fight to hide the shiver that passed through her. "I take it Katarine has told you to do whatever I say?"

Angela nodded.

"Answer me, please," I told her and heard her draw a shaky breath.

"Y-yes, sir."

I smiled. "Then you should thank her. Don't you think so?"

She nodded again, but caught herself immediately. "Yes sir."

I motioned Katarine to her feet, but placed my hand on Angela's shoulder to prevent her from rising. Leaning down to speak to Angela's face, I let my voice grow soft, suggestive.

"And how will you thank her?"

Nonplussed, Angela's beautiful brow furrowed.

"You're going to eat her pussy," I told her. "You're going to make her come."

Angela's brow furrowed still further; she in disbelief first at me, then at Katarine, then back to me. "Omigod," her lips formed inaudibly. She clearly had not expected this. I expected her to break, but she surprised me yet again. "Uh, okay…yes sir…"

Looking into Angela's face, I saw a curious mixture of resignation and…was it gratitude? I felt Katarine stir and wondered why they had not expected this. Did they expect me to go meekly to the pasture, a complacent stud?

"Now," I prompted Angela, and she crawled on her knees toward Katarine, settling back on her heels to open Katarine's slacks and pull them down around her ankles. Her silken panties, a pair in crimson, followed them, and I spotted a drop of wetness in the crotch. My sub was aroused by the submission—and the submissiveness—of Angela.

Angela looked up at Katarine, now nude from the waist down; her eyes dropped to Katarine's reddish-brown patch. Katarine looked to me, saw my prompt and swiveled her bent knees outward, baring her lips to Angela's first hesitant kiss. I heard Katarine's gasp as Angela's tongue found her clit, and caught my lover as her knees gave way, pulling her onto my lap.

I held Katarine behind her knees, pulling her legs up; she settled into my lap with my hard cock pressing against her ass, her pussy all for Angela now. As I watched, Angela's thumbs found Katarine's lips and prized them gently apart, baring her. Katarine writhed against my stiffness and moaned feral. Her ass began to gyrate against me, her hands found the back of Angela's head. "Yes…" Her head fell back against my chest and I pulled her legs up farther, far enough that I could rub her nipples through her shirt and bra. I heard her nearing her climax; felt her cross that line, heard her voice grow rough—"…oh, Angie, right there...right—" She gasped suddenly; I felt her shake, spasm twice, three times against me, though she made no sound; then Angela sat back, her face wet, her breathing heavy and rapid. She licked her lips, her eyes cast downward as Katarine recovered from her orgasm.

I set Katarine back on unsteady legs, tilted Angela's face up to mine with one finger under her chin, kissed the taste of Katarine from her lips and tongue as she moaned into my mouth. "You wanted that," I accused her as we separated. She blushed but did not—indeed, could not—deny it. "Say it."

"I wanted it," she said, a touch of defiance in her voice, as if challenged.

"Say what you wanted," I ordered.

She smiled almost bitterly, addressing Katarine. "I've wanted to eat you since gym class," she said, chuckling a little at Katarine's disbelief. "I'm sorry you came so quick."

"You're not done yet," I told her. "Only this time I think she should return the favor."

Katarine's face held a mixture of outrage and exultation as I lay her on her back. Angela needed no prompting, standing with one foot above each of Katarine's shoulders, lowering herself slowly toward Katarine's face. I heard the intake of breath as she made contact and Katarine's tongue found its work in her pussy; she threw her head back for only a moment before burying her face once more between Katarine's spread legs.

Sensing my cue, I dropped my pants and readied my cock, iron hard and already throbbing. I slid one finger into Angela as she gyrated on Katarine's mouth, then two; starting a gentle in and out motion, I felt Angela match rhythm with me, and Katarine pick that rhythm up from her; seven strokes, then eight, and my fingers were wet with Angela's passion, wet enough to get myself ready to slide deep into her.

And slide into her I did, all the way in in one smooth slow motion, not stopping until Angela gasped raised her head to moan loud and long and I felt my balls come to rest on Katarine's forehead. Then pulling back, and back farther, almost all the way out before burying myself again, more abruptly this time, again accompanied by Angela soundtrack. And again, and again, pulling myself almost all the way out then thrusting home inside her, as she bent her mouth once more to my Katarine's sweet pussy.

And so it went, each of us pleasing the other, I burying myself in Angela, she tasting and tonguing and building for her release, Katarine working on her from below, I feeling each stroke of her tongue in Angela's response, Angela lifting her head now to yell her pleasure—"Oh God YEEESSS—" until I felt myself coil within myself, a vast potential building toward release—

And I pulled myself from the still clasping pussy of Angela to bury myself in the hungry mouth of my sub as I exploded, filling her, draining myself in sublime exquisite collapse into her gulping throat, the three of us a temple of flesh falling to warm liquid ruin.

"Happy birthday," I said quietly to Angela when next we could speak.

"Oh God, Yes sir," she replied, to Katarine's chuckle. "Happy birthday to me."

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